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” I want you to make love to me..”



Have you ever be in a position where you’re scared to get laid with someone whom you really like ? What if she’s a vir… I don’t really care if she’s not but she’s always naive. Meaning she actually haven’t met a man before me.


My eyes rake down her ever gorgeous self and smile. She’s pretty , in fact she’s beautiful. How could Vladimir thought I would just push her to her because he had a f**kin gun point to my head.


” Gray..” she whisper , eyes not leaving mine.


I carry her off the bed and sit her on my lap to straddle me. Fuck ! How can someone be so soft and beautiful ? I wrap my arms around her waist and take her lips into mine. She taste so good. My fingers dig into her ass as we kiss. She run her fingers through my hair while the other caress my nape. I cup her ass and pull her closer to me. She’s making me more harder than normal.


With my fingers gracing her ass , I could feel her tiny lace panties. She moans when I kiss her neck down to her collarbones. I suck on her skin to leave a mark and move down to her chest. I look up at her the last time as I take in her nipple. Her hard bud fits into my mouth . I trail my fingers down her spine and flick my tongue on her hard nipple. She moans my name and tug on my hair. She absently squirm on my erection and that made a groan escape from my mouth.


I swap to her other nipple as she continue to grind on me. I groan and grab her ass to make her lay on the bed. I hold the waistline of the sweatpants she’s wearing and take it out. My eyes rake down on her perfect curves and red lace panties. She’s so s£xy.


I go back to kissing her and slowly trail my fingers to her wet entrance. She’s always so wet for me. I slide the thin material to the side and thrust my middle finger in her. She moan in my mouth but go back to kissing me. Our tongues glide together and my fingers work her to her orgasm. She moans on my mouth and continuously squirm against me while my finger slide in and out of her. I add another finger and a gasp escape her mouth. She’s so tight and that made me clueless.


” Oh God.” She moans and bites her bottom lip rather too aggressive.



My eyes meet with hers and she looks so beautiful.


I continue to keep up the pace of my fingers and kiss her neck. Her cries and moans occupy the large space of my room as we stare into each other’s eyes. She’s just too beautiful and too good for people like me.


I rub circles on her walls as she reach her orgasm. She breathes in with her lips slightly parted. I slide my fingers out and slip it back inside my mouth. She hates it when i do that but ashamed to admit she likes it too. I pull down her panties and admire her body.


“Do you really want this ?” I decide to ask , don’t wanna look like a jerk.


She chuckles and nods her head once. I get undressed till I’m bare before her. I notice the way her eyes widen at what she saw. I smirk and lean back to her and she’s totally nervous like this is her first time.


I stare deeply into her dark brown eyes and it’s filled with several emotions that I can’t decipher. It’s like she’s having two minds or something. I don’t want her to wake up with regrets cause it’s gonna hurt me so much.


“Are you okay ?”


She smiles and nod.


“I’m fine Gray.”


I kiss her forehead and lean against her. She quietly moan and I kiss her. I take out a condom from my nightstand and tear the foil paper. I clothe the content on my length and move back a bit and slowly thrust into her. She whimpers and bites her bottom lip still watching my eyes. I thrust further and she’s hell as tight as I imagined.


” Feel pain , you tell me okay ?”



She smiles and nod. I lean back and kiss her neck as I’m fully settled inside her. Her walls tightened around my member and I thrust out slowly and thrust back into her.


I bite my lip at the feeling of me being inside her. It’s something I’ve never felt before. This was different from riding a crazy ass whore model. She moans and dig her fingers on my back with every thrust i made.


I groan and bite my bottom lip as she moans. This is the best feeling I have ever had. Why does she makes me feel this weird emotions ? What’s this called ? It fears me sometimes.


Fuck, Ariel..” I groan and kiss her already to muffle our moans.


You’re so f**kin beautiful…” I say to her still kissing out our moans.


Heat surges from our skin as our moans covered every single space in my room. The louder she moans , the faster I’m close to my climax. I pull back from her and quicken the pace. My eyes move from her eyes to her body down to where we’re joined. My breathing is ragged , same with her moans.


” Gray , I’m close..” she moans and trail her fingers on my chest to my abs.


My body gently pressed against hers as I lock eyes with her. There’s nothing as pleasing to watch a woman climax. Our eyes locked with each other as I move in and out of her. Her nails dig harshly against the skin on my back and she moans my name endlessly. I increase the pace and my room is covered with her cries. I feel different or probably she makes me feel different. Different emotions that i can’t even decipher what they means.


I kiss her neck to her collarbones and suck gently on her skin. My lips adore her nipples as she throws her head back on the pillow.


Oh my God , Gray.”


Look at me , baby.” I kiss her lips and fasten my thrust. She moves her gaze to lock with mine. I kiss her lips desperately and bite her bottom lip.



” Gray , I’m so close.” She moans.


“Fuck…” I groan loudly as I reach my climax.


Her breathing continues to ease and I lean my forehead on hers with my eyes still closed and I’m still inside her.


That was…” I breathe out and open my eyes to look at her sweaty ones that are already grinning at me.


“Good…” She completes my statement and peck my slightly parted lips.


Why does she makes me feel different emotions at the same time ? She makes me want her every single time. I pull out from her and get off the bed to dispose the condom. I return and lay next to her and pull her to myself to cuddle her.


I bet everyone heard our chanting.” She chuckles.


Chantings huh ?” I laugh and trail my fingers on her back. “You feel so good…” I whisper and kiss her forehead.


She blushes and trail her fingers on my chest. I pull the comforter to my waist to cover our naked self as she continues to trail her fingers.


Why where you scared the first time ?” I ask her. She sighs deeply and look up at me.


Nothing. Just…”


“You’ve never had a man before…” I turn to my side to look at her properly. My arm rests on her hips as I continue to caress her lower back.


“It’s complicated. I…” She shut her eyes and lay on her back like who’s thinking.


Who hurt her ? My eyes went down to her arm and I see a faded scar like cut.



Who cut your wrist ?” I grab her wrist and sit up at once.


Gray it’s nothing to worry about.” She rolls her eyes and sit up too.


Nothing to worry about ? For f**k sake you got a faded cut on your wrist. How come I’m just seeing this ?” Anger is something that I hate. Who would cut her ? I don’t wanna find out it’s her crazy ass parents.


Did your parents do this to you ? Where you abused ?”


Gray calm down okay .” She smiles and place her hand on my chest with her eyes watching me closely.


I cut my wrist and it’s been long I did that. I told you I suffered depression and that’s the reason behind the cut.”


Why would you do that ?


I just hated my existence. I thought nobody cared about me until you showed up Gray. It’s complicated.”


Where you raped ?”


Her face paled out at once as she stares at me in awe. She didn’t expect that and maybe that answered my question.


Who raped you Ariel ? Is that why you left the convent ? Because you were abused ?”


A tear slip out from her eyes and that made me really angry. I wipe her tears and cuddle her in my arms. She silently sob as I rub circles on her back to soothe her. Who would wanna hurt her feelings ? Why are humans so stupid. Who ever this rapist is , he’s gonna hear a word from me.


” Ariel , who did it ?”


How did you know ?” She asks with her teary voice. It breaks me to see her cry.


You said you suffered depression and you were once a sister but I just assumed something happened that led to your depressed state. To the extent you cut your wrist. Tell me his name.”


She sniffles as I caress her hair.


It’s okay , nothing’s gonna happen to you okay.”


He was my best friend. We were always so close to each other. It just… I don’t know. He just took advantage of me that day. The day I visited him and I was about to take my vows the following day. I got kicked out and my parents despise me since then. They don’t trust me….”


I sigh and look at her pale little figure that’s curled in my arms. My eyes wander around her face and I wish I can kiss her pains away.


It’s okay.” I coo and tuck back every hair on her face that’s sticking to her face because of heat and tears.


What’s his name ?”


She blink her eyes and shake her head. It’s like she knows what I planned on doing to her f**k face ex best friend. He’s such a dildo. Who takes advantage of women lately when there are a lot of pussies everywhere.


Gray don’t. I know it’s stupid to defend him but he was one of the people who listened to me when I was growing up. He got my back every single time.”


Tinkerbell, he f**kin raped you. All that shit doesn’t matter.”


I once had a crush on him. But he never liked me but after the rape incident he told me he liked me like forever but was scared to tell me . Gray I don’t want you to hurt him.”



Now I feel really angry. What’s she saying ? So she had a crush on him. Till now




Gray, I don’t like him anymore. He apologized and i forgave him. Just forget about him.” She sighs and sleep on her side so that her back is facing me.


I lay beside her and wrap my arms around her waist to pull her to me.


What am I to you Ariel ?” I mutter against her neck and trail my fingers on her stomach.


She stay quiet for a second before answering.” A lot.”


” Then tell me his name. I promise I won’t hurt him , I just wanna know his name.”


She place her arm on mine and intertwine our fingers together. She yawn and I’m sure she’s about falling asleep.


What’s his name Ariel ?” I kiss her neck and it’s annoying I’m getting hard in such a serious time.


She yawn the last time and I’m sure she’s already falling asleep.


” Freddie…”









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