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Written By Goddy Francis








I watch them walk into Sin’s kitchen and it’s annoying I wanted to follow them inside but that might he risky. She wouldn’t sell me out right ? Alexa can’t be working for Vladimir , right ?


I slide into my car and drive to work. As usual , I’m late. I park in the lot and I get out. People who choose to look at me looked as I rush in. Hell , I remembered Theo’s morning routine. Coffee with less sugar and cream. I groan and rush out of the company and race down the sidewalk to get coffee in the nearby Cafe. After buying the coffee , I decide to buy doughnuts from a doughnut truck outside Sterling Corp. I’m hungry as hell. I greet the lady at the front as I walk past her.


Ariel , Peterson.” A lady with black slacks and light pink dress shirt that’s tucked in , greeted me.


I stop on my track and stare at me. Her smile is so fake , you could tell through her lashes.



I’m the manager actually. You’re the intern ?”


Yes. It’s weird you know me.” I sigh , getting really bored of this conversation. I mean I’m late and holding Theo’s coffee.


Yeah , you’re sort of popular after you choose to sleep with Gray Carter.” Oh , there they are. Everywhere. Jealous ugly witches.


I’m late.” I rush past her and smile at her.” It’s a pleasure meeting you.”


I rush to the elevator and press the top floor. I take in deep breaths and calm down a bit before knocking politely on his door.


” Come in.” His thick raspy voice calls from inside.


I twist the doorknob and walk in. He’s busy typing on his computer. He lifts his head and as expected , his eyes raked through my body practically making me feel naked.


Ariel Peterson. Why are you late ?” He asks and leans against his swivel chair.


Um.. I’m truly sorry sir. My classes didn’t end early and traffic too. I run out of gas and lastly there was a little que to get your coffee. I’m sorry ” I sigh and look elsewhere aside his eyes.


And why are you dressed like that ?”


I raise my brows and blink my eyes. What’s wrong with my outfit ? I look down at what I’m wearing and I’m perplexed. Damn , I forgot to stop by at the apartment to get my work dress on. I’m still clad with my black jeans , pink sneakers and pink hoodie. Much of an intern. I bite my lip nervously and tuck my loose hair behind my ear.


” I’m sorry. I was in a hurry to come to work.”



Ariel you are really pathetic. You came late. Brought my coffee late and I’m sure it’s cold and also you forgot to change your clothes. Sweetheart , this isn’t Summit. What am i supposed to do to you ?” He sighs and get off his chair.


He walks to my stiff form still holding his coffee in one hand and the other carries my bag. He stops in front of me and run the fingertip of his index finger on my hairline.


Tell me Ariel, what should I do to you ?” He asks calmly.


I’m really sorry. It won’t repeat itself.”


How sure are you ?”


I breathe in deeply and move back a bit.


I can’t be intimate with you, Sir.” I mutter under my breath.


So who said I want your tiny little pu**y ?” He smirks and go back to his seat.


Get me another coffee. I don’t want that coffee anymore.” He says and begin typing on his computer.


But it’s not cold yet ?”


He raises his head and glares at me through his short eyelashes.


Sure thing , Sir.” I nod and rush out of his office.


And don’t stay long or you’re getting me another one.” I hear him yell as i groan. I drink the coffee as I walk out of the building.


Again this snitches in disguise as workers glares at me. While some mutters and chatter amongst themselves. For God’s sake , go back to work. I groan mentally and increase my pace on the sidewalk to the coffee shop. I breathe once i arrive at the cafe. I bought coffee and go back to Sterling Corp. Thank God i didn’t



stay long. I meet that lady I saw the first day I resumed. The lady who showed me Theo’s office. Please don’t stop me.




Hi , um..”


It’s Belinda , actually. Working fine huh ?” She smiles wildly. Who smiles like that.


Yeah , thanks. I’m just gonna hurry , I need to deliver this.” I motion to the coffee on my hand and give her a quick smile before running away.


Once I arrive at the top floor , I’m already breathing so hard. Stupid boss. I knock and he ask me to come in. I made the sign of the cross and open the door. I quietly step in and shut the door behind me.


Your coffee , Sir.”


Drop it.” He says without sparing me a look. I nod to no one and drop the coffee on his desk.


My phone buzzes in my bag and I’m wondering who’s texting me right now.


What you standing there for ?”


I’m really sorry. I thought I need to do something.”


Of course. There…” He throws a file at me , similar one like yesterday’s. I pick it up and go through it.


That’s about a thousand emails. You’re delivering a message to all emails before the close of today” what ? Why’s he making me suffer because Gray slept with his girl. This isn’t because I’m late.


Why are you frowning ?”



I’m not. I should take my leave.” I give him a fake smile and hurry out of his office. It’s passed one already when am I supposed to finish this.


I sit in my office and switch on my computer. I bring out my doughnuts and start eating. I look down at my phone and it’s a text message from Gray.


FROM GRAY : Are you at work ? Is Theo giving you hard time ?


I chuckle and quickly text back.


TO GRAY: kinda. Buddy was mad because I came late and also dressed in hoodie and sneakers. I had to buy coffee twice for him


FROM GRAY: such a d**k. Should I come over and remind him whose girlfriend are you ?


I laugh quietly and type in the system’s password before replying.


TO GRAY : Thanks. I’ll be fine. He knows I’m yours.


FROM GRAY : Mine huh ? Now you’re making me hard. Will you drop by ?


What a perv. Of course I’d like to. I’d like to survey around his mystery popular company.


TO GRAY: Sure. See ya. Gotta work.


I drop my phone on the desk and begin work. I got tired but I dare not complain. Half way through the email and he ask me to feel up files upon files. What’s his problem ? I groan and arrange each files as I go back to my office. I had to work pass my usual closing hours before I round up for the day.









I left school rather too early because I wanted to meet with Vladimir. Yes Vladimir.


A brutal , cute and sometimes ruthless Russian that I got myself into few months back. We dated or maybe we just had sΒ£x. Whatever thing you call people who just hang around to satisfy each other’s hormonal needs. I quit our little flings and quit seeing him.


I might be a badass but not every badass can literally handle a Mafia boss and every troubles it brings along. Drugs , guns and fellow mafioso’s beefs. Threats , lies , greed and even trafficking. I couldn’t handle it or maybe I wasn’t prepared to get hurt or killed because of a d**k. After an attack at las Vegas with him , I quit. I’m the only valuable kid my parents have after Ace chose to get out of the country without even calling. It wasn’t that easy for me to leave. He had to threaten me sometimes reminding me I was once involved with his Mafia and it would be nice if I shut my mouth up. Like I was his f**kin girlfriend.


I f**kin hate relationship and commitments. It breaks you and crush everything in you. It sometimes make you hate your parents too. I halt my car outside his building because he wanted us to meet. I get out of the car and stride inside the apartment. I smile at the lady at the reception as I take the elevator. The bastard stays at the penthouse here. It dings and slide open for me to step out. I slightly knock and the door swings open , with Vladimir standing beside the door.


A minute.” He smirks and pick up his suit jacket before coming out of his house. I sigh and cross my arms as he locked the door.


Where are we going ?” I ask him once the elevator arrives.


A good place so I don’t want you to think I’m gonna pull a gun on your head.” He smirks again and step into the elevator. I breathe in and step in too , few inches away from him.


You look beautiful than usual.” He compliments.


I roll my eyes and watch the buttons on the elevator as we descend. We reach the bottom floor as we get out. I see Morris outside leaning against Vladimir’s



sport’s car. Morris is his personal driver slash chauffeur or whatever thing he calls the dildo. He opens the backdoor of his car as we enter. The drive between us was slow and Vladimir thought it was a nice idea to light a cigarette.


He smokes the stick and rests his free hand on my laps. He passed the blunt to me and I take it. I drag a little and give it back to him. He chuckles insanely and smokes the stick till we arrive. Morris steps out of the car and open the door for us. It’s kinda hot outside and thank God I got a tan. I remove my sunglasses and glance at the restaurant. It’s a Russian restaurant and I’ve been here before with him. They sell good meals too.


Welcome to Sin’s Kitchen. Would you like a table ?” A slim lady asks as she eyes Vladimir. Ladies with wealthy men.


Yes , please.”


She leads us to a secluded area as we take our seats. I still don’t know why he ask to see me. He’s not even making the slightest remark about it.


Lidia , will be your waitress.” She flash her ugly smirk at Vladimir and the idiot had to smirk back. What the f**k am i doing here in the first place ?


My name’s Lidia and I’ll be your waitress for the afternoon. What should I get you as refreshments ?”


Bottle of your most expensive wine and two glasses , please.” He says with his eyes glue to mine. We wears a smirk that I can’t fathom what it holds.


I’ll be back sir.”


What will you do with the wine ?” I ask him once Lidia is out.


We’re drinking.” He replies dryly. What a f**ker.


I missed you Alexa.”


So what do you want me to do ? Miss you back ?”



He chuckles and look around the restaurant. His gaze return to my face and he smirks.


” You know you missed this d**k.”


Yeah , what a prude. He’s always so f**ked up in the brain. He’s great in bed and all that but I’m never admitting it.


What do you want Vlad ?”


I missed you despite your attitudes. The Mafia misses you.”


I was never a part of it.”


Nobody gives a flying f**k. You f**ked their boss remember. And you were always moaning his name.” How could he easily get under my skin. Just his little words and I’m getting wet. Fuck him. It’s annoying the scenes come crawling back and I hate it that I want him now. He’s a good man just with a lot of attitudes.


Your cousin Ariel is f**king Gray Carter.”


How’s that your business and how did you know about Ariel?”


The waitress walks in and drop the wine on the table. She pours the liquid in our glasses as she finally sits back the wine on the table.


Will that be all sir ?”


I’ll call if I want anything else.” She nods politely and walks out. I grab my glass and chug a little of the wine before dropping back the glass.


What do you want with Ariel ?”


Nice question. She’s got Gray wrapped around her fingers. Gray is a big fish that nobody had been able to catch. I hate that motherf**ker. That f**ker got a lot of


connections around a lot of countries and that includes politicians.” Yeah i know.


Probably they both hate each other over stupid nothing.


So is that why you brought me here ? To inform me about my cousin and her relationship. Vladimir , I want nothing to do with you anymore.”


He laughs quietly and chug his wine. ” Gray overshadowed me and took away my business deal with the Chinese. He took away everything. Everything that I’ve always wanted you. That was supposed to give me a billion but some dumbass d**k thought it was nice to steal it away. I want my money back even if I can’t get the deal. Your little hot cousin is dating Gray. I want her in my custody.”


Wait ! So you were the guy who attacked them at Queen’s ?”


Yeah , what ?”


Whatever thing you’re planning , I don’t wanna get involved. I can’t hurt my cousin.”


You’re not hurting her. You’re bringing her to me.”


I won’t.”


He smirks.” You like it the hard way Alex. I want to make you mine again and also my queen. You’re just gonna bring her to me so I can get Gray to come for her. The punk likes her a lot and he’s willing to do anything for her. You’re gonna do it or I’ll do it myself and if she looses her life in the process , her blood is on your head.”


What’s wrong with him ? How can he try to manipulate me to date him back and bring Ariel to him. The least thing i want from anyone is betrayal. I f**kin stabbed my first friend after she did shit to me. That bitch flew out of the country because she couldn’t withstand me. And now he wants me to do same thing to my cousin. He’s probably f**ked up. I need to tell Ariel to move out and live with Gray for now.



I won’t Vlad. Leave her alone. You want Gray , why don’t you go to him and take what you want. Let her stay out of your shitty business with Gray.”


He smirks again and I hate it.


You know you don’t have a choice right ? I don’t wanna hurt her except you want me to. You’re gonna bring her to me wether you like it or not…”


He unbuttons the one button from his suit jacket as he pushed it to the side. My eyes move to his belt and i see the gun inside his suit pocket.


Choose wisely Alexa.” He buttons back the suit as I swallow.


We’re gonna do this quietly and no one’s gonna get hurt. Bring her to me and everything will be fine , princess…”


Or what ?” I ask.


He smirks and leans against his seat. ” I’ll shoot you right here , right now. And no one’s gonna make a deal about it. Now choose wisely , princess….”











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