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Chapter 108







Six months later…




Dear God, I wanna say that I’m grateful for everything that you’ve done for me. I wanna appreciate the fact that you looked after me and Gray junior, I totally appreciate that. I’ve sinned against you and I’m sorry. I just wanna ask the same favor I’ve been asking for the past six months. Please bring Gray back. I want him back…” I sniffle and look down at my baby bump.


His baby want him back. Please. I know that he has done a lot of stuff. Bad stuff , yes, but please he’s a good man. It’s been six months now and I’m still asking you for this little favor. I want Gray back, please, God.” I weep silently and bite my lip.


I look up at Jesus on the cross and and look down at my belly. Dad walks beside me and wraps his arms around my shoulder to comfort me. He woke up from coma five months ago and Gray’s still missing. The first month , I always hoped. Stand opposite my transparent glass and wish he’s here. Cuddling me and maybe telling me how much I mean to him. But he didn’t show up.


I’ve prayed and hoped and he’s still not back. Reid was always confronting me that he will be back but sometimes I loose faith. After Moskov’s death, Nick was burried properly including Carl. Reid controlled the activities of the mob and also he and Alexa are shipping right now. They are in love and it’s nice Reid cares a lot about her.


Mia truly had mom sickness when she found out her son is missing and he’s not back yet. She cried and traveled down to NYS just to make sure I’m looking out for myself and eating. Found out it’s a boy after three months and it hurts Gray wasn’t around to hear the news. Leslie put to bed few weeks ago and it’s a girl. The baby is really cute and she had blonde hair. Obviously got that from her dad.


I take a deep breath and turn to look at dad. He smiles at me and pat my shoulders.


You’re gonna be fine, alright?” He says.


I’m not even sure about being fine. Honestly I don’t even know what it feels like to be fine.” I sigh and run my hand down my stomach.


I hate the fact that I missed how he was supposed to freak out when he gets to find out I’m pregnant. He wasn’t ready to have babies. He said he was gonna walk me down the aisle before making babies.” I weep and wipe my eyes at once.


It’s okay. You shouldn’t stop believing. Gray might be an asshole sometimes, but he’s a strong man and will always be. He’s gonna be back, I’m pretty sure of that.” He says and smiles at me.


Thanks Dad.”


You’re welcome. Let’s get you home.”


I nod as he walks me out of the church. We step outside and dad opens my side door for me. I slide inside the car and he rounds the car to enter the driver’s seat. I lean against the car seat as he ignites the engine. We drive into the street as dad turn on the radio. Leslie’s mom actually apologized to me for everything she did. She forgave Leslie and took her back when she gave birth.


Dad parks the car outside my penthouse building and I get out before he can think of opening my side door for me.


Still can’t believe you killed Moskov. That’s like a really big news.” Dad says as we walk into the lobby.


I was angry.” I say and he chuckles.


That was brave of you. I’m proud.”


I smile and nod. The elevator arrives and we enter. I cross my arms on top of my belly and lean against the wall.


” Are you planning on going back to college once you give birth?” He asks.



I’d like to. I can quit online and just go back to college.”


And the baby?” He asks.


I sigh and shrugs.


I don’t even know. Maybe I just need to continue and forget about college. I’m still shocked that I’m gonna be a mother soon. It’s a big shocker considering the fact that Leslie got pregnant same year too.”


And it had to be Gray. A big shocker indeed.”


You know you should stop hating on each other.”


” I don’t hate Gray, i told you that. Still surprised that you fell in love with him. Dated him and also got pregnant for him. Since it’s a boy, you’re obviously gonna drop a younger version of Gray.” Dad says.


The elevator slides open and we step out. I twist the doorknob open when I find out it’s not locked. Dad and i walk in and he shuts the door behind him. I smile at the aroma from the kitchen.




That’s me.” She walks out of the kitchen with a big smile on her face.


Hi, Mr Daxton.” She greets dad.


Hi, yourself.” Dad replies.


Ariel…” I hear Kennedy’s voice as she rushes out of the hallway. Damn, who brought her?


Surprised?” She squeaks as she grins.


Yeah. Who brought you?”



Alexa did. I had to beg dad to bring me to Gray’s but he refused. Run into her in a mall and i made sure she brought me here. We’re making a nursery.” She squeals.


No way.”


Yes, way. It was her idea.” Alexa jab her thumb at Kennedy.


And I’ve got the best baby names ever. You’ll love it.” Kennedy says as she wraps her little hand around my wrist. She drags me to the kitchen and Alexa follows.


I’m just gonna leave, Ariel. I’ll call you.” Dad calls out.


I stop on my track and turn to look at him.


Alright. Thanks. Alexa will take good care of me, including Kennedy.” I say and ruffle Kennedy’s hair.


Sure. Be careful.” He gives me a big hug and leaves.


I sigh and and take Kennedy’s hand as we walk to the kitchen. Alexa is making pancakes.


So you wanna hear my names before checking out the nursery?” Kennedy asks.




Oh yeah. Since it’s a boy and he’s gonna be a badass boy. I think Jaden is hot.


Haven , Kaden , Tyrell, Trevor…..”


A lot of ‘dens’ and ‘Ts’ in here, little one.” Alexa points.


Come on. You know it’s cute. And Jamaal too.” Kennedy says.


Jamaal?” I ask.



Yeah. Since Gray is the daddy and he’s gonna be like Gray, I just thought Jamaal as his middle name won’t be bad since Gray is Jamal.” She says with a sad look.


I miss Nick. And Gray especially. Can’t believe they just left without saying it.” She sighs.


Come here.. ” I call out to her and hold her to myself.


Nick is fine alright. And Gray, he will be back soon.” I assure her.


I trust you.” She coos.


Alright. Pancake is ready. Who’s hungry?” Alexa asks. I look up to her and she smiles.


Obviously, she’s trying to lighten up the mood.


“I’m hungry.” Kennedy mutters.








I get out of my car and shut the door. I look up at the place I once called apartment as I walk in. I smile at the lady and step inside the elevator. I just had yoga class and I had to check on Leslie since she just gave birth. I step out of the elevator once it slides open as I ring the doorbell.


I wait patiently and ring again. The door opens revealing Hazel. She smiles at me and usher me in. I smile back at her and walk inside. I look around the familiar apartment and it’s weird it looks different.


Hi, Ariel.” Hazel greets behind me. I turn to look at her and smile at her.




You look pretty. Leslie is in the baby’s nursery.”


Alright.” She walks me down the hallway and stop in front of my ex room. Just as I had expected. She opens the door and we enter. Leslie looks up from her baby girl and flash me a smile.






She smiles at me and look down at my baby bump.


You look hot.” She says as she looks down at her baby.


Thank you.” I walk to her and look down at the tiny baby.


She’s beautiful.” I say.


Thanks. Even if I actually hated my life when I got her, i feel happy. Like really happy. She brought me happiness.” Leslie says.


What’s her name?”




Wow. That’s really cute.” I smile at her.


The baby opens her eyes and they meet mine. Her eyes are brown, really cute with her blonde hair. She smiles at me and begins to make baby noises.


You wanna carry her?” Leslie asks me. I shrug and nod.





I take Harmony from her and she giggles.


She’s really beautiful.”


I’m just gonna leave you guys and go check out the kitchen.” Hazel says and leaves.


I stare at the baby for what feels like eternity as Leslie clears her throat. I look up at her and her eyes holds a hint of sadness.


” I’m really sorry about Gray.” She starts a conversation. I smile and nod.


I hate to think the fact that Gray’s missing. That he’s not here to give me foot massage and back rub when I need them. Being pregnant sucks. It’s clearly stressful and it’s not been easy.


And I’m sorry about what I did to you last year. I was stupid and jealous. You’ve always been the star of highschool without you even noticing that. I got envious of that. I wanted that. And then you got Freddie and I was a stupid teenager. I badly wanted Freddie. It was stupid. I was stupid.” She sighs and looks at her baby.


I advised him to take advantage of you because that would stop you from going to the convent and all that. Made sure mom hated you so that I can be the best child. Look I’m sorry. I regretted everything. I understand that, all of this , jealousy and envy was nothing. I was just hating on myself without even knowing. I’m really sorry.” She plea.


I smile at her and nod.


It’s fine. I forgive you.”


Thank you.” She wraps her arms around me and hug me gently.


Thank you very much, Ariel. I’m so glad you’re my sister. And we’re still family and we’ll always be sisters. I will never see you as a cousin though.” She giggles and pulls away.



Yeah. It’s okay.”


Thank you.” I nod at her and smile.








I spent a lot of time with Leslie and Hazel as we talk and laugh. Later in the evening, I went home. I remove my shoes and breathe in. This is too stressful. I throw my bag on the couch and take off my clothes to shower. I take my bath and dry myself. I get dressed in my nightdress and go to the kitchen to make something to eat.


Alexa isn’t around. Just me. She said she was going to spend the night with Reid. I turn on the TV and make pasta. When it’s ready, I serve and go to the living room and sit on the couch opposite the TV. A romance movie plays on TV and I actually zoned out when the male lead tells the girl how much he feels about her.


I switch off the TV when I was eating. I keep the plate on the sink, switch off the light and go to my bedroom. I lay down and I had to imagine Gray laying next to me. This sucks, I had to cry and cuddle myself. I hate the fact that I had to take him out to have dinner with my dad. Maybe I shouldn’t have. I should have let him rest and heal and I wasn’t thinking when I invited him out.


I close my eyes and fall asleep. I was waken up because I heard a noise. I jolt up and switch on the bed side lamp. An image made me spring up at once as I slowly reach for my phone. I yelp when my room light switches on. I blink my eyes at the visitor and I almost choke on my breath. No way.


” Gray?” He walks to my form and stop in front of me.


He’s got stubbles. Sadly he looks cuter or maybe it’s because I haven’t seen him since he was shot at the dinner.



” Oh my God.” I gasp and bite my bottom lip to stop me from crying.


I pry the comforter out of my body and sit up. He hasn’t said a word to me. I stand up slowly and reach to touch him. He’s real. I’m not dreaming. He scans my body as his eyes lands on my stomach. A glint of emotions spread though his face as he stares at me in bewilderment.


You’re pregnant?” He asks at once.


Who the f**k got you pregnant?”










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