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We turn in unison to look at this perfectly shaved gentle man with his super sewed suit. And now I’m shy because he almost withneesed us kissing.


“Mr Carter , nice to see you again.” He stretch his hands out politely to take Gray’s.


“Welcome milady.” He directs his greetings to me as I smile.


“Thank you Desmond.” Gray says as we follow this man behind. His hands not leaving mine.


I stare at this place and it’s beautiful and quiet. The street lights illuminated the outdoor as people pair along , laughing and talking. It’s like there’s a carnival today. I glance at the stores at the right and it’s transparent glass . Pizzeria huh , hmm.


“You’re okay ?” Gray whispers giving my hand a gentle squeeze.


“Yeah.” I gulp at the foreign feeling at the contact of our hands as I tried to sneak out of his grip. He was stronger and refused to give in.


We walk to a field as we walk up the hill. It was far romantic up here. You could see the entire population downwards and I could spot a lake at the end of the other side of the hill. There were few seats here , meaning it’s reserved or maybe for important people. I still don’t even know who he’s.


“Does it matter ? He’s hot that’s what matters.” My conscience whisper. I hate her sometimes. We’re obviously different.


Gray draws out a seat for me to sit down. I smile at his gesture and sit down on the chair while Gray takes the opposite one. We were opposite each other and just a single move my knees would be grazing Gray’s.


“I’ll call in the waitress. It’s a pleasure Mr Carter.”


“Sure.” Gray said to him as he walks away shooting me a friendly smile.


“What’s this place ?” I decide to start a conversation.



“It’s a place.” He smirks and I scoff. He’s so irritating sometime.


“I love coming here. It’s like home but in a different version and it’s peaceful out here.” I nod to his claims and look around.


They were about seven other couples here talking and maybe flirting. At the front , there’s a life music band who plays classical music. I sigh and turn my head to look at Gray who’s already staring at me. His deep grey orbs glue to my facials and I’m uncomfortable. If I’m being sincere , no one has ever looked at me like that.


A waitress walks in with a wine bottle and drops it on the table with two glasses. She opens the wine and pour them almost to the brim of the glasses. My eyes move up and Gray hasn’t look away from my figure.


“Thank you.” I said to the waitress who smiles politely before walking away.


“Is something wrong with me ?” I ask and fiddle my fingers.


His perfect lips twitch as he smiles.


“Why are you asking ? You don’t wanna drink.” He points to the glass of wine.


“Not really. Your stares.” I sigh and look back at his face. It’s really hard to focus staring at his eyes. I feel like I wanna use the restroom.


“What happened to my stares ?” He ask resting one of his hand on the table. Why’s he acting like he doesn’t know what I’m talking about.


I huff and dart my eyes to the musicians singing to entertain the audience.


“Your stares are somehow. Like I’m a snack or something.” I reply and face him.


“Snack huh ?” He smirks and grips his glass. I watch him level it to his mouth as his lips embrace the rim to take a gulp. That was seductive.



“It’s gonna be perfect eating you up. I know you taste good.” He smirks and drop his glass. I taste good , what’s that supposed to mean ? Wait he just flirted with me.


“Will you drink miss Peterson ?” He wink and motion to my yet to devour glass.


“How did you know my last name ?” I stutter.


“I’m a genius, you’re welcome.” I bite my lip and meet his eyes that are watching me intensely.


The waitress returns as she decorate our table with food. She place everything in order and walk away.


“You like Italian ?” He asks . I sigh and nod. Yeah , they really are good with meals.


“Don’t freak out about your last name. I saw your ID.” My eyes widen at his confession as I snap back to reality. I carried my ID before leaving for the club. I really don’t wanna get embarrassed.


“You’re such a sneak.” I chuckle and look at my laps that are visible. I’m always uncomfortable with dresses like this but the guys thought it’s perfect. I dare not argue.


I shove out my phone and text my two friends and Alexa that I’m fine. I keep my phone aside and reach to grab the drink and hope it’s not alcohol.


“Do you always avoid alcohol ?” Gray asks as I take a sip of the wine. I nod and melt to it’s taste. It’s better and not hot or maybe sour.


“The last time I drank alcohol , I remembered I woke up in a man’s bed wearing his sweatpants and tee.” I reply as Gray chuckle.


“That was cute though. You in my t-shirt and sweats. Through out the ride you were just murmuring how hot I was and you wished we get laid .”



“What ? Hell no. Why are you bringing it up ?” I drop my glass, clearly bathed in embarrassment.


“You brought it up. It was really funny to watch you blab about a lot of shit you can’t handle.” He says with a soft chuckle.


I don’t know what that means but I’m really sure he meant something dirty. He takes out a fork and started eating.


“You’re not gonna watch me right ? You should eat too.” He smile at my attempt of just fiddling my fingers and watch him eat.


I don’t blame girls who wished to wake up in his bed. Maybe it’s worth it , Gray is possibly everything an average or maybe baddie would want. He’s super cute and really beautiful. I don’t even know what to say. His eyes move up to look at me as my eyes blink on it’s own cause I was caught staring. I gulp and nod to nothing as I begin eating. Gray smiles watching me carefully as we both eat.


The waitress returns to clean up the table. I really wanted to sort my bills since I’m not comfortable with a man trying to pay for everything. Gray gulp his wine and watch me


He chuckles like he knew what I was thinking.” You wanna split the bill ?” He ask with his brows partially raised.


I shrug.


“You don’t have to. I sort it out before we got here.”


“Before we got here ? So you were sure I was gonna come with you ?”


He smirks.”Yeah.”


I blink and scoff. My feets aches on this killer shoes and i really wished I could take it off.


“So you’re in college right ?” He asks still studying my figure.



“Yeah. You don’t like college students right ?”


“I didn’t say that. Maybe you’re just exceptional. What’s your major ?”


“Business administration. It’s totally weird I know.”


“I didn’t say that. It suits you anyway.” I nod and smile.


I’m grateful we are indulging in a normal casual conversations and he’s not pushy.


“So what do you do ? Asin profession ?” I decide to ask this time.


He stays quiet for minutes with his eyes glued to mine and I regretted why I asked. He smirks and tap his long fingers on the table and smile.


” I work for summit.”


“Summit ? You mean summit enterprises slash worldwide ?”


“Yeah. What ?”


I chuckle and Imagined what he just said. I’ve always wished once I’m way pass college this semester , I really want an internship with summit. It’s sort of popular around the country and Georgia’s branch is incredible.


“You own summit or you work for summit ?” I ask him suspiciously. He was called boss on several occasions and he doesn’t look like someone who would work under someone. Not this tatted , pierced delinquent.


He shrug.” What do you want me to say ? Yeah , I own it. What ?” He cocks his brows and smirk.


“Wow. That’s a huge establishment. It’s popular. Now I see why you’re popular Mr Carter.” I giggle and smiles.



“You sort of pull crowds each time you walk into a place. It’s weird and you’re not even a star. Are you Dwayne or something ?”


He chuckle.”Dwayne ? You know I’m not an actor. It’s usually common.”


“Yeah. You’re cute and you storm every party. Like you’re Gray Kardashian.” I poke my lips out and shrug.


“I didn’t expect you to know the Kardashians.”


“Yeah ? They are popular. My annoying sister is a huge fan and she’s always stuck to their tv shows. She always liked to be like Kylie Jenner. She’s weird.”


He laughs . It’s great to have someone listen to you. I mean someone like Gray Carter.


“So who do you like to be like ?”


“Me ? no way. I really haven’t place a thought on that. I just wanna be a better version of me.” I sigh fighting hard not to get hooked by Gray’s fascinating glances. It sorta have an effect on me without even touching me.


I huff and slip my feet out of my strapless stilettos. They hurt my feet. Gray seems to notice as he looks down at my feet resting freely on my shoes.


“Does it hurt you ?” He asks. I nod as Gray grip to my shin and bring my leg to his lap. Oh my God. I didn’t expect that. I watch in awe as he observe my leg taking in my leg as he stare to my almost exposed laps . Oh damn Piper. She picked this dress.


“Where does it hurt ?” He ask me.


I gulp and point to my heels and toes infact everywhere hurts.


” What’s the better version of you ?” Gray ask bringing his gaze to my face.



I open my mouth to speak but just shut it. Gray’s fingers move expertly on my legs to my ankles as that sent shivers to every parts in my body.


“Ariel.” He smirks knowing he has an effect on me. I swallow again and sigh.


“Just someone who wants to be better. Better in the sense of not trying to remember some stupid memories.” I shut my eyes trying to fight the image of Freddie tearing my habit away and taking my virginity.


Gray’s hands snap me out of my trauma as his hands move to touch my ankle almost touching my thighs. I breathe in and open my eyes to see Gray watching me.


“I’m sorry about your silly memories. Sometimes most memories are best left behind in order not to mess our presents. It’s silly.” He sigh.


I smile and nod. Appreciating how relaxed he’s touching my leg in a really intimate manner. His hands stroke my ankles to the back of my thighs as I breathe in sharply. He smirk.


“Are you okay ?” His grey eyes burn into my skin. I gulp and swallow. I shut my eyes briefly and open them. Gray tilts his head and lean closer to my earlobe. His hot breath fans against my neck and I shudder.


“It’s really nice I have an effect on you.” He pulls back and smile at my leg.


“Are you feeling better ?” I nod quickly and take my legs off his laps.


“That was a fast move.”


I chuckle and slip my foot inside my shoes. I tuck my hair and sweep my hand down it to keep it tamed. I avoid looking at his eyes but it’s impossible. My eyes capture the lake down the hill. Gray’s eyes follows my stare and he caught what I was looking at.


“You wanna take a look ?”



“I’d like to.” I bite my lip and look back at this delinquent who’s already up. He takes my hand in his as we walk side by side down the hill.


I almost trip again for the second time in one night but Gray was faster. He sweep me off the feet as he walk down the hill with me on his arms. Oh shit ! Something is happening to my breath again. This doesn’t feel good. My eyes meet his and he smiles warmly still holding firmly to my body on his hold. I silently gulp and absently lean my head on his shoulders.


He walks close to the lake as he gently drop me on the ground still holding slightly to me.


“You should get rid of those.” He said directly to my shoes. I chuckle and shrug shyly.


“I’ll think about it Mr Carter.” I smile and hug myself looking at the water and how it flows gently. I feel like getting undressed and drowning myself.


“Remember the first time we met ? When I sneak into your car ?” He ask me and I could feel him smirk even if I wasn’t staring.


“Yeah ?” I turn to look at his frame beside me as I drank in his glorious self.


“What were you doing at that side of town ?”


“Just touring.”


“Yeah ?” He chuckle.


“What’s funny ?” I ask with a totally different voice and i wondered when on Earth did I get that voice.


“Nothing. Just remembered the first day I saw you. It was at Georgia.” No way.


My heart leap to my feet as I look at Gray who’s smirking at me.


“What ? You’re surprised ? You were with your mom coming out from a grocery shop. I was sitting in my car when I saw you walk out giggling like a teenage girl.



That was adorable.” He huff dramatically and nudge me gently. I zoned out thinking about that car.


For sure there was a red car across the street. How am I supposed to see the occupant ? Yeah it was tinted.


“That was weird. I.. you.. know.. I..” I stutter thinking about the right word to say.


“So you were stalking me ?”


“Pftt , I wasn’t. It’s just a coincident I’m standing next to you staring at a lake. Superb right ?”


I sigh and hug myself tighter. I couldn’t look at him or my shoes will betray me and I will fall right on my face kissing the ground. We were quiet for seconds till it was about to drizzle.


“You’re cold ?”


I rub my palm up my arms and look at Gray’s concerned look.


“Maybe. Stupid strap dress.” I mutter after the maybe. Gray heard it as he chuckles.


He shrug out his jacket and wrap it around me.


“There. We should get you to the car.” He says as I breathe in his scent. I smile to his act and leave the jacket to hang around my shoulders. He shove his hands in his pockets as we turn back to the main hill.


“Am I supposed to carry you again ? Your shoes.” I snort out a laugh and shake my head.


“I’ll be fine.” I begin walking up the hill but this stupid shoes decide to embarrass me again.


“Caught you.” He whisper behind me with his arms wrap around my torso. I take in a sharp breath. I hate that I’m always affected by just his simple touch.


“Take them off. Will you princess ?” He ask still holding me from behind.


“Uh..” I stutter and strain my neck to look at him from behind. Great it’s already drizzling and this man behind me looks super breath taking with his messy hair.


I forgot I’m still in his grasp and my back is pressed to his front. He pull me back a little and squat to take my shoes off my feet. I hold his shoulders to steady my weight as Gray successfully remove my shoes and hold them.


“We’re wet.” He mutters and we climb back the hill with me barefooted. Without thinking twice I put on Gray’s jacket since it’s already raining a bit. His white T-shirt stick to his body and I couldn’t help but stare.


“Not the time princess. You have enough time to stare.” He smirks and before I could register his remark I’m being tossed on his shoulders. Oh God.


My hair covered my view as he walk a little fast heading to his car. We’re both wet and my dress is glued to me like another skin. He drop me on my feet and open his car for me to get In. I step in as he shut it. I rub my fingers through my damp hair to make it stay in one place. Gray drops my shoes on the floor of the car as he fastens his seatbelt to start driving.


“Thanks.” I tell him as he darts his head to my view with his usual smirk. The ride was a bit faster cause Gray was driving beyond speed limit even in this raining weather.


I wanted to talk about his way of driving but seal my mouth. I watch the dripping of the water as it kiss his tinted window. I’m a bit cold and I’m grateful for his jacket. My eyes snap to his figure handling the wheel with just one hand. The other hand works on his messy hair as he turn to look at me. Great Ariel , always caught in the act. I shamelessly look away and bite my lips nervously. I fiddle my fingers and I heard Gray chuckle.


“Don’t tell me you’re laughing at me.” I whine and that made him chuckle.


“I’m not. Why were you called Ariel ?”


“Why were you named Gray ?”


“I don’t know. Maybe my eyes. It’s one of my favorite colors.”


“I noticed. It fits you.”


“So tell me why are you called Ariel ?” He bites his lower lip and watch me carefully before staring back at the road.


“I don’t know. But it’s a name of a holy city in Jerusalem.” He snorts out a laugh.


“Fuck me. I expect that. It’s one of the reasons you have a rosary on your rearview mirror.”


“You’re not laughing at me right. Stop judging me.” I scoff and look at the window.


“I’m not.”


“Yeah. So pessimistic.”


He sighs deeply and I could feel his eyes burn holes in my skin.


“You don’t have to get angry at me on my birthday.”


“What ?” I snap my head to look at him in disbelief. Today’s is his birthday! “Why didn’t you tell me ?” I ask him and cross my arms.


“I just told you.” He smirks and pout like a silly kid. I smile and bite my lip. “Wow. What if you’re lying ?”


I’m not.” He Chuckles. He opens the compartment and showed me an ID.


Wait. Jamal ? Your middle name is Jamal ?” I beam trying to snatch his card but he keeps it back glaring jokingly at me.



Wow. Happy birthday Jamal.” “Don’t say that in public.”


“What , you’re shy ? I didn’t notice you could ever be shy pumpkin.” “Yeah really , pumpkin now ?”


“Whatever. Sorry i didn’t have your gift.” I bat my lashes and smile. “That’s fine. At least I have you that’s what matters. Thanks for the date.”


My heart melt to his speech. “Thanks too. Jamal.”


“Ariel..” he warns and I can’t help but laugh at his face. “I love it. It sounds Arabic.”


“Yeah , it is.”


“You don’t look Arabic.”


“That’s because I’m not Arabic. My dad likes it.” “Uh , now I wish I had a gift for you.”


“You could still give me one.” He muse. “How’s that even possible ?”


“You could give me a kiss.” He said and wink.


No way , that’s not happening. I blush and look away from him. His car slows down as he halts the car in an underground parking lot.



“Let’s get you inside.” He step out of the car and open my side door for me. I step out clearly stained with embarrassment from his previous word. I can’t believe he had ask me to kiss him.


“Thanks.” I tell him as we walk into the elevator.


The ride was silent and uncomfortable for me. He’s always watching me like I’m the most important thing to watch. I watch the buttons on the panel waiting impatiently to get to his floor. Wait what am i doing ? Going to his house ? Another house ? I remember he doesn’t stay in a penthouse. I wanted to speak but the elevators slide open as we step out . I trust him maybe as I followed behind.


He tap in a code to his house as the door unlocked. I follow behind taking in the view. Wow , he’s obviously rich. This is out of the ordinary to explain.








I stare at the closet of his guest bedroom thinking of what to wear. My dress is already soaked and I need to make them dry before leaving. I sigh as I go throw few clothes on his closet. This isn’t his room so I’m not expecting his clothes to be here. After contemplating on what to wear, I settled on his white dress shirt underneath my panties. I button the shirt and look down at my figure. He’s really tall. I walk out of his room and find my way to his kitchen. He stood beside the counter drinking a glass of water. His eyes move to my frame as he smirk. Silly , what’s amusing ? Yeah , me wearing his dress shirt.


“Hi..” I said nervously as I walk closer to him.


“Hi.” He surprises me and lift me off the floor placing me on the counter. He stand in between my legs with his hands gripping softly around my waist.


Woah , my breath is already leaving me as I gulp severally. Gray’s hands flick the button playfully as he smirks at me.


“You look pretty.” He whispers trailing his fingers on my thighs.


” Thanks.” I breathe out. What his he doing to me ?


“Wanna kiss me now ?” He bites his bottom lip and squeeze my thighs gently. I gasp, thanking God a moan didn’t escape my mouth.


” Gray…”I stutter.


“You owe me a birthday gift remember ?” He slides his hands underneath the dress shirt I’m wearing. I feel his hands move slowly to my hips brushing against my panties. Oh Jesus !


His hands grip the waistline of my lace panties and I swallow again. His eyes move slowly on my body to my eyes. I can’t stop him , of course I don’t want to stop him.


“I’m waiting, Tinkerbell.” He lean closer and right there we’re breathing each other’s breath. I have never kissed anyone before , like start a kiss.


What if i mess up ? Aside that, why me ? Even if he wants to use me , why me ? I’m not his type of women but he doesn’t choose to care. His eyes watch me carefully as he snap my panties against my skin. That seems to turn me on.


“Kiss me Ariel.” He whispers.


He takes my hand and place it on his shirtless chest so that I could feel his heartbeat.








Damn girl. What she waiting for ?



I’m out.






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