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” I don’t know.” I shrug.


“You don’t know ?” Mom asks quite mesmerized with my sudden confession.


Seriously Ariel. So a ghost gave you love bites ?” Leslie chip in and I which I could chop out her gossip mouth. Of course I can’t do that.


“I’m not lying..” of course you’re. My conscience taunts me.”I went out with Alexa and she decides we go party. I got drunk and maybe some random person touched me.” I lie. I almost puke to my lies. A random man seriously.


At least it’s better than saying it’s Gray. My mom’s gonna embarrass me and I don’t want it.


“You were drunk again ? And a random man gave you hickeys ? So you’re now a random whore ?” Mom asks. My heart squeeze to her claims . I’m always hurt when being called whore.


“Ariel, what do you want ?” Dad asks calmly for once.


“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I was bored at home and I decide to go with Alex. .”


“You know , the first time you got drunk was because of Alexa. And you woke up with a hangover in a stranger’s bed. And now you went out with her again , clearly you got drunk and fairly touched by a random man. What type of daughter are you ?”


I was quiet for a moment before answering. I just wanna go back to college and hang out with Piper and Brandon.


“I’m sorry mom and dad. I mean it’s weird you guys care about who I hang out with after you both took it out on me after my incident with Freddie. Why don’t you bother asking if Leslie sleeps around or not or even if she has a boyfriend.” I utter as Leslie scoff.


Really ? You wanna compare yourself to Leslie ? Ariel , for Christ sake Leslie doesn’t mess around. You had a best friend no one knew about. And you’ve been sneaking around to visit him. How are we supposed to trust you ? You’re trying to ruin our family by letting your hormones control you to sleep with Freddie when you’re supposed to be taking your vows. What type of daughter are you ?” Mom cautions.


“I don’t want you to think we hate you but, whatever thing you’re doing you’re stopping it with whoever you’re doing it with. We expect good morals from you that’s why we chose to send you to college to get a degree not to have sΒ£x.” Dad says.


“Just a little warning. If you ever mess around in college you’re going to millitary school.” Mom adds with her usual unattractive glares.


Millitary school ? I’m tripping.


“Why did you slap Leslie ?” Dad ask the question I’ve been waiting for.



I blink my eyes and look at Leslie who’s scowling at me.” She insulted me and I got angry so I had to slap her.”


“She insulted you huh ? She tried to caution you with your slutty outfit and you called that insult ?” Mom yell not taking her eyes off me.


“Ariel, apologize now. Apologize to your sister.” My head snap to Leslie who’s now leaning her cheek on her fisted elbow.


She smirks and roll her eyes.


“I’m sorry Leslie.” I tell her with sarcasm. I regret it whole time.


“Good. Get ready, you’re confessing to the priest tomorrow about your sins.” Mom declares standing up with her already emptied mug.


“I thought confession comes from the heart ? I can’t even think of a sin that I’ve committed.” I protest.


“You want me to remind you of your sins ? You’re pathetic.” With that said , she walks to the kitchen.


Dad shake his head slowly and walk to the direction of the stairs. Mom walk back and follow her husband upstairs.


“Won a medal yet ?” I ask Leslie as she smirks.


“I will soon.”


“Yeah and I hope you get into some ugly shit soon. You’re just jealous of me. Why can’t you admit it you coward.”


“I’d rather drink urine than be jealous of your ugly ass.” She scoffs. ” How can you be so careless ? Letting a random guy give you hickeys in the first place. You are tripping.” She hisses and stand up, taking her plates off the table as she head to the kitchen.


“Yeah better than your ugly ass, witch.” I grit my teeth and get up with my plates.


After church service the following morning , mom forced me to make a confession. I was angry and hopeless. Most times I wish I can make my own decisions like every normal adult. But I’m not normal , infact my family is not normal. My mom acts like she’s dad almost every time. Making the decisions. If she’s allowed she would choose our own major for us at school. I can’t wait till the day Leslie would be caught with her sneaky attitude.


I left the confession booth without making any confessions and go back to meet mom and dad. Dad’s fighting hard to be made deacon again in this new parish. I just hope he doesn’t get it or maybe he should get it so that they would leave my life alone. Mom made me ask for forgiveness from the statue of Jesus on the cross. I did as instructed and we left. Leslie drove us back to college. The tension between us was thick and you could almost feel it slit your throat.


Music blares from the radio and Leslie keep on nodding and absently dancing to the song.


“So Ariel , learnt your lessons yet ?” She asks not glancing at me. I can’t learn my lessons till I rip out her hair extensions.


I ignore her and watch the moving objects through the window. I remembered Gray again. Driving in his expensive tinted sport’s cars with expensive leather seats and wealthy mansions. Deep down I wanna stay away from Gray but my conscience won’t let me. Reminding me every single time, that he’s cool and I should play his game of cards. Hanging with Gray is like changing your perspectives.


He changes you without even knowing it. I thought about last night. Me sitting on his counter with him in between my legs touching me. Just the thought of him kissing my neck and trailing his fingers on my bare thighs surges heat to rise on my skin as it traveled to my sensitive part. Oh God ! What’s he doing to me ?


“….But yet you. Ariel.” Leslie snap me out of my thoughts. Wait, what’s she


speaking since ?


“What ?”


“Why are you sweating ? You look like someone who’s thinking. What are you thinking about ?” Since when did she care ?


I scoff and look back at the road blocking my mind from Gray and Leslie. They are all bad news. How could I easily fall for his flirty tone and arousing touch ? That wasn’t me. Maybe I was half drunk. “Liar” my inner self laughs at me. I groan absently trying to fight the annoying feeling down my core. This is wrong. Gray is wrong. He’s not good for you and you don’t want a man. They are all rapists.


“Yeah , whatever. Gray is a hot rapist.” My inner woman mocks. God , go away.


“Ariel ! Are you even listening to me ?” Leslie asks snapping her fingers in my face.


“No. I don’t wanna listen to you.”


“You remember what mom said right ? That if you keep on disgracing the family with your illegal attitude , you should probably get ready to fight her.” I glare at Leslie and ignore her.


Most times I feel Leslie is jealous of me ? And secondly she can’t be jealous of me. She’s better than me . In terms of looks and lucks. My phone vibrates as i shove it out from my bag. A message from Gray.


FROM GRAY: Thinking about me ?


I gulp and shamelessly let last night’s event crawl into my holy mind. Him snapping my panties against my skin. Wearing his dress shirt and I was bare in front of me. Great he saw my titties. How could I let him unbutton my-his shirt to reveal my body to him. That must be a voodoo magic.


Liar. You liked it.



“Woah , a message.” Leslie snap my phone out of my hand while handling the wheel with her left hand and her eyes partially staring at the road.


“Leslie give it back. You’re gonna get us killed.”


She snort out a laugh.” Thinking about me ?” She laughs and toss my phone on my laps. ” Who’s this f**ked up Gray ? I’m sure he’s some ugly English teacher in kindergarten.” She laughs again.


Yeah ? Or he’s the annoying grey eyes temptation you’ve been crushing on. I wish I told her that.


“Why are you so proud ? What makes you think you’re always better ?”


“That’s because I’m always better. I can’t believe you dressed slutty to go to Armani’s in other to attract Gray Carter to look at you. Ariel, Gray Carter is way pass your league. He would never look at you no matter how hard you try to dress slutty.”


Idiot.. Crazy he begged me to kiss him , jealous witch. I groan internally and ignore her looking at the text. I have better things to do with my time and not replying failures like Leslie.


“You should focus on your silly old Gray teacher. I’m sure he’s gonna be really ugly. Maybe you should focus on going back to the convent , that’s where you belong. Not some bad girl romance circle. You don’t fit in sis.” She mocks and I didn’t notice we’re at the parking lot of our apartment.


“Asshole..” I mutter and unfasten my seatbelt.


I get out of the car with the strap of my bag hanging on my shoulders. I ignore Gray’s text message and Imagined i never saw it. I need to stay away from him if I wanna graduate from college.


“Hey Hazel. Yeah , I’m at home.. sure…” Leslie speaks on the phone as we step on the elevator.



My phone vibrates inside my bag again and I wish it isn’t Gray. Leslie continues talking on the phone till we reach our floor. I unlock the door and walk straight to my room. I check my phone and it’s four missed calls already. Alexa , Piper and Brandon. I dial Piper’s number and call her back.


“Arie. What’s up with you ? You disappeared at the club on Friday and today is f**kin Sunday. What happened to you ?” I chuckle and roll my eyes stepping out of my shoes.


“Nothing. I went home with my sister.” I reply and sit on my bed with my feet still on the floor.


“Is that Ariel ?” I hear Brandon’s voice in the background.”I need to talk with her.” I could hear rattling noises like they are fighting to take the phone.


“Guys…” I giggle at their childish behavior.


“Damn girl .” Brandon breath out and I could hear Piper wince on the phone.


“Brandon , what did you do to her ?”


“Nothing to worry about sweetheart. We’re coming over ASAP.” Just that , he cuts the call.


I roll my eyes and drop my phone on the bed to get undressed. I called Alexa and it went straight to voicemail. I put on my pajamas bottom with a loose t-shirt since it’s almost evening and I have no where to go. I walk out of my room to the kitchen to eat something. I prepare cereal with milk since it’s easier to make. My phone vibrates again and it’s a message from Gray. Another message.


FROM GRAY: Stop snubbing me. It makes me wanna drive to your apartment and press you against the wall to feel you again. I don’t mind giving you more hickeys .


Asshole , talking about hickeys.


TO GRAY: Talking about hickeys , why did you give me one ?



I place my phone on the counter to continue my cereal only to get distracted by a new message.


FROM GRAY: I know my hickeys look good on you , you’re welcome.


TO GRAY: Why are you always difficult ?


FROM GRAY: That attracted me to you , Tinkerbell. I have a party this weekend.


You should come with me.


TO GRAY: No. I wanna stay away from you.


FROM GRAY: It’s funny you can’t. You wish you could rewind last night. You were pretty and seductive. You made my birthday.


I groan and mute my phone in other not to hear more messages from Gray. I face the screen of my phone on the counter and finish my meal. The doorbell chimers as I stand to get it.


“Wow.” Piper says as she walks inside and behind her was Brandon.


“You both look toast.” I shut the door and follow them behind to the living room.


Piper plump down on the floor while Brandon sit on the couch above Piper.


“She’s suffering from Fridays hangover. Where did you travel to on Friday night ? Mars ?” I chuckle and sit on the opposite couch.


” No. I…”


“Wait ! Is that a hickey ?” Piper asks as she sit up including Brandon.


“Oh my God. Buddy’s got a love bite.” She squeal and rush to sit close to me.


“Did you got laid ?” She ask batting her lashes.


“No , gross. I didn’t get laid.” I snort.



“Babe you got a hickey. Who gave you ? It’s so hot.” Brandon smirks.


“Jesus. It’s not a hickey. It’s a skin reaction.”


“Such a liar. Not just a hooker but also a terrible liar. You’re not even good at lying.” Leslie butt in sitting on the single couch with a bowl of cereal on her hand.


Piper’s face went pale as she stare at Leslie’s figure. She hate Leslie and that’s really cool.


“Ariel. Who’s this lucky guy ? Tell me ?” Piper chip in ignoring Leslie’s horrible existence.


“Some teacher called Gray.” Leslie laughs as she snorts at the end. How did she become my sister ?


“You really hate your sister.” Brandon says looking at Leslie.


“I don’t mister. I’m just trying to help , she would never tell you who gave her those hickeys.”


“You’re lucky you know..”Piper continues ignoring Leslie.”I can’t even remember when someone gave me a love bite. You must be special to him.” Piper smiles.


Should I tell them ? Hell no. I don’t wanna talk about Gray. We’re nothing and I’m not willing to risk it.


“There’s a frat party tonight. You should come.” Piper changes the subject.


“Frat night ?”


“Yeah. It will be fun. You don’t wanna get stuck with Goliath’s Bride all night.” Piper nudge me as I chuckle.


I can’t believe she called Leslie Goliath’s Bride.


“She’s not coming.” Leslie said at once.


“I’m sorry , who are you ?”


“I’m the one who’s gonna throw your ass out of my house if you dare me. She’s not coming to your slutty frat party and you won’t say shit about it.” Leslie says and i didn’t notice they are already up glaring at each other.


“I’m sorry mother , you don’t make decisions for her.” Piper scowl.


“You should get your ugly slutty face out of my house right now. Don’t let me push you.” Leslie sneers at Piper whose nose is already flaring.


“Okay. Guys.” Brandon chip in standing up.


“Leslie , Piper please.” I plea. I can’t stand watching my sister and my friend fight to death because of nothing useful.


“Get out. Both of you.” Leslie orders.


“Leslie they ain’t leaving..” I stand up and cross my arms.


Piper already clenched her fist and one wrong word from Leslie and that fist will collide with Leslie’s tan face. That won’t be good. Maybe it will be good.


“Leslie , enough.” I snap at her.


(Join Telegram Group)


Now you gonna shut up , you unfortunate idiot.” Woah. Really ? Unfortunate ? Idiot ?


Leslie glares at me and turn to face Piper.


“You should take your raggedy ass outta my house. You bitchy broke ass slut.” And that was all it takes for hell to break loose.













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