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No no no. This isn’t happening. Want the girl ? What girl ?


“Please don’t..” i begin sobbing loudly again. I need to run to church. It’s obvious it’s because I’ve missed mass this past two weeks that’s why I barely see luck shine in my favour.



“And what i don’t give you the girl ?”


“The last time i checked , you don’t love Gray. Why do you f**kin care about her ? Got a soft spot now ?”


Gray chuckles and the next thing he did made me scream in fear. He shot at the chandelier that’s hanging on the ceiling and everything go dark red.


I whimper silently and crawl to anything safe. I heard gun shots and cries from everyone present and countless ‘Fucks’ from the gun men.


“Tinkerbell..” Gray whispers close to me. I feel his warm self reach to carry me off the ground.


He toss me on his shoulders as he begin walking outside. The cold breeze blanket my skin as he quickly drop me inside his car. His guards rush into the other vehicles as Gray speeds into the cold night driving like a maniac. His jaw clenches several times and unclench and he isn’t saying a word to me. I’m still out of breath and still shocked to the drama. With one hand handling the wheel , Gray tosses his suit jacket to me not even staring at me.


Few minutes later , we arrive in his death mansion and he’s not getting out of his car . He cusses and smack his wheel angrily. He rests his head on the wheel and breathe in. He sits up and turn to face me. I’m still scared and I’m sure I’ll be scared through out next week and maybe till I die .


His eyes are dark and without no emotions.


“I’m sorry.” He sighs. Clearly he looks like shit. I scoff and shake my head as i unfasten my seatbelt.


“Take me home.” I demand.


“You’re not going home.”


“Gray take me home.” I yell. He shakes his head and step out of his car.



I watch him walk into his house and I step out of the car calling out to him. Kennedy run out of the house into Gray’s arms. He pats her head and motion for Manny to take her to her room. I walk behind him as we enter his mansion. The men around watch as we walk in. Now he’s like a king who’s been welcome. Just that this case is different. I almost lost my life the second time and I’m still in shock.


Gray sighs tiredly and run his hands down his face. He looks exhausted. I toss his jacket on the couch as Manny climb down the stairs.


“Who told him ?” He asks looking at every single men around the room. Manny , Nick , Carl and I don’t remember the rest five. They are all in either white dress shirt or black suits. It’s weird they work under Gray. Their faces lacks smiling. Reid stand at a corner smoking his cancer stick. He has a bad vibe and too evil.


I traveled few weeks ago and decides to take her out..” he points his finger to me and continues. ” But then somebody thinks it’s smart to talk shit and snitch about me being in Queens. Who the f**k did that ? If i find out that anyone snitched me to Vlad , you gon’ hate it. Get out everyone of you.” Gray orders still frustrated by the stunt.


Get the f**k out of my face , that’s an order.” He yells and that makes me tensed. You know most times I think i don’t even know Gray. The way he changes his mood. He doesn’t act like this around me and for once I appreciated it.


The guys look at Gray as they begin leaving one after the other.


” Gray..” Reid calls out to him.


“You too Reid.” Gray says with his back facing us.


“What ?” He deadpans , clearly taken aback that his best friend just shut him out.


“So what about this bitch ?” Reid’s angry voice points to me.



Gray turns around sharply with anger visible in his eyes. ” Don’t you dare bitch her. Leave Reid.”


Reid sighs and bites his bottom lip. He looks my way with rage and walk out.


Gray sighs and look at me.


Come on.” He motions his head to the stairs as he begin climbing. I follow behind in fear and trembling as we move to his room. I’ve never been this scared in my entire life.


Gray opens his room door and we step in. He furiously shut his door as I whimper. I watch his body movement as he unbutton his dress shirt and throw it on the couch. He ruffles his hair and sighs deeply. I remove his suit jacket and toss it on the couch.


“Ariel you should sit.” He turns to look at me and reach for a cigarette and lighter.


Surprisingly it’s cold and I’m a bit cold. Maybe because of fear.


He turns his back against me and watch the environment through the glass wall as he lights the cigarette. I curl up on the couch and it’s funny I’m just taking views of his bedroom. It’s like it’s own living room. There’s an inbuilt swimming pool in his room. The walls are painted pure white. The couches are white too while his king size bed is located at the end. Everything in here is like a living room. It has about three chairs and a table at another end. That sort of looks like a dining room.


He continues to puff out the smoke as he switches on the Tv. The tension between us is terrible and I’m uncomfortable. The TV lights up and the first thing to show up is a reporter reporting what happened today. The shooting and the one corpse.


“It was reported today that a set of gun men barged into Queens restaurant to shoot at Gray Carter. CEO and owner of popular summit enterprises. According to an eye witness, they said the gunmen mainly wanted to shoot his anonymous date….”


She continues to ramble as a picture of me and Gray sitting across each other in the restaurant emerged on TV. ” There was a shootout outbreak and a lady was found dead on the scene. The police are investigating on the case on why a group of gun men would attack Gray Carter….”



“Bullshit.” Gray scoffs and turn off the TV.


He reach for his phone and dialed a number as he presses the phone against his ear. ” Manny , any cop cars pull over for questions. Don’t tell them shit.” He hangs up and toss his phone on the bed.


My ringing phone distracts me from my tension as I pick up.




“Oh my God. How are you ? Are you okay ? What happened to you ? Are you safe ? It’s over the news that you guys were shot at ? Are you injured..”


Holy Christ. Alex I’m fine. Nothing happened. I’m in his house.” I sigh and watch Gray smokes his cancer stick staring to nothing.


“Thank goodness. I was f**kin worried.”


“Thanks cousin, I’m fine.”


“Yeah , i trust Gray. He won’t let shit happened to you.”


I scoff and roll my eyes.


“Be careful okay. Call me if anything happens alright.”


“Yes , mother.”


“Good girl. Love you.”


I drop my phone back but it goes back to ringing. Great , Piper and Brandon obviously.





“Holy f**k. Where the f**k are you ? Are you okay ? Where you shot ? It’s over the news and we’re worried. What happened to you ? What’s up with Gray….”


“Piper breathe.” I sigh and rub my temple.


“I’m fine okay. Nothing happened and I’m not injured..” I mumble as Gray turns to look at me above his shoulders.


“Oh thank goodness. We were worried. Who are these gun men ? How many are they ?” Brandon butt in from the background.


“Guys I’m fine okay. I need to call you guys back , alright.”


“Sure thing princess…” They breathe in and hang up.


I raise my head up only to meet Gray’s eyes. I groan and look down at my ringing phone. Mom too ? What’s happening ?




“Oh my baby , are you okay ?” I raise my eyebrows In disbelief and quickly look down at the dialer. It’s my mom.


“Mom ?”


“Yes Ariel. Are you okay ? I heard the news and we heard Gray Carter was shot at in Queens restaurant. We saw some girl and she looks like you and she was his date. I know that wasn’t you , I just wanna be sure you’re okay. I called Leslie and she told me you’re not in the apartment. Where are you ? Are you okay ?”


“Mom I’m fine. I’m not injured and nothing happened to me.”


“Thank God. Where are you ?”


“Mom I gotta go. I’m with my friends okay. Bye Mom , say hi to daddy.” I sigh and hang up at once.



I quickly switch off my phone and keep it aside. I’m not in the mood for this. I still can’t register what just happened even if it was the second time.


“Tinkerbell..” Gray calls and move to sit next to me.


I didn’t bother to look at him. He’s filled with mysteries.


“Come here..” He coos and pull me to himself stroking my bare back.


“I’m sorry. I don’t want you to keep whimpering. Nothing is gonna happen to you cause I’m here okay. If anything should happen , they are gonna go through me first.” I could feel the smile in his words as he kisses my temple.


Let’s get you out of this dress. You’re running temperature.” He mutters and move me back gently for him to get up.


He walks to his extra large closet and return with his red hoodie and black sweatpants.


“You should wear that.”


I smile lightly and take the clothes from him.


“Where’s your bathroom ?” I manage to ask calmly.


Can’t change in front of me now ?” He teases to lighten up the mood. I chuckle lightly and furrow my brows at him.


He bites his bottom lip and shrug.


“Bathroom’s that way.” I nod and stand up to go to the bathroom.


I stare at my reflection in the mirror. I look terrible because of fear. I sigh and look around the bathroom. It’s the size of my bedroom back at the apartment. It has a Jacuzzi too and also a bathtub. He’s rich so basically I expect his house to be like this. I quickly remove my dress and put on the sweatpants and his red hoodie. I zip it up to my neck and tie my hair in a messy bun. Gray was lying on his bed when I



went back to his bedroom. A remote control his on his hand as he tune non-stop on the TV.


“Come here…” He motions to me as I climb on the bed to lay on his arm.


“Are you feeling better ?”


I shake my head sideways. ” No. I’m still scared. Why would he want me ? Who’s he ?”


“He’s a business man and why he wants you….” He looks down at me and smiles.”


You’re pretty as f**k so every single person would kill to have you..” is that really an answer ? Because I’m pretty.


I might be selfish for having and keeping you though. I won’t let anyone have you either..” he mutters and rub soothing promises on my back.


“Go to sleep princess and imagine nothing ever happens.” He whispers. I cuddle into his arms and wrap my arm around his shirtless torso and close my eyes.


I breathe in his cologne and smile before dozing into Dreamland.




No , Jamal , that’s not the way to add a concealer…” The words were like whispers and that’s from a little girl.


I stretch and squirm on the bed. Who’s trying to disturb my sleep ?


“Shh… Stop calling me Jamal. You know I’m the best in everything.”


I chuckle in my sleep and open my eyes.


“Oh shit !” Kennedy hides behind Gray. He chuckles and smile at me.


“What’s going on ?” I ask and sit up. I rub my eyes and look up at Gray. He’s shirtless and his flawless tanned self is inviting and so pretty. The first thing that



entered my head was to push him on his bed while i trace every of his well sculpted body.


“Tinkerbell…” Gray snap me out of my eye raping session.


“Tinkerbell ?” Kennedy asks and stand beside Gray with a wide grin.


I chuckle and stand on my feet.


Is it morning ?”


Yes. Jamal and I decides we do some little make up on you.”


What !” I exclaim and run to stand opposite the mirror.


Gray chuckles and stands beside me, arms around my torso as he nuzzles my neck.


“Like it princess ?” He asks and plant soft kiss on my temple.


God I look like a lost witch who ran away. The eye shadows and eyeliner , including the mascara is just out of the extraordinary.


“Something is missing..” Kennedy mutters beside Gray and lift a lipstick to Gray.


Gray smirks at my reflection in the mirror and takes it.


“Gray…” I groan but he doesn’t listen but apply the red lipstick on my lips. I look terrible.


“Damn girl. The shit looks good on you..” He whispers against my neck and hum against my neck.


His arms wrapped around my torso as he pull me so close to him and I could feel his growing hard-on.



“Gray , Kennedy’s here..” I whisper to him but she giggles. Gray looks down at Kennedy who had a huge grin on her face.


“Why are you smiling Kenny ?”


She hums and tap her chin like who’s thinking.


Are you guys like a couple or something ? You don’t act like who just met Jamal..” She grins and crosses her arms.


Gray rub circles on my stomach and rests his chin on my head.


“She’s my everything Kenny. My tiny little princess. And i really really like her a lot.” He smiles at our reflection.


Kennedy fans herself dramatically and pretends to faint. We chuckle and watch her stand up.


“I’m just gonna disappear. Don’t wanna intrude..” she winks at me and run out of the room.


“Am I the only one who thinks she knows too much for her age ?” I ask Gray and furrow my brows at his reflection.


Me too..” he chuckles and kiss my hair.


Gray I’m still angry at you..” I whine.


“I know.” He whispers and zip the hoodie I’m wearing down so my cleavages would be in sight. He knows I’m not wearing a bra.


“Always so f**kin beautiful..” he kisses my neck and pull the zipper out till my stomach is showing.


His hard-on is pressed against my butt as i whimper. I watch him through the mirror as my hoodie is being removed from my body.


“Gray it’s early…” I giggle but he doesn’t listen.


He kisses my neck to my nape as I silently whimper. He cup my br**st and trail his other hand down stomach. I moan silently and bite my bottom. I can’t believe I had to watch this. He slides his hands inside the sweatpants down to my panties.


“God…” I breathe in as his hands rubs gently against my wet core.


“You’re so wet..” he whispers to my ears. I feel his finger slide into me and I gasp out a moan.




“Fuck..” he moves his finger out and slide it back.


I want you Ariel…” He bites my neck gently as his fingers thrust in and out of me.


He pinched my nipples and cup my br**st before giving it a gentle squeeze. He slides his hands out of the sweatpants I’m wearing and turn me to look at him so that I’m backing the mirror. His eyes are filled with emotions.


I’m gonna wait if you’re not ready.” He whispers and tuck my strands of hair behind my hair. He’s gonna wait ? What if I want it ? I mean how long am I supposed to keep him waiting.


I want him too but then I still wanna talk about the shooting of yesterday. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him to kiss me.


” I want you too , Gray.”


He takes charge of our kissing and lift me off the ground to wrap my legs around his waist. I always love kissing him and i also want more from him. I’m being placed on his bed as he resume kissing. I run my fingers through his hair and trail my fingers on his broad shoulders. I feel his body tenses to every single place i feel . We break from our intense make out as we stare deep into each other’s eyes.


“Are you sure about this ?” He asks.


“Yes. But I need to use the bathroom.”


He chuckle and get off me. I give him a reassuring smile and saunter off to the bathroom shirtless. I breathe in and stare at my reflection. How come he didn’t complain about morning breath. I quickly spread toothpaste on a toothbrush and brush my teeth. I breathe into my palm and wash away the terrible make up he did with Kennedy.


“Oh my God , I’m about to have sΒ£x with Gray.” I mutter to my reflection In the mirror.


Oh God Ariel , breathe. He cares about you…” I mutter.


But what if he doesn’t love you ? Oh dang it ! I don’t care , I’m doing this..” I turn from the mirror and go to the door.


I huff. ” But what if he ask about my virginity. I don’t want him to feel different about me if he finds out I’m not a virgin and also a rape victim…” I palm my forehead and rest it against the door.


This isn’t really fair. I already told him I want this. Of course I want this. I open the bathroom door and go back to the bedroom. Gray is still shirtless with just his grey colored sweatpants and he’s lying on his stomach and going through his phone. Now i regret leaving him waiting.


“20 minutes princess..” He says referring to my bathroom trip.


I fiddle with my fingers and made to sit on the bed.


I’m sorry , I had to watch this off.” I wave my right hand around my face. Are you still…. I mean do you still… You know….” I mumble and look at his taunting grey eyes.


He smiles and wrap his right hand around my waist.



What do you want Ariel ?” He asks so calmly rubbing circles on my lower back. His voice sinks into my skin and I’m wanting him more than ever.


“I want you to say it. Don’t be shy. What do you want ?”


I open my mouth to speak and close it back. Don’t be shy Ariel. But I can’t just tell him i want him to touch me. I can’t just tell him I want him to.. ugh..


I cup his cheek and move closer to him. I trail my fingers on his jawline and admire the way his grey eyes watches me like I’m the most beautiful thing in the entire universe.


” I want you to make love to me….”







Damn , Ariel who spoil you ?











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