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Warning: Kindly skip this chapter to the end if you’re not comfortable with smuts.


My heart melts to his sweet words. His words are like ice , it melts my heart. I smile and let him run his hands through my hair.


“Come with me ?”


I nod as he kissed my cheek.


I slide inside his sport’s car and he shut the door. He turn around and entered the driver’s seat as he speed into the dark night.


The ride is quiet as usual and Gray’s eyes aren’t leaving my body. He parks the car in that familiar underground garage as we step out.


” Do you usually come here ? Your penthouse ?”


“Told you before Tinkerbell. Not often. Come here..” he takes my hand and type in his code as we enter the penthouse.


He shut the door and gently press me against the wall to kiss me again. I struggle to take his jacket off. Without wasting much time , he shrug his jacket off not breaking from the kiss.


“You drive me f**kin crazy.” He mutters against the kiss.



I bite his bottom lip gently as we kiss. My tongue take over his and that brought back the weird feeling I’ve been feeling the very day he kissed me. I step out of my shoes and he waste no time to lift me up and i wrap both my legs around his waist.


I moan in his mouth and receive every single kiss he was giving. My body is gently placed on his bed and I watch him take off his shirt.


What a man. He was well built and that includes everything about him. I sit up and touch every outlined muscles. His breath is calm as he watch my every move. I sit on my knees and graze my fingers on his inked arm. I lean closer to him and kiss his neck. He groans silently and watch me carefully.


I caress his chest slowly and kiss his neck. I trail my hands on his back slowly and kiss his neck to his collarbones. His eyes are shut in perfection as I trail every single kisses and touch.


I kiss his cheek and take in his mouth in mine. It didn’t take much for him to return the kiss. He grab my waist and lean me back against the bed not breaking the kiss.


“What the f**k did you do to me ?” He whispers and trail kisses down my neck.


“Don’t try to run away from me Tinkerbell..”


I watch him carefully as he take off my dress leaving me with just my panties and bra. His eyes is covered in lust and emotions as they pry over my body. Watching me , like I’m the most interesting thing to watch.


“You’re beautiful , Ariel .” It’s crazy I love the way my name sounds in his mouth.


It’s weird it lights up my world. Or actually, he lights up my world.


He expertly unhook my bra and toss it on the floor. I moan silently since I’m fairly exposed to him. I breathe in sharply and let him lean closer not breaking the eye contact.


My legs are parted slightly as he rests in between my legs , eyes still glue to mine.



“Stop being nervous. I’m not hurting you.” He whispers and play with the waistline of my panties.


“I need to take this off.” I nod as he smirks.


I know I’m drunk or maybe tipsy. Maybe if I was not under the influence of alcohol, I might not let him take off my clothing. He’s just unavoidable. You can’t say no to his demands.


He press his body against mine and adore my neck with his kisses. His lips is soft against my skin as my lips betray me letting out a quiet moan. He kiss the top of my br**st and before I could blink an eye , my nipple is in his mouth. I moan and let him taste me. My nipples are already hard as his tongue flick on it. I moan and bite my bottom lip as I watch his tongue take charge of my nipples.


He caress my thighs up to my stomach as he cup my br**st with a gentle squeeze. His teeth graze gently on my hard nipples as i squirm underneath him.


He kiss in between my br**st and move down to my stomach. My panties are still on and he’s not making any move to take it off.


“You’re so wet.” He murmurs against my skin with his eyes glue to mine.


I could taste my blood in my mouth because of too much biting of my bottom lip. I lean on my elbows and watch him hold the waistline of my panties as he peel them off my skin. And now I’m naked underneath him. Thank God I waxed this week.


He slide his fingers down my wet core and raise my right leg to rest on his shoulders. My head sparks as his lips taste my sensitive part. I moan and squirm to the new feeling. This feels good. His tongue was out of description as it eat up every of my orgasm.


I run my fingers through his hair and moan out his name and every other words that escape out of my mouth. I feel his finger slide inside me as it work my core to



orgasm. I’ve never had this before or even have anyone in between my legs. His finger thrust in and out of me while his tongue work on my clit.


My stomach clench and my orgasm broke. He lick off every of my wet till I’m totally clean. My elbows are weak including my legs. I rest back on the bed and catch my breath. Gray leans closer to me and kiss me. His mouth taste different and I was sure it was because he’s been down my legs earlier.


“You taste so f**kin good.” He mutters in my mouth and kiss my upper lip.


“That was…” I take in a deep.” That was so good.”


“I’m not through with you yet.” He smirks and cup my br**st and that that instantly turn me on.




“Hmm..” he hum against my neck. The vibration travel down to my core as I trail my fingers on his chest.


He twist my nipple and bite the other lightly.


“Come sit on my face..”


“What ?”


He raise his head and smirk devilishly at me. He lays back down on the bed with his head relaxed on a pillow.


I smile and craddle his face holding gently unto the headboard. Gray’s fingers dig on my ass while he grab it gently positioning me to sit on his face.


My core meet in contact with his lips and that almost made me collapse.


“Oh my God…” I moan as he survey around my sensitive part.



The heat in my body travel down my body and settled on my core. How can someone be so goddamn good with his mouth. I absently grind on his mouth but he purposely lift me up a bit to rub circles on my walls.


I whimper and moan , pouring out profanities as he rub circles on my core.


“Gray ,I’m cumming.”


With one swift motion , he lift me off his face and place me on the bed.


“Gray , really ?” I groan and swat his chest.


“I was about to orgasm.”




“Really.. ” I scoff and look him in the eyes , telling him to continue.


He smirks and kiss my lips before parting my legs with his knees. His finger slide back inside me while his thumb begin rubbing circles.


” Please don’t stop..” I moan, hoping he won’t delay my orgasm again.


Sliding out his fingers , he continues rubbing circles till i orgasm. My breathing is ragged while I try to catch my breath. I hope I remember all of this tomorrow.


“Are you still drunk ?” I smile at his question and shake my head sideways.


“Anyone could easily tell when you’re lying..”. He says and kiss my forehead.


I rub my knees on his trousers and a groan escape out of his mouth.


“Don’t do that , except you’re willing to take me in.”


“Why don’t I return the favor ?”


“I’m fine.”



“Gray you’re hard.”


“So how could you tell if someone is hard ?” He raise his brows and smirk.


I slowly trail my fingers down his abs to the waistline of his pants and caress his hard-on through his jeans.


“That’s hard.” I wink.


He bites his bottom lip and lay next to me covering my naked body with the duvet.


” Why did you block my number ?”


I sigh and rest my head on his chest as I touch his chest.


“I wanted to forget you.”


“Why ?”


“A lot of reasons. People always try to remind me I’m not worthy to be around you. It hurts to the core. I feel less of myself and I hated it when I do.”


He remain silent and rub circles on my lower back.


“Who’s Jhene to you ?”


“Did you meet her ?”


“I met her in Malibu. She called you her boyfriend and warned me to stay away from you. Meghan was with her.”


“Meghan ?”



“Yeah. She said same thing the day she was supposed to take me out to shop for clothes for that party.” I trail my fingers down his chest and rub circles on his nipples.


I enjoy the way his body tensed to the feeling.


“I’m sorry about that.”


“It’s so weird you apologize all the time. I’m sure you don’t do that frequently…”


He chuckle and turn to look at me.


You make me do a lot of things you know.” He says calmly and kiss my cheek. “You too.”


“Jhene is my older brother’s baby mama. Don’t let her threaten you. She’s not my type, cause you’re better than her.”


I blush and kiss his cheek before wrapping my hand around his torso.


“I hope you won’t freak out when you’re sober. Cause you’re drunk as hell.” I giggle and smile.


“Thanks Gray.”


“Go to bed , Ariel.”




My body aches the following morning as I stretch my bones. My eyes slowly snap open as I take in my new environment. Sunlight sneak through the curtains as i quickly shut my eyes. Another hangover. I’m never drinking again. Last night’s event sneak into my head and I remembered everything.


I open my eyes swiftly and push the comforter to the side. I’m naked and alone on his bed. I look for my clothes on the floor and it’s not there. I look around the



room and my clothes are arrange on the cream colored couch. God I almost had sΒ£x with Gray after I rant last night that i wanna stay away from him. I can’t say I’m choice less, I basically don’t know what I want.


I search his closet and find one of his t-shirt. I couldn’t stop gawking at the size and the beauty of his room. I admire the glass window that stretch from the floor to the roof. You could spot the busy city down this penthouse. I clean my eyes and go to the living room to look for Gray. He’s no where to be found , which means I’m alone. How can he leave without waking me up.


I look at my phone and it’s almost afternoon. I’ve missed my class because of Gray. He sent me a text message about 5 hours ago telling me he’s got business to handle and he ordered food for me. I smile to his nice gesture and quickly brush my teeth with his spare toothbrush and devour the food he ordered. I take my bath and get dressed locking his door with the spare key he left with me.


Walking out of his penthouse , I dialed his number and he’s not picking up. I sent him a text message and he didn’t text back.




It’s evening and Gray hadn’t replied my text messages. I check my phone countless times and yet nothing. No calls and he’s not even picking my calls. Why am I even worried or bothered. We’re not together and worst is I’ve always wanted to stay away from him. It’s weird he’s got me wrapped around his fingers and I just can’t think straight. I can’t believe he took me to his house, touched me and left in the morning and didn’t even bother to pick my calls or texts. He’s so unpredictable.


I pull my knees to my chest and continue with my assignment since it’s nightfall. Leslie and i are not in talking terms and none of us haven’t bother to make the first move to talk to each other. The guys are still avoiding me and I really haven’t called them either since the day I approached Piper and Brandon in Sands & Winches.


A knock on my door startles me as I get up to open. Leslie barely knocks on my door and Gray would never knock. So who must that be ? I twist the doorknob and open the door only to be faced with Freddie.



“How did you get here ?” I ask him as he try to get in.


“Don’t even dare. You should leave.” I proceed to shut the door but he stop me with his foot.


“I just wanna talk. I’m here to apologise.”


I bite my bottom and look at his eyes and they look heavy like someone’s who been deprived of sleep.


“Ten minutes..” I open the door widely and motion for him to come in.


“I’m really sorry for breaking our friendship.” He begins.


“Freddie , nine minutes…”


“I’m sorry , I barely could sleep because of what i did.”


” Eight minutes..”


“Ariel please listen to me. I was scared to loose you..”


“Sev… What ?” I pause and watch his guilt filled face.


“I’ve always wanted you. I thought you didn’t like me back and I was scared to tell you how I felt. Scared to loose you , so I just had to stay friends if that means you won’t walk out of my life. I hated the fact that you abandoned college to go be a sister , I was angry..”


“And you thought taking advantage of me would make me stay ?”


“I was stupid and I’m truly sorry. I know i can’t take it back. I know you can’t trust me anymore , but Ariel I truly missed you. I missed us and I’m truly sorry. I want you back.”


“We were never together Freddie.”



“It’s stupid I discovered you liked me too. You know there’s still a part of you that still feels the same for me. A part that still wants me…” He sigh and step forward making us fancily close to each other.


Just two steps and we will be breathing same air.


” I want you to forgive me. I want you Ariel. I missed us hanging out together.”


“That’s like a year ago. I mean , I trusted you. I’d never expected you to do that to me. You broke me Freddie. I almost committed suicide..” I sob silently.


He takes one step and another step and we’re so close to each other. Freddie’s cute , yeah really cute. We might be teenagers then but he’s still cute , even better. His blue eyes were the first thing that attracted me to him. His deep chestnut brown hair always lay on my laps in highschool. He’d always sneak into my bedroom each time his parents fought. But that’s like a year ago. He betrayed my trust.


“I’m truly sorry that you almost committed suicide. I might loose my mind if I actually loose you forever..” he whispers and trail his index finger down my cheek.


He push back my loose hair beside my ear and lock eyes with me. No this isn’t happening.


“I missed you Ariel. I’m gonna do everything just to make you forgive my mistake.


I was stupid and desperate.” He says and trail his fingers slowly on my jawline.


His hand move to the back of my neck as he lean against me taking my lips by surprise. He kiss me slowly and deepen the kiss with his hands wrapped around my waist. To my own surprise I kissed back. This isn’t right. I pull back and sigh, rubbing my nape.


“Let me love you, Ariel..”








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