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Leslie sits on a chair as she wince continuously at her almost swollen cheek and broken nose. Piper did that and for some devilish reasons I applauded her. I didn’t plan to attend a frat party and also I don’t wanna argue with my parents again. I wanna go to college , graduate and work. Fighting and arguing with Leslie will never make me complete those dreams. And there’s no job around college. No one’s willing to hire because we’re way pass the semester and exams are also approaching. Plus this isn’t an ordinary college. It’s so expensive.


I sit opposite her and watch as she stare at nothing. She’s angry and any slight remark we will be fighting. I pleaded with Brandon to take Piper out and text them afterwards that i was sorry.


“You know you cause this right ?” She snarls.


“I can’t remember I did. You couldn’t control your temper because of a stupid frat party. I never wanted to go but you just freaked out.”


She snorts and bite her bottom lip.


“You should stop making decisions for me. The fact that our parents liked you more and they listen to every lie you tell them doesn’t mean you will tell me how to live my life Leslie. You’re not mom and I’ll be glad if you stop and act like an adult.” I told her and walk out of the kitchen.


I plump down on the couch opposite the TV and turn it on to watch my now favorite series.



“Where’s Leslie ?” I turn around at the sound of the noise only to see Hazel dressed like a hooker.


“Kitchen.” I reply and turn my head to watch the movie.


The sound of stilettos kiss the tiled floor as she makes her way to Leslie who look like a chicken who got bathed in hot water.


“How dare she do this to you ?” Hazel thunder from the kitchen.


“Who gives a f**k if she’s your sister’s ugly friend ? We are confronting her and she has to pay. What’s wrong with her cheap ass ?” I shake my head sideways to Hazel’s continuous ranting. Stupid friend. She doesn’t use her silly vulgar language around my mom. What a waste of man’s seed.


“You should forget about her. She’s as stupid as her name Piper. It hurts I only gave her a broken nose. How dare she ? But it’s passed though. What’s up with the outfit ?” Leslie asks. I pick up the remote control and decrease the volume a little. What snitch I am.


“We’re supposed to be partying tonight , you forgot.” Hazel whisper and I heard it.


“I can’t anymore. Take a look at me.”


“Yeah. Piper left a mark.”


“I hate her. She’s too sassy and thinks she rules the world.”


“That should go to your cousin Alexa. I just don’t like her either. Too annoying and she thinks she owns everything. Ugly dirty bitch.”


I scoff at how boring their conversation is as I increase the volume of my movie.


“Hayden asks about you.” I heard Hazel’s voice. Leslie snorts.


“I want something better. Not a stupid red head college d**k. He sucks. This is New York , every new Yorkers needs to be stunting bitch. Alexa’s got a super rich



model f**k mate. I’m stuck with an annoying college asshole. I’d kill to be in bed with someone hotter and richer.”


Hazel gasp.”Gray Carter ?”


She scoffs.”He might be hot and all dreamy , bitch I ain’t give a f**k. Stop wanting what every loose bitches want. Go for something better.”


Gray is also better. Dude’s rich and only beds super models. Typically I’d like to try his boner and don’t get stuck in line with other weirdos.” They chuckle.


God , this is Gross. I groan and switch off the TV to complete the movie on my laptop. I can’t even think properly with just thinking about Leslie’s dirty wishes. I wanna puke. Gray can’t be that loose. Sleeping with everything on skirt , no way. I need to stay far away from him. A million miles if possible.












“I can’t believe your sister would fight Piper over such silly issues. That…” He sips his coffee.”was extremely childish.” Brandon said that day after class.


Monday has been terribly long and hard for me. Hard because I can’t stop thinking about Gray touching me again.


You know the craziest ? I don’t get why she stopped you from attending a common frat party. That was stupid. I mean you’re not 16 and you’re in college. She acts like she doesn’t f**k a stupid redhead college asshole.” Piper groan.


“Sex you mean ? Why say the f word so loud ?” I shrug and grab my Coke.


Brandon turn to look at Piper as they both turn to look at me.


“Ariel seriously.” Piper snorts out a laugh. Seriously, what’s funny ?



“It doesn’t matter. We’re just worried about you. Did you guys fought ?” Brandon asks.


“No. We didn’t.” I sigh. I tap absently on the table as Brandon and Piper watch me.


“Did she always control you ?”


“Who ? Leslie ?”


“Yeah she. What’s going on ? You could talk to us Ariel. We’re your close friends and it’s gonna be nice if we know what’s going on.”


“Alright. It’s not what you think. My father was once a deacon in my Catholic parish in Georgia. I wanted to be a nun but things didn’t go as planned. My best friend Freddie , stole my virginity and I got kicked out of the convent. My dad lost his position and we had to move to New York. It’s silly.” I shut my eyes and breathe in deeply. I shouldn’t have let this out. I hate pity and I hate being judged too.


“So where the f**k is that f**ker called Freddie ?” Piper ask like she’s willing to shove a knife into Freddie’s throat.


“I don’t know. Maybe in Georgia. Look I don’t care and I don’t want to think about it. My parents are strict. They believe in s£x before marriage. So I lost my innocence and I think no one listens to my decisions anymore because they think I slept with Freddie.”


“What ? They didn’t believe you ?”


” Just the truth.”


“Are they your biological parents ?”


“That’s silly Brandon. They are my biological parents. I think they are being paranoid because I made them loose their positions in church. Especially my father.”



“But that wasn’t your fault.” Piper points out. “Just the fault of that dildo you called best friend. I’m truly sorry about that. But I envy you though. You act like everything’s cool.”


“I have to, else I’m just gonna die of depression.” I sigh and drink from my Coke.


“The world is cruel sometimes. My mom kicked me out because she thought I was some bad luck on her new marriage with her new husband. He wanted to abuse me but I didn’t let that happen. I kneeled his ugly balls.” Piper sniffles and laugh sarcastically.


“What happened to him ?” I ask Piper after settling from my laughter.


“He lied to my mom that i seduced him and begged him for s£x. She threw me out and I don’t know what happened to my life. My dad got back from jail and I’m right here. Breathing like that type of shit never happened. I hate my mom.” She cackles taking a slice of her already cold pizza.


“That’s deep.” I mutter.


“You’re stronger than I expected.” I chuckle.


“Thanks to Brandon.” She fist bump Brandon.


“Did you miss the convent ?” Brandon ask out of the blue.


“Maybe I do. Sometimes I don’t. I don’t really know what to say.”


“Look I might not be religious and all that stuff but I’m certain God never wanted you to be a sister. He wants you to have fun. When i mean fun, I mean boyfriends , parties , s£x…” Piper trails off. I spit out the coke and i almost choke at her word.


“Piper that’s not really cool….” I laugh.



“She might be obviously right you know. It’s just, most times it’s not what we want that we end up having. It’s just the tactics of this f**ked up world.” Brandon adds while I nod.


Oh shit , Jamie..” Piper hisses clearly frustrated. She picked up Brandon’s magazine from the table and pretends to read it.


I look around the restaurant to see any Jamie. Brandon chuckles quietly as we watch Piper.


“Here he comes.” Brandon whisper counts.


A guy walks into the restaurant as he walk to the counter. He has blonde hair and really cute. That boyish type of cute. Obviously he’s a nerd with his perfect green eyes that’s hidden under his glasses.


“Piper , seriously..” I whisper but she didn’t reply or made attempt of removing the magazine from her face.


Jamie taps his hand on the counter as he scan the booths. His eyes settles on our booth as a boyish smile creep into his lips. Great ! He caught her. Without collecting his orders , Jamie walk to our booth.


“Hi Brandon. Hi Piper and to you.” He directs the ‘you’ to me.


Piper drops the magazine like she wasn’t hiding from him.


“Hi Jamie.” Piper says to the guy.


“Hi Jamie. Sup dude.” Brandon said to the guy.


“I’m sorry to disturb. Piper you’re not picking my calls. Did I offend you ?” Jamie asks seating close to me.


No Jamie. I’m really sorry. My mom caught the flu and I’ve been hanging around her preoccupied. I’m totally sorry.” She smiles at him rubbing his hand.


“I’m really sorry. I didn’t know. I thought you were avoiding me.”


“Why would I do that ?” She ask him seductively.


I raise my drink to my nose and meet eyes with Brandon who’s holding back his laughter. I shrug and giggle silently.


“Thanks. Can I stop by at your place tomorrow ?”


“Um.. I’ll call you Jamie. Okay ?” She pouts still rubbing hopes on the back of Jamie’s hands.


“Yeah sure. I’d be glad.” He stand to his feet and adjusts his backpack.


I’m sorry i didn’t get your name.” He turns to look at me with an innocent smile. “Ariel. I’m Ariel.”


“It’s nice to meet you Ariel.”


“My pleasure.” He smiled at Brandon and Piper and head back to the counter to collect his orders after which he left.


Piper groans loudly and fall back on her chair.


“Seriously I feel like drinking piss. Jamie is…”


“Too good for you. You’re this bad ass who is trying to hurt his feelings. Jesus , I have never seen someone as genuine as him.” I remark.


“He’s not my type.”


“Because he’s a nerd ? He’s so sweet and too good. I pity him. Why would he choose to be with you. There are thousands of nerds in college who would gladly be with him.”



“And he’s so damn intelligent. What a cute little guy.” Brandon said eating from Piper’s cold pizza.


She remain silent as she stare at me. Her mouth open to say something but nothing comes out.


“You should let him go and tell him you can never want him. Stop hurting his feelings. He’s a good guy though.”


“Whatever mother.”




It’s Wednesday and class was better today. I’ve been avoiding Gray like a plague even if he wasn’t the easiest person to avoid. When ever I’m lonely, I see him creep into my thoughts and take over. All I could see is his birthday night. Some part of me wants that to happen again. And maybe the careful part of me just don’t wanna go near Gray. He’s like my unsolved mysteries.


Turning off the shower , I step out with my towel wrapped around my chest. I wring out water from my hair and walk into my room. Taking deep breaths , I stand in front of my mirror to take in my reflection. I flinch to the image behind me as I turn around. There he was, standing in all glory beside my door. His grey eyes watch me carefully as that all too familiar smirk find it’s way to his perfect lips that makes me want him each time they worship my neck. Breathe Ariel.


I shut my eyes and open it to be sure if i wasn’t seeing things. But it was him. I feel my feets go weak as he pulls his weight from my door. He walk to where I’m standing and I couldn’t breathe again.


“How did you get in ?” I ask once he was two feet away from me.


“Through the roof.” He says with so much sarcasm.


“And I knocked.” He takes one step and he’s a feet from me.



I totally forgot I’m with just my towel in front of him. I place my hand on the top of the towel as I try to look anywhere else but not him. He smirks and look at my already sweaty hands holding my towel.


“Gray i need to change.” I said quietly and I wasn’t even sure if he heard that. And then he takes his last step and we’re so close.


All the hairs in my back stand in unison as I feel the goosebumps he’s giving me.


“Why are you avoiding me ?” He asks, his eyes not leaving mine. They move slowly as they settle on my lips.




“Tell me..” he whispers. His right hand wrap possessively around my waist as he pulls me to himself. Oh God.


I gulp to our closeness. He gently removes my hand that guards the up of my towel as my hands flatten on his chest automatically.


“I thought you wanted to stay away from him…” My inner woman mocks me.


He leans closer and kiss my neck softly. My eyes shut on it’s own as I lean to his touch.


“I missed you.” He whisper to my neck still trailing his kisses on my neck. I feel all the heat in my body made it’s way to my core.


Gray kisses my neck gently as he wrap both hands around my waist pulling me to his build. My mouth parted slightly as a quiet moan escape out of my mouth. I feel his index finger move smoothly on my bare thighs. He continues kissing my neck to my collarbone with his forefinger making it’s way underneath my towel.


His finger stop right under my towel as he pull back to gaze at my face inches away away from his.


“Touch me Gray.” And that slip out of my mouth before I could even register what I just ask for.



His lips clasp against mine as he kisses me deeply. My hands loop around his neck and I kiss back. Our lips move in rhythm as we fought in dominance. I moan in his mouth kissing him with everything that I’ve got. I missed him or maybe my hormones are just playing with my mind. He nip gently on my bottom lip and suck on it. His right hand move beneath my towel as it caress my skin expertly. I moan to the effect he has on me which I quite didn’t expect. He stops touching me as he focus on the kiss. Sitting on the edge of my bed , I sit on his legs and straddle him. He grip to my butt and pull me closer to himself.


With swift movement I toss his Jacket on my bed and let my fingers graze his perfect tatted tone arms. I slowly trail my fingers on his arms to his bicep and wrap my little hand at the back of his neck to pull his lips to meet mine. I grind slowly on his laps and a quick groan escape his mouth to our hips connection.


Don’t do that except you’re willing to take me in.” He whispers in my lips and I smirk. Glad I have an effect on him.


“You taste so good.” He says and kiss my neck down to my collarbone.


“We should take this off.” He motion to my towel hiding my nude self.


I chuckle and breathe in. Am i ready for this ? I want him like I haven’t wanted someone in my life before. What are these feelings ?


I won’t go further if you don’t want me to. We should do whatever thing that makes you happy.” He kiss my chest to my neck with his fingers digging into my butt.


I moan as he continues kissing my neck.


“Ariel.” I heard Leslie’s voice as she made her way to my room.


Uh oh








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