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God what’s happening to me ? Where did I even go wrong ? Just when i want to be free from guys drama , Gray walked into my life with his dark world filled with mysteries. And then i try to walk out, Freddie’s back asking me to go on a date with him. A date. Holy christ.


I shake my head sideways and get off the stool.


Freddie grab my arm and I was forced to look at him.


“It hurts to watch you walk out of my life. I’m stupid i know but , I want you to think about us.” What’s left to think about ?


“See ya around Freddie.” I snatch my hand from his grip and walk back to our table with my bottle water .


Piper is squealing loudly. Clearly she’s drunk. Brandon wasn’t there as I take my seat. Alexa dance to the song playing as she whip her hair. I’m stuck with two drunk friends and I’m responsible for driving them home.


“Piper you need to stop drinking. Just drink water.” I sigh and push my bottle water to her.


“Damn. Do you know my mom’s likely a woman ?” She slurs as she lean on her hand on the table.


“She had say , Piper , don’t date boys, they all have peanuts in their pants and they won’t hold back to pop your cherry…” She slurs as she chuckle with Alexa.


“You guys are drunk.”


“Oh come on. We’re in your man’s club , so breathe.” This time it’s Alexa.



“Yeah , Gray. You’re so f**kin lucky you’ve got such a powerful man wrapped around your finger , while i can’t even have my stupid hair band wrapped around my finger.” Piper continues to spit out gibberish.


“Yeah right. Oh f**k I feel like twerking..” Alexa chuckle.


“Yeah me six. Do you know mosquitoes can’t breathe ?” Piper jabbers.


“Yeah and they can fart too. Tiny little bitches…” Alexa adds as they high five each other. God ! being drunk is annoying.


It reminds me of the day I drank cock demon and I had to call Gray hot. Yeah , literally he’s hot and i even wanted us to get laid. Thank God I don’t remember a thing.


“Damn , girl I need to twerk for this dumbass bitches..” Piper stand up at once and flip her chair backwards cause she staggered.


I groan loudly and hold her still. Where on Earth is Brandon ? Always disappearing in clubs.


“Hey yo bitches. Watch me f**kin twerk !” Alexa yell on her voice. I didn’t notice she’s standing on our table ready to display.


“Alexa get down..” I mumble.


She ignore me and smirks at the crowd that’s already gathered to watch her.


Go girl..” Piper shouts as Alexa position to display. She places both her hands on her knees as she starts to twerk or whatever.


The crowds cheered her while others record the scene. Piper didn’t waste time to join her.





“Oh my God.” Alexa groans with an ice pack on her head. She’s hungover because of too much alcohol from last night.


I don’t wanna talk about how I drag them upstairs. Brandon Piper and Alexa where all drunk and it was hard. I had to carry each of them to my apartment since I can’t drive them to their houses.


“I’m never drinking again.” Mutters Piper.


You said that three weeks ago and you end up in a frat party clearly bathed in alcohol. You both look terrible last night at tavern’s.” I scoff and sit down on the couch to eat my cereal.


“Yeah. I’ve become more popular. Some dumbass d**k recorded my twerking video and now I’m all over the internet. Stupid technology. My Snapchat is trending like a goddamn virus.”


“Yeah , my IG followers increased overnight. Maybe we should consider drinking all the time and making twerk videos.” Piper suggests with her ice pack pressed to her forehead.


Holy hell Piper.” Brandon chuckles.


I’m not drinking. I’m gonna be like Ariel. For Pete’s sake , I found myself in a restroom clearly hungover.” He groans since he had a migraine.


“My head is playing chess with me. It’s like a rollercoaster” Alexa murmurs, fully spread out on the floor.


“Sorry sis. You’ll be fine.” I tell her and get up to wash my plates.


My phone rings as i stretch to get it. Gray is calling.


I sigh and pressed the phone against my ear. It’s been a week since I last heard from him.


“Tinkerbell.” That voice. I’ve missed it so much and I hate to admit it.



He has basically stole my senses with him.




Hi. I just wanna make sure that you’re okay. I’m still mad at you though and I wanna be sure that you’re okay. maybe you should be careful where you go lately.”


“What are you talking about ?”


“It’s not important. I’m here , he’s not gonna hurt you. I won’t let him.”


Who Gray ? Wait , the Russian guy with the name Vladimir ? Gray why’s he after me ?” I whisper yell hoping the guys didn’t hear my conversation.


“Stay safe Tinkerbell.” With that he cuts the call.


I groan and bite my bottom lip. Why can’t I have a permanent happiness. I mean someone who makes me happy , I actually pushed him out because I was scared about myself. Maybe I’m just selfish. I go back to the living room and plump down on the couch. The guys are watching a movie on Netflix.


“This semester is coming to an end. We need to quit partying for now. Exams are close and I need a f**kin good GPA.” Brandon says munching a bag of chips.


“Yeah. All agreed. I’ve repented though.” Alexa mutters eating from the bag of chips.


“So says Lucifer’s bride.” Piper scoffs and that made us laugh.


” Oh come on babe… Oh hey guys. ” Leslie halts at the sight of us.


She’s with Hayden. I remembered the cute redhead who wanted to woo me at a club the night i bumped into Gray.


“You guys are back together ?” Piper smirks and turn properly to look at the couples.



“Leslie I thought you said you’re a virgin ? You’re sleeping out now ?” Alexa asks , eyes still glued to Hayden and Leslie.


“Look guys it’s …”


“It’s what ? You’ve got a boyfriend now ? I thought you said you don’t like him because he’s broke and you wanted someone who drives an expensive car.” I say.


” Ariel , really ?”


“Babe what’s going on ?” Hayden asks as his eyes meet mine. He’s uncomfortable.


“Wow ,nice photo..” Brandon mutters staring at the screen of his phone.


Hey Leslie , what do you think it’s gonna be your parent’s reaction once she sees this photo of you and Hayden. Chill she won’t freak out , I’m a good photographer.” Brandon says and wink at them.


Leslie’s face turn instantly red. Hayden turn to look at her clearly taken off guard.


“Later Leslie.” Hayden mutters and walk out. Leslie bites her lip hard and face us.


She’s angry as hell.


” Really guys ?” She begins.


“Bitch who’s your guys ?” Alexa counts her words.


“Take a chill pill sister. Your room is down the hall.” I scoff as we turn to face the TV.


She huffs defeatedly and head down the hall.


“What’s up with Gray , Ariel ?” They ask.



I bite the inside of my cheek and sigh. I don’t wanna talk about it. Cause the more I think about it , the more I see myself running down the street to visit him. Tell him that I’m sorry for calling him bad luck. What has he done to me ?


” Ariel. Girl you zoned out.”


I sigh ” I’m sorry, thinking about exams.” I lie. ” He’s fine. Why are you guys asking about him ?”


“Why do I feel like you’re lying ? Did something happen ?” Alexa asks. I hate it that she knows me too well.


“Alex , nothing happened. I can’t handle Gray. He’s just too… I don’t know. Maybe perfect. I’m not comfortable around him. The press and his personal life , everything about him is hard. I can’t breathe..”


“Basically, you don’t know what you want ?” Brandon asks , blinking his eyes at me.


“I’m complicated. I don’t really know what I want.” I admit and it hurts.


One part of me wanna be with him. That part doesn’t even care if he just shot someone or not. That part is willing to accept every inch of his dark world. That part wants to meet him so badly and let him do to me whatever thing he wants. But then there’s the other me , who’s just being careful. Scared to be hurt and abandoned. It seems the world doesn’t care about anyone and I wanna be careful without ending up in pain. Pain that I can’t handle.


“He likes you.”


“How did you know that ? It’s not like you’ve seen us together Piper.”


“He bought you a diamond bracelet. That shit’s expensive as f**k.” Alexa utters with her evil smirk.


“What ! Really ?” Brandon says and sits properly to look at me.



“Yeah. You didn’t notice her hand the day at school’s restaurant ? When you showed me a picture of her blonde haired lookalike. She wore the bracelet.” Alexa explains. I deadpan and lean against the couch.


“Holy f**k…” Piper exclaim.


“Piper stop swearing. What’s with the countless F-word ?” I whine and playfully glare at her.


“Shut up , d**k. You’ve got the hottest guy ever. CEO of summit worldwide. Bitch the dude’s loaded and he bought you a f**kin diamond bracelet. That’s like too much to even give a girl. I bet no one will ever do that for you.” Piper emphasizes.


“I don’t even know what you’re insinuating..” I huff.


“We’re saying , we don’t really know what happened between you two , but trust me Gray is your man. Yeah he’s everybody’s man but bitch you’re lucky. You like him. I think you’re just being scared of getting hurt. Why don’t you go for him. Ariel you’re in college , just breathe and live life to the fullest. You’re out of the convent sweetheart.” Brandon tutors.


I roll my eyes and sigh.


“Brandy , I can’t believe you could ever give an advice. I’m calling your ma that you’ve finally done something useful in youthful life..” Piper grins and we laugh.


“That’s the worst insult of my life.”


“Shut up kid.. You know I just f**kin said the truth. Don’t ever ask Brandon for advise , he sucks..”


We laugh and go back to watching TV.




One week , two weeks, three weeks and now a month I haven’t seen Gray or even heard from him. You know the painful part , he didn’t call. I called him one



day and it never went through. Now i feel bad like i actually pushed him far away from me. But that wasn’t even a good enough reason to just avoid me because I told him to stay away from me.


What if he’s busy with work ? I sigh and dialed his number. Still not picking my calls , most times it go to voicemail. My vacation was terrible for me even if the guys were with me. I couldn’t stop thinking about whatever thing we had in that short period of time. School has resumed and I’m not feeling it because practically Gray left with my senses. Freddie called reminding me of the date. I refused cause I don’t want him, I just wanted to see Gray.


After class that morning , I meet up with the guys at Sands & winches . I ordered for steak while Brandon ordered for sandwich. Piper likes pizzas , it’s like she won’t be able to function well if she doesn’t eat pizza.


“Ariel , how was class ?”


“It was great.” I sigh and stuff my steak into my mouth. I’m badly in need of a job but no one is hiring. There’s no vacancy since we’re not close to the end of this year. Ryan also tried to get an internship with sinclairs but I think they don’t need any. So I’m stuck thinking about Gray.


“And yeah , i think I’ve seen a job for you. It’s nice and not stressful. Just need few of your time and you’ll be earning a huge amount of money. I think the family’s rich too.”


” Piper breathe..” I hold her hand and smile. She nod and breathe.


“It’s a babysitting Job. The kid’s an anonymous. But the pay is good. So you’ve got a lot of time for yourself after college and after babysitting the kid.”


“How old is she ?”


Seven or eight I think.” She shrugs.


Are you taking it ?” They asks.



“Sure. I’m definitely gonna need extra cash and I can’t continue bugging my parents for cash.”


“We understand. Leslie is the favorite. But I thought first born are barely favorite except the last kid. Are you sure they are your parents ?”


I groan.” Piper yes they are. My blood group matched theirs. It’s normal. My parents aren’t the first parent to treat their kid this way. They thought i brought shame to the family , so that’s just them. They are self centered and cares about themselves.”


“They keep calling Leslie a virgin. It’s annoying.”


” It’s normal. I don’t really care. When am I seeing the kid ?”


“Whenever you’re ready.” Piper sighs and drop her iPad on the table and she start feeding on her already cold pizza.


“Thanks Piper. I’m totally grateful.” She nod and roll her eyes.


“You’re gross Piper. How do you cope with eating cold Pizza ?” Brandon asks chewing his sandwich.


Says the d**khead who enjoys shoving his pizza in a refrigerator before eating it. Give me ten feet man.” She whine and scoffs.


I choke out a laugh at how hilarious she is. How do they cope in one house ? It’s cute they act like siblings. Something me and Leslie can’t afford. After our food , I attend my last class and walk back home. I toss my bag on the bed and go through my drawers to find Gray’s spare key. I need to talk to him. I really want to continue whatever thing we had even if it wasn’t love or anything close to relationship. He had never told me he loved me or even called me his girlfriend. Gray is weird , I’m weird.


I quickly shower and get dressed. I stuff my phone in my back jeans pocket as i head out of the house. Leslie isn’t back. She didn’t even sleep at home last night


and two nights ago. She’s been acting oddly ever since we resumed this semester.


Like she’s secretly having sΒ£x with someone.


I get out of the cab and breathe in. I stand across the road and look up at Gray’s penthouse. What if he’s not here ? What if he’s already gotten tired of me ? What if he doesn’t feel the same way for me ? What if he’s seeing someone else ?


What if ? Enough of the what ifs..


I’m about crossing the road when he walks out of the lobby hand in hand with her. She giggles and look at him with eyes filled with emotions. How can I be so stupid. Always stupid. My heart drops to the ground as I watch them. Did he have to cheat because I pushed him away ? With her ?


How could she ? He opens the passenger side door for her and she hop in. He shuts the door and get in the driver’s seat not even sparing me a look.














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