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One month without seeing her was really hard. She’s like a narcotic and it’s suffocating I can’t get enough of her. Yeah I got laid , few times but it didn’t really work. Her words are stuck In my head. Telling me to let her go and calling me a f**kin bad luck. It f**kin hurts.


Sarai is one hell of a worker. She’s different from Meghan but the same in the aspect that both are hitting on me. Why can’t they understand , I can’t f**k an employee. Dumbass bitches.


Reid booked a date for her with a new target/client and then she returned to the penthouse to tell me she handled the date just as I expected. Yeah I watched everything.



“Why don’t you want me boss ?” Was her first question after she told me the news.


She takes a step closer and pull out the blunt from my mouth and slip it into her mouth taking a long drag. I watch her carefully and she takes out the blunt and puff the smoke directly to my face.


“You’re so f**kin hot..” she bites her bottom lip and trail every single muscles on my body as she moves it down to my chest and the waistline of my sweatpants. She move to touch me through my sweatpants but , I hold her hand and push her back a bit.


“Try this again , you’re gonna loose your job.” I tell her and watch her face pale. What makes her think I would want her ? I turn to go to my room to get dressed and leave the penthouse.


I stop and turn to look at Sarai who’s still bewildered. “One more thing , I don’t like blonde’s.” I glare at her and walk straight to my room to change.


We walk out of my penthouse and for some awkward reasons she hold my arm like she was gonna trip and fall on her face. I roll my eyes and open the passenger door for her to get in. I’m going through a lot of shit and Sarai is one of the least shit that I want to think about.


“I’m sorry boss..” she sighs and look at me. I didn’t bother to stare. It won’t change a thing.


“It won’t happen again.” She says and fiddle her fingers. Why the f**k is she acting like Ariel. It’s annoying she’s messing with my head.


Kennedy is back and I’m always protective of her. She’s the only thing that proves my brother once enjoyed life. The kid’s weird sometimes. Likes cursing and likes to shoot a gun. Talks about boys at seven and already likes to party. Fuckin whore mother. I’d told Nick and the others to look for a babysitter since I can’t leave her alone at home. I can’t risk that. I stop by at a club to meet someone before driving back to my house.



Nick told me the babysitter was here and it’s quite funny Kennedy chose to call him Lucifer. Says he’s mean or whatever kid’s call guys with frequent glares. She ran down the stairs and who i didn’t expect to see was standing few feets from me. Looking so innocent just like always.


“Tinkerbell…” She sighs and meet eyes with me.


Is she the babysitter ? Why ?


“She’s my new best friend and I really like her.” Kennedy murmurs on my arm with her big grin.


“Who’s this ?” Kennedy scowls at Sarai. How could she scowl at this age. Fuck Jhene.


“Hi there..” Sarai greets her. You could tell she doesn’t like Kennedy already.


Kennedy doesn’t like her either.


“I don’t like you. You’re too fake and I don’t like blonde’s.” I chuckle at Kennedy’s speech. I like that. We don’t like blonde’s. That’s cute.


“I need to get a f**kin dye.” Sarai mutters and run her hand through her hair.


Is she the babysitter ?” I ask Nick. “Yes boss. She…”


“Fuck it Nick. Take Kenny to her room. Reid you should handle Sarai. I need to lend your new best friend.” I kiss Kennedy on her cheek and stalk forward.


I grab Ariel’s hand and lead her upstairs to my room. I shut the door and press her against the door.


“Seriously Gray.. what the hell ? Why are you everywhere ? Do you have a twin or something ?” She mutters and squirm in my grip.


I hold both her arms together at her lower back as she fights to free herself.



“How come you’re the babysitter ?”


“How come she’s related to you ?” She asks.


“She’s my niece. My older brothers kid. Jhene..” she rolls her eyes and fight to remove her hand from my grip.


I sigh and let her go and I turn my back against her. I pull my hoodie above my head and toss it on the couch. My back’s against her as I stare at the environment through the glass walls.


“I’m sorry to have barged in. I wanted a job and Piper hook this one up for me. I didn’t know it got to be related to you.” She murmurs and I picture her fiddling her hands already.


“Do you even miss us ?” I ask her and turn to look at her above my shoulders. Like there was any ‘us’ actually. I’m such a d**k.


I’m just gonna leave. I’m not sure I can handle being Kenny’s babysitter anymore.”


“What ?” I turn to look at her as she rub her nape. She’s nervous again and maybe sad over something.


I reach to her and grab her face. How can she be this pretty ? Nothing seems to make any sense once she’s around me. She’s too tempting and inviting.


“What happened ? You wanted me to leave you alone. And then you link up for a job , you got surprised that your mystery man is associated with it and you wanna abandoned it because of what ?” I ask her. My eyes scan her eyes as they move to her lips. I really wanna kiss her right now.


“I’m sorry I called you bad luck and all that. I was just scared. I don’t wanna get hurt and… I don’t even know. You didn’t even call..” she says calmly.


“You wanted me to leave you alone.”



She chuckles dryly.” Gray really ? You should have called to maybe say hi. I called and it was always on voicemail. I just.. I thought maybe you hate me now. I decide to visit you any I saw you with that blonde haired girl coming out of your apartment.”


You saw us ?” I ask totally baffled. I mean , how come I didn’t see her. “Of course. She liked you a lot.”


“She doesn’t matter to me.” I wrap my hands around her waist and I so much missed how she feels under my touch.


“She’s my employee and she visited to give me news about an appointment I booked for her. The reason you saw us holding hands is because she almost trip with her shoes. She’s not my type..” I smile at her and run my fingers through her hair.


“I’m sorry that I overreacted.” She sighs and bites her bottom lip.


“I wasn’t really that mad or maybe I was mad actually. That doesn’t really matter. We’re good ?”


She giggles and shrugs.” Maybe I’m gonna try to think about it if you tell me why we were attacked.”


“It’s about an endorsement ,With the Chinese. I overpowered him and took it. He’s mad at me because of that also he’s trying to stalk my underground warehouse.” I just can’t wait to kiss the hell out of her.


That was bad Gray. That might have caused him a lot of money.”


I barely care. It shouldn’t bother you. Maybe we should talk about you.” She sighs and look up to meet my eyes.





“Jamal..” I chuckle and smile at her. My father made me despise the name but it sounds better in her tongue.


“I don’t want you to quit being with Kennedy. She might be an handful sometimes but I want you to stay. Don’t quit the job and I’ll double your pay.”


“Alright. I don’t want you to double the pay. What if i can’t handle Jhene and your employee who likes you ?”


Fuck them both. They won’t bother you.” I trail my forefinger on her jawline as she smiles.


“Can I know what’s the status of us ? Am I your piece of toy ?” How can’t she notice I look at her different even if i didn’t tell her.


I pull her to myself and kiss her neck. I kiss up to her earlobe and whisper .”


Wanna be my girl ?”


She tensed on my hold as i move my head back to look at her pretty eyes that’s done a lot of shit to me that i can’t pinpoint. She blushes and that didn’t stop me from engaging our lips together. I so much miss this and it’s crazy. I kiss her upper lip gently and move back to her bottom lip. It didn’t take her much time as she kisses back. I lift her off the ground and wrap her legs around my waist. I lace her on my bed with me in between her legs as I kissed her. Her hands are pinned above her head as fondle with the button on her jeans with one hand.


She kisses back as our tongues slide against each other as we kissed. I break from the kiss and smiled down at her figure.


Jamal , are you through with her yet ?” Kennedy’s voice echoes from outside with a tiny knock. I heard Nick mutter outside too.


“The f**k man , what did I tell you ?”


“Boss she’s too stubborn. She refuses to be in her room except you give her back her bestie.” Nick mimics her.


I roll my eyes as Ariel giggles beneath me.


“Tiny little witch…” I heard Nick mutter outside.


“The f**k man , don’t call me that.” Kennedy replies him. And it’s annoying to hear her swear.


“Nick shut the f**k up and stop cursing in front of my niece.” I scoff and get off her as I head to the door.


“Clearly you’re the one who’s cursing in front of her.” Ariel retorts.


I open the door as Kennedy run inside.


“I thought you stole her. Can I get her back ? How did you know her ?”


“You’re too curious , aren’t you ?” I coo and play with her hair.


“Don’t get my hair tattered. Ariel made it this way. Come on.” She grabs Ariel by the arm and drag her out of my room.


“Crazy kid.” I mutter.


Nick nods with a smirk and walk out. Did she really have to spoil my mood.








So you’re saying you checked in on your new babysitting job and the kid happens to be Kennedy Carter ? Huh ?” Brandon asks the following day after lectures.


That’s exactly what I said Brandy.”


“That’s dramatic. Did you freak out when you saw Gray ?” Piper asks.



“Yeah. He looks better than usual. We were kissing and the kid just came in and knocked.” I chuckle and take a bite from my tacos.


“Wow. So you guys are officially together ?” Alexa asks as she stuff her face with rice. Eyebrows partially raised as she dip Brandon’s chips in his salsa and stuff it inside her mouth. What a diet!


I shake my head.” I don’t know. But he asked me to be his girl yesterday.” I press my lips together and twirl my cappuccino.


“His girl ? Like girlfriend ? Wow , buddy likes you a lot.”


I roll my eyes and blush.


“Is the public even aware ?”


“No way. I can’t handle that. I’ve been getting hate speech from Jhene and Meghan and I can’t handle more. It’s like i don’t belong to his circle. I mean it’s true but…”


“Arie breathe. Keep your shit down. You shouldn’t give a f**k about anyone. It’s not your fault they couldn’t get the bad guy wrapped around their fingers. He wants you that’s what matters. I can’t wait to let him spit out the L word.” Piper says as Alexa and Brandon giggles.


“Guys no. Love is a gradual process. I fear love.” I murmur and drink my coffee.


“I think everyone is scared of love. We should enjoy and live in the moment. I really don’t wanna get married. I just wanna get laid and visit the world with my f**ked up boyfriend.” Alexa raises her brows and smirks.


Brandon laughs quietly.” You don’t even have a boyfriend Alex.”


I didn’t disagree. He’s on his way. Stuck in traffic in Australia.” We laugh and I almost choke on my coffee.


“Damn. Talking about traffic , Jamie just arrived.” I mutter as Piper freezes.




“Piper..” he chimes and walk to our booth.


“Hey guys.”


We reply in unison. Piper smiles at us as she get up to go out with Jamie to talk.


“She’s messing with him. He’s too cute and good. If I do nerds I’d date Jamie.” Brandon mutters.


“Hell ya. Me too. Piper is f**kin crazy.” Alexa says eating from Brandon’s chips and salsa.


“Dude you already ate up everything.” Brandon whine.


“Dude why did you just dude me man ?” She chuckles and wipe her mouth with the napkin.


“Fuck you.”


“You wish..”


Brandon rolls his eyes as we watch Piper and Jamie. Jamie smiles like a kid and stomp off. Piper returns and sits down.


“What did we miss ?” I press .


“I may have repented and decided to give Jamie a chance. I think i just realized delinquents aren’t everything.” She rolls her eyes and smile dreamily.


” Did he bribe you ?”


She smirks sarcastically. Piper can be psychotic sometimes.



” Hell yeah. We’re going on our first date. Free food , free clothes . Damn girl..” Piper wink and laughs. I told you , she’s psychotic sometimes


“Shit. You’re such a bitch. Worse than me.” Alexa retorts.


“Fuck it. Jamie is cute and I’m trying to know him more.” She shrugs and shove a slice of pizza in her mouth.


“Really ?” We heard a voice from the distance. I know that voice.


We turn to the direction and find Madison exchanging words with Leslie who’s standing next to a guy. I know him. One one of the hottest assholes in college. Maynard.


“The f**k bitch , you’re f**king my boyfriend now ?” Madison yells and that attracted eyes from each booths.


I don’t know what you’re talking about. Why don’t you back off bitch.” What the hell Is her problem ? What about Hayden ?


“Woah. Says the dirty little cunt who won’t stop sleeping with people’s boyfriend. You’re such a whore bitch. Maynard you stop picking my calls because of this tiny ass bitch. How can you be so cheap ?” Madison roars.


“We should stop them.” I say.


“Shhhh. Fuck, i love this movie.” They mutters at once. I roll my eyes at their remark and look back at them.


“Babe, that’s enough. You’ve caused enough scene. We’re gonna talk about this later.” Maynard tells Madison and drags Leslie out of the restaurant. She didn’t even look at us. I’m sure she didn’t see us.


“Fuck.. that was stupid.” Piper says sarcastically.


“Nobody gives a f**k about Leslie. I’m trying to focus on my lunch and I won’t let some tiny little ass bitch distract my lunch.” Alexa scoffs and continue her meal.



I sigh. My parents caused this. She’s causing too much problems around college and she’s not even bothered. I thought she was in love with Hayden.




I toss my bag on the couch and go through the fridge to eat something. Leslie isn’t back from class and I’m totally worried over her new attitude. I made toast and eggs and eat up. I rinse off the plates and tiredly retire to my room. I’m still hoping for an internship and Ryan is totally helpful.


I get undressed and step under the shower with Gray taking over my thoughts. I’m glad we’re okay with each other but why do I always feel different around him. Basically he calls me his girl what’s that supposed to mean. I sigh and switch off the water as I step out of the bathroom to change. I slip on my pajamas bottom and a t-shirt as I go back to the living room.


The doorbell rings and I turn to get it. Leslie doesn’t ring the bell she has her own key and Gray doesn’t knock either. He’s too f**ked up upstairs. I twist the doorknob and Gray is standing outside looking gorgeously breathtaking.


“What happened ?” I ask and step to the side to let him enter.


“What happened ?” He repeats my question.


“Gray doesn’t knock or ring the doorbell..” I shut the door.” So what happened to you today. You’re always a sneak.” I cross my arms and eye his delinquent figure.


” I learnt my lessons.” He smirks and lean closer to me.


“I missed you.” He says and tuck back my loose hair and pull me to himself.


“Is that why you knocked today ?” I muse and trail my hands down his chest.


“Let’s go out.”



I sigh and rest my head on his chest. Truly I’m scared. The last time we went out , we were being shot at.


“If you don’t want to, is fine. I’m gonna stay here with you. That’s if you don’t mind. Your sneaky sister.”


Who cares about Leslie ? He lifts me off the ground as I wrap my legs around his waist. My left hand rest on his shoulders while the other play with his hair.


“You look cute.. what’s this mark ?” I ask and brush my finger above his eyebrows.


“Did you fight with someone ?”


“I don’t fight ,Tinkerbell.”


“You got a mark , Jamal.”


He grimaces.” Don’t call me that..”


I roll my eyes and run my fingers through his hair. I lean my lips closer and let it brush past his a little. ” What you gon’ do Jamal ?” I smirk and raise my brows. I bite my lips and stare into his grey orbs. And now I’m getting wet just looking at him with me on his hold.


He smirks back and drop me to the floor. His palm spank my ass as I’m being pulled to him. I wrap my hands around his torso and let him kiss me as he want. He cup my ass and kisses my lips deeply as I return the kiss.


I feel like eating you up.” He murmurs in between the kiss as he bites my bottom lip.


“What are you waiting for ?” I reply and wrap my hands around his shoulders.


“Ariel.” Leslie’s voice startled me. I turn to look at her as shock flash through her face.



Her clutch fall off her hand as she gape at us. Oh great , what’s gonna happen now ?


“Gray…” She stutters and blink her eyes. Gray’s hand is still around my waist and he doesn’t look bothered. For some wonderful reasons , I’m glad she barged in on us.


Hey Leslie. Meet my boyfriend, Gray Carter. Gray meet my nosy ass sister , Leslie.” I introduce them with a wide smirk. I can’t wait to watch her freak out.


Hi.” Gray tells her.


“No way..” she mutters and crash to the floor.


Great ! She fainted..












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