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“I’m calling mom and you’re dropping out of college..” those words were like ice but right now I don’t even care. I’m tired of being treated like trash. A ten years old.


“Ariel..” Alexa call my name as she walks into my room. Stopping right at my door frame she looks at Leslie’s red face and smirk.


“I’m not a prophet but I’m sure someone almost got murdered.”


For some awkward reason Leslie fears Alexa. And they are both same age.



“Sup Leslie. You don’t look good but don’t worry we will talk about it once we’re back. My boyfriend’s waiting downstairs , got to hurry.” She grab my hand and blow kisses at Leslie before we walk down the hallway.


We step into the elevator and I’m still quiet. I hate being threatened. And without doubts after this party something bad is definitely gonna happen.


“You look pretty.” Alexa smiles at me to lighten the mood.


I fake a smile and sigh.


“Look I don’t know what happened back there but if what I thought happened happens then you really don’t have to let it burn your night. My middle finger to Leslie’s bitchy attitude. She sucks and you’re gonna have fun.” She nudge me as we step out of the elevator.


We walk out of the building as I gasp at the black limousine and Bobby is standing close to it including Piper and Brandon who wouldn’t stop recording Snapchat videos.


“Ready milady ?” Bobby asks Alexa stretching out his hands.


“Yes” Last time I remembered , this wasn’t Alexa’s real boyfriend.


The driver opens the door as we troop in. The interior is far better than the exterior. Wow. A song pops out of the system as Alexa squeal and dance to the song on her seat. I wasn’t concentrating that much cause of my drama with Leslie.


” Princess.” Brandon whispers and nudge me with his elbow.


“You’re okay right ?” He asks looking concerned. The girls were busy singing another song that already covered the space of the car.


I smile and nod.


“Thanks Brandon.” I smile and try to drown to the lyrics of the song. I notice the artiste is Justin Bieber. He happens to be one of Leslie’s favourite artiste.



The car pulls to a stop as I look outside through the tinted windows. The outside was strictly designed for the rich and not just the rich , the important ones. The driver step out as he quickly open the door for us. I snap out of my thoughts and swallow an unknown lump on my throat at just the sight. It’s obvious these are the type of places Gray Carter usually visits. The cars at the lot would tell you this place is meant for VIPs. Jesus.


I walk beside Alexa as Bobby show the front guard a card as he lets us in. My heartbeat rate was a bit rapid as we step on this expensive club. Wow. A loud music plays through the speakers and the chairs were covered with well dressed people. Bobby finds a really secluded area as we sit. He snap at the bartenders and they filled our table with booze.


Go on ladies and gentleman.” He smiles at Brandon as Alexa opened the cork of a wine filling a glass. She push it to me and smile.


God. Hope this isn’t alcohol.




Go on guys. Drink your pains away.” Piper giggle as she pour little quantity of every alcohol on the table in one glass. What type of combination is that ?


I sip mine and thank God for it’s fruity taste. This place smells of booze and cigarettes. But it’s still sight seeing. I watch the clubbers as Piper drink her pains away. she’s drunk and she’s not stopping. Brandon on the other hand is also drunk but he doesn’t show it. Alexa is already situated on Bobby’s lap as they kiss .


Piper makes annoying noises since she’s drunk. I went back to observing the crowds and gulp down my second glass of fruity wine I don’t even know it’s name. I’m a bit tipsy and anymore glass I’m gonna get drunk. Without hesitation I pour a little quantity on the glass and continue drinking. Alexa laughs on Bobby’s lap as she starts giving him a lap dance.



My eyes dart to a little murmuring from the end of the club. The red light managed to brighten the club as few guys walk into the club. All I could see was black all through.


“Damn , is that Gray ?” Brandon asks as he stares at the view at the end.


Piper who was busy muttering nonsense stopped and I was grateful. Alexa dart her head to the sight including her model boyfriend. That familiar grey eyes turn to my direction as they smiled at me. Oh great , my heart skip to my feet.


“Woah. He’s a real snack.” Brandon mutters as Gray and entourage walk into the darker part of the club.


Justin Bieber’s intentions play through the speakers and that sorts of suit the temperature. How could he see me ? This place is crowded with lots of people and it’s not even that bright.


“Wanna cheer ?” Alexa chuckle still planted on Bobby’s lap as we click drinks together. I’m already tipsy and one little move and i might make a fool out of myself.


My phone vibrates in my bag as I shove it out. A message from Gray.


FROM GRAY: You don’t club Tinkerbell. What are you doing here ? In a dress like that..


I ignore his message and search around this club , I can’t see him.


FROM GRAY: Don’t panic , love. I can see you. With your drunk friends. You look beautiful as f**k.


I take in a deep breath and tap to reply back.


TO GRAY: Thanks and stop stalking me.


FROM GRAY: I wish. You look beautiful and I can’t help but stare. I don’t stalk.


It’s crazy I see you everywhere.



My cheeks heat up as I look at the guys. I didn’t even notice Alexa and her boyfriend already disappeared.


“They went to make out in the car. Thank me later.” Piper chuckles insanely as she dance to the song.


“Who wants to dance ? Come on ladies and gentleman.” Piper stand up as she drag me with her.


I shove my phone back to my bag and followed her to the dance floor.


“Piper , I can’t dance.” I shouted above the loud music.


” Trust the booze. It will guide you.” She smile and begin dancing to the song.


I know I’m drunk and I’m also certain wherever Gray is , he might be watching me.


“I’m gonna find the bathroom guys.” Brandon shouts and disappeared through the crowds.


I sway alongside Piper as we dance to the music. I don’t know if it’s just me or the alcohol but I guess I’m doing great. A guy appear behind Piper and kiss her temple. She giggle and turn around.


” Wanna hang out ?” He ask her.


She turn to me and give me a quick kiss.


Later honey.” She wave and walk away with the guy. Despite being drunk I feel alone and wished i had stayed in my room.


A set of hands wrapped around me from behind as my body tenses. I know that cologne and it’s from only one person. Gray.



Why did you stop dancing ?” He ask behind me still holding my waist as he nuzzled my neck.


“Where you watching ?”


” Yeah.”


I giggle and try to look at him above my shoulders. He’s really taller than me.


“You look beautiful and I couldn’t help but stare. It’s like you’re the only one on this damn floor. What did you do to me ?” He asks as his lips brush slightly against my neck.


“Keep dancing. I wanna feel you.” He whisper as I begin moving to the music.


My behind is glued to his front and the feeling is foreign. I could almost feel his family hood.


“You don’t know what you do to me Ariel.” He says with his lip brushing gently on my hips. I smile at the sound of my name in his mouth. It sounds different , like better.


Did you wear this dress just for me ?” He kiss my temple and the skin right after my ear. I let out a soft moan and that didn’t have to sound appropriate. I’m dead drunk.


“Wanna get out of here ?” He asks turning me to look at him.


My eyes meet his gorgeous grey eyes and I nod. He smirk and pull me out of this crowded clubs.









I sit silently on the passenger’s seat and watch Gray carefully. He handles the wheel like a retarded driver as he continuously flash me his smirk that obviously steal my mind. I don’t know what I’m doing.


I lay back and listen to the song from his playlist as it feels the space of his car.


♪Before I die I’m tryna f**k you, baby♪


♪Hopefully we don’t have no babies♪


♪I don’t even wanna go back home


Hopefully, I don’t leave you on your own♪


What type of song is this ? Seriously..


♪I don’t wanna play no games, play no games♪ ♪Fuck around, give you my last name (oh)♪ ♪Know you tired of the same damn thing♪


♪That’s okay ’cause, baby, you♪


♪You got it, girl, you got it (ayy)♪


Weird songs with a lot of horny words behind it. Gray is such a freak , why would I expect a normal kind of music from his playlist. I lean against his tinted window and stare at his delinquent figure. Gray is sin to me. Why do i always find myself in his world each time I try to run away.


Maybe because I skip mass and Catholic class one time and the devil decides to send Gray to me like a Christmas gift.


“Why are you stalking me ? Why are you around me?”


He darts his head to look at me. His eyes not leaving mine as he drives like a lunatic on the cold night.


“I’m not your type Gray. You’re Gray Carter and i think you only like models. Girls your class.” I shrug as he look away from me. Yeah, he’s a crackhead he won’t reply.


“What do you really want ?”


This time a smirk tug at the sides of his lips as he stares at me but look away at once.


So what do you want me to say ?”


You don’t like naive Christians. You don’t even like nerds.” “So who said you’re a nerd ? Nerds don’t dress like that.”


I look down at my outfit and remember the first day we met at a club. When he called my outfit slutty.


“It’s not slutty. You look irresistible with that dress.” He replies my thoughts but that doesn’t answer my one billion question. What does he want from me ?


“It’s gonna be nice you try to be pretty normal around me. I feel like you’re always nervous.” He says without looking at me.


Whatever. He’s such a perv.


So you wanna go to nun school ? Before..” his eyes turn to look at me as they take in my figure on his passenger seat.


I sigh. I don’t wanna talk about it and I pray he doesn’t pester me about it.


“It’s fine if you don’t wanna talk about it.” I nod appreciating his understanding.


I look at my ringing phone and it’s a call from my mom and dad. Text messages from Piper Brandon and Alexa. Yeah , I ran away with Gray in his expensive tinted Lamborghini. I look out of the window and we’re outside the city.


“Gray , where are we going ? You just drove out of the city.”


He groans and smirks at me. So what’s actually funny ?


” Gray. What are you gonna do with me ?”


“A lot of things.” He replies calmly.


A lot of things. What ?


I really need to kiss you to shut up.” He remarks with his usual smirk. “You’re not kissing me. I wanna know where we are going.”


“Do you even trust me ?”


“Hell no..” I cross my arms as Gray chuckles still driving like a retarded criminal.


“I expect that from you. I’m just your cute stranger who makes you loose your breath with just the sight of him. How cute is that ?” He says and wink.


I open my mouth to speak but nothing comes out.


“Why would you say that ?”


“You know I’m not lying. I notice how you’re always nervous around me. You always freak out internally. It makes you look really cute when you’re nervous.” He smiles and I so much adore his British accent. But why switching every now and then.


“Why are you always swapping accents.”


“I don’t..” he sighs tiredly.” It just sort of sneak into my mouth without knowing.” He shrug.


“So you’re not British ?”


He smiles brightly and look at me for a second before looking back at the road.


” My mom’s from London. It’s weird and I sort of went to highschool there. So ?”



“Wow. Your dad’s American ?” He shrugs again and tap his fingers on the wheel in rhythm to the song on his playlist.


“Don’t tell anyone. I don’t really share personal details to people. Don’t take advantage of that.” His looks is calm and really pure like a child who got br**st feed.


I chuckle at my thoughts as Gray playfully glare at me. I smile and bite my lips. Maybe he’s not really bad. He halts the car in a parking lot. The view outside looks like the countryside. It’s perfect and beautiful.


“Are you hungry ?”


I smile and shrug.


“So it’s a date then ?” I really don’t know how to answer that. Gray is a mixture of surprises.


“I thought you were taking me to sell me off..” I joke.


“Wow. That’s epic , we should give it a try right ?” He raise his brows and smile.


What an asshole. I blush at his cute face and look out of the window.


I didn’t notice he step out of the car as he held out the door for me. He stretch out his hand and I gladly take it and almost trip but luckily his firm hands caught me.


“I like your hair.” Was the first thing that comes out of his mouth still holding me to himself and briefly leaning me against his car.


“Thanks.” I can’t breathe again.


We’re too close and just a step we’ll be kissing. He run his hands through my hair as I whimper to his touch. My eyes fought to stare elsewhere but it couldn’t. My eyes are automatically glue to his and all I could perceive is his own cologne. It’s perfect. Something is wrong with me and I don’t like that something.


“You look beautiful. Every single day you’re always stunning.”



It’s always hard to know that I’m beautiful when I have an abusive and annoying sister who finds joy in pointing out my faults. With Gray it’s different. He’s different.


“It’s so hard to stay away from you. I tried but you’re always everywhere. Everything is so special about you , Tinkerbell.” How come he doesn’t see my flaws like others ?


He’s Gray Carter and I’m just Ariel. A depressed girl who was supposed to be at the convent but my bad luck spoilt everything and moved us to New York to meet Gray ?


He leans closer and wrap his right hand on my curves moving up to hold my waist. My hands flatten on his chest and what i want right now is to kiss him again. But this doesn’t sound right but it feels right.


“Wanna kiss me again ?” He asks in a really flirty tone. That sort of made my core clench. What’s he doing to me ? Won’t I get hurt at the end of his ride ? Doesn’t even matter we’re not dating.


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He would never date someone like me. And I don’t even wanna date anyone. Our lips brush partly as I absently part my lips to welcome his kiss but someone clears his throat behind us.


Bummer !!









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