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I push him a bit and pull away from him.


“You’re crazy Freddie.”


“How did you expect me to leave you for some other man ? Fuck girl you drive me crazy right from highschool. And you look more s£xy than usual.”


“Stay away from me Freddie.”


“Let’s talk this out Ariel. Think about our good times Arie.”


“There’s no good time. Just a stupid naive me who trusted you. I hate myself for trusting you. You don’t even deserve anyone.”


“I saved you from that stupid mistake you were about to make. I saved your ass Ariel cause you don’t even know what you were doing. You f**kin thought nun shit was your destiny. You deserve more Ariel.” He yells.


Thank God for the loud music if not we would caused a scene.



“Hey sis. Something going on ?” Alexa ask standing next to me. Her eyes fall on Freddie and it spark in recognition.


“Hey, Gee you look familiar. Like we went to highschool together.” She slurs with a smirk.


“Is he that d**k called Freddie ? The asshole who pop your cherry ?” She whisper to me. I cross my arm and nod.


“Wow.” She smiles broadly. “I’m Alexa. You’re ?”


“I’m Freddie.”


“Damn. You’re so hot in real life.” Jeez. I mentally facepalm myself at Alexa’s silly act. Really ?


“Can we talk in private ? I’d like to talk outside ?” She ask still holding his hand and rubbing circles on top of his hand.


I sigh and meet eyes with him.




“Thank you.” She giggles and snatch a bottle of alcohol from a guy’s hand and drag me out with her.


I was tensed and even scared just standing next to Freddie. I don’t even feel drunk anymore. Alexa shut the back door as the loud music calm down a bit.


“How dare you d**k..” Alexa mutter as she kneeled Freddie’s balls.


He groans and cup his generation.


“You horny f**ker.” She hiss and smack the bottle on Freddie’s head. Oh my God.


“Alexa please..” I plea trying to stop her but she shoot me a death glare.



Freddie groans in pain still cupping his member with one hand and the other his head.


“Now you gonna talk. Why the f**k did you pop her cherry ? How dare you stole her v-card after she trusted your ugly ass.” Alexa yell still holding the half broken bottle.


“Fuckin bitch. I ain’t telling you shit.” Alexa threaten to punch him but i caught her fist.


“Alexa please.”


“The f**k sis. This dildo pop your cherry with force. The bastard raped you with his micro d**k. Leave me lemme cut his balls off.”


“Alex please. Let him be. He got what he deserved already.”


“No you’re wrong. He deserved to be raped by some gay man and that will make him feel the pains you went through.” She grit her teeth and punch Freddie.


Oh God. I can’t stop them. And if she go on like this , Freddie’s gonna retaliate and they will hurt themselves.


“Hey guys..” Ryan says staring at bleeding Freddie.


“Fuck man.” He mutters still confused about what happened to Freddie.


“Asshole get out of my party with your half inch d**k.” She spits


Freddie shoots daggers at Alexa before leaving. I rub my palm on my forearm and stare at Alexa and Ryan.


“What just happened ?” Ryan asks still clearly baffled with the incident.


Alexa smiles and pull me into a bear hug. God , why can’t she be my older sister




“I wanna go home.” I coo still hugging her.


She release me from the hug and smile.


“Hey Ryan , can you take my sister home ? Don’t f**kin flirt with her. I’ll cut your balls off.”


I chuckle including Ryan as he nods.


“Becareful okay. I’m gonna drop by tomorrow to check on you.” She kiss my temple and motion me to follow Ryan out .


I give her a small smile and leave with Ryan. I slide inside his vehicle and it’s interior was super beautiful but it wasn’t compared to Gray’s. I groan and fasten my seat belt. How can I be comparing Gray and Ryan ?


“So you wanna talk about what happened back there ?” Ryan asks once he was on the road.


“It’s nothing important. I don’t even feel like talking about it.” I sigh.


“It’s fine. I understand your point. Did you enjoy the party ?”


“Yeah. I liked it and it’s crazy i planned on getting drunk before going home.


Mission failed.” I smirk.


Ryan throws back his head and laughs.


“Chill girlfriend. Trying to forget about someone special ?” He turns to look at me and send a wink. I blush and bite my bottom lip.


“No. Just stressed out with college.” I’ve obviously turned a liar too. What’s even wrong with me.


“Yeah ? We can go to a party if you want. Just to get to know you better and succeed your mission.”


I smile at him. What a darling.


“Thanks Ryan. You’re a good person and I admire that about you. Maybe next time. I’m really tired and I need a hot bath to think less about unnecessary stuff.” I shrug and he nods. Grateful that he understands.


“Sure..” he halts his car and i unfastened my seatbelt.


“Thanks Ryan. See you at school on Monday.”


“Sure thing Ariel.” I get down from his car and wave him good bye before walking to my apartment.


I feel tired and depressed again. Just when i was working out my life , Freddie successfully walk back in. Why can’t I be lucky in my pale existence. I step out of the elevator and unlock my door to get in. I shut the door and switch on the lights in the living room.


Where the hell is Leslie ?


I slip out of my shoes and hold them in my hands before walking down the hallway to crouch in my bed.


” Oh my God… Fuck..” I freeze at my spot and blink my eyes.


I follow the sound of the muffle moaning and end up at Leslie’s door. Just the gossip I am , I glue my ears on her door and I could hear heavy breathings and loud moaning from Leslie and groaning from the guy. I facepalm myself with one hand and shake my head. My family’s abnormal. I scoff and go to my room to sleep. Tonight’s the worse night of my life.






I go through my phone same time stuffing cereal inside my mouth as Leslie walks in with her hair in a messy bun. She looks stressed out. Of course she just had s£x with some random guy or maybe her college sweetheart. I look up from



my phone and stare at her. This can’t be one round. I’m sure they go all night since i fell asleep just lying on my bed.


“What you staring at ? I’m sure you had some slutty fun at your slutty party last night.”


“Yeah. Better than wallowing inside your stupid moans last night.” She halts at once holding a mug. She looks taken aback and her mouth is slightly open.


“You know you suck right ? Calling our parents and making up lies to make me look bad in order to create perfect image for yourself. And now sneaking a boy into our apartment after calling me a slut because I decide to attend a frat party.


God , you’re such an idiot Leslie. I might be naive doesn’t mean I’m stupid. 21 year old virgin really ?” I scoff and go back to eating my cereal.


I watch Leslie with the corner of my eyes as she slowly drop the mug and scratch the back of her neck in shame.


“One more thing. The next time you’re gonna call our parents to snitch about me and I won’t hesitate to start a fight with you. You’re twenty one and stupid.”


“Ariel , watch your tongue.” She snap at me. I chuckle and laugh .


“Seriously ? What you gonna do ? Call me a slut ?”


“At least I’m better than your slutty ass. I don’t sleep with random men.”


“Wow. Really ? I bet that wasn’t your cute college sweetheart Hayden. Stop trying to prove a point to our parents that you can be responsible. I’m sorry to announce to you but they don’t even care about you. Asshole they care about their personalities. Their ego. Trying to claim perfect in front of others and creating their own f**ked up rules. Just lay back and make a wrong a move , you’d be surprised to watch your favorite parents turn their backs on you. Just take your shameless face out of my sight”


She groans and it hurts she couldn’t get back at me as usual. She palms the counter and walk out of the kitchen. I can’t believe she can be so stupid. I chuckle



to my brave act. She annoys me to the core and I just can’t withstand her nosy attitude.


“Cereal , yeah…” Alexa giggles as she walks to the next chair opposite mine on the counter. She drop a Chihuahua on the floor and reach to take a spoon.


“How did you get in ?” I ask and carry the little dog off the floor.


“Through the door princess.” She replies eating from the cereal bowl.


Who owns this ?” Alexa raise her brows and shrug. “My new emotional support dog.”


I chuckle.”Seriously Alexa. You know you don’t need an emotional support dog.


He’s so cute..” I coo , caressing it’s furs.


“Where’s Les ?”


“Surviving from her makeover s£x..” I snort.


“What the f**k.”


“She brought a guy home last night when I was at the frat house. Heard them moaning and doing stupid things.” I sigh and eat from my cereal and continue caressing the dog’s furs.


“Leslie…” Alexa shouts her name. I roll my eyes and chuckle.


“Ariel , stop talking shit about me.” Leslie says standing beside the kitchen doorway.


“Really ? Mary just caught you f**king one of your stupid flings.” She laughs and that seems to spark the anger in Leslie.


“What! You got something to say ?” Alexa raises her brows and scoffs.


“He wasn’t one of my flings by the way.” Leslie mutter.


“And I could bet that wasn’t Hayden. Bitch , you broke up with Hayden because of your stupid reasons.” Alexa replies.


“Nah. It’s because the red head colleger is broke and she needed someone who rides a tinted car.” I scoff.


” Ariel , really. What’s wrong with you ?” She yell.


“Damn girl really. Thank God your mom never suggests you to be a sister. It would have been terrible. You horny crazy liar. Leslie seriously ?”


Leslie crosses her arms and bites her bottom lip. If there’s someone in the world I know Leslie is scared of then it’s Alexa. I still don’t know why.


“The last time I checked , I have every right to sleep with who I want.”


“Yeah. But do yourself a huge favor and stop talking shit about Ariel. I thought you’ve changed. That’s how you f**ked my boyfriend in school’s janitor closet pretending you never knew I dated him in highschool.” Alexa utter. My eyes widen as I stop caressing the dog’s furs.


“Holy Moly.”


“Alexa that’s passed. We were eighteen and in highschool. Did you really have to bring it up because you just wanna make me look bad.”


“Hell yeah. Maybe you should suck my d**k , bitch.” Alexa rolls her eyes and get off the counter stool to collect bottle water from the fridge.


Leslie glares at me and storm out of the kitchen. We won’t be on speaking terms till further notice.


“So , what’s up Ariel ? Have fun with Ryan last night ?” I smile and raise my brows.


“I don’t really know. He’s a nice person and we just talked. What are you up to ?”


“Nothing.” She smiles awkwardly and gulp the water after filling up a glass.


“So you wanna talk about that diamond bracelet ? The one you wore at frat and also at SANDS & WINCHES .”


My heart leap to my feet at once. I blink my eyes and bite my bottom lip to hide the sudden shock off my face. Did she know ? What am I supposed to tell her.


“Ariel…” She snap at her fingers at my face.


“Babe , you zoned out.”


I chuckle and shrug.


“I own it.”


You don’t own it Arie. I mean you can’t afford that bracelet Ariel. I don’t mean to sound rude sis , it’s just that you can’t use your money to buy a diamond bracelet worth 500 thousand grand. That’s half a million.”


No way. Five hundred thousand dollars.


“That’s a Cartier diamond bracelet. It ranges from fifty thousand dollars to one hundred dollars and even one million. How did you get it ?”


I sit the Chihuahua on the counter top and scratch the back of my neck.


“Ariel , just tell me you’re that mystery blonde haired girl with Gray on that photo.”


Oh shit ! Caught.


Are you dating Gray Carter ?”










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