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Episode 7



It was 8am in the morning I had to go downstairs to find something to eat, I was starving. I got downstairs to meet only Ana in the dining table. “Good morning.” I said to her. “Yea good morning.” She said, bluntly. “Where’s David, is he not hungry?” I asked. “He had to do something.” She said brushing me off. I knew she didn’t want to have any conversation with me. “What’s wrong?” I asked concerned. “I don’t get you, should something be wrong?” She asked. “No, not at all. You’re just acting weird.” I said walking to the kitchen. “I think its the stress. I’ll get over it soon and act the way you want me to.” She said rather sarcastically. I turned to take a quick look at her then decided to ignore her.


Ana was already out then a call came in. It was David. I started wondering why David would be calling me. “But he should be at work now.” I thought to myself then picked up. “Hello?” I said. “Yes Trisha. I need your help” he said sounding nervous. “What’s the problem? And where are you?” I asked in a panicky voice. “Look I told you my wife was crazy. You know the time I left with her? Somehow, she figured I told you what I told you. Then she drove me to a place I don’t know and just left me there. And she took all my money. I really need your help.” He said. And he was actually crying over the phone. “What do I do now? I don’t have a car and I don’t know how to track you.” I said. “Look, my car keys. Its in the top drawer in the kitchen. And just drive out I’ll ask around then direct you.” He said and hung up. “Seriously Ana, you really messed up this time. You can mess with me but not the only man I love.” I said to myself and got down from my bed to look for the keys.


**In the car with David**


“How the hell did she find out?” I asked the already tired David. “I really don’t know. That woman is a devil. I need you back Trisha. I want out of this miserable life with her.” He said holding my hand and sounding desperate. “We have to get her out of the way then.” I replied. “But how? She’s like one step ahead of us.” He said looking confused. “I know people.” I said, smirking.



We got home and David went up to take a shower. “Hey David!” I yelled from downstairs. “Yea?” He replied from his room. “I’m going somewhere. I’ll be back. Just be good okay? And take care of yourself.” I said. Immediately he rushed downstairs with a towel wrapped round his waist. I was surprised. “Please don’t leave me here alone. What if she comes back? And hunts me again?” He said shivering like a child. God knows what he has been through with Ana. At that point I felt very sorry for the poor guy. But I wouldn’t let him know the location of our hideout. “Don’t worry David, everything will be fine.” I said, giving him a reassuring smile then I left.


gave Gwen a call. “Hey, I’m on my way to your place.” I said walking down the street to get a cab. “Oh okay.” She said and I hung up. It was difficult to find a cab but I still found one. We got to Gwen’s apartment. “Ugh! I don’t have any money on me. I forgot to bring my cash!” I said to the cab driver looking confused. “You have to find a way ma’am or you’ll follow me and wash my car.” He said. Gosh he was so stern and i knew he wasn’t joking. So I called Gwen and told her I was outside her apartment. “Hey, and can you get some cash too? I forgot mine and this man is willing to devour me anytime soon.” I pleaded. “Yea, okay. But you owe me big time sis.” She said and hung up. She came out and paid the driver, then he drove off.


Her apartment was so beautiful and organized. She texted me the address earlier. It was a two bedroom bungalow. Her living room had a 40inches plasma TV and the couch was leather coated and so comfortable. The floor was tiled and sparkling. I know you’re wondering why I’m emphasizing so much on how neat her apartment was. Its because Gwen was a party freak, very carefree person but it seems she’s also organized as well. Her house smelt of fresh peaches. “Wow Gwen, your house is lovely. And the fragrance? What’s the name?” I asked. “Thanks Trish. But someone has got to pay to know the name of the fragrance.” She said smirking. “Hahaha. So funny.” I laughed sarcastically.


She gave me a drink and we sat to talk. “About what I told you over the phone. What do I do?” I asked. She held her jaw for a while then beamed like she already had an idea. “We do nothing.” She said. “What?” I asked a bit disappointed. “Yes. We do nothing and just watch her.” She said sipping from her cup. “Look my best friend is crazy. Do you know what she did to her husband? She literally left him far



from home without cash just so he would suffer to find his way home!” I said, almost yelling. “I know Trish.” She said. “You do? But how?” I asked surprised. “We had her followed after the call that night?” She said smiling. “You and who? Wait! Don’t tell me you informed the gang already.” I said with my eyes wide open. “I did. They’re already working on getting her at the perfect time. We’ll make sure she does nothing to your David and you okay?” She said taking a sip from her drink again. “I didn’t want Victor to know about this!” I said with my hand on my head. “Don’t be a drama queen Trish. At least now you’re sure of our protection. Chill girl! Nothing will happen.” She said holding me on my shoulder. She had no idea. I was supposed to work with Victor to gather a lot of money. If by any chance he found out that I wanted to be with David, all those plans would be ruined. “I hope you didn’t tell them the full details?” I said with my eyes wide open glaring at her. “No no. I just told them that the girl you live with is a threat to you. Chill babe, you know I can’t spill the secret of you and David.” She said giving me a friendly punch on the shoulder. I trusted Gwen. And besides, the gang code was always to have each other’s back and that’s what she was doing. For the rest of the day, we did girl things and talked about school life and boys. We actually got to know each other better and I liked her a lot. I felt like I could tell her anything. Before I left her house, she gave me a warm hug and said “remember we’re always watching out for you Trish. Don’t be scared, we’re with you” I really needed those words. She gave me a drive in her Lexus saloon car, then she dropped me off at the front of David’s house. We bade each other good bye and she drove off.


* * * * *





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