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Who knew you could feel this type of emotions when a girl tells you to f**kin stay away from her. Shit , it hurts a lot.


The painful part is that I like her. She’s all too scaredy to notice that I was willing to do anything within my powers to protect her. I bite the inside of my



cheek and stare at space. My hands are in my pocket as I watch my compound through the glass walls. How can someone be so perfect and also has a huge effect on me. I wanna stop thinking about her but it’s impossible.


Her words that night still sings in my head. She called me bad luck and said she doesn’t want me. It f**kin hurts. I can’t even remember a girl telling me they don’t want me. It’s never heard of. Just walking inside a club and a lot of bitches are already throwing their selves at me. Fuck !


“Gray.” Reid calls behind me.


“I’m not in the mood.”


“You’ve been skipping work man. What’s up with you ?” I sigh and turn to face him.


He hands me a cigar and a lighter as i light it up. I take the wine filled glass from him and chug down the content.


“You look broken. Love isn’t for men like you. You’re too grown up for that.”


I chuckle.” So what makes you think I’m in love ?”


“I know you’re not. I’m just trying to remind you who you’re. Some little dumbass shouldn’t make you think to death. You have a business to run.” He reminds me like i actually forgot.


Maybe I actually did forgot. Thanks to Ariel. She makes me want her so badly and it’s annoying. Some part in me wants me to visit her and make her mine again but the other part in me hates the idea and called it dumb too. I exhale the smoke out of my nostrils and turn around to stare at my compound.


I’ve brought in a girl who is gonna represent Meghan. She’s hot.” I scoff and nod. I motion him to bring the girl and I’m sure he left cause his footsteps faded.


Dude she’s here.” I turn around and blink my eyes to the new employee. She has short blonde hair with dark blue eyes. I don’t like blonde’s.



I look down at her cheap hoodie and rip Jean and flats. How’s she supposed to work for me or even take over Meghan’s position.


“What’s your name ?” I ask her and she had to blush. What the f**k !


Sarai.” I widen my eyes at her and sigh. She barely meets my eyes like she’s afraid of my eyes or something.


“Did they tell you anything about me ?” I continue.


“Yeah. That you’re nice and hate being dared.”


“Reid where the f**k did you get her ?” I turn to look at Reid who shrugs.


“She’s pretty Gray. Great body and techniques. She’s hot and…”


“I didn’t ask you to bring in a f**k mate.” I mutter and turn to look at Sarai who look down at once. I caught her staring.


“Have you work this type of job before ?”


” No sir.”


“Then how are you supposed to work ? Are you stripper ?”


She shake her head sideways at once. Why would Reid bring me a nun.


“Have you killed someone before ?”


She shake her sideways again. Fuck me. Why’s she reminding me of Ariel. I need to get laid if it’s gonna save me from whatever shit that’s happening to my head.


“Reid, Seriously.” I yell. He rolls his eyes and look at Sarai who’s still avoiding my eyes.


“I can’t take her.”


“Gray listen to me. She’s what you need. Tender face and good moves. Don’t underestimate her , she’s f**kin great.”


“She’s f**kin shy and too nervous.” I exhale the smoke as Reid sighs tiredly.


“I’m not really shy. I’m just being careful around you. I heard a lot of stories about you and it’s a pleasure to be standing with the popular Gray Carter.” She smirks and raise her head to meet my eyes.


I don’t like her.


She’s pretty and all that but she can’t be like Ariel. Bro she ask you to leave her the hell alone.


“Where are you from ?”


“San Angelo. But I stay in New York.”


“Have you worked before ?”


“Yeah. I worked as a bartender in a strip club. I’m not a whore sir.”


“It’s Gray not sir. Reid , take her out. Set her first date.” She nods and follow Reid out.


Nothing makes sense when all I could think of was her words. Telling me she doesn’t want me. And now I feel like shooting someone. I butt the cigar on an ashtray and shove my hands in my pocket. What’s she doing to me ?


“Boss we’ve got an emergency at the warehouse. It’s Lucas.” Manny says behind me.


“Said shit again ?” I ask not sparing him a look.





I sigh and nod.


“Go, I’m coming.” For once favor granted. I’m shooting someone today.






Luke , I’m not trying to hurt you. I just want you to tell me why are you stealing from summit ? Why are you snitching about my business ?” I ask him.


He’s shivering and pleading.


“Lucas sit your dumb ass down.”


“Boss I can explain. It wasn’t intentional. My wife…”


“That’s why men die easily. They don’t listen.” I walk to Manny and stop in front of me.


“Can I lend your gun ?” I ask Manny.


“Sir please…” Lucas plead as I pull the trigger at his foot.


He fall to the ground and grip to his bleeding foot.


“Will you sit or not ?”


“Ye.. yes sir. Please don’t shoot me.” He plea and try to stand up with his bleeding feet.


If you don’t sit , I’m taking out your other foot.” I tell him as i watch him crawl on the floor to sit on a chair.


“Shit , you’re so slow.” I mutter.


“Boss please. I’m already sitti…”


I groan and shot his other foot after struggling to sit on the chair.


“We should talk Luke. Summit’s been standing for over eight years now without d**k faces like you. I worked hard for every shit i own. What was your motive ?” I ask him. Nick hands me a cigarette and a lighter as I light it up afterwards giving him back the lighter.


I squat face to face with Lucas. He whimpers and look sideways.


“Look at me Luke. Be a good boy and look at me ..” I order.


He whimpers and sob like a kitten. He slowly turn his neck and stare at my face.


I puff out the smoke and bite the bottom of my lip.


“Why did you sell me out to that f**k face Vladimir ? You let him took my shit too.”


“It wasn’t on purpose. I was forced.”


“Fuck Lucas , you’re lying again.” I say calmly and stand up. ” And i f**king hate it. Manny can I lend your gun again ?”


I’m willing to talk. He asked me about your underground Warehouse and how to find it. I told him nothing. And he offered to pay me one million grand. I told him the few things I know about you and summit. My wife made me say it.”


I chuckle and smirk.


“Wow Lucas. One million Grand.”


“Please don’t kill me sir. I’m truly sorry.”


“Sure. I won’t kill you. You deserved a second chance..” I smirk and let Manny hand me his gun.



“Bos…” I hang him out and shot his head. I hate hypocrites. The f**k! I paid his family’s bills. That underground warehouse was something nobody knows including my f**kin friend Reid. It contains every of summit’s fortunate. Things like that happens when the bank can’t contain every of your shit.


“Gray , it’s okay he’s dead.” I didn’t even notice I’ve shot him more than once. I’m being paranoid and also Ariel was part of the reasons too. Why is she f**king with my head ?


“Clear this shit up , Carl.” Reid says to Carl as he walk me outside the warehouse.


You need a pu**y ?” He ask once we’re outside. “A good one.” I reply and step inside my car.







It’s been five days since I last saw Gray. Five days since I told him to leave my life alone. Five days since I called him bad luck. I toss my textbook aside and close my computer. I can do this. I’m gonna concentrate and don’t get consumed with Gray’s dark fantasy.


It’s almost evening and it’s Friday. As usual, the frat house will be throwing a party and I’d love to take advantage of it. Plus , I need to assume I’d never shared a mind blowing proper kiss with a man called Gray Carter. I walk to the kitchen to make toast. Leslie walks in with Hazel as they round the counter. Hazel is dressed with black rip Jean shorts and white hoodie. While Leslie wears a high waist jeans and pink crop top with straps that’s tied around the neck like a bikini top.


“Hi Ariel..” Hazel greeted as she sits on the island stool.


“Hi. Hungover ?”


“Do I look hungover. I’m just f**kin tired.” She giggles. Who parties at five ?



“Absolutely not.” I smile and nod.


“Mom asked about you Ariel.” Leslie says as she open the fridge to get whatever.




“Good ? You suck..” Leslie scoffs and sits next to Hazel.


“You’re going to frat tonight right ? I mean I’ve been seeing you with Ryan lately. He’s a good kid. Just be aware he just wants to use your ugly ass.” Leslie snorts and I chuckle.


“Yeah. Same way Hayden used your cheap ass. You can’t afford this , I’m better than you…” I mimic her.” Yet you can’t even keep a good man. Just jumping from one bed to another looking for guys who are loaded. Seriously Les , you’re f**kin stupid.”


” What the f**k..” Hazel mutters


Leslie raised her hand to slap me. I grab her hand and twist it before slamming her hand on the counter.


“Asshole.” I scoff and turn to walk out.


A little advise. If you don’t mind your business, I’m gonna cut your fingers next time and send it to mom and also dad. Punk face.” I head to my room and shut the door.


I can’t be suffering from Gray illness and also my sister too. I slump on my bed and throw a pill inside my mouth as I swallow it dried. Thanks to Gray, I’m finally getting over depression and no more therapy. I feel sΒ£xually frustrated and it’s unusual. Each time i close my eyes, it’s all Gray. Kissing me at the club. Me on his counter wearing his dress shirt. Me on his shoulders on our first date. He’s just everywhere. Everywhere in my head.


My phone pings and it’s a text message from Alexa.



FROM ALEXA: Wanna party today ? Let’s visit tavern’s.


I roll my eyes and sigh. I need a good sleep and also tomorrow is Saturday. I don’t have class. Ryan wants me to go to a frat party with him. I’m so stuck with my confused emotions. And Freddie , he said he’s sorry and I’m really sure he regretted his actions. But stealing my innocence was the least thing to think of because he wanted me to be with him. I remembered when we were in highschool, I was also desperate too to make Freddie look at me like the way he looked at Aida. But I will never hurt him.


Most times I’d sneak out of my room for sleepovers at his house and come back home early. I was so stupid. I can’t even imagine I was acting so naive. And then he’s back again , asking me to take him back. I sigh as my phone buzzes again.


FROM ALEXA : Ariel , already talked to the guys about it and they are in. We’re going to tavern’s , get dressed and kisses.


What a cousin. I open my closet to put on something simple. I quickly shower and put a black jeans , green hoodie and a white sneakers. I brush my hair and tie it up in the middle of my head. I pick up my phone and rush out of my room making sure I locked it. For some unknown reason , I was wearing Gray’s diamond bracelet. I hop inside Brandon’s car as he drive us to tavern’s.




Hey Alexa , did you break up with Bobby ?” Piper asks drowning a glass of whiskey.


I got tired. I just wanna be single and normal . Don’t date a boy because everything is always stupid ” she slurs and gulp her shots.


So basically you’re single ?” Brandon chuckles.


“Yeah. And ready not to ever mingle ” she chuckles and raise her glass upwards.


We click our glasses and throw our heads back to take in the drink.


“I’m never drinking again. It’s always sour.” I murmur and they chuckle.


“Ariel, what’s up with Gray ?”


” I told you guys we’re not dating. Just friends.”


“I bet he bought you that bracelet. That’s so f**kin expensive.” Brandon mutters.


I shrug and smile.


“Who wants to dance ? I’m f**kin wasted.” Alexa stagger from the chair as we head to the dance floor.


We sway our hips to the song from the background as we squeal. We dance and dance till I’m crazily tired.


“Hi. Can I buy you a drink ?” A guy ask Alexa.


“No , I have STDs.” She frown and it didn’t take the guy a second to disappear.


“That was stupid..” we chuckle.


“I’m going to the bar to order for a bottle water. I’ll be back.” I walk past dancing bodies as I reach the bar.


I lean against the counter and snap at the bartender.


“Hi Angel. Can I buy you a drink ?” A familiar voice speaks from beside me. I dart my eyes to this new occupant and groan.




“It’s so hard to not stare at you. You’re f**kin pretty. Maybe more beautiful each day i see you.”


“What are you doing here ?”



“I missed you that’s what I’m doing here.” He sighs and snap at the bartender to bring in drinks.


“Water for me.” I say to the bartender who nods in return.


“Why are you stalking me ?” I sigh and rub my temple.


“I can’t stay away from you. It’s f**kin hard. I want you to give me a chance to make things right. Ariel I missed us.”


I sigh and turn to look at his emotions filled eyes. How did he easily spoil our friendship ? His eyes look sincere and the next thing I’m thinking about was our kiss. Though it was nice but it wasn’t as Gray. Gray is the best thing that has ever happened to my depressed life even if i know nothing about him. Why do I want him now ? It might sound weird that I actually wished to see Gray in this club as usual. It pains me he’s not around to pester me again. What’s wrong with me ?


“Look Freddie , I already forgave you okay. I missed us too. But sometimes it’s hard to mend broken things. I’m not angry at you anymore.”


The bartender returns with my water and glass of alcohol for Freddie.


“Thanks.” I tell the bartender as he leaves after collecting payments. Freddie paid for me though.


“Ariel..” he sighs deeply and sit close to me. I didn’t retaliate but watch his drama.


He twist his fingers around my hair and smile sadly.


“I’m really sorry…” He plea. ” Please give me a second chance. I wanna make things right.” He says. I didn’t notice we’re inch apart and breathing same air.


“I’m not mad at you anymore. It’s not like it’s useful holding grudges against you.”


He smiles and trail his index finger down my jawline.



“You’ve always been beautiful Arie. It’s so f**kin stupid that I messed up. I wanna make things right .” He whispers still running his finger on my jawline.


Our eyes are locked and I can’t look away. Sitting opposite him and staring non-stop at his eyes brought back silly memories. Memories I’ve always wanted before. But then Gray had also occupy half of my head. For God’s sake I didn’t plan college like this.


He hold my hand in his and give it a gentle squeeze. ” Go out on a date with me. Please….”


I chuckle and hold his wrist to take it away from my face.


“Freddie , a date ? That’s too much to ask for. Fine I said I’ve forgiven you doesn’t mean I have forgotten what happened. Freddie it hurts. I passed through shit and thanks to humanity I’m still going through shit.”


“Ariel ..” I hold my hand up to stop him.


I might be naive doesn’t mean I’m stupid. Please do me a favor and I want you to promise me.”


He drops his hand on his side and nod.


I want you to stay the hell away from me. Be far from me and leave me alone. I don’t want you , Freddie and I’ll never want you….”











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