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Guilt. Regret . I so hate it



I regretted fighting Leslie and smashing her head against the TV. What if something terrible happens to her ? I might not be at fault but I won’t forgive myself. I mean I should have ignored her in the first place and she won’t be stuck in a hospital with bandages wrapped around her head.


You don’t have to kill yourself Ariel. It wasn’t your fault.”


People won’t even care. I should have ignored her.” I sigh and palm my forehead. I shouldn’t have stopped by in the apartment if i knew.


She got what she deserved.” Alexa hisses.


Really ? Alex you advised Ariel to f**kin smash her head on a TV. A f**kin TV. That shit hurts you know.” Hazel butt in.


Says the bitch who f**ks every random boy in college.” Alexa retorts.


The last time I checked , you also f**k random boys. Bitch you don’t even stay longer in a relationship.” Hazel talks back. They ain’t helping.


Alexa chuckles.” I pay my bills bitch. I can’t remember hooking up with d**kheads because I wanna look stunning. Bitch you’re a hoe. You got dumped by your own f**kin parents.” Alexa smirks.


That sort of hit a button in Hazel. She bites her bottom lip rather too aggressive as she glares at Alexa.


” The next time…”


What you gon’ do slut ?” Alexa smirks and push herself into Hazel crossing her arms.


You’re f**ked Hazel. Just a quick reminder , we ain’t the same. You’re some loose bitch who look up to her daddy’s f**k boy boyfriend. Why don’t you get some room and kill yourself ugly dirty hoe.” Alexa scoffs.


” Alexa don’t start a fight..”


Bitch I’mma beat your ass including your broke ass boyfriend. One more word hoe and I won’t hold back throwing you off that balcony.” Alexa glares daggers at hazel. That wasn’t a mere threat , she’d do it if Hazel pissed her off.


Ariel..” Mom walks in with Dad. Both looking toast.


What happened ?” They rambles.


I sigh and rub my palm on my arms.


It’s was an accident.”


Really ? Ariel you fought with your sister and smashed her head on a TV. Ariel a TV..” mom yells and that seems to easily buy people’s attention from the waiting room.


It wasn’t my fault. She called me a hoe for heaven’s sake. She slapped me. I saw nothing wrong in fighting back and defending myself.”


So you thought slamming her head on a TV was the best fight back right ? What is wrong with you ? Can’t you be normal and act like the good kid we thought you to be like ? Ariel.” Dad yell.


Yeah. I get it. Favouritism. You liked her more than me. I bet if I was the one in Leslie’s shoes you wouldn’t rush in here just to yell at me because we fought. I didn’t even f**kin pushed her against the table , it was her bad fate and jealousy that made her broke her head , how’s that my fault ?” I yell back.


Really ? You’re talking back at us right ? So Alexa thought you all of this ..”


Woah. I’m sorry aunt really ? It wasn’t her fault seriously. Leslie was such a snitch and a bitch.” Alexa scoffs and cross her arms. Who even told her I smashed Leslie’s head on our TV.



I’m sorry. Are you the parents ?” The doctor from earlier asks. She grins at us through her medicated glasses.


Yes. Please where is she ? Is she okay ?” Mom mutters.


Come with me please.” The doctor leads the match and we follow behind.


Mom won’t stop shooting me daggers including Dad. I huff in annoyance and shove my hand inside my back jean pockets. The doctor halts in front of a room as she walk in including Hazel and my parents. I stay back because of my ringing phone. Alexa sighs and enter Leslie’s room. I can’t even imagine what she looks like already.


Gray.” I said on the phone.


Where are you ? You got me worried.”


I sigh and lean against the hospital wall as I kick at the floor.


I’m in the hospital.”


What ? What happened to you ? Why didn’t you call me earlier ? Which hospital I’m coming right away..” I giggle and I wish he was here. Just so I can trail my fingers on his sharp jawline and kiss him.


Gray, I’m fine.” I sigh and tuck back my loose hair behind my ear.


Tinkerbell , what’s happening ?”


Nothing happened actually. I got into a fight with my sister and I slam her head against our TV. She collapsed on the floor and hit her head on the glass table and now she’s in the hospital. It’s complicated.”


What hospital ? I’m coming over.”


Jamal , don’t.”



I don’t want anything to happen to you. We need to talk about what happened ? What did your parents say ? Did they yell at you again ?”


Gray, I’m fine. I promise once I’m out of here , I’m gonna call Lucifer to come over and take me to your house. Don’t try to panic , I’m fine.”


Fine.” I can nearly feel him roll his eyes. He’s so dramatic sometime.




Sure.” He ends the call as i shove the device back inside my pocket.


The doctor already walked out of Leslie’s room when I entered. Leslie’s awake and her head is bandaged just like I imagined. She glares at me as I shut her room door. This isn’t the time for that. I don’t really get her point.


You shouldn’t be here Ariel.” Leslie says with her faint croak voice.


Yeah. Just wanna be sure that you’re still alive.” I utter and cross my arms.


What’s that supposed to mean Ariel ?” Dad asks.


I silently chuckle and look up to meet Alexa’s eyes. She has been grinning like forever.


We heard you’re in a relationship with Gray Carter ?” What’s it with everyone and my life with Gray.


Are you in a relationship with Gray Ariel ?”


We’re not dating.”


But yet you slept in his house for days before coming over to the apartment.”



Better than your slutty ass Leslie. I’m not like you. Good twenty one year old virgin who sneak in her boyfriends into our apartment at midnight ” I scoff as Leslie paled out.


Dad look down at Leslie and quickly shift their gaze to me.


So what’s that supposed to mean ?” Dad ask me.


It means you’re always busy trying to control my life and you forgot to caution your precious little Bambi.”


So that’s the reason you decide to date Mia Carter’s druggie son Gray. Their family is filled with druggies and liars. Why can’t you make good decisions for once ?”


Mom it’s my life and I decide what goes on with it. Stop trying to control me. You don’t care about me and don’t pretend to care. Thanks for the tuition fee if that’s what you want to talk about.”


Really ? And you thought the best man you could ever find is that home wrecker’s son ? What’s so special about them ? Is it because he’s rich ? That’s why his older brother went MIA because of their useless ways. I won’t watch that Gray of a boy ruin your life same way his mother planned to ruin my marriage.” Mom mutters.


I turn to look at Alexa who sneers at mom. She rolls her eyes at me and cross her arms to watch.


Honey don’t bring this up.” Dad mutters. He looks uncomfortable and kinda worried. What are they hiding ?


Oh really ? Our daughter is making the same mistake you made and you want me to keep quiet about it ? I don’t care about whatever plan you have , you need to quit your relationship with Gray.”


I’m sorry mom , but I won’t.” I say and open the door to Leslie’s room and leave.



I need a nap. My head’s pounding because of too much drama. What mistake is she talking about ? There’s more to Gray’s life that i know nothing about.


Ariel hold on.” Alexa calls as she walks faster to keep up with my pace.


Shit , that was stupid. Where are you going ?”


I’m going over to Gray’s. I need a break from life itself.” I sigh and rub my temple.


You have any idea about what your parents talked about ?”




It’s crazy. Maybe few years ago your dad cheated on your mom with Mia Carter. They dated for almost six months and you weren’t aware . She found out through a text message and things didn’t go well.”


Woah. How come I don’t even know about it. Who told you that ?”


They wanted a divorce but your dad isn’t ready. She talked to my mom and my mom advised your mom to move on for the sake of their religious beliefs. It’s complicated and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.” God , what’s happening ?


I breathe in and cross my arms as we walk out of the waiting room. A lot of secrets. My parents were so perfect they had to cover up every single weird thing going on in their life.


So dad dated is mom ?”


Yeah. A long stupid story. I’m not in the position to tell you but I have to. Your parents knew Leslie is wayward but yet they keep ignoring it because of their so called reasons.”


God I need to take a long nap.” I shove out my phone and text Lucifer the hospital’s address.


You’re okay ?”


I won’t lie Alex, I’m not fine. I don’t even know if I’m dating Gray or not but things don’t usually work in my way. Always going through one shit or the other.”


I think that’s what makes us strong. And the way we handle them makes us stronger. At least you have someone who cares deeply about you. Gray would cut out his liver if that’s gonna make you happy.” Alexa grin and wink.


I shake my head sideways and laugh. Seriously , he wouldn’t do that right ?


Let’s visit Hawaii hmm. Or maybe Florida. It’s summer and we should flaunt more skin on the beach. Go shopping on expensive boutiques and eat a lot of food.. I’ll call Piper and Brandon.” Her grin grow wide on her lips as she furrows her brows.


Alexa really. I’m gonna think about it.” I give her an assuring smile as Nick pull up on the lot. He rolls down the window and smile at Alexa of course.


Hey handsome.” Alexa giggles as we walk to the car.


He step out of the car and Alexa won’t stop biting her lip.


Hi Hermosa…” He kisses her cheek and it’s funny she blushed.


You’re ready princess ?” He turns to look at me as I nod.


Yeah , I’m driving.” I grin and rush into the driver’s seat. Lucifer won’t stop groaning. Alexa chuckles and smile at me. What a chemistry.


Hurry up Lucifer.” I call out and honk the car horn.


I lean back on the seat and watch them flirt. Alexa won’t stop smiling. Great , Lucifer knows her button and he’s pressing it perfectly well. Alexa looks happy and it’s so sudden she liked Nick already. Nick pulls her to himself and gently palm her butt. Oh shit ! I roll my eyes and look at my ringing phone , It’s an unknown number.





Ariel Peterson ?” A female voice asks from the other side of the line.


Yeah. Who’s this ?”


I’m the secretary at Sterling corporations. I want to inform you , you’ve got the internship.”


Oh my God.” I mutter and silently squeal.


Thank you very much.”


You’re welcome. See you tomorrow.” She hang up at once and I facepalm myself.


Tomorrow ?” I sigh and contemplate on what to wear. I don’t even have dress shirt or skirts. I need to shop for more office clothes.


I look back at Nick and Alexa and they are still talking. Seriously. I groan and roll my eyes. It’s crazy to watch two people flirt endlessly. My phone vibrates again and it’s Freddie. Yeah , I forgot we were supposed to meet.




Ariel. I’m still hoping if you’ve forgot.”


I sigh and look at my time. It’s almost evening and I should be home. Also , my internship starts tomorrow I won’t be able to talk to Freddie about Gray and also I want him to stop stalking me.


Meet me at Molly’s. I’ll be on my way.” I say.





I toss my phone on the dashboard after Freddie hung up. I groan and honk the car again.


Get a room please. This is a hospital.” I smirk at both of them.


Yeah , I’m really sorry princess.” Nick replies and turn to give Alexa a quick kiss.


Bye hermosa.” He winks at Alexa and slide into the passenger seat.


Alex , we will see at school tomorrow right ?”


Sure cousin. Be careful and my regards to your boyfriend.” She shoots me a grin and a wink. What a weirdo.


I roll my eyes and smile at her before speeding out of the parking lot.


I hope you’re not trying to use her Lucifer ?” I ask Nick.


Why Lucifer ? You’re beginning to act like Kenny. That tiny little witch.” He whines.


I scoff.” Kenny is a princess and truth be told , Lucifer fits your personality. So back to my question…”


He sighs. ” We’re fine together. I mean she’s pretty and f**kin hot. We’re gonna get used to each other little by little.” He smirks and smile.


Lucifer’s handsome with a weird skull tattoo in his bicep that I really haven’t seen clearly. He has sleeve tattoos too and a familiar one with Gray. But Gray had his inked at his back. Basically he’s a player. Not just him , I think every single guy who works for Gray are all players. Making me to reconsider if Gray likes me. Like like me , you know feelings. I still don’t know if I’m in love with him. Maybe I am but , I’m not even sure and not willing to say it. He might just freak out and walk out on me.


Gray isn’t the love type of guy but he makes me feel special. There’s always this part of me that yearns deeply for him. Each time he looks at me , I sort of loose my



mind I think. Fun part is , he looked at me differently. Like I’m the most special thing in the world. And then he has a lot of untold dark stories. The ones that I hope won’t scare me away from him.


That’s not the way to Gray’s.”


Yeah , I’m sorry Nick . I just want to meet up with a friend.”


Woah. Don’t get me into trouble. Gray’s gonna cut my d**k if he finds out I let you visit a friend when I’m supposed to take you home.”


I chuckle and huff. Why would he do that ? Cut out someone’s manhood.


You’re kidding right ?” I chuckle but Lucifer’s face didn’t hold any emotions. Yeah he isn’t joking.


I’m really sorry. Don’t worry I will explain to him. Precise he won’t find out except you’re willing to tell him.” I pout and shrug.


Whatever. You’re lucky he cares about you. I dare not cross his beast part , it’s terrible.” Nick mutters. I look at him with the corner of my eyes and blow out my breath.


Thanks.” I shoot him a warm smile and halt the car outside Molly’s. I really don’t know why I’m doing this.


Molly’s ?” Nick asks.


Yeah. I won’t stay long. Just a talk. I promise.” I smile and unfasten my seatbelt.


I should come in with you.” Nick protests.


Lucifer I’ll be fine. Just wanna talk. Please…” I pout.


He groans and lean back on his seat. Yeah he doesn’t have a choice.



Thank you.” I step out of the car and shut the door. I didn’t fail to notice the sudden eyes that’s peeking at me. We’re not even in the love zone yet and they won’t stop glaring at me.


I huff and walk into the restaurant with my hands stuffed in my hoodie pockets. I see Freddie on one of the expensive seats with his neatly ironed white dress shirt. The first two up buttons are being plucked out. How come he’s always cute ? He raise his head as his lips curl up to a cute boyish smile. I sigh and draw out a seat opposite him and sit down.


Hey.” I tell him.


Hi. You’re looking good.”


Thanks Freddie. I can’t stay long. It’s almost nightfall and I should head home anytime from now.”


I get it. You wanna drink something ?” He offers.


I’m good. Why did you ask to see me ?” My eyes scan his facials and it’s oddly bruised. His eyebrows had fading scars , including his jawline. Damn , who punched him ?


I wanted to talk. I know you’re getting bored of my frequent apologies but I want you to know that I’m sorry. Deeply sorry actually and I’m willing to do anything to bring our friendship back.”


I sigh and meet eyes with his blue orbs. I look around the restaurant and it’s pretty occupied.


I’ll think about it Freddie. Same time I forgave you if that’s what you wanna ask.” He sighs deeply and nods.” So you’re dating Gray now ?”


My eyes shoot out as I blink my eyes. How did he know ?



Chill. I saw you on TV with Gray at Queen’s. Heard about the shootout ? Are you sure about him ? Gray’s a lot.”


I scoff. ” I don’t know what you’re talking about Fred. He might be a lot but he’s a good person.”


” Yeah I know. I’m just surprised. Why Gray ?”


I glare at him and bite my bottom lip. I don’t wanna get angry at him.


” I’m sorry but I told Gray about what happened between us. He was angry and…”


He threatened to f**k me up.” He completes my statement with a smirk. How did he know ? Is he watching my life ?


He smirks and grab his wine as he gulp the liquid. ” Chill Ariel , he won’t hurt me.”


” Why are you so sure ?”


He stays quiet for seconds as he sit back the glass of wine. His eyes pry all over me like someone who’s watching me.


He clears his throat and speak up.


” Gray might be a jerk , but he will never hurt his own family…”




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