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I lay on my belly as I write my school work on my laptop. Gray rests his head on my ass and go through his phone. After Leslie fainted , Gray helped me carry her to her room and she’s still passed out till now.



“Why did you sister fainted ?” Gray asks and drops his phone to trail his finger on my thighs to my butt.


“Maybe she’s surprised to see us together. Buddy never thought we would be a thing.” I sigh and continue typing.


“And why’s that ?” He playfully spanks my butt and i let out a chuckle. He rubs circles on my butt and gently caress it.


I breathe in and shut my eyes. My hormonal system is already active.” I don’t know. She despise me and maybe …”


“She’s jealous of you.” He states and continue trailing his finger on my thighs to my butt.


“I really wanna talk to your parents. Why are they always hard on you ?”


I don’t know what to say. I just can’t tell him I got raped by my own best friend.


A friend I’ve always had a huge crush on since we were teenagers.


I don’t really blame them. They are strict and over protective because of their religious beliefs.”


“But that doesn’t give them a right to say shit to you. The f**k , what is wrong with them ?”


“Gray…” I sigh.


“Is there something you’re not telling me ?” He flip me on my back so I’m looking at him.


“Gray i…”


“It’s crazy if you’re lying. I don’t really like it when you lie.” He raises his brows and trail his fingers on my thighs.



“I’m not lying. It’s just that.. I suffered depression because of my parents and nun issues. I almost committed suicide but my parents quickly booked me with a therapist.” I shrug.


Gray shut his eyes and make me lay on his chest. I lay on his shoulders and caress my fingers on his chest through his shirt.


” I’m really sorry about that.” He turn his head to look at me as he caresses my hair.


“I think you’re too beautiful for that. And also I won’t let anyone hurt you.” He kisses my forehead and stroke my hair.


“Thanks Gray.”


“Thanks too. For walking into my life. You don’t really know the f**k you’re doing to me.” He smirks and shift on his side to look at me. His grey eyes move down from my eyes to my lips.


He smirks and grab my butt to pull me to himself. My legs slide under his as I breathe in his cologne. He didn’t say a word as he rub circles on butt. He’s so weird. He stays quiet watching me with his eyes not leaving mine. Our lips are inches apart and he isn’t making a move to kiss me.


“You’re beautiful. Always will..” he whispers and continue rubbing circles on my lower back.


Gray , did you have a relationship with Jhene ?” His expression changes and i regretted asking.

“I’m sorry that i asked.. I just wanna know.”


He fake a smile and shrug his shoulder.


“It’s fine. We never dated. Just f**ked each other. I got tired and ask her to leave. She wanted a relationship and liked being clingy and serious. So she moved on to my brother , he sorta liked a bit and he wasn’t aware Jhene was using him to make



me jealous. It made me sick because she was f**kin childish. Later on she got pregnant and tried to force the baby on me. My brother was furious and angry at me because, he thought I was sleeping with his so called girlfriend. She forced me to make a paternity test on Kennedy because I knew the kid wasn’t mine. I always use a condom. It turns out the baby was my brother’s and she was hurt. My brother had to beef with me because of that stupid shit and I f**kin hate Jhene…”


“Satisfied now ?” He asks and brush my strands of hair off my face.


I smile and giggle.


“Now tell me why you preferred being a nun to having a d**k ?” He smirks and raises his brows.


I hate his dirty words sometimes but then who am i to complain ? I knew about his weird world but yet I choose to ride with him. I just hope I don’t get hurt at the end.


“Bullies , my parents and maybe I kinda liked it.”


“That’s not a reason , Tinkerbell. Why did you leave ?” That’s the question I’ve been avoiding.


I don’t wanna talk about it. Not today , not now , not anytime soon. I’m practically ashamed of myself just thinking about it.




I sigh and run my fingers through his hair.


“Gray it’s complicated.” I tell him and thread my fingers into his hair. It looks messy but soft.


He nods and shut his eyes to my touch. His eyelashes are that of a lady. I bet an eyelash company should be jealous of his because of how they are created. Gray is out of the explanation. His jawline, his nose and mouth were shaped for a GQ model.



“Come here..” he breathe in and kiss my forehead, easily getting on top of me as he Kisses my nose. He takes in my lips and I welcome his lips.


His hands move on my curves and cup my butt. I gasp a moan and bite his lip softly. He smirks in between the kiss as he savours my lips. I wrap my hands around his neck and gently pull him against me. I moan as I feel his growing bulge against me. I quickly take off his shirt since his jacket was already off. I trail my hand on every line of muscles on his body to his chest. He was perfectly carved.


He watches me move my fingers on his body with his lips slightly parted. I move my hands on his abs to his stomach down to his region.


“You don’t wanna do this..” he whispers brushing back my loose hair.


“What if I want to ?” I ask calmly, biting my bottom lip.


He smirks and lean against me so I could feel him growing really hard against me.


“Not here.” He kisses my cheek down to my neck as he suck gently on my collarbone. I’m obviously getting a hickey after this.


He pull my shirt over my head and he smiles down at my already hardened nipples.


“Quit staring..” I murmur and smile.


Without wasting time , he kisses me and flick his thumb on my hard nipples. He gently pinched it with his lips not leaving mine. I run my hands down his hair and grind underneath him. He groan on my lips and reach for both my hands to pin above my head. My chest is being adored with his lips as it kiss me gently. I moan and squirm against him watching him careful , as he worship my bare skin with his lips.


I watch his every move till he takes in a nipple. His mouth welcomes it with his tongue as he flicks it around my hard nipples.



“Oh God…” I moan and look down at his lips and how they gloriously suck on my hard nipples.


His right hand free from the grasp on both my arms while his left hand grip tightly to my hand. He takes off my sweatpants expertly and let it hang on my ankles. He look up to meet my eyes and smirks as he kisses my chest. He slowly graze his lips on my stomach and kiss me down to the waistline of my panties. He smirks again and hold the waistline of my panties threatening to take it off. His eyes meet mine asking me if he should go on.


I nod and smile. He look down at my wet s£x as he kissed my sensitive part through my panties. I squirm trying to free both my hand from his hold but he’s stronger. I moan as he teases my s£x through my panties. I know I’m wet and I could feel it. I feel his middle finger thrust into me as I wince silently with a moan.


“So f**kin tight….” Gray mutters and kiss the waistline of my panties.


His finger thrust in and out of me as he rub circles on my nerve. I whimper and moan and he watches my every move.


“Gray…” I moan and bite my bottom lip. I can’t believe he refused to take off my panties.


He doubled his finger and I’m forced close to my orgasm. He continues to rub circles and thrust his fingers in and out of me. His finger slides out of me and meet with his mouth.


“Always taste so good..” he smirks and lick off my wet off his finger. Dang it !


He removes my panties along with my sweatpants and lean closer to my core to latch his tongue on my sensitive part. This feeling was different and I moan out profanities. He released my hand and cup my br**st as he eat me out. My legs are shaky as it rest on his shoulders. I bite my bottom lip and moan out his name. His tongue worked me up and I’m almost there. How can he be perfect in every area ? His kisses , his touch , his mouth, everything literally turns me on as my orgasm broke. I breathe in and lean on my elbows to watch Gray lick off my orgasm.



He moves up to me and kiss me. He taste so weirdly different and i like it.


“I should return the favor.” I smile at him but he shakes his head sideways.


“I’m fine, princess.” He kisses my forehead and lay next to me covering my naked body with my comforter.


We stay quiet for what seems like minutes. He rub my back with his hand and pull me closer to him.


“Did Nick told you about your babysitting payment ?” He asks and caress my lower back.


“Gray I really wanna talk this with you. He sent me fifty thousand to my account after i left. Why ? That’s like someone’s net worth , it’s too much.”


“Are you complaining ?”


“No , but it’s too much. I can’t be receiving that kinda amount at the end of each day babysitting. Gray it’s…”


“You complain again and I’m making it hundred.”


I chuckle.” What ?”


“Two hundred thousand..”


I sigh defeatedly and roll my eyes.


He kisses my forehead.” Thank you.”


I swat his hand playfully.” You’re not welcome.” I whine and pout.


“You look cute when you do that. Like a teenage girl who just got a boyfriend.” He teases.


” It’s not really fair. I don’t want your money Gray.”


He groans, clearly frustrated as he rubs his forehead.


“I’ll be traveling tomorrow. You’ll be fine cause I’m gonna ask Nick and the others to look after you.”


“Where are you going ?” I ask, totally not fine with his sudden message.


“Business and I won’t stay long.” He kiss my forehead and I scoff.


“Why can’t you tell me where you’re going and what business.”


He sighs and pull me to himself.” You worry too much Tinkerbell. I won’t stay long…”




Yeah he won’t stay long , huh ? This is his second week since he left my room that day telling me he won’t stay long and he’s not even bothered to call. Is this how it feels to be involved with men like Gray ?


I’m always visiting to look after Kennedy but yet Nick won’t tell me the whereabouts of Gray. Two annoying weeks. I braided Kennedy’s hair as she tell me about her Disney cartoon that she watched. I actually fell asleep half way through. We go to to the kitchen to bake cake , since she wants me to.


“I’d love to be a singer when I’m older. My mom doesn’t like it that much. She wants me to be a model.” Kennedy rambles.


“You don’t like modelling ?”


“No. Too full of diets. You’ll be stuck with salads and vegetables because you wanna look pretty for the camera. Sucker..” she scoffs and watch me whisk my mixture for the cake that i promise to make for her.


“So you think music is better ?”



“Yeah. Gray said i sing terrible..” i chuckle and smile at her.


You know he’s wrong right ? Because I believe you sing perfect.” I tap her cheek and place the already mixed ingredients inside the oven.


“Do you missed Gray ?” She asks licking the cake substance off the counter.


“I do and stop licking that.” I scold her and begin cleaning the counter.


“Me too. I don’t like his kind of business , he’s always traveling.” I sigh and nod in agreement.


She helps me with the dishes as we shove them into the washer. We clean up the kitchen till the oven beeps which means the cake is ready. I take it out and set it on the counter for Kennedy to devour. She likes cake.




I play video game with Alexa that weekend as Leslie and Hazel walks into the living room. They just returned from class holding a box of pizza.


“Yess..” Alexa squeal after she successfully beat up my Avatar. I hate this game , Alexa makes it frustrating. I’m barely winning and it’s annoying. This the third week and Gray isn’t yet back. I’m over worried but Lucifer slash Nick assured me he’s fine just handling business. I just hope it doesn’t involve him killing someone.


“Hey cousin. And hi to you Ariel.” Leslie greets us.


“Hey…” We reply in unison and focus on our game.


“You know I have the weirdest dream ever about three weeks ago. That Gray Carter was here.” Leslie says out of the blue.


“No way..” Hazel giggles.



Wait she thought that was a dream ? Yeah, right. Reasons she didn’t question me if I was dating Gray. Because she didn’t believe what she saw. She’s obviously f**ked up in the head.


Alexa paused the game and turn to look at Leslie.”What makes you think it’s a dream ?”


“Maybe because he was kissing Ariel. It’s the weirdest dream I have ever had.”


A dream ?” Alexa chuckles. ” You’re f**ked. So you don’t know Ariel is dating Gray ? Same Gray who you couldn’t seduce to look at you.”


Her eyes widen in surprise. I scoff and roll my eyes.


“Don’t tell me shit. I’m just gonna assume I didn’t hear a word you said.” Leslie scowl at Alexa.


“Yo , I’m not trying to be an asshole but , Ariel can’t date Gray. Fuck girl , this is Ariel we’re talking about.” Hazel chuckles sarcastically.


“You’re such an idiot. Keep dreaming.” Alexa chuckles and resume the game.


“This is Gray Carter we’re talking about. She’s not even that cute…” Hazel mutters.


Leslie scoffs and get off the couch as she head to the kitchen.


She’s not happy, same time she looks jealous. Who cares , I hope she drink urine soon. My phone vibrates in my pocket and I bring it out. I gasp at a message from Gray. Really ? Three weeks and he’s just texting me. What a punk.


“Boyfriend just texted you ?” Alexa teases as she drink from her bottle water.


I sigh and roll my eyes. I text him back with a huge smile on my face. Yeah , it’s annoying to miss him because sometimes i wonder if he missed me at all.


TO GRAY: Where are we going ?



FROM GRAY : Upset now ? It’s a surprise. Get dressed I’ll get Nick to pick you up.


I sigh and shove my phone back to my pocket.


“Are you okay ?” Alexa asks.


” Maybe. Gray just got back and he wants to take me out.” I scoff.


“Fuck girl..” Alexa giggles.” Get your ass to your room cause I’m getting you ready.” She winks and drag me from the living room to my room.


She go through my closet and luckily I’m glad I’ve bought a lot of dresses lately.


All thanks to Gray. Alexa decides i go with a black strapless dress.


“Just in case the mood gets rough and he wants to take you in right there.” She winks and throw the material at me.


I huff and wear it. She did my hair and apply a normal makeup on my face as i step on my shoes.


This is so sudden.” I mutter as Alexa follows me out of my room. “Are you going out ?” Leslie asks, eyeing my outfit.


“Shit , that’s expensive..” Hazel mutters.


Yeah. Gray Carter is coming to pick her up. Kill yourself.” Alexa scoffs at the girls and walk me out of the living room.


“Becareful okay. Don’t forget to use protection. I’m not ready for ‘Aunty’ yet.” She blow kisses at me once we are downstairs. I roll my eyes and get inside the black Maserati Nick brought.







Gray watches me carefully with his usual smirk. How can he act so normal after he left three weeks ago and didn’t bother to call.


Forgive me yet princess ?” He winks and I hate that he knows each of my buttons and when to press.


“Gray that wasn’t nice of you. Why didn’t you call ?”


“I was handling business.” He smiles and raise his fork to feed me with it’s content.


“Missed me ?” He smirks as I eat from his fork.


“I didn’t.”


“Pretty little liar.” He counts his word and bites his lips. His eyes move to my lips as he smiles.


“You look beautiful. I like the dress. Can’t wait to take it out.” He flirts.


I roll my eyes and grab the glass to drink the water in it. I prop my arms on the table and look around this expensive restaurant. I come to realize he had lots of establishments around the country and that includes hotels , clubs and even restaurants. Why won’t he ? I still can’t take that Russian bloody tantrum from the other day. Gray knew I was afraid so he decides ro bring in guards and that includes Reid. I so despise him. Glad he hasn’t talked to me ever since that party incident and I’m grateful despite his glares.


“Are you still scared ?”


“You won’t blame me, Jamal. I just hate guns.”


“Don’t freak out when i shove out a gun.” He says calmly.


“Don’t tell me you have one ?” I whisper, clearly frightened.


“Two.” He replies rather calmly.



“Who are you ?”


I heard screams as that familiar man walk inside the restaurant and shoot at the lights except one chandelier. I’m already whimpering and I’m hiding two tables from our tables.


“Look who we have here. Gray Carter..” He chuckles at Gray.


I tried to swallow my whimper and it’s funny I’m already shaking. Nick stand next to me like a guardian angel holding firmly to his gun pointing at the the intruders. They were already pointing guns at each other. Gray had two guns and he wasn’t lying about it including Vladimir. I see Reid pointing his gun at Vladimir’s back man while the back man also has his gun at Reid. Things won’t go well. Why are they always after us.


“What do you want ?” Gray asks. His voice different from the normal caring voice i used to listen to everyday.


A lady whimpers from under the table as she brings out her phone to record the scene . Vladimir chuckles and pulls the trigger at the lady. She collapse on the floor as blood spill out from her lifeless body. This made me sob really louder as i try to muffle each tears. Why’s this always happening.


“The f**k man. You’re such a thief. Reasons you’re the top shit on everyone’s death list , bitch . You stole from Sinclair and you thought it’s a great idea to steal my shit. Fuckin lying thief. Just like your scum father.”


Gray seems really angry as he cocks his gun.


Get out of here. You don’t want to do this , Vlad. Don’t try to play naughty , Vladimir. What the f**k do you want ?”


“I want my money Gray or I won’t waste time to f**k you up.”


Gray chuckles darkly. “What if I shoot you first, d**k ? Stay the f**k away from my shit.”



“I’m gonna hurt you Gray. Hurt everyone you’ve ever loved and cared for..” this time Vladimir moves his eyes to my trembling self and smirks. I think that made me tremble more.


” Including her.” He mutters to Gray but i heard it.


“Don’t try shit Vlad. Stay the f**k away from her and take your eyes off her. I won’t hold back to take on you too. What the f**k do you want ? Why don’t you act like a man and get the f**k out of my face. What do you want ? Your bullshit deal back ?” Gray asks.


My black dress is covered in my tears and i wanna go home right now or maybe run to church. Vladimir’s gun slowly move from Gray and stop at my figure that’s been curled up. God I can’t believe I’m gonna die miserably.


Vladimir smirks and cock his gun at me.” I want the girl……”












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