Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

Episode 11






Pablo Richard was already high from all the smoking and drinking. “Baby enjoy yourself! Everything you see here is for you, from the furniture to the marijuana, everything.” He said with a husky voice. “Oh really? You seem to be in happy mood today.” I said sitting on his lap and caressing his hair. “Yes that’s because I have a lot of money!” He said and started laughing. “Really? And how much are we talking about here?” I asked. “About 500million.” He said smiling at me. “Ha! That’s a lot baby. Let’s cheer to your newly found money.” I said standing up to get another drink. I poured some brandy for myself and poured some for him too. “Oh! I like you so much baby. You’re the best so far.” He said. “Hmmm! I’m glad.” I said sitting back on his lap. “Cheers to 500million!” I said raising my cup in the air. “Cheers!” We both said with our cups clicking together. We got on the bed and had s*x. I mean, that’s what proustites do and that’s what he thought I was. We were still in bed resting from the rounds of pleasure. “Can I tell you something blondy?” He asked and his breath smelt like alcohol. I could tell he was still very drunk. “Of course, anything.” I said faking a smile. “That money I told you about?” He asked. “Yes?” I said excitedly. “I hid it a huge store house downtown.” He said smiling. “Am I not smart?” He asked excited. I was wondering why he should be that excited. “I hid it so Huncho wouldn’t find it.” He said and his mood changed. “Who’s Huncho?” I asked pretending not to know. “Oh he’s just one scumbag. My biggest rival in this business.” He said. “What your name?” He asked. I had to use a fake name so I told him my name was Luna. “Luna, please work with this cartel.”



He pleaded holding my hands. “You’re so awesome and I actually feel comfortable talking to you. I feel like I can tell you anything.” He added. “Anything?” I asked smirking. “Anything at all just accept please.” He pleaded again. So I accepted and that was when I knew that I boxed him to a corner. I asked him the exact location of the place he took the money to and he told me. I didn’t know it would be that easy. Part of me was also thanking the alcohol for helping to make it possible. “You can be my personal assistant.” He said. “But what about James?” I asked. “I don’t care about him! I can fire him now if you want.” He said, with pleading eyes. And that was when I knew that he was willing to do anything with me. “Can I use the bathroom please? I’ll be back.” I said and excused myself. I got to the bathroom and texted Captain and the rest of the gang the address immediately in case anything would happen. I didn’t want to take chances. I got out of the bathroom and met Richard dressing already. “Where are you going?” I asked pretending to care. “I have to be somewhere. Make yourself at home Luna!” He said kissing me on the neck. When I was sure he was gone, I started packing my things to leave. I managed to locate the room Gwen was in and she was ready to leave too because Richard took James with him. We got to the exit and two hefty men stopped us. One of them said. “You guys can’t leave this place, Boss’s orders.” And blocked us from leaving. “How about we have some fun?” I said dragging one of them, trying to seduce him. Gwen did the same to the other. We finally got them distracted and used a heavy chair nearby and knocked them out then we ran out for our lives. Finally we got to the car. “These guys can be so careless you know. How could they leave only two men to watch after the place?” Gwen said. “We should be praising the Lord for that.” I said buckling my seatbelt then hit the engine. “We should celebrate.” I said laughing. “Why? Was it a success?” She asked. “Yes!” I said and hugged her excitedly. “Wow! But that was fast you know. He must be a really soft person.” She said. “He is. He also offered me a job as his personal assistant.” I said watching her reaction. “And what did you say?” She asked. “I said yes!” I said. “What?!” She screamed. “Chill Gwen, I only said that so he would be happy and spill everything. I didn’t mean any of it.” I said. “Phew!” She said. “So that’s why they wouldn’t let us leave his apartment.” She said with her hands on her jaw like she was thinking of something. “Yes.” I said. “We need to celebrate this. Captain will be so happy if he hears this.” She said smiling. “I already texted him the good news and the address when I excused myself to the bathroom. I figured this whole blocking thing would happen.” I said. “Hmm.. Smart girl.” She said smiling at me. “We I guess we have to wait till tomorrow to see the rest.” She said. “Of course. I’m so tired and David must be looking for me.” I said, yawning.



“Alright then step on it!” She said. I started hearing some sounds. It was Gwen snoring. At first it was frightening but then I just smiled at her and continued driving.


**In front of Gwen’s house**


“Thank God for a smooth and harmless ride.” Gwen said. “I know right? My heart was beating all through the ride, thinking one of his men would appear from nowhere. I heard he’s powerful.” I said. “Not more powerful than our gang.” She said, smiling. “Alright let’s call it a night. ” I said opening the locks for the door. “Yea, I’m tired. I had fun working with you though.” She said and smiled. “Good night.” She said opening the door and shut it behind her.


“Men what a day.” I said to myself and drove home.








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