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“Boss, Trent is on the phone.” Manny says stretching my phone at me. I huff irritated , and butt the cigarette on an ashtray.





“Gray…” Trent’s thick voice speaks through the phone.


“What ?”


“What happened to our bargain , Gray ?”


“We’re still partners Trent. I’ll send my boys over to San Francisco tomorrow. You okay now ?”


“Yeah. I’m opening my new casino tomorrow. It’s gonna be a honor if you’ll be there.”


“I’m not your girlfriend, Trent.” I blow out the smoke of the cigarette as I rest my head on the couch.


“Gray.” Trent’s voice calls out through the phone.


“I’ll be there.”


“Sure thing.”


Manny hang up the call and drop the phone on the coffee table.


“Gray.” I heard that familiar voice as she walks into my house.


Her black tight skirt hugged every of her large figures as she fits perfectly on her white dress shirt tucked in her skirt. She throws a brown envelope on the glass table and sit opposite me.


“Hi Manny.” She smile at Manny as Manny nods.


“Good day boss. I got news.”


“Yeah ?”



“The Chinese are about striking a partnership deal with Vladimir , it’s a whole lot of money. The guy in command of the Chinese is paying a lot of billions for just striking a deal with Vladimir. We’ve always wanted that.” Meghan says.


“Where did you hear that from ? I worked hard to take summit to Asia.”


She shrugs and pick up the envelope as she brings out pictures.


“Feast your eyes. They went to dinner in a five star restaurant in Buffalo. He’s in New York.” I sigh looking at the pictures.


“Fuckin prick. How the f**k did he get to convince the Chinese.” I sigh and toss the pictures on the table.


“Homeboy..” Reid smiles broadly as he walks into the living room. His hands stuck in his pocket.


“Shit! It’s been long buddy visited.”


“Hi Reid.” Meghan greeted with her usual seductive grin. She’s so unbelievable. Most times she forgets when she’s supposed to be serious and mix her seduction job with her boss. I remembered when she tried to seduce me to sleep with her.


I huff at the remembrance. That shit’s stupid. Who f**ks their employees ?


“Reid ? You’re supposed to be in Miami.” I smile at him as he give me a quick brother hug. Reid’s my childhood friend and a partner too. We’ve been really close since highschool.


“Missed me ? Sup Megan ? You look hot as f**k.” Meghan roll her eyes at Reid’s remark knowing where he’s driving at.


Hey Manny.” Reid said to Manny who’s been standing a bit far from the conversation. Manny smiles and nod.


“Woah. Vladimir..” he wince at the pictures on the table.



On Friday night at your club in Miami , we caught a random guy who was bugging Lewis informations about you. Asking about Gray Carter.” Reid said as he drops the pictures on the table.


“For what ?” I ask unamused.


“I brought him to the warehouse in Buffalo and I f**ked his ass up.” He stretch to get a cigarette and a lighter.” Dude’s working for that Russian motherf**ker. He was sent to steal Information.”




“Same one every time.” Reid chuckle and take a long drag on his cigarette.


“Where’s he ?” Meghan ask.


“Still in torture. You need any favors ?”


I drop the last piece of the blunt and stand up. I shove my hands in my pockets and stare at view of the city through the transparent glass walls.


“Take him out.”








I’ve not been okay after that call with Freddie. After class , I hang out with Piper and Brandon and as usual they light up my mood.


“Are you okay ?” Piper asks snapping her fingers at my face.


I force a smile and nod.” Yeah. What ? Do I look bad ?”


“You look like someone who got dumped.” I roll my eyes and rub my


“Guys I’m good. I’m just stressed that’s all.”



“By your sister ?”


I shrug and smile.


“Who wants to watch a movie tonight ?” Brandon asks to change the topic and I was forever grateful. I wasn’t ready to tell anyone about my Freddie situation.


“I’m in.”


“It’s at Brandon’s and it’s a horror movie nights.” Piper giggle loudly.


I laugh at her childishness.


“Woah. Guys , don’t look.” Brandon mutter looking out of the glass wall of *Sands & Winches*


My eyes follow his stare and it’s Alexa getting out of a tinted black Mercedes. That’s super expensive. She kisses a tattooed guy as she chuckle , to something we didn’t hear.


Damn. She just kissed Bobby Walker. Top super model at Gsquares.” Brandon says munching chips.


I’m so jealous of her. She’s pretty and super fabulous in her own way.” Piper says as we watch the black car drive away.


Alexa flips her hair as she walk majestically to the restaurant’s direction. She’s smartly dressed in a black leather jacket , black short tights , white crop top and of course a boots. Sometimes I wonder if she’s my sister. She’s Leslie’s secret role model.


“Pumpkin.” She scream as she sees me. She’s weird.





“Look at you. I’m really sorry , I couldn’t come check on you.” She smile as she sits next to me on the booth.


“Woah ! You look heavenly gorgeous.” She giggle like a girl who didn’t just got drop in an expensive Mercedes. I love her personality though. She’s cocky sometimes and really sweet.


“Hi collegers. Mind ?” She ask already eating Brandon’s chips. Brandon looks like he wants to eat up Alexa.


“What’s up with you Ariel ? I saw Leslie yesterday though. Hooked up with some redhead college idiot. I’m not snitching.” She bats her lashes with a genuine smile as she eats the fries.


“What’s up with you Arie ? You got any jerks around you yet ?”


” No. You know I can’t cope with such.”


“Yeah. That’s a great start. Cause I’m ready to cut off every stupid assholes who wants to mess with you. I don’t like broke.” She snorts and drink my coke.


“And guess what ?” She ask. Piper and Brandon just sit and watch.


“You are going clubbing with me this weekend at Armani’s.”


“Armani’s ?” Brandon and Piper butt in at once.


“Yeah , what ?” Alexa ask looking concerned.


“Oh my God. That’s a VIP club and I heard Gray Carter checks in sometimes.” Piper says with so much eagerness.


“Gray ? You know Gray too ?”


“Every physically functioned person knows Gray.” Brandon shrug. ” He’s hot and really hot. I’d give my last penny to lick his well taken care of body.” Brandon bites his straw and wink.



“Holy Moly.” I chew on my bottom lip and look at Alexa who’s already smiling.


“She doesn’t know Gray. Like only met him once at a restaurant.” Alexa whispers to the guys.


What ?” Piper squeal as she showed me her phone screen lock. Gray’s her wall paper.


“No way.” I mutter.


“Yes way. It’s weird , he’s really cute.” True though , but I still can’t tell them this Gray is stalking me. Or maybe we’re both stalking each other. Whatever.


“So you’re coming to Armani’s right ?” Alexa nudge me with her elbow and wink.


“To see Gray ?”


” No pumpkin , to party and have fun with your cousin. What’s wrong with that ?”


Piper pouts at me including Brandon. Secretly begging me to go and take them along too.


“Who’s taking you ?” I ask Alexa.




“Can my friends come ? Please ?”


Sure. I don’t hate people.” She chuckle as Piper squeal and high five Brandon. “Thank you.”


“Friday night at 7. Wait at Ari’s apartment. I’ll come pick you guys up. Cute outfits , please.” Alexa stands up and smile at us before leaving.


“She finished your chips.” I murmur pointing to Brandon’s almost empty bowl.



“I like her. Not like your bitchy whore older sister , Leslie.”


“So wait , you really haven’t met Gray ?” Brandon ask leaning his elbows on the table with full attention on me.


I roll my eyes and huff loudly.






Friday night was here already. Piper took me shopping and bought me silver lace dress that sorts of sparkle a bit at night. Alongside a choker.


“You’ll be fine. It won’t hurt, getting used to this type of outfit. There’s nothing wrong with it. You look perfect.” Piper says standing beside me in the mirror as I stare at my reflection. I really look different in dress.


The dress drops at the top of my knees and it still shows a little amount of legs. I look naturally tanned even if I’m not. I run my fingers on my hair and sigh. I still don’t see reasons going to this legendary club. Seeing Gray was heart aching. He has a huge effect on me that i still can’t point my fingers at. I’m always drawn to him each time we come across each other.


Live a little. So says my inner woman. I deserve it.


“Who’s ready to get laid ?” Brandon asks leaning on my door.


“I’m not getting laid.” I snort and get in on this killer heels.


Where are you going ?” Leslie asks pushing Brandon off the path. “Just a party with Alexa.” I whine and sigh.


A party ? Dressed like that ? You’ve started sleeping around in college ? With slutty friend ?” She eyes Piper and dart her eyes back to my frame.



“What did you just call me ?”


“Slutty. What you gon’ do ?” Leslie ask eyeing Piper again.


” I’m really sorry Piper.”


“We’re downstairs. Sort this psychotic sister of yours.” Piper says as she push past Leslie.


“Leslie , that wasn’t fair.”


“What’s not fair ? That you’re dressed like a common whore in some tight thin material and you wanna go party with your lame ass friends. Really ? I told you ,stop trying to fool yourself around college . You ain’t even pretty. Dressing like this will only make you end up in beds of jerks and assholes. No good guy would look at you. You’re just some tiny lil bitch who thinks she’s pretty as f**k and…”




What ? You’re hurt now. Alexa is a druggie and she wants to hook your ugly ass with some unfortunate bastards. What’s wrong with you ? You think you’re hot now , dressed in some stupid spaghetti lace dress , you think you’re a model. For f**k sake Ariel , you can’t fit in. Nobody likes you , they are just trying to eat your ugly ass….” Without ending her speech I smack my hand on her face as she palms her cheek looking at me with full red eyes.


“Another word from you , I dare you.” I said through clenched teeth.


“Ariel, you slapped me ?”


And I would love to slap your senses back to you if you don’t mind your stupid business. What on Mars is wrong with you ? Thinking you’re perfect and all that stupid shit. Look I don’t care about you or what you think you’re. But trust me another word from you and I won’t hold back. I keep quiet doesn’t mean I’m a coward. Do yourself a favor and mind your business.”


She blink her eyes in surprise and caress her cheek.


“You’ll regret this…” She says and wince silently, still feeling the pain of my palm on her cheek.


“What are you gonna do ?”


“I’m calling mom and you’re dropping out of college….”







So who hates Leslie now ?










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