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“Are you okay ?” I blink my eyes open and I’m in my room.


I sit up at once and rub my temple. Alexa was beside me while mom, dad and Leslie just watch.


“When did you start having panic attack ?” Dad asks and crosses his arms.


“I don’t know. I’m fine.”


“Have you gone to therapy lately ?” Alexa asks as she touched my forehead.


“Yeah. Guys I’m fine. Thank God that crazy argument is over. I should be looking forward to starting college.” I sigh and rub my nape.


Mom breathe in as she walk out with dad. Who knew they care this much about me. Leslie faked a smile and follow them.


“Thanks Alex.”


She giggles and hug me tighter.


“Thank God you’re fine.” She pat my back softly and let go of me.


“Nice blonde. Your tan is cute.” I tell her and smile.


“Ouch.” She chuckles and shrug. ” Thanks Gee. I should be heading out. See you at campus.” She blow kisses at me and head out.


Alexa had a twin brother who choose to travel to Germany to pursue a career. He’s almost like her but sort of the family’s rebel. He’s never at home and we’re always fighting cause he enjoyed picking on me. Yeah he’s cute and all that but his-their dad despise him because he refused to go college and take over the family’s business. So currently he’s out and it’s been ages since i last saw him.





Finally mom allowed us to move to campus. Like basically staying there. For plenty reasons , God I’m excited. I won’t be yelled at and obviously my depressed state will improve.


On Sunday after Mass , mom decides to drive us to college. I toss my suitcase inside the trunk and get in the backseat. My mind flash to the crazy grey eyes man. He’s cute , like really cute. But Ariel will never like men. Even if I choose to try not trouble in disguise of Gray Carter.


I tuck my loose hair behind my ear and watch mom talk with dad and Leslie. Dad hug Leslie and mom’s face is filled with genuine smile. I was jealous. I’ve never been hugged like that and most times I doubt there’s more to Freddie’s assault for them despising me.


I watch them get into the car as I quickly wipe my pending tears. I lean my head against the car window of my mom’s car as Leslie entered the driver’s seat. She fastens her seatbelt and smirk at me through the rearview mirror. She’s weird and too egoistic. Maybe because she’s naturally classy. Her hair is fancy and her clothes despite our parent’s position in church. But they don’t seem to notice.


“Hope you’re not planning to mess around Ariel ?” Mom ask glaring at me through the mirror.


I sigh and fiddle my sweater. I didn’t reply but stare out of the window looking at the passing objects. I’m really going to college. I talked with Vickie and exchange numbers with her while i explained to Sandy. She’s nice and she understood. Our apartment wasn’t that far from college, that was what Leslie said.


Mom halts her car in the packing lot as I hurriedly get out of the car. I open the trunk and carry my bags out. Mom’s eyes weren’t leaving mine. I sigh and look at the blocks of flat. A little freedom.


“You have to look after Ariel , Leslie. I trusted you that’s why I allowed you to rent an apartment close to college.” Good Lord I’m not a teenager.


I look around our new home and it’s really pretty and decent.



“Sure mom. She’s gonna be good , I’ll make sure of that.” Leslie shoots me a cocky grin. Did I mention Leslie is just a year older than me and in second year of college. She’s also a transfer student.


“Miss Ariel. Do me a favor and don’t contact STDs. Not all can be cured.” Mom sneers at me and smiled at Leslie.


“Be good okay. Bye kids.” Mom wave at us and hurry out.


I roll my eyes and turn to go back to my new room.


“Hope you heard her ? This is college and you won’t be under mom and dad’s supervision. That means I’m the alpha here…” She cross her arms and raise her brows trying to dare me to speak.


“I really don’t have to get worried. You’re obviously not attractive , so guys should be rare. Except… You’re willing to throw yourself at them all over again.” She eyes me up and down and scoff before walking to the kitchen.


Of course , I’m still stuck. I wish I had guts. To slap the hell out of her and rip her wigs out. But I can’t be like that. I hate fighting or even arguing. I arrange my things and clean my room. The walls are a light pink with peach curtains . The large window sits at the end of the room and there’s also an en-suite bathroom right after my closet door. I love everything here.


I open my bag and pick out books I’d definitely use tomorrow at class since it’s my first day in college.


The night was short cause my alarm noise jolt me out of my slumber. I yawn and press the snooze button to sleep again. I snap my eyes open remembering it’s my first day and I don’t wanna be late. I quickly shower and get dressed before rushing downstairs. I rush out of the building just in time to see Leslie entering someone’s car. I really couldn’t see the driver cause it’s tinted.


I bought coffee from a nearby Cafe and stroll on the sidewalk to school. I remembered Gray again. He might be an asshole but I really can’t forget he walks into my life in a really funny way. I’m in college and I’m sure i won’t be able to see



him. Maybe I need to focus since I’ve always wanted him to leave my life Alone. Maybe I really don’t. That kiss keep on replaying and replaying right in my head. It might be short but it feels right.


Stop it Ariel!


I walk into school hall as I step into my first class. It wasn’t really hard to look for it. My breath almost choke at the sight of students. Great this isn’t really highschool. The girls here are fancy like really fancy. Their hairdo clearly states you don’t dare cross their parts.


I look down and find a proper seat close to the front. I tried to look for something to do when a girl sit close to me. I didn’t look but decide to open my bag and bring out a book to scribble nonsense.


“Is this your hair ?” She asks beside me.


My head snap to my right till I’m faced with a brown haired girl. She chews a gum and stylishly tuck her brown her beside her ears. My eyes view down to her outfit. A short black skirt and a white crop top. She has a tattoo on her neck and a pierced eyebrow.


Enough staring.




“Wow.” She give me a tight lip smile that didn’t reach her eyes. I look away from her and she continued.


“Why don’t you wear makeup. How old are you ? Are you mixed race ?” I internally groan and look at her again.


“I don’t like makeup.” I admit and sigh hoping she don’t continue with her previous question.


“You look pretty. Are you Latin? Or maybe Canadian ?”


“No. My mom is an Egyptian.”


“Is she Buddhist ?” She asks and flip her hair to the side.


“We’re Christians.”


“Uhh. Daddy’s Little favorite. You’re not this annoying virgins right ?” She ask and raise her brows. Her grin and looks are cocky.


Madison let her be. She’s obviously a nerd who stole a d**k. She’s not classy.” Her next seat mate scoff.


I sigh and look at the podium hoping the professor would show up any minute from now.


“Bothering you ?” A girl at my left side ask.


I turn to look at the pretty red haired with a genuine smile.


“I mean that psychotic brunette.” She giggle and nudge me playfully.


Piper shut up. Your dirty little nude is still going viral..” the brunette hissed beside me.


Hell is about to break loose.


“Yeah. Your daddy still sneak through my window to f**k though.” I cringe at Piper’s weird language.”And he still calls me mommy, boo.”


Madison’s friend I think snort out a laugh. Madison scoffs and stand up with her friend as they walk out.


“I’m sorry about that. She’s psychotic.”Piper whisper with a hand gesture. Twirling her hand to her head.


I chuckle and smile. And maybe I like her. She’s good even with a choice of language.



“Freshman ?”


“Yeah. Resume yesterday.”


“Wow. This is my second year.” She smile.


“Wow. You’re lucky.”


“I wish. I’m Piper.”




“Ariel ? Like the legendary redhead Disney princess ?” She squeal exposing her nice teeth.


I chuckle.” Nah. Just Ariel.”


“Wow. I like your name. We’re gonna be best friends.” She drawl with a pout.


I blush to her kindness. She’s a bit nice i think and somewhat playful.


“Hope you don’t have any crush yet ? A lot of weird jerks around here.” She nudge me playfully and bring out her laptop.


“Nah. I’m not interested.”


“Really ? I hope your mystery crush isn’t Gray Carter ?” Holy hell. I roll my eyes and shake my head sideways.


“What do we have here ? A new cute ass ?” I heard a masculine voice as he sits on Madison’s vacant seat.


I turn to look at my right and was greeted with a guy with glasses. He smiled broadly and take in my figure.



“Oh I’m sorry. I thought you’re a new fine ass. It’s long daddy got something.” He winks playfully as Piper laughs.


Ariel , meet my annoying best friend Brandon. Don’t fall , he’s gay.”she whisper. “Hi.” I greeted Brandon.


“Hi , milady. Is she giving you hard time ?” “No way. She knows it.” Piper butt in.


“You’re hanging out with us after lectures. There’s a really good restaurant were they sell good meals.” Brandon said bringing out a notepad to write.


I smile and about to reply but the professor already walks in. After several minutes or maybe hours the lecture ended as we walk out of class. I saw Madison and her goth friend. With extremely black makeup. She throw glares at me or maybe Piper before disappering down the hall.


“What’s your next class ?” Brandon ask.


“Econ. And it started few minutes from now.”


Oh great. You’re definitely gonna fight with Madison till you graduate. She’s filled with trouble and always lay with the rich guys.” I scoff not really interested in Madison.


“Her worse enemy is Alexa.”


“Alexa ?” I ask surprisingly. I know she’s in the same college with us but I wasn’t sure she could be this popular.


“Damn, she’s fierce. And hot.” Brandon emphasize making me blink my eyes at him reminding him he doesn’t like girls.


“You don’t wanna cross her part. They remind you of highschool.” Piper scoff.



I look up and saw Alexa with another girl. Great she looks amazingly different. Her steps were like a model in a runway as her wavy hair bounce along with her walk. I know my sister is pretty but I didn’t notice she could easily caught the crowds. Now I remember the Gray incident at Sandy’s. She halts on seeing me as she remove her dark glasses accompanied with a smile.


“Arie..” she calls out.


“Uh..” Piper mutters beside me.


Bunny..” she smile and hug me. “Hey.”


“Leslie is such a pig. She didn’t tell me you guys resumed college. I’ll make sure she pays.” She says with that girly smile of yours.


Brandon and Piper stand still watching the drama.


“You look pretty.”


“Thanks. You’re not bad yourself.” I said looking at her friend who’s typing her problems away on her phone.


“I’m calling you and we’re getting drunk tonight.” She kiss my cheek and walk pass me with her friend.


My two new friends stand in awe and stare at me still surprised. Yeah I understand. Alexa is fancily hot. How on Mars could she know Ariel the introvert ?






“And you didn’t tell us you knew Alexa.” Brandon begin slurping noisily on his milkshake.



We’re in a nearby restaurant called ‘sands & winches’ like I discovered. Really weird.


“She’s my cousin. My maternal cousin. If that makes any sense.”


“Yeah. She’s rich. Always throwing parties and that includes frat. She f**ked my ex.” Piper grit her teeth and munch on a pizza.


“Oops I’m really sorry.”


“No it’s fine. She didn’t know so I don’t blame her. He was loaded anyways, I think that’s the one thing that attracted me to him.” Piper explained and scrunch her face




“That’s silly.”


“Tell us where are you from. I mean where you lived.”


“I actually stayed in Georgia before moving to Buffalo.”


“Wow. New Yorks fun.” Fun indeed. With every annoying girl gawking at Gray Carter.


I shrug and nod drinking my Coke.




“One thing I must recommend. I love your accent.” I raise my brows at Brandon’s sudden speech.


I blush wondering what’s with my accent. Of course it sounds American.


I discovered they are both second year and Brandon is studying English while Piper accounting.


“Have you done your work ? School’s assignment ?” Brandon asks as Piper sigh. It seems she forgot.



“Hold on. I’ll call Jamie.”


“Jamie ?” I ask and watch Piper pull out her phone and dial a number.


“An asshole who do her homework because he wants to take Piper on a date but she’s too hang on delinquent boys.” Brandon explains.


Jamie.” Piper drawls his name in a really sΒ£xy tone. Her phone’s on loud speaker. I feel sorry for this Jamie boy.


Pipes , hey what’s up.” He ask like an excited teenager.


“I’m not fine. I’m stuck with my assignment again.” She grin and wink at me.


“Oh my God. It’s okay , I’ll do that for you.”


“You’re such a darling.”


Brandon rolls his head and shoots himself dramatically. I snort a chuckle and sip my Coke quietly.


“I’ll do anything for you. What about our date ?”


“Uh.. I’m sorry i can’t hear you..” she scrunch her face disgusted with the new topic as she search for something.


“Hello.. I’m sorry I can’t hear you ..” she picked up the keys on our table and begin rambling them on the table noisely.


“Jamie.. f**kin reception. I can’t hear you , there’s a lot of noise in here. Crazy network..” she scoff and hang up.


“Perv!.” She scoff and stop jingling the keys. I smirk and raise a questionable brows at her reaction. I think Jamie is too innocent and doesn’t deserve this .


“I don’t like him.”she says flatly.



“So why using him ?”


“He doesn’t listen. He thinks he can afford this.” She says bringing her hand down her body.


“I’ve got class boo and he doesn’t wanna back out.”


“He sends her $200 every weekend.” Brandon butts in as my eyes widen. What ?


“I wish I had a boyfriend like that.” Brandon scoff snatching my Coke and drinking it.


Of course this is college. Every shit happens.




Class ended that day and it was fun. Piper is cool and Brandon is super funny. They insist to drop me off since Brandon owns a car but i refused. I really wanna walk and we just met. I don’t wanna look like I like depending on people. Walking into the lobby , I greeted the lady behind the desk. She’s too weird. Smiles too much and I think she’s always hungover.


I push the elevator button and walk in without looking at the other occupant. I sigh and rub my palm on my hair as i raise my head to look at my other occupant. By breath skip as my hands refuse to leave my hair. My mouth parted as I look at this grey eyes who looked a bit shock in seeing me. How can we be stuck in the same elevator.




” Miss me ?”


His he stalking me ?














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