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Chapter 4






Today’s the most weirdest day of my life. Driving a total cute stranger who end up entering such an expensive car.


I sigh several times as i drive back home. It’s almost evening and I’m really sure a lot awaits me once I get home. I halt the car on the garage and get out ready to face my parents uneasy troubles.


” And where are you coming from ?” Dad ask once I entered the living room.



I stuck both my hands in my back pocket and look at both of them intensely. What am I supposed to tell them ?


Ariel..” Mom glare snapping at me.


I took a ride around the city.”


A stupid ride ? Or you’ve successfully gotten yourself a boyfriend Ariel.”


Dad , please stop.”


Did you just cut me off ?” My dad yell.


What did we do to deserve you in the first place ? You keep on acting like we hate you but your attitude is not even pleasing. Your bad luck brought us to New York , did you forget that ?”


I blink my eyes not to cry in front of them. Why are they acting so annoying and not tolerating.


I’m sorry.” I say looking at Leslie who is sitting on the dinning room.


You’re sorry ? For what ? Lying ? Where did you go ?”


I took a ride.”


You’re still lying ? Ariel I’m gonna hit you if you don’t say the truth.” Mom points her finger at me shooting daggers at me.


My eyes meet Leslie’s. She barely help matters. She acts like she enjoys my torture. I look back at my parents, their eyes not leaving my figure.


I..” I stutter blinking. My eyes already crowded and I’m crying again.


I took a ride because I was tired. Of being treated like shit. You don’t even trust me.”



Why should we trust you ? You aren’t supposed to be in this house. You’re supposed to be in nun school serving as a nun , but you spoilt everything. Ariel you disgrace us , you committed a stupid sin and that brought us to New York.”


Really ? It has been always you guys. You don’t even care about me. You started being nice because I choose to go to nun school. Nobody care about my feelings. Your pressures made me choose to be a sister , because why ? You wanted to boost your ego.” And that’s it. My mom slapped me.


I blink several times but the tears were just flowing down. I wipe my tears and turn to walk to my room.


” Ariel , come back here.” Dad call after me.


I ignored them and storm to my room. I locked the door and fall on my bed crying non-stop. I hated my life , why can’t I be like Leslie ? They don’t yell at Leslie and mom will never raise her hand to hit Leslie. I can’t believe my mom had to hit me because of her reasons. My head starts to pound. I helplessly stand up and reach for my bottle water and pills. I can’t wait to stop taking pills. My parents already succeeded in stopping my therapy visit.


Swallowing the pills, I look at my face in my mirror. My reflection stare back at me. I look broken and done with. Even if I never had the perfect life , it was awesome before Freddie took advantage of me. I blink my eyes and undress myself to have a warm bath. I stay inside the bathtub massaging my scar. I angrily cut my wrist because I was depressed.


I rest my head on the rim of the bathtub and think about college. What is it gonna be like ? I feared bullies. They were part of the reasons I choose to go to nun school. I was scared of being judged. That awkward moment nobody cares about you. Leslie is like a lucky star. I think everybody likes her and some times I’m always jealous.


My mind drift to that weird tattooed stranger. He made me forget about my pain at least for the few minutes we drive in the same car. It’s fruitless , I don’t like people and we’re never gonna see again. His grey eyes are the first thing you noticed each time I look at him in that crazy ride. The steam on my bathtub lessen



and I wasn’t even ready to get out of the water. I wasn’t counting the minutes and hours I stayed in that water. I got out and clean myself.


I dart my eyes to my ringing phone and it’s a private number. I press the answer icon and press the phone on my ear.


Ariel.” The voice made me freeze at once. Why’s he calling me ? I block his number. What does he want from me ? To hurt me again ?


Freddie what do you want ?” I ask and I can’t believe I’m about to cry.


Ariel , I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I want you okay. I’ve always liked you. Forget the fact that i dated Aida in highschool , I was blind and i really didn’t want to hurt you. I thought i wasn’t perfect…”


What do you want ?” I yell with heavy eyes.


I want you , Ariel.”


I hate you. I mean God forgives my soul , you destroyed me Freddie. I don’t want to ever see you again. Don’t ever call me , I don’t want you. You’re a monster. Who takes advantage of their best friend because of their selfish needs ? Just leave me alone.” I sniffle wiping my nose and eyes.




Go to hell Freddie. You’ll burn.” I flare and hang up throwing my phone on my bed with myself.


How dare he call ? Reminding me what happened ? Is he trying to mock my weakness ? I stayed till almost midnight and surprisingly nobody called me for dinner. I lay on my bed and go through the pages on the book the therapist gave me. For some silly reasons , I keep on remembering that weirdo stranger.


I toss my book aside and close my eyes to sleep. It’s morning again and I’m awake . My life’s boring. Obviously I’m the one who’s boring since there’s not much to do here. They’ve never been much. I need a job.



Ariel..” oh God , please not her.


Ariel..” she calls again knocking endlessly on my door.


I carried my feet off the bed and a glimpse of my reflection made me halt. I had bags underneath my eyes. I shake my head slightly and open the door to witness Alexa.


Have you been crying ?” She ask me walking into my room.


I’m fine. When did you come ?” I ask arranging my sheets.


This morning. I’m here to spend the weekend. You look pale.” She states reaching to touch my messy hair.


Thanks , Alex.” I politely dodge her kind gestures and reach for my toothbrush. Leslie walks in singing to a song coming out of her phone.


What’s up sis.” Leslie ask with a grin.


It’s weird. Leslie doesn’t care about me. She would pick our cousin Alexa over me countless times. I’m not like them. Leslie is a secret party freak , she likes boys but I’m yet to prove that since she’s my nice sweet older sister. Alexa is worse , she doesn’t hide anything and she barely cares that my parents cares. She has a tattoo on her waist and back and it’s weird her parents doesn’t care. My parents hated the fact that Alexa had to be our cousin. They see her as a bad egg. A really bad egg. I sort of like her a little though. She’s pretty with a pierced nose.


We’re partying tonight, you wanna come ?” Alexa ask.


Party ?”


Yes party.” Alexa squeal. I turn to look at Leslie who acts like she doesn’t care.


What about mom and dad ? They hates party too remember ?”



Ditch that. I will handle that.”


What are you gonna tell them ?” Leslie ask.


That I have church service this evening and we won’t be back till 10.”


Mass doesn’t take place at night.” I press.


Ari, why are you boring ? When last did you party ? Have you ever party at all ? It’s gonna be fun. Plenty of boos and boys from all over New York and college.” Leslie seems to be interested cause her eyebrows lift with a grin.


I’m still not interested. I mean even if they ever go , I’m still gonna be the goat. Mom finds joy in ordering me around and making life unbearable for me. And on a second thought , I’ve been indoors and doing nothing. I’m tired of staying at home and doing nothing. I keep on remembering how broken i am.


Okay fine. Don’t you think 10:pm is too late ?”


Ariel live a little.” Alexa smirk snapping her fingers.


First we’re gonna go shopping for creative wears. You’re not gonna dress like you’re going to a funeral.” Alex says directing her speech to me.


What about mom ?” I ask while Leslie listens.


She won’t allow us go out this morning to buy clothes.”


They are not around, dummy.” Leslie snap at me.


I shrug and breathe in. This is totally a bad idea and I’m grateful I’m not the only one risking it.


Go brush your teeth. We’re getting dressed. And please dress normal.” Alexa smirks and leave with Leslie who is swaying to a music on her playlist.



I heave a deep breath and rush to the bathroom to shower. I get dressed on just a simple black jeans trousers and t-shirt. I know I look normal even if not hot. I walk out of my room only to find Leslie and Alexa giggling. Alexa is a fashion model.


She fits perfectly on her red short dress with straps and a black leather jacket hang on her shoulders. Leslie was pretty and I regretted coming in the first place. Their stares made me feel that way.


“Let’s go.” Alexa snorts and lead the way with her nice stilettos clicking against our floor.


I feel like I’m sixteen. Alexa drives a real modern Ford car and it’s beautiful compared to my box. All thanks to that stranger. I sit at the back seat like a timid girl while Leslie and Alexa dance to the rap music. I really can’t tell who’s the artiste. She stops by a boutique and without warning I know it’s out of my league. I can’t afford this type of designer clothes.


We’re not broke but my parents choose to live awkwardly , maybe because they both serve in a Catholic parish.


Alex , these are expensive.” I mutter looking around every wears and their tags. Givenchy , Louis Vuitton , Fendi and every classy label you could think of.


I’m paying. Go on Les.”


How can you afford all of this ?” I ask once Leslie was out of sight.


Ariel , I’m a model and I have a boyfriend.” She snorts and pick out a nearly no clothing type of dress.


You should try that.” She throws the dress at me and the strap is not my thing and it’s short. I can’t wear a strap dress it’s too revealing. It has a short split and I’m sure that split is for revealing a perfect toned thighs.


Check me out boo.” Leslie walks out of the closet wearing a sleeveless blue dress. So short.


You’re hot.”



I’m keeping it.” Leslie smile. Why would she wear that ?


Ari , you’re keeping that.” Alexa says picking out a purple strap dress for herself too , but hers is laced and nearly see through.


After countless convincing they forced me to buy it with Alexa telling me it’s only for tonight.








It’s 7pm and Alex was dressing me up . Leslie was through but busy straightening her eyeliner and lipstick. She stretch my hair to make it longer. She decides to add a little makeup but I refused. I already look uncomfortable dressed in a short strap dress with a split and every normal person can see my thighs. According to some normal folks , they might think my clothing is normal but nothing is normal tonight.


Mom and dad visited Janell. Their new friend and from the same parish. The ride was aweful to me cause Leslie and Alexa were always humming. It’s a club and I’ve never been to a club. I step out of Alexa’s car and I’m faced with this weird place. I’m gonna throw up.


Let’s get wasted ladies.” Alexa leads the march and i naively followed. My spirit isn’t here and as usual my inner woman is already scolding me to behave and have fun a little.


Woah..” Alexa and Leslie were drinking themselves to stupor even if they weren’t that drunk. I decide to take a sip of the liquor but I spit it back. So bitter.


Alex.” A blonde haired guy called with a smirk sitting close to Alex.


What the f**k do you want ?”


Come on babe ,I missed you.”


The f**k dude. We just had s£x and I’m done with you.” Alexa spit with so much confident.


The Blondie laughs stupidly even with the loud music.


Boo , you missed this d**k.”


It’s too tiny. Piss off asshole. I’ve gotten a better one than yours.” Alexa replies and i feel really dizzy with their choice of foul language.


That’s what’s up.” Leslie squeal and I assume she’s drunk. She shouldn’t be supporting such vulgar act.


I excuse them to the bar to order for something soft to drink. I can’t cope with alcohol or I’ll just gag to death. It smells awful. I stand beside the counter and the bartender seems busy. I sigh and look around this weird club. Almost every single person here looks drunk or maybe tipsy.


” Hey pretty.” A guy smirks at me.


I gulp to his bad stench of alcohol and I couldn’t help but move a bit far from him.


You’re scared of me sweetheart ?” He flirts trying to touch me.


Stay away from me.” I plea. it’s crazy nobody cares .


Come on.”


“Leave me the hell alone..”


“You’re too hot to avoid. Who the hell made you this beautiful.” He mutter trying to touch me.



“Tinkerbell..” I heard that all too familiar voice. I turn to look behind this drunk asshole. And there he was , standing in all glory. Eyes all over my body as he walks to my figure.


“What do you want with my girl ?” This grey eyes stranger ask the other drunk fella.


“Nothing man. I didn’t know she’s yours.”


“Good. Now get your broke ass outta here.” I watch the drunk ass leave quickly. I can’t catch my breath. My eyes move slowly to look at his and just as expected, he smirks. I’ve obviously lost my breath just standing few feets from him.


What’s he doing here ? I thought I would never see him again. Funny part he just called me his girl. What the hell…









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