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My eyes are heavy and I didn’t notice I’m about to cry and it’s about to rain. Why are men so difficult ? Yeah, I know I wanted him to leave it’s not like I want him to abandon me. How could he stop calling me because of a short blonde haired girl.


“Ariel..” Someone calls out my name honking his car horn.



I turn to look at this visitor and it’s Freddie. Yeah he’s like my shadow , always everywhere.


“I’m fine Freddie. Thanks.” I wipe my eyes and begin walking.


“Ariel please stop and get in. It’s about to rain.” He says and continue driving in my pace to keep up with me.


I ignore him and shove my hands in my back pocket. Why am I sobbing in the first place ? We never dated or even fell in love with each other but it hurts to see him walk out of his penthouse with a girl. She was far better than me but who cares



My hair might be longer , but her short blonde hair is awesome compared to mine. Her blue dress and high thigh boots fits her perfectly and she look just like Jhene. Always fancy.


“Ariel , get in the car.” Freddie sighs , fully frustrated as he get out of the car.


Why did he have to mess up too ? If not for his stupid stunt maybe we would have been together ? His icy blue eyes watch me carefully like he could see through my pains. He walks forward and stop in front of me. It’s about to drizzle and I don’t even mind getting wet right now.


“Look I might be an ass or whatever thing you choose to call me but you don’t have to cry over someone. Just get in the car and I’ll take you home.”


“Home ? Freddie I don’t want you stalking me.”


“Fine. Then come have dinner with me in a restaurant and I promise to call an Uber to take you home.” I sigh and study his face. He’s already grown a stubble and it’s annoying it looks good on him.




He smiles and open the passenger side door for me to hop in.



I get in and didn’t bother to fasten my seatbelt. Through out the ride i barely heard a word Freddie was saying. I’m sure he’s telling me how sorry he is and he wish we continue our friendship. It’s fruitless. I blink my eyes and stare at Freddie who already held my door for me. How come I didn’t notice we’re already at a restaurant. I get out and refused to take his hand. I’m still angry at him even if I’ve forgiven him.


“So what do you want to eat ?” Freddie asks once we’re seated.


“I’m not hungry.”


“Are you sure ? I’m gonna get you whatever thing you need.”


“Freddie food doesn’t buy trust. You might still be my very first friend but you f**ked everything up.”


“I thought you forgave me.”


“I did. Doesn’t mean I forgot what happened.” I shrug and sigh. Gray is still not leaving my head. I wish he’s seated here right now. I want an explanation about what i just saw. I want him so bad and it hurts to see him with someone else.


“So what are you doing here ? In New York ?”


He exhales deeply and itch his eyebrows.


“I um.. work in my father’s company actually and it’s in New York.”


“Did you graduate from college ?”


I took a degree program and it was worth it. I also discovered you’re in New York and I badly wanted to see you to tell you how sorry I am.”


“So that we can have a relationship right ?” I scoff and lean back on the chair to watch him.



He’s really grown different. His natural curly hair is now tousled and he has a really cute stubble which he hasn’t shaved yet or maybe he decides not to. His white dress shirt fits his body and without being told he is well built. Maybe this past few years he’d slept at the gym. He looks fabulously different but still an idiot. An idiot who made me go through hell. At least he thought me a lesson. A lesson that I’ve forgotten ever since Gray step into my life with his dark world.


“You look beautiful. It hurts to see you cry.” He mutters.


“You didn’t think about that before tearing my habit. It’s passed though but the sore is still there. And just a little sting triggers the pain.” I sigh and clean my eyes.


He nods and look down at the empty table. It’s nice he can’t meet my eyes.


“Are you dating someone now ?” I ask him. I can’t even think of someone being his girlfriend. Aside that rape issue , Freddie is a good person. Aside Gray, he’s the other person who also fought for me and yeah Alexa. But what happened ?


“I’m not. I can’t. You’re the only thing I think of and it’s painful that i hurt you.”


“Yeah right.” I blink my eyes and fight back the tears. I can’t cry because of anyone not in front of Freddie.


That scenario of Gray and that blonde haired is not leaving my head and it’s annoying.


“My mom asked about you.” Freddie says with a shrug. His eyes meet mine but he look down at the table.


“Thanks. I need to go now.” I move back the chair and stand up.


“You’re sure I can’t drop you ?” Freddie asks and stand up too.


“Thanks, I’m fine. It’s not raining actually. I’ll get a cab.” I walk out of the restaurant and hail a cab.



Without looking back , I slide inside and shut the door. Freddie stand outside as he watch me , eyes filled with emotions. Most times i wish we can go back to being friends. But it’s hard. Just seeing him all the time, bring back memories. I told the driver my address and lean back on the seat. The drive was short as it halts outside my apartment. I paid him and get out.


I’m meeting up with the kid I’m supposed to babysit. I’ve never been close to kids but I gotta try cause I need the money and I need to forget Gray. I already applied for an internship and I’m hoping for a reply. I sit opposite the TV and search through movies on Netflix. A bowl full of popcorn rest on my lap as I tune endlessly. I stop right at a romance movie and changed it. Maybe i need to watch something that doesn’t concern love.


I select a random crime movie and lay back on the couch to watch. I barely could concentrate. Gray’s everywhere in my head. And the sight of him with someone hurts like hell. How could he easily forgot about me ? Yeah , he checked on me but that doesn’t mean he should just move on. I want him back but how am I supposed to tell him that ? What if I tell him how I feel about us and he’s no longer interested. I’m such an ass.


I sob silently and throw my head back on the couch. I wish he can just call me and tell me he want us to meet. To explain to me that he still cares about me. I pick up my phone and dial his number on my phone. Same thing , voicemail. I groan and throw my phone aside. Maybe i should just move on.


But he makes me happy.


I’m gonna stop crying and forget the fact that someone with the name Gray Carter walks into my life and stole my breath away. Probably my senses too.


I take in deep breaths and wipe my tears. Ariel breathe , you can do this. You’re gonna get a job and forget Gray. Few minutes later , Hazel and Leslie storms inside the living room. Both look exhausted. It’s pretty obvious they just had s£x with some random guy who shifted their brains. Idiots.


“Popcorn..” Hazel smiles and take out popcorns from my bowl.


“God, you smell like s£x..” I mutter and scoff.


Leslie whip her head to look at me. Clearly surprised over nothing.


“How did you know what s£x smells like ?” Leslie asks. I chuckle and shake my head. So ignorant.


“I’m not sixteen.”


“Yeah ? So you’ve also started sleeping around ?”


“Says the adult who brought in men to her room to do stupid things. Next time you should keep your moans down. Your room always smell like s£x mixed with used toilet.” I scoff in disgust.


“Are you spying on me ?”


I huff.” Do me a favor and stop bringing your hookers to our house. This is a holy house and it’s gonna be nice if you keep it that way. I can’t battle with my health and battle with your loud ugly moans.”


She’s quiet and obviously defeated. She stand to her feet and stagger to her room , maybe to have a bath.


“Um.. Les maybe I’m just gonna leave.” Hazel shouts and get off the couch. She proceed to take from my popcorns but I beat her to it and smack her hands away.


“You’re smelling. Go take a bath. I wish you’d look at the mirror , you gonna choke at your own reflection.”


She rolls her eyes and turn to the door muttering nonsense.


Leslie returns after taking her bath. She go to the kitchen to prepare lunch for herself as she return holding a plate of chicken soup. She grabs the remote and change what I’m watching with her legs spread on the armrest. She plays another movie and drop the remote control on the table.


“Leslie take it back.” I say flatly.


She raises her brows and scoff. ” Why should I do that ?”


“Because you’re a person with perfect eyes and I’m sure they work fine. I was watching something before you decide to change it. Take it back to my movie.”


She chuckle .” What if I don’t ?”


“Last time Leslie , take it back.” I tell her gently and glare at her.


“The fact that you’re dating some ugly nigga doesn’t make you the alpha. Ariel , you won’t tell me what to do or what to watch and…” I pick up the remote and change it.


“I don’t want us to fight Leslie. Because you’re such an annoying punk. Act like an adult who’s basically having s£x and quit being such an ass. Don’t ever change what I’m watching. I’m serious.”


“What the…”


I scoff and replay my movie. I place the remote control on my lap and continue eating from my bowl of popcorn.


“I don’t wanna hurt you Ariel.”


“You know you can’t. I’m just gonna f**k you up.”


She shamelessly stand up and walk to the kitchen. It’s almost evening as I stride to my room to get ready. I can do this. I’m gonna get the job and leave Gray alone. I take my bath and stand opposite the mirror as I blow dry my hair. I brush it and get dressed. I pick up my bag and lock my room before rushing downstairs to get a cab.


I look down at the address Piper sent me as I get out of the cab. Good God , this is basically expensive just like Gray’s Mansion. I glance around this house and stop



right in front of a huge man with dark blue suit. I think he had a beef with smiling cause he doesn’t wear one.


“Um.. I’m Ariel and I’m the babysitter for the kid. I’m here to see the guardian.” I say politely.


He points to the door without saying a word. I nod and walk in. Why does this house reminds me of Gray’s. Most of the walls are made of glass while some part is covered with white walls. The leather couch is both white and black. I stare at every millions in here as someone clear their throat behind me. I spin around and I’m standing face to face with another Goliath. This one’s better than the one outside. He wears a white dress shirt and black slacks. His hair perfectly gelled and few tattoos are on display through his chest where the top buttons are out.


” Um.. I’m sorry to disturb you. I’m Ariel…”


“You look familiar.”


“I don’t really know you but I’m here for the kid.”


“You’re the babysitter ?” He asks. His hands are stuff in his front pocket as he watch me carefully. Yeah , he’s also intimidating.




“And you’re Ariel ?”


I nod again and sigh.


“Come with me.” He turns around and head upstairs and i follow behind. ” She’s a tough one and really annoying. I f**kin hate her sometimes so I’m sure you might be able to cope with her. She goes to school in the morning and return by four so you should be here by four and you’ll be leaving by six. Your bill is already settled.”


“I’m sorry , are you the father ?”


“Hell no.” He scoffs and stop in front of a door.


“Kenny…” The guy murmurs and knock silently on the door.


“Lucifer get the hell out of my door.” She yell and I’m sure she slam a shoe against the door.


“She’s a witch. She’s all yours.” Lucifer guy rolls his eyes and walk out. I’m left alone with death.


Kenny , this isn’t Lucifer but a friend.” I breathe in and knock. I’ve never been afraid of a kid in my entire life.


There’s silence as the doorknob creak open revealing a really cute girl with black hair. Her eyes are a mixture of green and blue.


“Who are you ?” Her little voice asks looking down at me. Rich people. So annoying.


“Can I come in ?” She sighs and nods.


” Yeah.” She walks back and I entered.


I shut the door behind me and admire her room. Without doubts her daddy is obviously rich. Every single interior reminds me of Gray. This is the type of house he stays at. So expensive. She sits on her large queen size bed with pink sheets as she pat the next spot for me to sit.


“You’re the babysitter right ?”


” Yeah. My name’s Ariel. You’re ?”


“Kennedy. It’s nice to meet you anyway.” She scowl and eyes my outfit.


“I love your hoodie. Mommy never lets me get one. Hope you’re not here to seduce him too ?”


“Who ?”


” Gray.”


“What the ! Wait , what ?” My heart drop to my feet at the mention of his name. What’s he doing he doing to me ?


“Why are you surprised ? He was the one who needed a babysitter because everyone is always busy when it gets to me. Lucifer calls me a witch…” She whine and sighs.


“I’m really sorry. Is your mom Jhene ?”


“Yeah. How did you know ?” I bite the inside of my cheek and grovel. Why can’t I attract good things for once.


I thought i wanted to let Gray go after seeing him with that blonde haired girl.


Now I’m in his house. Again.


“I love your accent. Please read me a book. You’re gonna be my new best friend.” What !


She throws a big book at me and it’s a Disney book. She rest her head on my lap and ask me to read her a story. I gulp and open the first page. I need to hurry and get out of here before I meet Gray. Just his sight and I’m always loosing my mind. I read her the sleeping beauty and she won’t stop asking questions from the book.


“Are you in college ?” She asks once she was through asking questions.


“Yeah.” I smile and drop the book on her nightstand.


“Is it true you get to do whatever thing you want once you’re in college ?” She crawls to her drawers and bring out a nail polish.


“Maybe it’s true.”



“Will you ever attend parties ? Like frat ?” She questions and place my hand on her little laps.


“Of course. Do you like parties.”


“Yeah. Gray hates it. Says I’m too young to like parties and I should stop talking about it. He wanted to make me go to boarding school because he thinks I’m too young to know things I shouldn’t know.” She sighs and tuck back her long hair before she polish my nails.


“Wow. Who thought you how to do that ?” I ask her once she was through polishing my nails.


“Watched it on YouTube.” She giggles and polish my other nails. Yeah it’s perfect like a work done by a professional. She’s like her mom but better. And i think i already liked her which isn’t right.


“Have you met Gray before ? He’s really cute. I’d have countless babysitters who pretends to babysit me when all they want is to get Gray to look at them. Funny part is that they’re ugly as f**k .” Ooh.. she shouldn’t be swearing at this age. Thanks to Gray.


“Yeah I have seen him before.” I sigh and smile at him.


“Do you like him too ? I’m sure he’s gonna like you when he sees you ? You’re pretty and nice.” I chuckle and help her tie her hair into a bun since she won’t stop tucking every strands.


She breathe in.” Thank you.”


“Come play cards with me. It’s poker cards. I had to hide it , Gray doesn’t like it.” She open her drawers and bring them out.


” If he doesn’t like it , I think he has a good reason for not letting you play it.”



“Yeah. He wants me to be a better kid and not a thug. It’s not like i told him I don’t admire being a thug. He cares too much about people.” She says and stretch the cards to me. God , this is embarrassing. I can’t play poker cards.


You can’t play right ?” She smirks and furrows her brows. I chuckle and nod.


“I’m gonna teach you.”


Hey Kenny , are you in there ?” I heard Lucifer’s voice as he knocked on her door.


Gray is back. Ariel you need to bring her downstairs.”


“Alright…” My voice is fake and I’m almost loosing my breath.


How am I supposed to stand before him after he practically avoided my calls and went out with a super hot blonde haired.


“Come on let’s go. You need to meet him.” Kennedy jumps out of her bed as she hides the cards.


She race downstairs and I was forced to follow her. I walk slowly and climb down the stairs.


“Jamal..” she flings herself on his arms and giggles loudly. Gray lift her off the ground and smile at the little brunette.


How come his houses are everywhere. I look around him and his usual entourage. Manny , Carl and Reid with that blonde haired girl again and few other guys. He hasn’t seen me yet because he was deep in conversation with Kennedy. Reid won’t stop shooting me daggers including the blonde haired. What does she want.


“Yeah , that’s my new best friend.” Kennedy’s voice startle me as I look up.



Gray blinks in surprise as our eyes meet. How can he look more hotter than usual. How dare he ? I can’t breathe again as he smirks at me.


I hate my life. I think it revolves around Gray Carter. He’s everywhere like a damn Oxygen.










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