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I quickly hop out of Gray’s laps and he looks awkwardly okay. I get it , he doesn’t understand. But how did he pass through my front door if he didn’t come in contact with Leslie. God my head is spinning.


I rush to the door as Leslie knock on the door. If she sees Gray she’s gonna freak out and telling my parents is the worst idea ever. Imagine sending me to military school. Hell no !




“What do you want ?” I ask leaning against my door with my arms cross across my chest.


“I just wanna ask you something. Will you open up ?” Hell no! traitor.


“Wha….” I stutter as I feel Gray’s lips on my sensitive skin past my ear.


He stands behind me with his arms wrapped around my torso to pull my back against his front.


“Ariel…” Leslie snap me out of my mood. I blink my eyes and breathe in.


“Leslie , what you do you want ? You could just say it or go to bed.”


“Fine. Whatever f**k face. I just want to lend cash from you. I need to go out and I’ll give you tomorrow.”



“When did you turn a beggar ?” I ask feeling Gray’s seductive fingers graze my thighs with his lips perfectly adoring my skin. I’m certain he’s gonna leave a mark.


“Just give her and save yourself the stress.” Gray whispers kissing my temple.


“How much ?” I ask her and I could nearly feel her giggle.


“100 bucks.” I scoff and gasp a moan as Gray’s finger gently brush past the corners of my br**st. He’s turning me on.


“I don’t have cash with me right now. I’ll give you tomorrow.”


“Seriously Ariel ? I need it today and I’m giving you back tomorrow.”


Gray groans behind me and take his hands off me. I feel alone at once. I turn to look at him and watch him shove out money from his pocket.


“Give it to her.” He says forcing the money on my palm.


“No..” I whisper. He roll his eyes and threatened to unlock my door.


“Why are you doing this ?”


“Ariel , who are you talking to ?” Leslie asks from the other side of the door. I scoff and look at Gray whose hand is still on my knob. He raises his eyebrows and tilts his head to the side daring me to refuse his money.


“Ariel.” Leslie knocks lightly on my door.


“Fine…” I mentally smack my head and open the door to peek outside. Leslie tried to step inside my room but I beat her to it. I press the money on her chest at once.


“Goodnight.” I said and shut the door.


“Woah. This is almost four hundred. Thanks psycho.”


“Keep it, don’t pay back.” I reply leaning against the door with my back.



“Have you started f**king a rich guy now ?”


“Will you please take your dirty mouth out of my door please and mind your business.”


Is someone in there with you ?”


Leslie , get out. You snitch too much. I’m busy and I need to be alone.”


She chuckles.” Is Gray in there with you ? Your kindergarten teacher..” She chuckles and scoff. Gray raises his brows clearly surprised. Yeah, kindergarten.


He smirks and lean me against the door. Before i could reply Leslie he’s already kissing me.


“Silly girl. You’re lucky you lend me some cash.” Leslie scoffs. I hear her footsteps down the hall and the sound of her door being open and shut.


“Seriously ?” I bite his bottom lip and wiggle from his hold but he’s not leaving me.


” Kindergarten teacher ?” He smirks and playfully smack my butt. Really ?


I breathe in and bite the inside of my cheek. Yeah, he just spank my butt and I liked it.


“Tinkerbell..” he smirks and pull me into him knowing fully well he’s making my stomach churn.


She doesn’t think it’s you. Forget about her , she’s psychotic.” He hums and nods. “Go get dressed. I’m taking you out.”

“Gray it’s almost night fall. I need to study.” I whine.



“Skip it for tomorrow. We won’t stay out late and you won’t spend the night. I’m gonna bring you back.” He smirks at his attempt of seduction as he tuck back my damp hair behind my ear.


“Fine. Go to the bathroom while I get dressed.” I walk past him and walk to the closet. I halt and turn around, Gray didn’t bother to move but he continue watching me.


“You’re not gonna watch me dress , right ?”


“I’ll sit right on your couch and shut my eyes , better ?”


“Gray it’s still the same.”


“I won’t peek. I’m not cheap.” He winks and walk to sit on my couch opposite the width of my bed. Truly he leans against the chair and stare blankly at the ceiling with his eyes shut.


I quickly slip on a black jeans under my towel and put on my bra. I search for a t-shirt and remembered it must be cold out there so I opted for a grey colored hoodie.


“Done..” I announce. Gray lowers his head as his eyes stay on my figure. Do I look that bad ?


“Why did you wear a grey colored hoodie ?” He asks calmly with his lower lip grazing his teeth.


“Um.. I totally forgot it’s one of your favorite colors. I can take it off.” I say about removing it.


“You’re pretty.” He says and that seems to halt my attempt.


“You’re ready ?” He asks standing on his feet.


“I think.”


He smiles and nod and we walk out of my room.








Why are all your cars tinted ?” I ask letting the night breeze soothe my skin cause he opens the sunroof of his car.


“Privacy.” He replies as he speed up down the dark street.


My hair went in different directions because of the reckless air of the night.


“Don’t you have a hairband or something to hold your hair still ?” He asks with his left hand on my lap rubbing circles of warmth .


“Didn’t carry any.” I chuckle and gather my hair to hold together and weave it to it’s length.


“So you could do that all these while ?” Gray chuckles handling the wheel like the cute crackhead that he is.


I shrug enjoying the warmth of his hand as he speed through the dark streets. The street light illuminated the street and it is beautiful. I stay quiet just as Gray as both of us bury our thoughts to the song blaring on a normal rate from his stereo. He’s a freak when it comes to music. There’s always a hidden s£xual message to every of his song. I’m just gonna get used to this and also his frequent cursing.


♪ Climb on board ♪


♪ We’ll go slow and high tempo ♪


♪ Light and dark ♪


♪ Hold me hard and mellow ♪


♪ I’m seeing the pain, seeing the pleasure ♪


Nobody but you, ‘body but me


‘Body but us, bodies together ♪



♪ I love to hold you close, tonight and always ♪ ♪ I love to wake up next to you ♪




” So what’s with your usual playlists ?” I ask him listening to the song.


He chuckles and turn to look at me but look back at the road in no time. ” Don’t like it ?”


I do. It’s just.. I don’t know..” I sigh and smile.


It’s not always about s£x. I guess the message is also about feelings and…”


“Love ?” I ask him and turn to look at him. He didn’t reply or look at me but I feel his shoulders tensed at the word ‘love’.


You don’t believe in love right ?” I ask and chuckle and bite my bottom lip. His eyes snap to my figure on his passenger seat as a smirk curl up his lips.


I didn’t say that Snow White.”


What’s with the change of nicknames ?” I tuck back my loose strands of hair and cross my arms.


I don’t know..” he sighs and smile at me before looking back at the road.


I nod and tap my fingers on the window sill and stare at nothing but the dark cold night.


“Are you always careful around your family including your sister ?” He asks out of the blue.


I sigh.”Yeah. For a lot of reasons. I can’t just say my family is not normal.”


” Are you abused or maybe yelled at ?”



I shake my head.” Not really. They are just over protective and strict. They don’t like boys slash boyfriends.” I chuckle nervously and bite my bottom lip.


Gray nods and for once he removes his hand from my laps and halts his car. This place looks like a rural area. The yellow lights brighten the outside as people chatter. Not people but quite a normal amount of people.


The distance has a fireplace with maybe couples who sits around it. The other side of the car park sits a guitarist who plays low and melodious music as he strums his guitar.


“Why do you like the countryside ?” I ask getting out of the car with Gray beside me.


“Maybe because I grew at this side of town in London. Mom likes it. When I was four I think, she suggests we move to the rural areas because of several reasons. It’s peaceful and free from shits.” He says as we lean against his car.


“Wow. To be true , I like it here. They seems to always mind their business.”


“Exactly. Not some crowded city with silly assholes.” He Chuckles.


“I thought you like the developed areas more. I mean with fancy and classy restaurants and clubs.”


” I think there’s a time for everything.”


“Did you just quote the Bible for me ?” I ask him and raise my brows.


“Fuck Tinkerbell. What did you see me as ? An unreligious devil who skip Catholic class ?” He snorts and shake his head.


“There are times for slutty clubs and hoes and time to get laid.” He smirks and smiles at me.


“And also there are times to just escape the world with someone as pretty as you. Someone who is different.”



And that’s it. ‘Different’. Guys and the word different. My heart just melts the more and it’s not really appreciative the more I get relaxed around him. He makes me happy , fact. Gray doesn’t judge me, another fact. And he’s never pushy , triple facts.


“What are you thinking about?” He whispers so his lips gently pecks my neck.


I smile and cross my arm as I watch the guitarist.


“Just nothing. I’m just glad I’m here.. with you..”


“Wanna drink something or maybe eat something ?” He asks as he lowers his head to look at me. Am I that short ?




“What should I get you ?”


Maybe Cookies or fries also maybe Sprite.” “Sprite ?”


“What ? I like non-alcoholic.” I laugh at his expression.


“Thank you.” I playfully blow kisses at him as I watch him walk to the store at the other side of the road.


I look around the park and smile at the guitarist. He concentrates on every string that he strims and sing along. About three couples stand close to the singer as most people drop coins and dollar bills on his bowl. Removing a note from my back pocket , I walk to the guitarist and drop the bill.


I walk back to my earlier position to lean on Gray’s car. He walk out of of the store and my eyes couldn’t peel off from his irresistible form. I think he was created on a Sunday morning when God might have decided to rest. His tattoos



still crave out to their own perfections around his arms. His tone skin fits perfectly to his white T-shirt and his natural messy hair.


“Here.” He stretch a little paper bag at me.”Before you eye rape me.” I blush and take it.


“Thanks. A lot of cookies..” I murmur after opening the bag.


“Yeah. They are all yours.”


I smile and nod to nothing.


“You wanna sit ?” He asks after battling with one cookie.


“Where are we gonna sit ?” He takes my hand and lead me to the trunk of his car.


He lifts me off the ground and sit me on the trunk.


“Better ?” He asks with his seductive smirk. I nod and appreciating his gesture.


“You care for some ?” I ask shaking the cookie in his face.


“I don’t eat cookies, Tinkerbell.”


“I’m stuck. Now i have two questions. Why don’t you like cookies and why do you like calling me Tinkerbell ?”


“Nothing. Both answers.”


“Such a jerk.” I mutter with cookies stuck to my mouth.


“A cute jerk…” He bites his bottom getting in between my legs. I squirm absently to the new found connection.


“I didn’t call you cute.”


He shrugs and rub circles absently on my lower back.


“You should taste this.” I motion to another piece of cookie in my mouth.


“I should taste it in your mouth.”


Wait ! What ? I bite the inside of my cheek to stop me from blushing so bad. My hands hang on the air still holding an already bitten cookie. He drops my hand to my side and tilts his head.


“Can I ?” I nod and swallow. He pinch a little amount and slide it inside my mouth. My lips wraps itself around his warm fingers and I can’t really believe what I’m doing.


His fingers slide out of my mouth and his mouth takes over. He kissed me gently caressing my thighs up to my lower back. I wrap my hand around his neck as we kiss each other desperately. His hands slides under my hoodie and caress my bare back.


“Damn…”he breathe out touching our foreheads together.


“Where did you learn to kiss like that ?” He asks still leaning his forehead on mine.


“Maybe you thought me.” I chuckle as a matter of fact. I haven’t kissed anyone before and it’s quite addicting. Gray’s my new addition and maybe my downfall that I can’t resist.


“Why do I want you so bad ?” He asks taking his forehead off mine to stare into my eyes. I don’t have an answer for that question.


I don’t know.” He chuckle and nod looking at my hand. “I have a party this weekend. You should come with me.” “I..”


“Please. I want you to accompany me so I won’t feel lonely. I’ll get you a dress and everything you would need. Just say yes.” A party with Gray ? It won’t be cool.



“I thought you said you wanted to stay away from him ? Look at you , planning to run into exile with him.” My own conscience laugh at me. I wish I could seal her up.


“Will it be safe ?”


” I’m gonna be there right by your side.” He lace our fingers together and smile. ” And I will never pull away either.” He kiss my temple and that seems to reassure me that I’ll be fine.




So what did you say your name is again ?” This lady whose name I’ve come to realize it’s Meghan ask for the hundredth time.


She’s too pushy and sometimes weird. Gray ask her to take me out and get a dress for the party.


“Ariel.” I reply and watch her snake through the dresses on each wardrobe of a boutique that I have never visited.


She’s the definition of class. Her shoes , hair and even her fake lashes. Fantasy sucks.


“So what did you give him ? Gray would never sleep with a girl like you .” Was that supposed to come out as an insult ? Yeah, it’s an insult.


“Are you a model ?” She asks sarcastically.


“No. I’m in college.”


“College…” She laughs.


God why can’t I be active and aggressive. She stops laughing and eyes me from head to toe.



“You don’t fit in his league. You know the funniest part , he’s gonna get tired of you after getting you on his bed. You should concentrate on school and stop running after things that you can’t handle. You don’t know Gray. And once you discover who he is, It might be too late buddy…..”


And what’s that supposed to mean ?




Oops. Someone’s in for it.







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