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I groan and slowly open my eyes. I think it’s evening because I can see the moonlight through the glass walls that are being covered with white curtains. I turn on my side and Gray is nowhere to be found. I look down at the duvet and I’m still naked. Yeah , we had s£x and I liked it. Then I remembered Freddie. I told him about Freddie and right now I don’t care about anything except Freddie’s fine. I want him to be fine even if he was an ass.


I get off the bed and wince to a slight pain down my entrance. How can I feel a slight pain even when I’m not a virgin. Gray’s kinda big though and he was gentle with me. I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth before taking a shower. I wrap a white towel around my chest and walk back to the bedroom. Gray’s shirtless body lay on the bed as he turn to look at me. He smirks and eyes my nude body covered in a towel. I ignore his stares and reach to collect the hoodie and sweatpants.


Are you okay ?”


Yeah. Thanks. Am i going home tonight ?”


No. I can’t watch you if you go home.”


But he doesn’t even know where I live.” I whine and put on the hoodie still with the towel.


You shouldn’t have such faith.” I roll my eyes at him and go back to the bathroom to wear the sweatpants.


I know we just had s£x but I can’t just undress in front of him. I’m too shy for that. I keep back the towel on the hamper and go back to the room.


Where’s Kennedy ?” I ask Gray who’s watching a boring soap opera.


Must be in her room. She asked after you and I told her you’re sleeping. Come lay next to me. Will you ?” He raises his brows and wink. He knows me too well. He knows he has a huge effect on me and I can’t seem to avoid him.


I’m hungry. I’ll go get something to eat. Are you hungry ?”



He smiles and shakes his head sideways. I can’t believe I missed school today because of some annoying Russian stalker. I open the fridge and look through the items. I made toast and eat before getting off the island to leave the kitchen. I stop on my track to see Reid standing beside the kitchen door with his arms crossed.


Ariel huh ?” He chuckles and push himself off the door post as he walks towards me.


What do you want ?”


What would I want from you ?” He asks and itch his eyebrows.


You’re just a gold digging distraction. What do you really want with Gray.”


Reid you’re not gay.” I reply sarcastically. Why can’t he stay away from me. He chuckles and bites his bottom lip before eyeing my little frame.


You’re such a bitch and an easy catch. You’re a threat to him and to us. Why can’t you take your broke ass to some f**k boy who wants your lame pu**y. I don’t like you cunt.”


I don’t like you either. It’s gonna be nice you mind your business and stay out of my part. He doesn’t want a snitch as a best friend either.” I walk past him but his strong arm pull me back.


Leave me alone..” I say through clench teeth.


Now I wish I could shove my d**k into your little dirty mouth.” He says with his large fingers piercing into my mouth.


Don’t even bother cause I’m gonna bite it out. You stupid asshole.” I jab my elbows on his ribs and walk out of the kitchen. I climb upstairs and open the door to Gray’s room. He’s already asleep and the TV is still on.


I wanted to talk about Freddie and he’s already asleep. I already missed class today and I’m not planning to miss any tomorrow. I curl next to him and switch off the TV. I watch his peaceful figure and he looks perfect and too good. Gray’s a



badass but with a good guy’s vibe and also a good spirit. I brush his hair out of his face and trace my fingers on his jawline. He’s always clean shaven and I admire that about him. He squirm close to me with his eyes still close as he wrap his hands around my waist to pull me close to him.


Go to sleep Tinkerbell…” He whispers and with his eyes closed and he peck my lips.


I lay on his arms and shut my eyes. He rubs circles on my lower back as I try to catch a nap even if I just woke up from one. I reach for my phone and set an alarm to wake me up in the morning for class. I kiss his forehead and lips before shutting my eyes.


You’re trying to turn me on already..” he murmurs in his sleepy voice. I giggle and bite my bottom lip.


Go to sleep Gray.”


Yes , mother.”


Talking about mom. I remembered I haven’t discuss anything about his parents with him. Surprisingly , he doesn’t talk about them either. I’m not sure they have a good relationship.


I stretch my feet and adjusts on the bed. It’s morning already. Gray is still beside me and my butt is against his region. I stretch to get my phone and shut my alarm. I turn around to look at a sleeping Gray. He looks like a teenage boy who was well br**st fed last night. I run my fingers through his messy hair and push his dark locks from his face. How can he be so perfect ? I smile and kiss his cheek before getting out of bed to prepare for school. Great, I don’t even have anything to wear.


I sigh and rub my palms down my hair. I spread toothpaste on my new toothbrush and brush my teeth before rinsing off my mouth. I get undressed and step on the shower. I rest both my hands on the wall with my head down as I let the warm water kiss my skin. I feel a set of hands replace mine and I know it’s Gray. I feel his erection press against my back as he nuzzles his head against my neck.


” Good morning..” he greets.


I turn around to look at me but he surprises me with a kiss. He lean me against the wall and deepens the kiss. My hands loop around his neck and tug on his wet hair. I’m free from the water running down from the faucet but it pours non-stop on Gray’s tanned back. He kissed me and both our tongues move in rhythm. His right hand move down my back and guide my right thigh on his waist.


Gray..” I break from the kiss to look at his wet long lashes.


I’ve classes in less than one hour.” I tell him.


He chuckles and wrap my other leg around his waist so I could feel his bulge against my entrance. Why’s he turning me on.


You’re gonna be late then.” Before I can reply , he continues the kiss with his fingers gracing my ass. I moan in his mouth and trail my fingers down every of his muscles.


I don’t have a condom here.” He mutters against my mouth.


What ? I don’t wanna get pregnant.”


I’ll get you on birth control. You’re okay ?”


I shake my head sideways. ” No Gray.”


Fuck , I’m clean . I don’t sleep with other women without condoms. You’re gonna be my first.” I still don’t like the idea . I might still get pregnant and I don’t want a baby.


He rolls his eyes and switch off the shower as we step out with me in his arms , legs wrapped around his waist. We kiss out of the bathroom desperately and I didn’t notice I’m being placed on his bed. He reach for his nightstand and bring out a foil packet. He rip it out and clothe the content in his already hard hard-on. He lean closer and kiss me holding my arms above my head.


Sorry I skip foreplay..” he whispers and thrust slowly into me.


Fuck…” He groans and kiss my lips. I feel him inside me as my walls tighten around him.


I breathe in to his size and wrap my arms around his neck with my legs parted for him to go on. He slides out completely out of me and thrust back in a rather slow pace. I moan and watch his every move. He pick up the pace as our moans fills the room.




I put on the blue hoodie Gray bought for me and black jeans. It’s sort of a surprise to me cause I didn’t expect it. Silly part is I’m almost late for class and he knows it. I watch him get dressed in a white dress shirt and he looks cute on it. I’m used to seeing him in hoodie’s , jackets and t-shirts I didn’t expect he wears dress shirts at all.


” Stop eye raping me princess. ”


I chuckle and roll my eyes.


You look good.” I tell him and bite my bottom as I put on a white sneakers.


You look hot.” I blush and roll my eyes.


How come I know nothing about your parents ?” I ask and turn to look at the mirror to brush my hair.


You never asked.”


And I’m asking. You mind telling me ?” I ask him and watch him button his dress shirt through the mirror.


Dad’s dead and mom remarried. She’s in Canada. You’re okay with that ?” He kisses my temple and wrap his hands around my torso.



You’re weird Gray. That’s the worst explanation I’ve ever heard.” He chuckles and hum in my neck.


You look so pretty..” he murmurs and turn me around to look at him.


Will you hurt Freddie ?”I ask him and help him arrange the collar of his shirt.


Why are you asking ?”


I look up to meet his eyes and I barely could read the emotions it holds.


Gray , Freddie might be an ass and I might be weird for begging you to let him go. But he’s still my very close friends who stood up for me. He was there for me each time I needed him.” And it was true. He had leave his girlfriend to come see me when I sometimes experience panic attacks.


That doesn’t justify what he did to you. Ariel he took away the trust. He thought if he took advantage of you, you’ll run back to him because he knew you saw him as your savior. He’s a d**k..”


You don’t get it. I can’t be happy if anything happens to him.”


Gray scoffs dramatically and walk back to the couch to carry his suit jacket. He’s angry and I hate to see him that way.


” Gray please..”


Fine. I wanted to kill him but maybe I’m just gonna hurt him a little. Pull out his teeth or get a gay man to rape his ass.”


Maybe I just need to call Freddie to leave town. Maybe he deserves it but also I can’t stand it. I stuff my hands into my back pocket and glare at Gray.


Can I ask a last question before you leave ?”





Do you trust Reid ?” I ask him. He stays silent for a minute and that’s it , he’s not willing to answer. He looks surprised like he wasn’t expecting me to ask such a bomb question.


I stride to where he’s standing and wrap my arms around his torso and pull him close to me. I raise my head to look at his grey eyes and they were already watching me.


Why did you ask ? Did he do something to you ?” He’s always so concerned and maybe i like it.


He sighs and drop his suit jacket on the bed to wrap his arms around my waist.


I’m fine Gray. Just don’t like him. He has this bad vibe and too weird.” I sigh and trail my forefinger on his jaw.


You look good.” I mutter and bite my bottom lip. I really want to kiss him but then I’m running late for class.


If he hurt you or tell you any type of shit. Tell me , will you ?”


I chuckle and nod.” Yes sir.” I pull him into me and give him a quick kiss.


We pull apart as i rush to carry my bag.


Take that.” Gray says and throw a car key at me.


What’s this ?”


It’s a Ferrari. It’s yours and Nick will drive you to school.”


No way. My own car. A Ferrari ? That’s expensive and a sports car.


” Gray..”



Thank me later…” He kiss my cheek and then my lips. “….In bed.” He winks and walk out leaving me dumbfounded.


Oh my God. I can’t keep this…” I mutter to Gray but he’s already gone.


I rush out of the room and Gray already drove out of the compound in his black sports car.


” You’re ready to leave my princess ?” Nick asks from beside me.


I giggle and nod like a kid. Without waiting for Nick to open the passenger door , I already slide into the driver’s side.


Wow…” I gawk at the interior. And holy hell it’s brand new.


I was supposed to drive you to school..” Nick laments beside me as I ignite the engine.


Hold tight , Lucifer.” I grin and drive out of the compound in a terrible speed. I didn’t even know I could drive like a crackhead too.


After several speeds, I pull up at school’s parking lot. You should see the eyes as I step out of the car. Maybe I deserve it. I shut the door as Alexa, Piper and Brandon turn around at once.


Holy f**k..” Alexa mutters as they saunters to me.


Look who decides to show today…” Brandon says.


In a f**kin Ferrari.”


Holy hell…” Alexa smirks and pull down her sunglasses to gawk at Lucifer who I didn’t notice is leaning his elbow on the roof of the car.


What do we have here..” she wink at Nick and just like that , conversation began. I never knew Nick speaks Spanish and Alexa also understands Spanish.



Maybe we should hang out sometime you know. Just me and you, papi..” she winks and slide her hand down Nick’s chest.


We cross our arms and watch the drama. I didn’t fail to notice the eyes that’s been prying at me and also the car. I’m in college and i shouldn’t be driving this. Assholes.


Sure.” Alexa replies and turn to look at us.


Bye Hermosa..” Nick wave at me and enter the car as he speeds out of the lot.


Bitch you’re f**ked , man. Your new catch ?” Piper asks with brows already furrowed.


Yeah…” She high five Piper as they laugh. Brandon and I stay quiet and watch their endless giggles. They stop in unison and turn to look at us.


Ariel. The f**k , is that one of Gray’s ?” Alexa asks referring to the car.


Both are Gray’s. Nick works with Gray and the car is sort of mine.”


Hell no…”


Hell yeah. Gray gave it to me today. I’m stocked.” I sigh and cross my arms to stare at their bewildered faces.


Oh my God…” They scream and lift me off the ground.


The f**k girl. La Ferrari , aye. We need to visit Hawaii…” Alexa shouts and intertwine our arms together as we walk into school hallway.


You need to tell us what happened. The shooting scene and also why you were not at school yesterday. Did he use condoms or bare ? You know…”


Alexa..” I whine and roll my eyes.


Brandon couldn’t stop laughing with Piper.


We’re gonna talk at Sands & winches today. Get ready.” Alexa takes Brandon’s hand since they have the same class.


Piper intertwine her arms with mine as we head to our class.


Hope he wasn’t that hard ?” Piper begins a conversation and I’m not grateful with the choice of topic.


Piper not now. Okay..” I groan silently and blush.


That answers everything. You liked it.” She giggles and fans herself dramatically. Now I hate her.


You’re lucky though. Buddy’s got Gray. We have a lot to talk about though. About why you guys were attacked.”


Is that why people are staring at me ?”


Most people assume you’re Gray’s date at Queen’s. While others think you can’t be the girl. You know bullshit.”


I sigh as we step into our class. Luckily the professor isn’t here yet. I take a seat close to Piper and the eyes won’t stop peeking at me.


I’m really scared Piper. I still can’t accept the car either.”


What ?”


Yeah. I’m giving him back. I can’t just accept a car from him. That’s a Ferrari”


You’re shitting me right ? Dude , you’re his girlfriend.”


He didn’t call me his girlfriend or even said we’re dating.”



Ariel you had s£x with him and you don’t even know your status with him yet. But he calls you his girl , Asin girlfriend.”


What makes you think I had s£x with him ?” I whisper because of gossips who wouldn’t stop looking at me.


She grins and cocks her brows.” It’s written all over your face. You loved his d**k and I’m sure you also had it this morning. Morning dose.” She nudges me with her elbows and chuckles.


I’m so embarrassed. How could she know that? Yes , she’s a s£x therapist.


Look I might not be good with advice but I think you really like him. You should give him a chance. Like , open your heart and let love lead you.”


What chance ? Are we even in a relationship ? And yet we had s£x. Not just an ordinary s£x , it felt good. I groan and facepalm myself. I’m tired of troubles.


He likes you a lot. I mean , Gray Carter is your f**kin man now. I need to date his f**kin brother.” She mutters and we laugh.


The professor step on the podium as lectures begin. After lectures , Piper and i step out of class talking about the profs lectures. My phone buzz in my pocket as I shove it out.


FROM UNKNOWN: Hi Ariel. It’s Freddie. Are you busy ? Can we see ? I need to talk to you.


You’re okay ?” Piper asks and nudges me. I flash her a smile.” Yes , just a text.”


I sigh and call the number. I really wanna talk to him about Gray’s threat.




Wow. I miss this voice. You’re busy. I really need to see you. It’s important.”



Why ? What happened ?”


Can we just see and talk…”




I promise I won’t talk about how I messed up and how I want you back. Please…” I groan and roll my eyes. ” I’ll call you when I’m ready.”




I sigh and hang up.


Freddie ? Is he not your dildo ex best friend who took advantage of you ?”


Yeah , he wants to talk.”


And you wanna talk with him ? Ariel’s he’s the guy who took advantage of your friendship and abused you.”


I sigh. ” I know. It’s complicated. Freddie might be an ass but trust me he’s still a good person. Plus , Gray found out about Freddie and he wants to hurt him.”


Then let him hurt him.”




She huffs and glares at me.” I hope you know what you’re doing.”


I smile and give her a side hug.


I know you care about me and I like that.” We chuckle and walk into sands and winches.


Piper and I sit on the booth across from Brandon and Piper.



Hey guys. How was class ?” We ask.


Really good. How’s yours ?”


Terrible for her i think. People won’t stop gawking at our f**kin pretty she is. The rumors isn’t yet confirmed that she’s Gray’s mystery girlfriend. Can’t wait to watch them kill themselves.” Piper scoffs as the waiter walks in.


He took our order and walk back to the counter.


” So tell us what happened ? Why were you guys attacked ?”


I told them what I know about Vladimir and Gray. And also how he choose to take me because of a mere business deal.


That’s deep. Why would he want you ?” Brandon asks.


Maybe because with you in custody , he could get what he wants. Things like this happened in mob movies. Aside summit , do you think Gray works with some underground cartel ?” Piper asks.


What ? For drugs. You’re crazy pipes. I don’t think so.” Alexa protests.


Piper no way. Why would he do that ?” I ask and rest my hand on the table.


Maybe because he has summit. Summit is rich and popular. So skip that drug bullshit.” Brandon says.


Alrighty. Just thinking out loud.”


We continue our meal and attend our last classes. Piper and Brandon went back home while Alexa choose to drive me to my apartment. I wasn’t ready to go back home and calling Lucifer to drive me , he’s definitely gonna drive me back to Gray’s.


” Said the L word yet ?” Alexa smirks as we step into the elevator.



What L word ?” I blush and furrow my brows.


I love you..” she whisper in a sing song voice.


I chuckle and sigh.” Not yet. I don’t even know if we’re dating.” I shrug and rub my palm down my arms.


You know you guys are dating. Guys like Gray won’t tell you they want you to be their girlfriend. Are you in love with him ?”


In love ? I don’t even know. The doors of the elevator slides open and we step out. I really like Gray. He makes me happy and all that but I don’t even know about love. I mean can I stand by him when all his business problems arises ? I don’t even know.


Earth to Ariel..” Alexa snap her fingers at me. We’re already inside my apartment.


I’m sorry I zoned out.” I give her a smile and toss my bag on the couch.


Wow. For f**k sake..” Leslie mutters from the hallway as she step into the living room holding the diamond bracelet Gray bought for me.


What are you doing ?” I walk to her form and eye the bracelet in her hand.


How could you afford a Cartier diamond bracelet worth half a million ? So it’s true ? You’re f**king Gray now ? I mean , mom called you a whore but I didn’t expect you to have your way with Gray Carter.” Leslie glares at me still holding my bracelet.


Leslie ..” Alexa butt in but i stopped her.


What ? Yeah I’m f**king Gray Carter , you got issues with that ? Bitch hand me back my f**kin bracelet now.” I scowl


Yo ho…” Hazel chuckles.



So what did you have that other girls don’t have ?” Leslie asks. How can she be this childish ?


I’ve got class, boo. Something you can never afford. And also, i have a tiny , little , pink pu**y which you don’t f**kin have. Why don’t you girl up and tell it to my face you f**kin envy me , you ugly asshole.” I smirk at her.


She groans and slapped me.


Bitch..” she spit.


Leslie , are you…” Without letting Alexa continue her ranting , I punch Leslie on her face.


She hisses in pain but that didn’t stop me from beating the hell out of her. Out of anger , I grab her hair and slam her face against the TV as she fall backwards and hit her head on the glass table.


” Oh my God.”


Leslie collapsed on the ground unconscious with blood oozing out of her head.








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