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That was stupid and childish.” Brandon says, eyes still not living my figure. I know i have a lot of explanations to give.


You know most people just don’t give a f**k about how others feel. She practically wanted to make you feel less of yourself and hurt your feelings. She’s so stupid.” That’s Piper.


It’s not like he likes her.” Brandon scoffs.


Yeah. That’s why i said she wanted to make you feel bad and feel less of yourself. That ugly girl whispered something to her and she sees it as a chance to say shit. Ugly bitch.” Piper mutters beside me.



I’m forever grateful they are acting like I don’t owe them explanations. Of course i do. Once we get home , explanation here i come.


” Thanks guys.”


Alexa huffs and go back to shopping. I lost my mood but Brandon was sweet.


He made me buy a lot of things and that includes shoes and bags.


Alexa drive to the beach and it was fully parked. Girls with different colors and sizes. They were all pretty. We follow Alexa to a change room as they change to swimsuits. Alexa wore a yellow bikini while Piper choose to go with swimsuit. Brandon didn’t follow , maybe looking for a date.


“We’re waiting Ariel.” Alexa says. She’s still not over that Gray accusations , including Piper. I know they are holding back till we get home.


I decide to wear an orange color bikinis with a scarf around my waist to cover me up a bit. Alexa scoff while Piper chuckle.


We walk back to the beach with my hair released from the hair band. My mind is out of shape and all i could think about is Jhene partially dating Gray. I feel jealous and maybe I shouldn’t be jealous. She’s pretty and all that , she’s worth his class. Not me , timid colleger with overprotective parents.


We wet ourselves and laugh and also take pictures which I’m sure by the time we get back home. Questions Begin.


“I want a job.” I mutter, wringing out water from my hair.


“What type of job ?”


“Any type of job. I’m hoping for an internship but I want this semester to round up before I think of an internship.”


“Okay , like a waitress. Or a bartender.” Brandon beams with a smile.


“Maybe waitress or I could possibly work in a coffee shop.”


“What about babysitting ? It’s better you know. Payment after job and it’s stress free.” Alexa suggests.


“Yeah. I’d like that too.”


“I will look around , I’m sure the guys will too.” She smile and pat my shoulders before leaving.


Getting back on the jet , the guys sing and continue recording videos on Snapchat. I’m not in the mood , I just wanna lay back on my bed and think about my forsaken life. It hurts when people try to remind you that you don’t belong. It’s not like I care.


“Oh my God. Home at last.” Alexa breathe in as she collapse on the single couch resting her leg on the arm rest.


Brandon sits close to Piper and right now , they are all staring at me. Reminding about the incident with Jhene.


“Ariel , what’s going on ?” Alexa asks , not breaking the eye contact.




“It’s gonna be nice if you quit lying. You’ve lied enough. You know Gray ? And I’m really sure that blonde haired lookalike of you was you. You were the girl right ?”


I sigh and rub my temple. Where am I supposed to start from ? I’m not stupid , because after this conversation they are going hate me. When did I start lying.


“Fine I’ve seen Gray.”


They raise their brows in shock but Alexa wasn’t really that shocked.


“That’s about two to three months ago.”



“Jesus Ariel. I thought you said you’ve never met him.”


“I have and I’m sorry for lying. He barged into my car and we sort of talked and that’s how it all started.”


“So you’re saying , you’re secretly dating Gray and you’ve been lying about it.”


“We’re not dating.”


“Then what are you ?” Brandon asks.


“I don’t know. That’s one of the reasons I didn’t tell you guys. I was scared. I don’t even know what we’re doing…” I sigh , highly frustrated.


“So you guys have been intimate ?” Alexa asks , still not reacting.


“We haven’t. I mean he hasn’t slept with me but, he kissed me.”


“Holy moly. You kissed Gray ? You exchange kisses with Gray ? Exchange spits and all that. Oh my f**k , why did I ever doubt you.” Piper mutters.


“You know the funny thing about this. We are all friends. And you’ve been secretly seeing someone and you decide not to tell us. You couldn’t even tell me , Ariel I’m your cousin. Three months.”


“I’m sorry guys.”


“It’s not about being sorry. Ariel you lied to us. It’s like you saw us as fools. You fooled us. Pretending you haven’t seen him and you’ve kissed him. Disguised as a blonde haired and went to a party with him. Just put yourself in our shoes.” Piper says. I bite my bottom lip and sigh.


” I’m just gonna leave.” Brandon stands up and head to the door.


“Guys I’m sorry. I’m willing to make it up to you guys. I didn’t know it was gonna be like this.”



“And we had to find out in such a stupid way. If Jhene didn’t talk shit about you , you won’t even tell us. We’re just mad because you lied and even pretend you’ve never been in contact with him. He was the one who gave you those hickeys right ?” Piper asks.


I shut my eyes and nod.


“We asked you. You said it was a random guy. I need a nap. Later guys.” Brandon opens the door and walk out.


“Bye Alexa. Talk later Ariel.” Piper says and walk out too.


Now I’m left with Alexa. She shake her head sideways and stand up too.


“Alexa , I’m sorry. It wasn’t intentional.”


She shrugs.” Yeah , I know.” She squat close to Blue who lay next to my feet.


“Come on Blue. Let’s go.” She rubs her furs and carry her off the floor.


“Later Ariel.” I sigh and watch her leave with Blue.


Now I feel abandoned. I pick up my phone and blocked Gray’s number. If we’re ever seeing each other , I’m telling him to leave me alone.


I slump on the couch and pull my knees to my chest. I hate being lied to and I just did same thing to people I called friends. That hurts a lot.




It’s Monday again and I don’t feel like going to class. The thought of my friends not speaking to me hurts a lot. I lazily slide out of bed and go to the bathroom. I stand under the shower till I’m about to feel cold. I step out and quickly get dressed.


I walk into my first class and take a sit. Piper and Brandon sits at the front , two seats from me as they talked and laugh. Brandon chuckle and turn around. His eyes



meet mine and I heard him sigh and then look back at Piper who didn’t bother to turn around.


“Ariel.” I turn to look beside me and it’s Ryan.


“Hey..” I give him a fake smile.


“You look pale. Are you okay ?”


“I’m fine , thanks. What are you doing here ? I never knew I share same class with you in econ.”


“Partially business major.” He chuckle.


“I was wondering if you’d like to hang out after class ? I’m playing basketball today , maybe we can hangout.”


I sigh. I’ve blocked Gray’s number and the guys aren’t talking to me. Same time I just wanna go back home.


“Thanks Ryan , I’d love to but can we do that later ? Please.” I bite my bottom lip and pout at him.


“Sure. If that’s fine by you.” I smile and nod.






I walk into Sands & winches to eat something. I walk to the counter and tell the waitress what I wanted. My eyes meet with Piper’s and as usual she look away. When is this going to end ?


I collect my order and walk to their booth.


“Hey guys.”


“Hi Ariel.” Brandon replies my greeting but Piper didn’t.


“Guys I’m sorry. Look it’s gonna be fine if you guys don’t wanna talk to me ever again because I lied but I want you to forgive me because it wasn’t intentional. I couldn’t fathom what we had. I’m still new to everything.” I sigh.


“That means you never trusted us.”


I did, I just don’t trust myself. I planned to tell you guys but I wanted to be sure that i know what I’m doing. Please…”


“Ariel, it’s fine. We understand but we need to get through this. I can’t even picture me doing that to someone i called a friend. We are not mad at you , we just need to get this over with.”


I sigh and bite the inside of my cheek. ” Sure guys. I’m sorry.” I smile faintly at them and walk out of the restaurant.


I bumped into someone on my way out.


“Oh my God, I’m really sorry.” I quickly apologize to this guy that i bumped into.


“Sure.” He smiles and walk past me.


I breathe in and hail a cab to go home. I unlock the door since Leslie isn’t home and shut it. I throw my bag on the single couch and walk to the kitchen to make coffee to drink. I need to get out tonight if i wanna sleep well. I’m crowded with guilt and I just wanna visit a party. I gulp my coffee and walk back to my room. I bring out my notebook to finish my assignment since exams aren’t far.


I slump on my bed and shut my eyes. Hell no , can’t sleep. After several attempts of falling asleep , I check my phone and it’s already nightfall. I need to go out , maybe a club. Without thinking twice , I rush to the shower and take my bath. I blow dry my hair and slip on a red strap dress. I don’t what I’m doing and I’m not backing out. The more I stay here the more I think I need to visit a therapist.



I apply a simple make up and I know I look different and beautiful. I put on my shoes and grab my clutch before walking out of my room. I sit opposite the bartender and ordered for cocktails. I need to get drunk if that’s gonna numb all the aching pains inside me. I rest my elbow on the counter and consume my cocktail. Just two glass and I’m already tipsy.


“Aren’t you gorgeous ?” A voice speaks from beside me. I turn to look at this new visitor and he’s sitting on the next stool close to mine. I remembered him. The cute dark skinned guy I bumped into.


“Thanks.” I smile knowing fully well I’m getting drunk.


It’s cute I found you here. I’m Hayden.” He says and that seems to furrow my brows on it’s own. Leslie’s ex.


I’m sorry I’m not interested. I’m waiting for my boyfriend.” I lie drinking my third glass of cocktail.


“So who’s the lucky fella ?” He asks and I didn’t bother to reply. Why would Leslie break up with someone like him. Honestly he’s good looking. To hell with my sister.


“He’s coming.” I finally reply looking everywhere but him.


He Chuckles and lean closer.


“Dance with me ?” He asks and smirks. I stare at his eyes and shake my head. I know i wanted to avoid Gray completely but I can’t flirt with someone else. It feels so inappropriate. Why does he make me feel different ? Like he knows my buttons and when to press it.


“Thanks , not interested.” I get off the bar and find my way through the dancing bodies. What am I doing here in the first place ? Obviously to get wasted. I step on the dance floor and sway to the music. The booze was working and I’m grateful. I twist my waist to the song as I feel someone dance behind me. I grind my hips against my new dancing partner as his hands wrapped my waist. His hands press



against my stomach to feel his bulge. This doesn’t feel right and I want Gray already.


“Ariel.” A hand grip to mine as I turn around.


Why does it have to be him. He seems pissed and not really happy.


Dick, get your hands off her now.” Gray yell at the guy who quickly let go of me.


To the entrance. Get your broke ass out of my club.” Gray demands , referring to the guy. Why did I dance with him in the first place. I’m such a wrecker.


Gray..” I hold his hand but he ignored me. The guy huffs and walk out of our presence.


Gray turn to look at me and scoffs. He dragged me out of the club just like the first time.


“Really ?” He asks once we step out of the club.


“So you blocked my number so that you can visit a club. To do what ? When did you start clubbing ?” He yell.


“Don’t yell at me. You’re the reason I’m here.” I yell back at him.


“I want to stay away from you but I can’t stay away from you either.” I begin. Just standing close to him is making me loose my senses. ” I lost my friends because you walked into my life in such a mysterious way. Ever since I met you , i can’t even think normal. Why are you doing this to me ?”


His eyes are mixed with no emotions and sadness. He stare down at me and didn’t say a word.


I sigh and continue.” My life hadn’t been the same since the day you barged into my car. I wanna be far from you every single time. I’ve tried Gray but you’re always everywhere.” My voice is impossibly quiet and that must be the work of the alcohol.



His facial is more cute than I can remember. Why did i ever have to meet him ? He takes me by surprise and pull me to his body as he kiss my breath away. I wrap my hands around his neck and kiss back. He slowly caress my hips to my waist and he’s not willing to break the kiss. The kiss was a bit desperate. Filled with anger and emotions. It’s surprisingly Gray stole my breath away with just a touch. How am I supposed to avoid someone who’s got me wrapped around his fingers.


I thread my fingers through his messy hair and kiss him desperately. The butterflies in my stomach churn and dance in excitement. I’ve been longing for this since the day he kissed me at that party.


My body responds to every of his touch as heat travels through my body and settles in between my legs.


“I want to stay away from you , Gray..” I mutter after breaking from the kiss.


He leans our foreheads together as I watch his eyes. His eyes slowly parted and they meet with mine. His beautiful grey orbs lock with mine as it stares into my soul. How can he be so good looking all the time ?


“It’s crazy I wanna be far from you but I can’t. I’m always coming back.” I mutter and lock eyes with his.


He breathes in sharply with his hands wrap around my waist possessively.” You can’t stay away from me cause I won’t let you.” He said.


He pulls me to himself and adore my neck with his breath taking kisses. He kisses my neck up to my ears and whisper. ” The more you run away from me , the harder I’ll chase you….”





. Aww And I’m speechless.





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