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Chapter 110













What’s up with you Ariel?” Piper beams as I slide into the booth next to Brandon.



Piper and Alexa sits across from us at our usual restaurant ‘ sands and winches’.


It’s been long we hang out together in this restaurant. All thanks to life.


I’ve been good.” I say with a big smile as I arrange my yellow sundress.


What’s up with you guys? I swear i miss college so much.” I sigh and bite my bottom lip.


Fuck college. It’s just been the same boring shit. How are you holding up with online class?” Brandon asks.


It’s been great.” I say.


Alexa stays quiet as she eats her fries.


Sup with you, Alex? You’ve been quiet.” Brandon says.


No I’m good. I miss this so f**king much…” She moans with fries in her mouth and gestures to her fries.


You’re sick as f**k.” Piper says and we chuckle.


The waitress walks to her table holding a menu. She extends it to me and i shake my head sideways.


Thanks. I’ll have water.” I tell the waitress as she leaves.


What’s that on your finger?” Alexa asks as she stops eating.


What?” I smirk and chuckle.


The guys stares at me with wide eyes as they look at my ring finger. Yup, i told Gray yes. That I was gonna marry him and live in his world. And it’s kinda hard to believe that I’m actually getting married. I really didn’t expect I was gonna get pregnant, talk more of getting married. To Gray Carter. This feels like a dream. A good dream that I don’t wish to wake up from.



And also dad forgave him. Gave him a long speech that if he ever had to break my heart or mistreat me , he’s gonna hear a word from my dad.


What the f**k is that?” They gape at the wedding ring on my finger.


Well…” I drawl and smile.


They grabs my hand and stares at my ring for what feels like eternity. I look up at them and they are all grinning at me.


What the f**k? Will you please explain to us.. what the f**k is going on?”


Alrighty, I’m getting married.” I announce and silence follows.


Aah….” They squeal loudly and that actually attracted other customers. The guys didn’t bother to look at them or even say sorry.


What the flying f**k?” Piper asks.


I nod.” Yeah. I am. Gray proposed yesterday and we’re getting married. Probably after I put to bed.”


What? Oh my God. Our girl is getting married.” Now it’s Piper’s turn to squeal. I giggle and shrug.


This is wonderful. This is epic. Wow. Like we’re looking at the new bride already.” Alexa says.


Let’s throw a party.” Brandon suggests.


What! No way..” I laugh.


What? That’s a great idea. I like it. I mean I know you’re pregnant and all that, but you should do this one last time. You’re f**king getting married girl.” Piper says.


I don’t really know guys…” I sigh and pout.


Let’s do it. I like the idea. I mean you’re not only carrying Gray Carter’s baby, bitch you’re getting married to one of the hottest man in New York.” Alexa pressures.


No, in the f**king country.” Piper adds and they giggles.


Alright. Let’s do this. But I won’t be drinking much, just some.”


Deal…” They shrieks.




By the time Brandon’s plans of throwing a party succeeded , they are already hungover. I wasn’t. I made sure I didn’t drink since i was pregnant. I ate cereal, drink milk, and ate a lot as they booze off. And right now , they are sprawled in my floor with terrible headache.


This is so f**ked up.” Brandon mumbles.


I’m sorry about that.” I flash them a big smile.


I can’t even move my feet. I badly need some aspirin and water. Ariel can you please help us?” Alexa asks.


I would get up and go get that myself if i were you guys. I made breakfast.” I tell them as they springs up at once.


They stride to the kitchen with heavy lidded eyes as they turn on the kitchen faucet with a glass underneath it. I help them with the aspirin and they swallow.


” Serve yourself..” I tell them when I hear my phone vibrates.


I walk back to the living room and get it. I swipe the screen and it’s a text from Gray.



Where are you?’ I read the message. I smile and text him back.


To Gray; you miss me so soon?


In less than a second he replies.


From Gray: Yeah. Missed the way I make you feel when you’re right beneath me.


I don’t mean to be selfish but I kinda want you.


Shit! Where’s my holy water. I just made a confession not too long ago and Gray’s just starting to be Gray. I bite my lip and chuckle silently.


Hey, Ariel, aren’t you eating?” Piper calls from the kitchen.


I already ate. I’ll be with you guys soon.” I say and drop a text for Gray.


To Gray; we’re expecting a baby. In the next two months we’re having a baby. So be a good dad and keep your D’


From Gray; Oh yeah. And I didn’t forget that. It’s cute when you’re scared to swear. What are you doing?


To Gray; I’m with the guys. They had a party at my house because I’m getting married and they’re hungover. Where are you?


From Gray; At work. Just dealt with Theo. He had to pay half the other time, now I got the full.


To Gray; What did you do to him, Jamal? Did you hurt him?


I sigh and look at my screen for any message from Gray. I walk back to the kitchen and sit on a stool.


” You’re okay?” They asks and I nod.



My phone buzzes in my hand. I look down at my screen and it’s a message from Gray.


From Gray; Hate it when you care about that miserable f**k called Theo. Have fun with your friends, I love you.


I blow out my breath and lock my screen as I drop it on the counter.


You sure you’re okay?”


Yeah, I’m fine.” I smile at them.


So what’s up with your marriage plans?” Piper asks.


Hmm.. yeah. What’s up with it?” Alexa hums with food stuffed in her mouth.


Like I said , I’m giving birth first. Pregnancy isn’t what I expected. And also…” I click my fingers and smile.


What?” They ask at once.


I’m visiting Canada again with Gray. I don’t even know when we’re gonna be back.” I say.


Wow.. I’m jealous.” Piper mutters and we laugh.


Seriously pipe.”


What?” She chuckles.


Alexa got Reid. Brandon got a new lover and me I’m stuck. So f**king stuck, my inner woman is worried about me.”


You once had Jamie , you f**ked him up.” Brandon says.



It’s not my fault alright…” she points out and throws her hand in surrender. ” We weren’t a thing. We couldn’t work out and you know… i had to leave.” Piper says and drinks her water from the glass.


There are thousands of hot assholes in college. You’ve been ignoring their signals.” Alexa tells her.


Whatever. Maybe I should focus more on school , considering the fact that I’m graduating next year.”


I can’t wait to get the f**k out of school. That shit sucks.” Alexa says and we laugh.


And also we can’t wait to plan your wedding together Ariel. I’m so gonna love it.” Brandon says and smiles at me.


This feels all too new to me. I’m scared. Being a mom, a wife and all that shit.” I huff and grab a bottle water as I uncap it.


It’s no big deal. Rock it the way you want. It’s your world.” Alexa advises.


Yup, she’s right.” Piper says and we giggles.






I hop out of bed and run my fingers down my hair. We are in Canada and Gray decides to pay for a suite till our visit expires. I turn to look at Gray, he’s standing at the balcony, shirtless and smoking. I go to the bathroom and look at my reflection on the mirror. I wrap my hair in a ponytail and look at my baby bump.


Gray made sure I slept with only white lacey bra and panties. Like he said , he hates it when I wear clothes to bed. Really crazy. I spread toothpaste on my brush and brush my teeth. I turn on the faucet and rinse my mouth. I lick my bottom lip, stare at my reflection one last time and leave.


I walk to the balcony and wrap my arms around his torso from behind.


You feel warm.” He says and turns around with cigarette stuck in between his lips.


He pulls it out , blow the smoke above my head, reminding me that I’m petite and he’s taller than me. He tips the bottom of the cigarette and drops the stick on the ashtray resting on the railings.


You look beautiful.” He says and leans down to place a kiss on my lips.


Thank you.” I smile at him.


So we’re getting married, huh?” He smirks at me.


Still in shock. I’m scared.”




Being a wife and mother. This feels new.” I tell him.


He chuckles and smiles at me.


You will be good alright. Doesn’t really matter. We’ve got each other. I hope i don’t be a bad dad either.” He shrugs.


You’ll be good.” I assure him and trail my fingers on his inked man.


I’m still thinking about what my life’s gonna be like if I didn’t barge in to your car.” He says and that makes my heart flutter.


Come here.” He pulls me to himself and hugs me. His arms circles around my waist and I wrap my arms around his torso while I trace my forefinger than his spine.


I told my mom we arrived. She wants us to come over and eat with them. She badly wants to see you.” He says and kisses my hair.



I nod in his embrace and breathe in his scent.


Nice lingerie. They are hot. I like the panties better.” He whispers against my neck and I can literally feel him smirking against my skin.


I chuckle and swat his back.




Your perv.” He pulls back to look at me as his hands rest on my hips. They travel down to my butt and I breathe in.


So what are we calling this young man?” He says and tips his chin down my belly.


You go first.”




I giggle and bite my bottom lip.


Kennedy suggested that in her book of names.” I say.


And I like it. It’s kind of badass just like I want it.” He says and pulls me to himself and the next thing we’re kissing.


I love you.” He says between the kiss.


I love you too.”








Two months after….




I pace around the hospital’s waiting room with my hands in my pocket. It’s been two hours since Ariel was rushed inside a hospital room and I haven’t heard a thing from the doctor or the nurses. I run my hand down my hair and blow out my breath. I sit on the chair with both my elbows on my knees as i run my hands down my hair. Shit I’m scared.


What if she needs me?


What if something happened to her and she wants me to be there with her? What if! Fuck me, maybe I’m just thinking things.


Alexa walks into the waiting room looking into her purse as she strides to my direction. I don’t even know if she sees me or not.


Goddamnit.” She cusses and looks up at me.


Hey , boss. Is she okay?”


I don’t know. Haven’t heard a shit from any doctor. Fuck.. ” I huff and bites my bottom lip.


Damn. I think she will be fine. She’s in labor Gray and labor doesn’t happen fast, it takes time.”


You’re not a nurse Alexa.”


She nods and blinks her eyes.


Yeah, true.”


What the f**k did you take? You’re high.”


Damn, you Spencer.” She hisses and wipes her nose.


Did he gave you coke or what?”


I just had a swipe. I badly wanted to try that shit and I f**kin hate it. My bad , Spencer is a freak.” She giggles.


How can you be here when you’re high as f**k?”


I need to be here for my Ariel. I know you got it covered, I just wanna be one of the first persons to see our badass kid. Fuck you, Spencer, for giving me coke.” She mumbles the last part.


I thought I told him to quit bringing that shit to my house. What the f**k is wrong with his dumbass?”


It’s kinda weird, you’re a mob boss but you don’t do coke and yet you ship them.”


I turn to look at her and huff. I shouldn’t be having this conversation with her. I’m still worried about Ariel. I just wanna make sure she’s fine. That our son is fine. Fuck it. I walk down the hallway to the direction they took her and I hear Alexa follows behind me.


Do you wanna watch her give birth?”


Fuck, yeah, I don’t mind.” I say.


That’s gonna be weird. Watching your baby slide out from heaven. That’s gonna be fun.” She giggles and I roll my eyes.


I stop at the door and walk in. There she lays, weak as f**k as she breathes in and out. A nurse holds a little infant in her hands as she smiles at him.


Aww…” Alexa coos beside me and the doctor and his two nurses turns to look at us, including Ariel. Can’t f**king believe they didn’t use a female doctor to deliver the baby.


She smiles at me and I was too shocked to even say a word. Can’t believe I have a son now. The nurse walks to me and motions for me to carry him. He squirms



when the nurse stretches him to me. I carry him from her and Alexa won’t stop giggling. I blow out my breath and hold him careful. The infant opens his eyes and his grey eyes meets mine.


Fuck me, he had to look like me.


Damn. We should throw a party for our future bad boy.” Alexa squeals as she takes the infant’s little hand in hers.


I think my life just obviously begun…











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