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Nervous , pretty , cute , smart and sometimes strange. That’s what I see Ariel as. Her cute dark brown eyes always seems to make me look at her every second without even noticing.


Each time I look at her , I see a really shy girl who’s afraid of men. She’s beautiful , Enticing and worst still s£xy and I bet she doesn’t notice. There’s something in her that draw me close to her without even thinking about precautions. I don’t wanna scare her away with my bad side.


“Gray.” She calls out totally taken off guard. What’s she doing here ? Looking so goddamnly irresistible.


She makes me want to do dirty things to her. Hold her so close to me and kiss her again. The elevator dings and the door slides open as she step out. I did same too.


“What are you doing here ?” She ask .


“Miss me ?” Her facials are barely readable but I could tell she’s always nervous.



She cross her arms and look at me with those s£xy eyes of hers. She absently bite her lip and tuck back her loose strands of hair behind her ear. Great , that was pretty cute.


“You look good.” I decide to tell her to ease her tension but she blush.


“Are you stalking me ?”


“I didn’t peg you to be rude, snow White.”


She sigh and look away from my eyes. Like they burn her or something.


” Why are you scared of my me ?” I ask inching closer to her.


I remembered the day I called her. The day her mother smashed her phone scolding me to stay away from their tiny little angel . Any guy with normal senses can barely stay away from her.


“Go out with me.” My voice sounds so possessive.


“I need to get inside my apartment.” She sigh worriedly like she’s thinking.


I grab her arm and pull her to me. Her hands flatten on my chest as she stare into my eyes, mouth agape. It’s obvious she’s in college. Her bag and the close apartment to school. She’s too pure.


“Go out with me.” I whisper running my index finger on her cheek. She close her eyes to my touch and lean against my finger on her cheek.


I stop as her eyes snap open backing away from me like something sting her.


“I don’t know you.”


“Doesn’t matter right ?” I raise my brows and watch her hug herself.


“I was serious when i said I wanna stay away from you.”


“I bet i did. You came back to me.”


“You’re weird. What are you doing here ?” She asks.




“What type of business ?” I watch her nervous self and sigh. She is too good for this f**ked up world.


I smirk and step closer to her as she move backwards leaning against the wall. So funny.


“Wanna kiss me again snow White ?” I ask her. I tuck her loose hair behind her ears and stare right at those irresistible eyes.


She open her mouth to talk but nothing came out.


“Gray..” she stutters trying to fight something.


“Someone might see us.” She whisper.


“Why do you care ? I’d love to try this again.” I smile at her and lock eyes with her.


She act like she couldn’t breathe.


I lean closer to her ear as she gasp but didn’t move. “Later , snow White. I’ll check on you later.” I kiss her cheek and walk back to the elevator.


I press the button and step in as I watch her till the doors slide shut.








Oh my God! I can’t believe I lost my breath again just standing close to him.


*Wanna kiss me again ?*



I thought about his silly words as I open the apartment and get in . I shut the door and slump on the couch trying to fight whatever impression he thought about me. He’s still a player. Likes girls , smokes and Holy hell he has tattoos and a really cute black dot piercing on both his ears. Why would I call that cute. I turn on the TV to watch a movie on Netflix. It’s a comedy romance and maybe it sorta help to get rid of Gray even if it was impossible.


He’s weird and worth fighting for. But I’m way lower than his class. I’m not his type obviously. I’m not s£xy and I don’t even want a man. I sigh thinking about my pills. I stand up and stride to my room. I open my drawer and shove out the pills before walking back to the kitchen to get water to swallow these. I wish I could stop , but it won’t solve my depression.


I sit down opposite the TV after swallowing my pills. I thought about Gray again.


I switch on my new phone and keep it back on the table.


“Seriously , you should come to that party. You’re gonna love it.”


Leslie chuckle to nothing as she walks into the apartment with Hazel. I don’t really like her that much. She’s like Leslie , maybe the less better version.


“Sup Ariel.” Hazel smiled at me as she sits on the same couch with me.


“Hi.” I return her greeting.


“Watching friends enemies ?” She snorts , less impressed.


“Really boring.” Leslie scoff and change it to another movie.


I look at her as she scoff irritatingly trying to dare me to talk. She knows me too well. She knew I won’t say a word. She stops tuning and play another movie.


“Antidepressant..” Hazel read out holding my pills.


I sigh and snatch it politely from her. Why would I bring it out.


” You take that ? Why ?” Hazel asks. I sigh and stand up really nervous.



“She’s not okay.” I heard Leslie say as I make my way to my room.


“Really ?”


“She has mental issues.” Leslie continues. I sigh and continue walking to drop my pills.


“Nice phone..” Hazel smiled holding my phone. What a stalker.


“There’s a frat party tonight , you’re coming right ?”


“Of course she’s not. She’s not pretty and no one would want a sassy nerdy child in their parties.” Leslie snorts mockingly as she rests her leg on the arm rest of the couch.


I open my mouth to talk but I couldn’t. So I’m really a nerd ?


“What princess ? You got something to say ?” Leslie snap her fingers at me.


“Not really.”


“Good girl. Just stay at home and read your depressed book. This is college and no hot boy would like to hang out with you. You’re local and not classy. I can’t even hang around you , people will possibly think bad of me. You’re too low and a little ugly.” She scoff as hazel laughs.


I sniffle and quickly pick my phone as I rush to my room. I shut my door and slump on my bed unleashing all my pending tears. Why does my sister Hates me ?


* You’re too low and a little ugly…*


*I can’t possibly hang around you , people will possibly think bad of me..*


I bat my lashes and sit up. I curl my knees to my chest and wrap my arms around them. Why can’t I be better ? Am I really low ? It doesn’t really matter right ? What matters is what i think about myself ?



I wipe my eyes and lay on my bed. My phone beep and it’s a new message from an unknown number.


FROM UNKNOWN: hi princess , ready for frat night ?


Never. I don’t wanna get humiliated. Hanging around pretty girls from college it’s the worst idea ever. I sigh and text Piper back after saving her number.


TO PIPER: No sorry. I don’t feel like. I’m sick.


I toss my phone aside and rub my temple. My phone vibrated and it’s a new message from Piper again.


FROM PIPER: I’m on my way. You ain’t backing out.


I sigh and rub my hand down my face. I bury my face on my pillow and try to shut out Leslie’s hate speech towards me. I just wanna move out , if that’s even possible. Time went so far and it’s evening already. I heard chatters from Leslie and hazel talking about God knows what. Obviously they are getting prepared for frat party. It sucks , even if I haven’t attended any.


“Ariel , I’m leaving. Do yourself good and stay indoors.” Leslie shouted as the front door click shut.


“Ariel..” I heard Piper’s voice alongside Brandon who’s humming to a song.


I get out of bed and stroll out of my room to the living room. Piper’s holding a bag and she doesn’t even look dressed. Brandon stand beside her with his arms crossed accompanied by a cocky grin.


What happened to you babe ?” Piper ask as she check me out. “I can’t go.”


Why princess ?”


“I don’t like parties.” I said half the truth , even if I wanna go.


“That’s not an excuse. You’re gonna like it. We’re gonna be there and it’s gonna be fun.”


I sigh loudly and sat down. They won’t understand.


“I don’t belong there.”


“What ?”


Piper , I’m not pretty. I don’t dress fancy and my closet is filled with jeans and t-shirts. Hoodies , sweatpants and no designer clothes. I’m a nerd who doesn’t wear makeup. So.” I open my arms and shrug pulling my knees to my chest.


“I’m sorry what ?” Brandon laughs and sits close to me.


Who told you that bullshit ? You’re one of the most prettiest girls I have seen around school.”


No you don’t get it. I always feel inferior hanging out with people and plus , the last time I partied , I woke up with a stupid hangover in a stranger’s bed.”




“You had s£x with…”


“Gross no. I didn’t. He was a gentle man and we did nothing. Precise that was his guest bedroom.” Telling them it was Gray would bring a lot of stories out of my mouth. Stories I don’t wanna share.


“Still. You’re getting up and you’re getting dressed. It’s just a frat party.”


“And some of college most prettiest girls would be there. I don’t belong there.”


“Who told you that ?”


“My sister has always been the best. She’s attractive and really pretty.”


“You mean the ugly bitch we met downstairs with another Blondie I think.”


“Leslie isn’t ugly.” I retorts.


“She’s fake Ariel.”


“She’s not. I don’t like the way I look down at myself when she’s around me . I can’t cope being in the same party with her.”


“What’s wrong with your family ? Girlfriend , your sister has no right to tell you how to live your life.”


“True Brandon. But I’m never comfortable around people and parties.”


“We don’t give a f**k.” Piper scoff and pull me to my feet. She grab my arm and pull through the hallway.


“Which one is your room ?”


I sigh and point to my door. She open the door and storm In throwing the bag she was holding on the bed. She open my closet and snake through my clothes. Yeah , a lot of jeans. I groan internally and sit down.


“Brandon do her hair please.” Piper says going through my clothes.


“Pipes , it’s just frat.”


“And there will be boys.” She giggle and bring out a black jeans as she toss it on my bed.


“Don’t ever let people make you feel inferior like you don’t belong. I don’t care if it’s your bitchy ass sister or anyone , they won’t tell you how to live your life.” Yeah , really ?



I roll my eyes and let Brandon brush my hair. Applying another lotion from Piper’s bag , he straighten my black hair and it looks better than normal. I put on the high waist jeans and sigh. I really don’t feel like going same time I don’t wanna stay at home. I hope I don’t get drunk again.


“Wow , a lace crop top. You’re shitting me. This is pretty.” Piper says holding up a white lace sleeveless crop top. I remembered that top. Alexa bought it for me and I refused to wear it.


“I can’t.”


“It’s pretty. Come on , go on , wear it. You are gonna get us late.” I sigh and snatch the thin material from Piper and walk to my bathroom to put it on.


Great , I don’t feel comfortable. I walk back as Piper clap her hands like a middle school student. I refused makeup and thank God she respected my decision. After getting prepared. Piper ignited her car as she drive us to this weird party.


“Oh God..” I look out of the window and it’s occupied with students and red cups.


The outside looks occupied with loud music. I wanna stay in here.


We’re here. Let’s get wasted.” Piper squeal as she step out of the car including Brandon. I think my butt is glued to the chair. Including my feet too.


Brandon knock slightly on the window and usher me out with a really friendly smile. I hope I don’t make a fool out of my self cause I suck at parties. After taking several breaths , I step out of the car as Brandon reach out to hold me.


“Breathe princess you’re beautiful. Just live a little.” Brandon whispers above the loud music.


I smile and that was all it takes to change my mood.


“Come on guys.” Piper shouted as she barge into the house.


Wow. I follow Brandon inside and it’s worse inside. Drunk students with red cups and a lot of people making out in every corner.



“Hey guys..” Piper greeted as she sits on a couch close to a guy. I sit close to Brandon and scan every single person around.


“Hi..” I greeted politely.


Hi..” they return the greeting as the blonde haired guy pass us drinks. I didn’t look but gulp. I almost gag as I choke.


Woah. you don’t drink ?” A dark skinned girl ask. I sigh and refuse to answer. “Freshman ?” The Blondie ask.


I nod and smile too. After several talking , they brought in shots and I had to drink too. It taste horrible , sour and I almost choke. I was tipsy and another shot , I’ll be drunk. I push my way past the crowd and find the toilet. I squat close to the toilet seat and throw up every death called alcohol.


I clean my mouth and wash my hands. I stare at my reflection and take in sharp breath. I barely could see that cute girl smile back. Just a depressed fella who’s trying to breathe amidst other people. My phone vibrate at the back of my pocket. I unlock it and the text message almost made me faint.


I ignored it and clean my eyes. It buzz again as I stare at the text message. Why’s Freddie texting me. I deleted the message and it hurts to find out he’s always calling me despite my several attempts in blocking his number. My phone rang and it’s the same number Freddie used in texting me. I ignored it and he called again. With anger I click the green icon.


“Freddie , what do you want ?”


“Missed me ?”


“Leave me the hell alone.”


“You’re not aggressive Ariel.”


“Why can’t you stay away from me ? Haven’t you hurt me enough ?”


“I bet I didn’t notice that i hurt you. Ariel I missed you and I want us to be together.”


“You’re just a psychotic asshole.” He laughs on the phone and that seems to make me more angry. How dare he talk to me after what he did.


“Ariel I’m in love with you and you know it. I want you and I’m gonna have you. I know you’re in New York and I’m gonna find you. If I can’t have you , I’ll make sure no one else will. It’s not a threat Ariel. You belong to me and me alone……”





Wow wow wow. Oops


What do you think of Freddie ?


I see a really cute fight coming up.








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