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Before I could blink , Gray pulls out his gun and shot at both guys. I don’t even know how he did that. I whimper and squirm at the hold of this Russian demon. He chuckle , maybe to the fact that Gray killed all his back men.


“So she’s worth it huh ? You killed my men for the hoe ?” Vladimir asks.



” Vlad , no more shit talk. Leave her the f**k alone.”


“What if I don’t ?” He ask and smirk devilishly. Gray shot his arms as he wince letting go of me.


I quickly hide behind one of the cars afraid to watch any bloody scene. Who’s he


How can I be so naive to know nothing about him. I heard grunts as I raise my head to look at the scene. Gray slams Vladimir against his car as the windshield shattered. He toss Vladimir to the floor and watch Vladimir closely. I’ve never seen him like this before. This wasn’t Gray , maybe some clone or something.


Next time you tell your dildos to stalk me ever again. I’ll be killing without thinking twice.” He scoff and raise his head to look at my already broken self.


His face soften at my sight as he made his way to where I’m leaning already soaked with tears.


“Don’t touch me..” I sniffle and stand to my feet moving far away from him.


“Ariel , please not now. Let’s get you home.” I shake my head sideways. He isn’t the one to easily bulge. He sighs defeatedly and with one single movement , he lifts me on his shoulders.


“Gray put me down..” I shake my legs continusly and hit his back.


My eyes meet this already dead men and Vladimir is nowhere to be found.




Halting his motorbike in my apartment , I quickly hop out and turn to leave. His grip on my arm made me stop and I’m forced to look at his pale face with so much emotions. I made sure I didn’t look at his eyes. It’s like a soft spot for me and I end up doing a lot of silly things without thinking.


“Don’t walk out on me.” He says sternly , hand still gripping to my arm. I try to free from his grasp but he pulls me to himself.



“Let me go. You’re scaring the little life out of me. Gray I watched you killed someone. That was the least thing i expected from you..”


“He was gonna take you away…


from me.”


” Who was he ? Why where those guys trailing us ? Shooting at us ?”


He shrug his shoulders and keep quiet.


“So you’re not gonna talk about it ?”


“What do you want me to say ? I don’t know.”


“Gray he called you worthless and a thief. You knew who he was and why he was after you. Was he the guy Reid talked about ? That he was stalking you for ages now.” He bites his lip and nod.


“Then why does he want me ?” I ask , getting really tired because of this conversation. I wanna run far away from him and maybe hide underneath my bed. He’s definitely gonna find me. As usual.


“I don’t know okay.” He yell.” I can’t answer your questions. It’s not important.”


You’re just a liar. A manipulative liar. How could you be so selfish ? Gray, I saw you pull out a gun. Shot more than five men. What’s that supposed to explain ? You know what , let go of my arm.”




Leave me alone. I don’t even know who you’re. Just let me go. I don’t wanna be here with you.” I sob and sniffle.


He pulls me to himself and wrap both arms around my waist. He nuzzles my neck and breathe in my scent.



“Don’t walk away from me because you saw me shot someone. I don’t wanna loose you and I won’t stop shooting people for you.” He move his head backwards to stare at my eyes. He’s not getting it. I wanna go to bed and assume nothing happened.


” I need to go.” I pull away from him and run into my apartment.


It didn’t take me long to get to my room. I walk past Leslie who’s watching TV with Hazel.


“You’ve been hanging out late again.”


“Leslie , shut your shit mouth and mind your business.” I scoff and unlock my door.


“Did she just talk back at you ?” I heard Hazel’s voice from the living room.


“Bitch been slamming a good nigga lately. Sooner or later , I’m gonna f**k her ass up.”


I roll my eyes and step inside my room. I lean against the door and slide down. I can’t stop weeping. How can I be so stupid ? Always stupid. I barely could fathom why I’m always making wrong decisions. Freddie , now Gray. I rest my elbows on my knees and hold my head in my hands. What have I gotten myself into ? The most annoying part is that he is always making me want him badly. Despite the stupid stunt he pulled out there , I wish he was here to hold me again. I crawl to bed without taking off my clothes and it’s weird I dreamt about him.


The following morning , I was up late. I lazily stride to the bathroom to quickly shower and go to class. I stop by my bathroom mirror and check out my reflection. Holy Christ , i look like shit. I rub my palms on my face and lather my skin harder than usual. I feel weird and that bloody shootout is refusing to get out of my head. I’d never thought i will watch someone kill someone. But then someone that I truly liked shot someone in my presence and he’s not willing to talk about it.


Getting ready for class , I walk out of the apartment to go to class. Ryan was the first person I saw when I step in my first class. He flash me his boyish grin



exposing his dimpled cheek. I think it’s time i forget Gray Carter if I wanna live. He’s too closed up and secretive. But then , I can’t even look at him without loosing my mind. How could he know each of my buttons and when to press it.


“Hi.” I smile at Ryan and sit next to him.


“Hey. You look pretty.”


“Thanks. You’re not looking bad yourself. How are you ?” I ask him.


” I’m good. Still owe you a burger.”


I chuckle and turn to look at him.


“You don’t really have to. I mean it’s like stressing you out.”


“I’d like to Ariel. It’s just a burger at Sands & Winches and also I’m inviting you to a frat party this weekend if you are not that busy.”


Wow. Frat , I’m gonna think about it. And maybe after class , we can go have the burger together.”


“Thanks.” He flash his dimpled cheeks as the professor walks in.


I place my notepad on the desk to begin writing. I saw Brandon with Piper as they smile at me. Really ? Are they over my lies yet ? I would really need a girls time after my incident with Gray. What a mess kinda life I’m living. From one shit to another.


“Planning for the exams ?” Ryan ask me once we step inside sands & Winches.


“Yeah. I can’t wait for vacation. I need a good nap and maybe an internship.”


“Internship ? Got a place in mind ?”


Truly I liked Summit , but then my mystery man owns it. I can’t work under him and also he’s a murderer.



“Not really.” I reply and take a seat on one of the booths.


“Alright. Maybe I can look out for you. Sinclair’s isn’t bad right ?”


“Sinclair ? I’d like it. Thanks Ryan.” He smiles and nod as we take our orders.


“Hey guys. Damn it’s so hot out there.” Piper smiles at me before sitting next to me. Brandon sits across us grinning like a kid who won a lottery to visit chocolate factory.


“Hey guys. Are you guys for real ?”


Piper giggles and shrugs. Her eyes land on Ryan as she smirks.


“Are you asking her out ? She’s not single and obviously not searching Ryan.” Piper tells him as the waitress brought in our order. A chicken Burger !


” Are we getting our order or not ?” Brandon asks and lean watching Ryan and me.


“Sure.” Ryan snap at the waitress as she walks back to our booth to take Brandon and Piper’s orders.


“So Ryan , hope we’re not disturbing anything ? We missed our buddy and we’d like to snatch her anytime soon ?” She winks and smiles at both of them.


I so much miss them. My life had been more dramatic than i could ever imagine. We eat and talk and thankfully, no one brought up anything about Gray. I’m not in the mood to talk about him. It’s annoying he makes me want him every single day of my life. Just mere thinking about him , my mind drift to what happened between us at his penthouse. I still have his spare key and I’m wondering why did I keep it in the first place.


Ryan asked for my number and I gave him before he left. Brandon drove us to my apartment as we walk in. I feel exhausted. College is stressing me to the core.


“Group hug..” Piper squeal as she give me a bear hug squeezing the life out of me.


I hug back and Brandon joined too.


“Holy f**k. This isn’t Christmas Eve.” Alexa’s voice startles us. We turn around and she’s leaning on my door with her arms crossed and her crazy smirk.


What’s up cousin. You look pretty.” She peck my cheeks and plump down on the couch.


“Don’t tease me Alexa. Life has been hard without you guys.” I sigh and sit next to Alexa. Brandon sits on the single couch while Piper did the same.


“You have Gray Carter girl. You’re like the hottest girl in New York right now.


You’re stunnin’.” Alexa blabbers. Silly rich people.


“Yeah. What’s up with you guys ? You don’t look bad. With the look on your face , he did a really super hot magic on you. How did it even happened ?” Piper asks with full focus on me.


“Guys we’re not In love. We’re not dating. We’re not even in a relationship.” I sigh.


“Then what ? Friends with benefits ? No offense boo , but Gray doesn’t keep a girl for this long. You said you guys have been hanging out with each other for over three months. Damn girl , that’s like forever.”


” So who else perceives the chemistry between Gray and Ariel.”


“There’s no stupid chemistry. Just a naive me who doesn’t know what I want.”


“You don’t know what you want ?” Alexa asks and rolls her eyes.


“I don’t. We’re not in love okay. Truth is we just like ourselves. He’s a good person and not really bad.”


“You don’t have to tell us that Ariel. We know he’s a good person. It’s just… Do you like him ? Like feelings ?”


I rub my temple and lean back on the couch.


“Yes I like him and that’s just it. I’m not sure about feelings.”


“Fuck girl you’re so lucky. I can’t imagine Leslie’s face right now if she hears this. Someone’s gonna die and resurrect.” Alexa says and that earn a laughter from everyone.


“It’s incredible to have someone like Gray Carter look at you. No insults. Boy’s dope man.”


“So aside Damon , there’s no other Carter’s ? I’d really love to get one to look at me.” Alexa says.


“Alexa seriously..” I chuckle.


Yeah. It’s so sad Damon went MIA. Dude’s like Gray. So f**kin cute.” Piper emphasize.


I roll my eyes and draw my knees to my chest.


“What about his father or even his mother ?” I ask this time.


“Heard is father is dead. And according to the media, Mia Carter , Gray’s mom remarried a Canadian after her husband’s death. So basically, Gray’s mother is in Canada. The man’s rich. I think is name is ….” Alexa said snapping her fingers in thoughts.


Antonio.. Sounds like a mafia boss’s name.” Brandon chuckles. “You’ve watched too much mob movies Brandon.”


“They are basically popular then.”


“Reasons I told you you’re f**kin lucky Ariel. He owns Summit. Worldwide company with a lot of million dollars piling in every single minute. That’s one of the reasons Jhene wanted Gray to herself. The f**k face is desperate.” Piper says.



So who’s in for a party tonight. We need to party for coming back together and also for Ariel who’s got almighty Gray wrapped around her fingers. Fuck I’m jealous.” Alexa mutters and giggles.


“Alex , we’re not dating.”


“Chill boo , you’ve kissed him. I’d die thinking about that same lips adoring my skin. Hell’s sake he’s too perfect.” Piper murmurs.


Yeah perfect indeed ? If I can remember vividly, I almost got killed yesterday.


“So who wants to party ?” Brandon beams.


” We’re all in..”




That night , my rooms covered in different kinds of wares the girls have been trying on including Brandon.


“I’m getting laid tonight.” Brandon mutters.


“Brandy keep your shit in your pants.” Piper yell at him.


“Shut up Piper.” We chuckle and get dressed.


I’m already getting perfect at dressing myself up. I stretch my hair and zip my strapless black dress that hugs every of my curves as I put on my shoes. We hop inside Alexa’s black Lexus as she speeds into the dark night. She’s another lunatic driver like Gray. I quickly shake my head and breathe in. I’m forgetting about him and I’m moving on. I can do this. Same time I can’t. Just seeing him makes my heart stop beating. Why’s this always happening to me.


We walk to the bar and ordered for shots because I really wanna get drunk. Deep down I pray I don’t come across him. He’s always driving me crazy. We take our shots and a bottle of tequila as we walk back to our table.



“Do you know Gray Carter owns this club ?” Alexa slurs and chug down her shots.


“For God’s sake, why didn’t you tell me ?”


“What ? Scared to make out ? A club sΒ£x is always remarkable.” Brandon mutters drinking his own shots.


Bunch of drunk friends.


“Don’t worry breathe. He barely comes here i think.”


“Piper you think.” I scoff and drink up two shots at once before standing up.


“Where are you going ?”


“Restroom , I’ll be back.” I flash them a quick fake smile and walk to the direction of the restroom.


The loud music blares through the speakers as I push past dancing bodies. I look down at my ringing phone and it’s Gray. He’s been calling since yesterday regardless his texts. I mute the call and shut the restroom door. I wash my face and smoothen my hair. I did my business and step out.


“Tinkerbell..” at that moment I stop thinking. My eyes lock with his and my heartbeat is rapid. Again !


“Gray please not here.” I walk past him but his grip pull me back to stand in front of him.


“Then come with me , to my penthouse.”


“How do you always find me ?” I ask stepping backwards.


I don’t find you. It’s just coincidental. You’re pretty. Why did you dress like this to a club ?” He asks and step forward to me. His eyes move up and down my body and now i feel naked in front of him.



Yeah. Why did I dress like this to your club ? Gray I need to stay away from you.”


“Why ?” He whispers brushing my hair to the side.


“Because…” My mouth fails me again with just his hand around my waist. I’m


pulled to his build as he gently pressed me against the wall. His right hand lay


above my head on the wall while the other is firmly wrapped around my waist.


“Because what Tinkerbell…” His hands slide down the wall to run through my hair.


Just his cologne is making me give in to him. How can he be so manipulative.


I can’t just watch you walk out of my life. You’re too pretty to leave..” he breathe against my neck.


His right hand slide down my curves to my back.


Why did you wear this ? For me right ?” He smirks and kiss my neck at once before i could answer. His lips trail down my bare neck to my chest tasting every inch of my skin.


I don’t want to moan but yet I did. His he some kind of trap that no matter how hard I try to get out, I just get stuck more. He’s worst than danger itself ? Whatever scenario that occur last night is like a clips of what his life is about and I can’t handle it . He suck on my collarbones to my almost exposed cleavages.


“What are you doing to me , Tinkerbell ?” He kisses my cheek and take in my lips before I can reply.


His hands pressed my body to his as he kisses my lips. Without thinking twice I kissed back. Our tongues move in rhythm with so much desperation. I missed him, same I wanna be far from him. I’m too weak to tell him to leave me alone not with such connections. He trail his hands inside my mid thigh dress as his hands smooth my skin.



He tease my upper lip with his mouth and we are back to eating each other out. I grab his jacket and pull me to himself with my lips still in motion with his. He caress my curves to my ass and cup it through my drese before giving it a gentle squeeze. I moan and I know it’s time to stop what we’re doing. I’m gonna get hurt if I keep up with this.


“Stop.” I push him back gently and try to catch my breath.


I see a trace of my lipstick on his pink swollen lips.


“Ariel , I’m sorry.”


“It’s not about being sorry. I can’t really remember if you hurt me. You’re nice and all that good stuff but we should stop. I can barely swallow last night’s incident. Ever since I met you , I can’t even think straight. I can’t even avoid you each time I try because you’re always coming back. Gray please i need you to respect my decision and let’s stay away from each other. I know I’m not better than most of the girls you’ve been with but I can’t handle you.”


“So what are you saying ?”


“I’m saying we should stop seeing each other. I’m tired of your world. If I keep up with you , I’m gonna get drowned in it. I’m sorry we should stop. This guns , Russian beefs and all that bloody issues , I don’t want them. I can’t handle them. Gray let me go.” I sigh and bite my lip hardly. I know I sound selfish but I wanna go home.


He stares darkly at me and stuff his hands inside his pockets. His eyes are emotionless and it’s making me feel weird again. And then , he takes a step closer to me so i can perceive his cologne and feel his lips inches away from mine. Why does he have such effects on me. What are these feelings called ? Love ? no way !


” You’re hard to avoid Ariel. You’re too f**kin pretty to just let go.”


“You’re not getting it are you ? Ever since I met you, it’s always one bad luck and another. Envious super models , Employees, friends and even you.”



“I can’t handle them. I’m sorry if i sound annoying but you’re one of those bad lucks that’s infected my normal boring life and I want you to leave me alone..” That hurts. I know but I need to.


He smirks and nod. He step backwards and nod again before turning his back away from me as he walks away without even looking back.


Now I have messed up. Again!





Oops that hurts.


It’s time for Freddie.




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