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That Russian prick won’t stop till he finds your underground warehouse. He’s angry beyond consolation after taking away his Chinese deal.” Reid says picking up a cigarette and a lighter.


Fuckin Dick..” I scoff and stuff my hands in my front pocket watching my compound through the glass wall.


Jhene’s black car drive into my compound as she step out of her car with Meghan. Meghan’s her half sister and obviously my employee who’s trying to hit on me the very first day she got employed. Dumb ass slut.


“Hey babe..” she says as she walk into the living room.


She walk majestically and proceed to throw her hands around my shoulders. I grab her arm and force her to sit on the couch.


” Jhene really ?”


“What are you talking about ? I missed you by the way.” She proceeds to stand up but my glare made her sit back as she throw her hands in surrender.


“Tell me my grievance please.”


“What did you tell Ariel ? I’m sure you visited California.”



“Who’s Ariel ? Oh wait! The slutty waitress who stole your attention ? Nigga I told her no shit.”


“It’s stupid you couldn’t buy my attention. Why the f**k did you tell we’re dating Jhene ?”


“I beg your pardon.”


“You’re so miserable, dumbass bitch.”


“Gray easy on her.” Reid says at once.


“Reid , stay out of it. What are you doing here ? The last time i checked , we just f**ked and I got tired. You decided to get back at me by sleeping with Damon. It’s stupid you return with a baby and forced me to go for a paternity test because you’re so desperate to make me your f**kin baby daddy. Now what the f**k are you doing here ?”


She’s paled out as she stare at me speechless.


“You should stay away from my houses except Kennedy’s back. Get your cheap ass outta here.” She gasp and stand up at once.


“Gray , you’re taking it far.” Reid protests.


“You’re pushing me out ?”


“Yes , get the f**k out. And do yourself a favor and stay away from Ariel. If you by any chance stalk her ever again , I’m gonna f**k you up. Start leaving..” I scoff and grab a blunt and a lighter.


She bite her bottom lip in anger and turn to leave. I light the cigarette and scowl at Meghan.


“You’re fired Meghan. Go with her. You can possibly go back to the strip club where I picked your ass from.”




I exhale the smoke out of my nostrils and glare at her. I just feel like shooting someone. She pretends to sob as she leaves.


Seriously man. What the f**k is that ?” Reid asks clearly angered by my actions. “The last time I checked , I f**kin pay her bills so I have every right to fire her.” “She’s the best in her field.”


“There are a lot of bitches who work better than her annoying ass. Call Manny tell him to get someone who’s gonna represent Meghan.”


“Fuck man.” He scoff and walk out of the living room.


What’s with him ? I’ve got a lot of issues troubling my head and I wasn’t in the mood to handle some girly shit in the name of Jhene. I f**kin hate that bitch. A lot of times i regretted meeting her in the first place. How she f**kin planned to make me jealous like I give a f**k. Forced me to take a paternity test and she’s aware I don’t hit without a f**kin rubber.


“You know that was too much. It’s been long I’ve seen you this angry. What’s she to you ?” Reid asks gulping down a glass of wine.


“I should worry about that Reid.” I sigh. He hums and chuckle.


I remembered the previous night. Her beneath me staring non-stop at me with her beautiful dark brown eyes. It’s crazy she has an effect on me and that scared the shit outta of me. The incident at the club barely leaves my head. She on that seductive red dress. Her long black hair hanging down her shoulders as she danced. Every horny f**k in that club couldn’t take their eyes off her and that f**kin made me mad. How could she visit a club because she wanted to avoid me.


Everytime i close my eyes , all i could see his her little form on my bed laying next to me. I’ve always wanted to eat her out and she taste so f**kin good. I needed



to be myself for once so I just had to avoid her calls. She’s like a distraction to me and a new addition worse than coke.


“She’s too good for your shit.”


“So when last did you care about who I get laid with ?” I asks Reid.


“Since you met this Ariel girl. I don’t mean to sound crazy but , man you don’t f**kin want her.”


I roll my eyes and light another blunt as i crouch on my single couch.


“Wanna party tonight ? Strip club is gonna be dope. Fuck I wanna get laid.” Reid says and i couldn’t help but chuckle.


Whatever you say man. Trent’s in town. We could possibly hang out in his strip club. I need to get rid of Vladimir.”


“Messing with the Russians is the last thing that should ever cross your mind Gray. Don’t pull your trigger to that direction.”


“Cock suckers.” I huff and gulp his half glass of wine.


“Whatever Jhene did might be stupid but that was harsh. She’s a woman for f**k sake.”


“And I don’t give a flying f**k, Reid. She sucks.”


“Yeah , sucked your d**k.”


“Fuck , man. I don’t wanna think about that shit.


He puff out his smoke and chuckle.


“Get your shits together. We’re getting drunk.”


“Now you sound like a college delinquent who hates school.”



“The f**k , I’ve always hated school. Don’t try to remind me that you’ve always been the brightest between you and me and you always ace every shitty exams.”


“TouchΓ¨.” I chuckle and stamp the butt of the cigarette on an ash tray.






We step on the club as who cares to look watch. Manny and Carl follow behind since they are my personal guard.


“Gray Carter..” Stephens says as he exchange handshake with Reid and I.


“This way. Your table is already preserved. Trent’s waiting.” Stephens leads the way and we follow behind.


“Gray Carter..” Trent calls out as I take a seat. He hands me a glass of wine and a cigarette.


“I’m not smoking tonight. Thanks for the blunt.” I raise the glass upwards and drink the content.


“I didn’t expect to see you tonight.”


“Work , Trent , It’s driving me insane.” I reply. Reid raises his brows and smirk before lowering his glass of wine to his mouth. Yeah I know that look.


“And i heard you could overtake Vladimir. The f**k face won’t take it easy on every one of us. Especially you Gray.”


“He’s a pu**y and I don’t even think about it.” I scoff and glance around this club.


Reminding me of the day I saw Ariel in a club for the second time.


How she’s always different amongst her friends as she compare each drink before drowning them cause she’s afraid of being drunk. Just standing few feets



from me that night and dancing drive me f**kin insane and it turns me on. She’s like sΒ£x , always on your f**ked up mind. She always drives me insane with just a smile.


“Gray , you need a girl ?” Reid asks. I raise my brows and shake my head sideways.


“I’m fine.”


Trent snap his hand at his guards as they walk into the brighter side of the club since we’re in a VIP club covered with topless strippers. I watch the strippers dance around the pole as they won’t stop giving me eyes. Trent’s guards returns with two girls as they giggle. One sits on Reid’s laps while the other sit next to Trent.


The ebony skinned girl on Reid’s laps look up as her eyes meet mine. She tensed secretly and smirks. Leslie , Ariel’s sister. I remembered her very well and I f**kin despise her attitude. She smiles and grind on Reid’s laps. Dumb bitch. Her friend try to hit on me but my glares made her compose herself. She turn her back on us and straddle Reid. Reid grab her ass as he takes off her crop top leaving her topless and she’s not even wearing a bra. Dumbass bitch.


Leslie giggles and moan silently on Reid’s laps who must have been finger f**king the bitch.


“Reid get a room.” I snap at the two horny folks.


“Chill man. I’m cool right here. ” Trent raises his brows and chuckles.


My mind is out of place. All I could think of is Ariel and it’s been a week since I’ve heard or even seen her. I’m such an asshole.


“I’ll be back , Trent.” I tap Trent gently on his shoulders and get up from the chair to leave the club.


“Becareful out there Gray.”



“Manny stay. You too Carl.” I gulp the remaining content of the wine and storm out. Reid is too busy too think and I didn’t tell him a thing.








One day , two days and now one week Gray hasn’t picked my calls or even reply my texts. I don’t know what’s going on. But I was scared and almost tempted to check on him in his penthouse or maybe his house. I lay on my stomach on my bed and watch a movie on my laptop.


About the kiss with Freddie , i really don’t wanna think about it cause I end up depressed again. He wants me to be his friend again and I told him i was never gonna think about it. I hated the fact that I had to kiss him in the first place , infact I regretted it. Coming back to my life after what he did , deepen the sore . I see a shadow beside my door as I raise my head from my laptop. No way.




I heard him chuckle as he made his way to my bed.


” Missed me ?”


“No I didn’t. You’re such an annoying jerk. What are you doing here ? You’ve been avoiding my calls ever since you drove me to your penthouse.” I say sitting up.


“Why don’t you admit that you missed me Tinkerbell.” He smirks, looking down at what I was watching.


“So why did you decide to show up after you disappeared for a week ?”


“Cause I missed you.” He whispers and lift me off the bed to sit me on his lap.


“You smell like weed and alcohol. Have you been partying ?”


He shrugs and study my face.


I was bored so I decided to drop by in a club. It was extremely boring and all I could think about was you. ”


How did you always get in ? The door was locked.”


He lets out a quiet chuckle and shrug. I playfully swat his hand to tell me the truth.


You don’t have to be a jerk. How did you get in ?” He rolls his eyes and stay quiet.


Don’t worry about it. I always have my way.”


I sigh and watch his perfect lips as he smiles at me. It’s crazy that lip did a lot to me when I was at his penthouse.


“Let’s go for a ride.”


I chuckle and rest my head on his shoulders.


“Gray it’s almost 9 pm.”


“Whatever thing you say princess. Go change , I’ll wait downstairs.”


I sigh defeatedly and crawl out of his laps. I watch him walk out of my room and it’s annoying he took my senses with him. I undress myself and put on a light pink crop top hoodie with black Jean shorts and sneakers. I take the elevator down stairs and I couldn’t spot Gray’s usual expensive sport’s cars but instead he lean against a motorbike.


“The last time I checked , you’re a crackhead driver with bad driving lessons. Are you trying to get us killed ?” I whine.


“Hop in princess.” He smirks and pat the backside of the motorbike for me.



“Gray , I’m scared.” I whine.


His hands wrapped around my waist as he pull me to himself.


“You’re so f**kin beautiful. It’s crazy you’re the only thing in my head through out this past weeks.”


Then why did you avoid my calls and refused to return my calls and texts ?” I ask calmly.


“Because I don’t wanna get used to you. It’s crazy I’m already wanting you so badly…” He sigh and lean his forehead on mine. ” You drive me crazy…” He coo’s.


He hold my chin up and clasp my lips on his. I’ve missed this , I’ve missed him. I wrap my arms around his neck and lean in to his kiss taking his mouth deeply in mine. I feel a lot of things when I’m around him and i really can’t explain them. I didn’t notice when Gray wrap my legs around his waist and sit me on the front of his motorbike.


“If we continue , I’m gonna take off your clothes and kiss you like a f**kin candy.” I blush and bite my tongue.


“You’re okay here ? I wanna look at you while I drive.” He cocks his brows as I chuckle.


“Sure thing captain. Just don’t get me killed. Where’s your helmet ?”


I don’t really need one.” He smirks and bring out his earphones from his jacket pockets and stuck them inside both my ears.


“Just in case you can’t withstand how fast I go and the crazy sound.” He kisses my cheek and hand me his phone to play any song.


I decrease the volume of the song in case I need to listen to whatever thing he wants to say.


“Ready ?”


“Yes.” I wrap my hands around his torso and rest my head on his chest . Thank God I’m little compare to him.


He starts the engine and in less than a minute we’re on the road. I giggle to his crazy driving as he duck in between cars and night traffic. Everything pass in a blur and the breeze kisses my naked legs due to his speed.


“Are you okay ?”


“Yeah I’m fine.” I smile and watch each moving vehicles as Gray speeds past every average and fast cars.


A car drive alongside us but it’s a bit far cause it’s a one way road. The driver smirks at me through his dark glasses. I’m not dumb , we’re being trailed.


“Gray, someone…”


“I know. Lay back and close your eyes. Increase the song if you want.” Gray turn to look at the other vehicle. A black BMW and it’s driver is ruthless without being told. Through the dark night , I see a little scar on his cheek as he continue smirking devilishly at me. He has a passenger and they look ruthless. The driver shove out a gun and I don’t know but I started screaming.


Gray dodged his bullet and speed faster. The ruthless BMW driver, pull his trigger the second time and Gray duck his bullet speeding into the dark night.


“Fuckin prick…” He cuss and duck past another vehicle. Why did i choose this part in life ? What’s up with my life and bad lucks ? Gray expertly turn me to sit at the back of his motorbike as I wrap my hand around his torso. I’m already whimpering as i look behind me , they are still following us. What do they do want ? Of course Gray knows what they want. He’s too filled with secrets.


“Gray , what’s going on ?” I whimper because this BMW driver is still chasing at us as he continues shooting at us.



Gray dig out a gun from his jacket pocket and shoot the car’s tyres. Wait ! he has a gun. A gun ! Oh my God , how did I get here. I mentally scream and hug him tighter as she shoots both side tyres and aim at the driver’s head. I close my eyes, tears already raining down my eyes. I’m highly emotional and seeing someone shoot at someone made me loose my mind the more. I heard a loud sound as I open my eyes. The BMW drive into a truck as it went ablaze.




“Pull over..” i scream hitting his back.


“Calm down..”


“Who the hell are you ? Gray pull over..”


“Oh shit…” He curses and pull the break. I whip my head forward and there’s about two cars blocking the empty road and four guys. One seems to be smoking a fat cigar and he looks like their leader. I hop out of the bike including Gray. Obviously


I don’t know what’s going on but I’m certain I’m gonna get hurt before I leave here. I just wanna get the hell out of here.


“Gray Carter. Nice stunt you pulled on my men.” The guy with the fat joint chuckle with his obvious Russian accent. I quickly go behind Gray for cover.


“What do you want ?”


Tit for Tat Gray. You’re just like your father. Worthless and thieves. Get the girl.” Oh no no no. This isn’t happening.


A muscular tatted weirdo grab my arm from behind Gray as Gray grab the other.


“Let her go Vladimir. She did nothing to you.”


This Vladimir guy chuckles and motion his finger to Gray. Another Russian asshole smack his face with a gun as he spit out blood.


“Oh my God.” I whimper.



“Fuckin Dick.” Gray cusses and bites his lip bottom lip.


“I’m taking the girl.” Vladimir says as I’m push to him.


“No , please no.” I sob.


Vlad don’t. You don’t wanna f**kin do this.” Gray orders. A guy pressed a gun against Gray’s temple and right now I wanna pee.


Vladimir chuckles and glares daggers at Gray.


“Shoot him.”


“No…” I sob loudly and the next thing I heard was a gun shot.


Oh my God !












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