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I wish I could run back to my apartment and sleep with my face pressed against my pillow. She is kinda right. I mean look at me… And look at him. We’re like two different people who may never fit in. Maybe Gray’s too much and truth be told I don’t even know what I am to him. Maybe one of his few toys.


I couldn’t stop thinking about her words. They were hurtful and insulting.


“Why did he choose to take you to the party ?”


I cross my arms and let her go through every dress on each hanger and mannequins.


“You’re too cheap and not classy. Why don’t you date someone your class ?” She scoffs mockingly and pick out two dresses.


“Why do you care so much about who Gray sleeps with ? I mean you’re just his employee and also a snitch.” She pause on her track and turn to look at me.



“Maybe because I don’t like golddiggers like you.” She scowl, glaring at me.


“I’m not a golddigger.”


“Nobody cares. We’ll need a lot of expensive things to cover up your bad tracks.


Broke ass..” she chuckle and continue walking.


I turn my back to the exit and walk out of the boutique. I might not be perfect but I won’t let anyone look down at me. I hail a taxi and hop in. I received a text from Gray asking me if I was okay but I ignored him. Maybe he should stay away from me but he won’t listen. I don’t even wanna be around him either but something in me is always pushing me to him.


Stopping right at my apartment , I get out and paid the driver before entering my apartment.








Why don’t you start talking. I don’t wanna hurt you and i don’t feel like hurting you either. Why did your f**kin boss ask you to trail my movements and stalk me ?” I ask this weirdo.


He whimpers and try to break out from the chains on the chair he was sitting. I have to cut out one of his fingers and he’s still not talking. One bitchy movement and he’s gonna get his blood littered.


“I ain’t gonna tell you shit , d**khead.” He groans.


“Manny..” I snap at Manny as he collides his fist on this asshole. His head snap to the side at the effect of the punch.



“Turn him upside down and let him gag for air after his blood must have leak to his brain.” I said to Manny as i walk out of the warehouse.


“Ready for the party ?” Reid ask as we walk to my car.


“I should be sincere , I don’t feel like going. But it’s Trent, I need to show up to please the f**ker.”


“And you’re taking that nerdy girl as your date.”


“She’s not a nerd.” I scowl at Reid who’s totally taken off guard by my sudden out burst.


He chuckles.” What do you see in her Gray ?”


“A lot.”


“So, what’s that supposed to mean ?”


“It means you’re gonna take her out of your mouth and leave her alone. She’s not one of your slutty hookers.”


“You remember Sinclair right ?”


“I’m a busy man Reid, I can’t just recognize every douchebag.”


Yeah ? Your father’s slash your rival. He’s gonna be there. Don’t scare your little Birdy cause anybody can pull any type of stunt. You don’t wanna risk her safety.” I sigh and stuck my hands in my front pocket.


“I’m gonna be there. She’ll be fine.” My chauffeur drove in with my car as I get in with Reid.






” Meghan where’s she ?”



“I don’t know. She was with me at the boutique and i couldn’t find her anymore. She just disappeared and didn’t tell me where she was going.”


Reid exchange looks with me before picking up a cigar and a lighter.


“What’s that supposed to mean ?”


” Boss I don’t know her whereabouts. It’s like…. I don’t know what to say.”


I pick up my phone from the coffee table and dialed her number. She’s not picking my calls and I push back the urge to drive to her apartment and have a word with her.


“What did you tell her ?” I ask after calling her several times and it was abortive.


“Nothing ..” she lie and it’s just obvious.


“Meg, what did you tell her ?” I yell at Meghan who seems unfazed.


Woah , woah, man take it easy on her. Meghan did you tell her anything on not ?”


“I told her nothing. I only did my job and she was being too nosy and rude.”


“Get out. If I find out you said shit to her , you’re loosing your job.”


She sighs and walk out.


“So you care so much about her ?”


“Dude, shut up.”


“Gray…” That all too familiar voice walks into the living. Good Lord what’s she doing here ?


“Look who decides to show up. Jhene.” Reid said dragging non-stop on his cigar.



“Hi Reid. Hey babe.” Babe ? Fuck me. How did I come to know her ?


“And I heard Trent’s hosting a party tonight. Still dealing with shit with him ?” She asks and drop her bag on the single couch.


” What are you doing here Jhene ?”


“That’s rude. I just got back from LA and I sort of missed you . Plus Kennedy is coming over. She missed you and I also need money for her child support.”


“Yeah , daddy.”


“Don’t call me dad.” I snap at Reid. I really don’t wanna imagine how I come to know Jhene. Kennedy is the one thing I care about since she’s family to me.


“I can’t babysit , you know that right.”


“Get a babysitter. School’s on vacation and I’ll be busy with my fashion line. I have business to run.”


“Seriously Jhene. I also have business to run. I can’t look out for her.”


“Business ? I don’t remember you run one. Just fill up the space in my bank account. I took her to Disneyland and that shitty place cost me a lot of money. And also mind your stupid language around my daughter. She’s been learning to much swearing from you. I can’t believe my 8 year old said the F-word because of you and you too Reid.”


She rolls her eyes and smirks.


“What do you want ?”


“I’m hungry and I’m horny.” She groan silently and climb upstairs.


“Most times I think I’m a dad.”



“Literally you are. I can’t keep up with her. It’s annoying you had an affair with her before your older brother went MIA.”


True. Jhene is my older brother’s baby mama. It was just a one night stand few years ago and she returned with a baby. He was choice less and had to play his fatherly role. And now he’s gone , I’m basically the kid’s second family aside her whore mother. She always wanna make me look like the dad and I hate it. I don’t like kids , but Kennedy is a girl you can’t avoid. I had to pay half of her bills and that includes taking care of her too. I literally feel like a dad.


My ringing phone distract me from my thoughts and it was who I’ve always wanted to talk to.


“Ariel , what happened ?” I ask her on the phone.


“I missed your call earlier.” Her voice sounds faint on the phone.


“Where are you ?”




I sigh and run my fingers through my hair. I can’t believe Meghan told her shit.


If not for her expertise , she should be fired by now.


“What happened ? What did she say to you ?” The background went silent for few seconds.


“I’m sorry..” I say to her after waiting for her reply.


“I’m coming to pick you up.”


“Gray don’t. I’m fine just tired.”


“What about the party ?”



“I’m gonna puke just being around people. What if I mess up ? What if I’m not compatible for you ?” I knew it. Fuck Meghan. Why would she look down on herself every second. It’s crazy she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.


“I’m sending my driver to come pick you up and someone better who’s gonna shop for your clothes. Look I’m sorry. You should come over and let’s talk this over with.”


She laughs on the phone.” You’re impossible Gray. I’ll be waiting.”


“Hope you’re okay with the press ?”


” Wait ? Really ?” She groan on the phone.


“I can’t handle the media. You’re popular and i don’t want to get myself involved.”


“So what do you suggest ?” I ask and she remains silent on the phone.


“I don’t know. Whatever that makes you happy.” She heaves a deep breath and I wish she was here. She drives me so f**kin Insane.


“Thanks. Get ready he’s coming to get you.”


“Gray..” she calls out after few seconds.


“Yeah ?”


She giggles on the phone.


“Nevermind..” she chuckles and hang up.


Fuck. Did she have to.


“You’re crushing on her ? Gray you have to stop.”


“My dude , seriously, give me ten feet. Stop acting like the f**k face you’re.”



“What ever thing you’re planning man, you should quit. You can’t run summit with some random girl.” I sigh and stare at my swimming pool through the transparent glass walls.


Random girl huh ?








Finally I agreed again. As long as I’m still breathing maybe I can’t really avoid Gray. A petite redhead dress me up for this mystery party with different types of makeup brush kissing my face every now and then. She decides on a light purple strap dress that drops mid thighs and a killer glass stilettos.


I feel different with diamond necklace and earrings. Now I feel fake. Yeah it’s a party for the rich, you have to dress rich to fit in. I wanna be me not this silly wears that’s gonna return to this closet after the party.


“They are all yours. You’re keeping them.” She said with her obvious Latin accent.


I watch her replace my black colored hair with a blonde wig. She slightly brush the wave and finish my makeup.


“All done.” She squeal turning my swivel chair to look at the mirror.


“No way.”


“Yes way babe. I’m a genius.” I watch the redhead through the mirror as she smiles.


I look different. Like some super model. Is this what you look like when a stylist dress you up ? Someone else stare right back at me and that someone was so beautiful. The blonde wig fits my almost tan olive skin and I look beautiful. I know



I look beautiful but then this new Blondie that’s staring right back at me is different.


“Let’s go. Mr Carter is obviously waiting for you.” I stand up to my feet and almost trip on this heels but she hold me at once to keep me steady.


“Are you sure you can walk with this ?” She ask with a really stupid smirk.


“Yeah , thanks.” One wrong step and I’m on my face kissing the floor.


I follow her and she lead me to Gray. His eyes couldn’t peel off off me as I slowly walk to his figure avoiding falling and embarrassing myself.


“I’m just gonna leave.” The redhead mutters and walk away.


Reid, I assume bites his bottom lip before walking away. I look at the floor and absently fiddle my fingers.


“Someone is nervous ?” He asks.


I raise my head to look at him and his perfect grey orbs glue to mine. Oh God , I feel like peeing.


“Hi…” I said nervously.


Gray chuckles. ” Hey. Ready.”


I nod and take his.


“Be free to fall with those killer heels , I’ll catch you.” He whispers as we walk outside to his convoy. I giggle and step inside his car with the help of his driver or whatever thing he calls him.


The drive was quiet. Gray’s eyes were always staring at me.


“Nice blonde.” He hold back his chuckle as I turn to look at him.


“I just hope I don’t look bad.”


“You’re beautiful. As always.” I nervously nod my head and look at my feet like it’s the most interesting thing ever.


The car halts in front of a luxurious hotel. Wow. DYNASTIES read out in broad capital letters at the top.


“Don’t freak out.” He whispers giving my hand a gentle squeeze as the driver open up the door for us to step out.


Stepping out , my eyes snap to one of this crazy media assholes. One reason I choose not to study journalism. Stalkers. He guides me in with his hand not leaving my lower back. The cold air brush against my skin as we step inside including the eyes of who care to look at their new guest. It’s fairly occupied with rich people and their expensive clothes.


“Gray..” a man walks to us holding a glass of champagne I guess.


“Hi Trent.”


“I can’t help but admire your date.” He flirts with his seducing smirk.


“She’s out of the list. Look somewhere else Trent.”


Out of the list. What’s that supposed to mean ?


“I see. It’s nice you showed up. You mind I introduce you to New partners ?” He asks looking at me weirdly and then Gray. His brows were partially furrowed as Gray nods holding my hand.


We walk to a secluded spot with a reserved table with two occupants. All with suits. Gray draws out a seat and sit close to me after I’ve settled down. He whispered something to Trent as he Trent nodded still not taking his dark eyes off me. Why are parties boring to me ? I zoned out of their conversation and glue my attention to the dance floor. Couples dance slowly to the classic music while others chatter.



I excused Gray to use the restroom which he wanted to follow me but I refused. I wanted space because I wasn’t comfortable with obviously rich people and Reid’s unending dark stares. I stare at my reflection in the mirror and I’m a bit tipsy with the few glasses of champagne that I’ve consumed. After taking several breaths, i step out of the restroom only to stand face to face with Reid. I don’t like him , he’s too creepy.


“Hi…” I stutter. He lean against the wall with his hands in his front pocket smirking at me.


“You look cheaply different. What do you want with Gray ?” What type of question is that ? The last time i checked, Reid isn’t gay.


“I’m sorry , what ?”


“How much did he offer you to get you in bed ? I’m sure you’re easily manipulated.” He scowl.


“Please excuse me.” I proceed to walk past him but his hand raise up to smack my butt. Holy Christ.


I turn to look at him shamelessly dumbfounded.


“What’s wrong with you ?” I yell.


“Nice ass you’ve got. How much do I have to pay to feel that. Just tell me how much you charge for a night.” He smirks walking to my figure and forcefully pressing me against the wall.


“Leave me alone. Stay away from me.” I sob silently praying Gray should just walk in.


“When he’s done with your little pu**y why don’t you be a good girl and come to my bed.”



I push him off me and something extremely stronger in me slapped him. I would never slap someone , maybe except Leslie who made me think less of myself.


” Bitch…” He grabs my neck and push me gently against the wall.


“You’ll regret this. If you know what’s good for you , take your cheap ass and run away from me. If you by any chance tell Gray anything about what happened….” He chuckles and lean close to my ear.


” Get ready to mourn your stupid family every week…”





Oh wow


What do you think ? Meghan now Reid.













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