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Six years later




I drop my car key on the kitchen counter and run my hands down my hair. Being a mom is so difficult and hard. Haven is always getting into one trouble or another. Last week, his teacher reported him for getting into a fight with an older kid. Gray is barely bothered.


Look mom , I’m sorry.” Haven whines as he follows me.


Go to your room.” I turn around and glare at him.



Today , he got into another fight because the 8 years old kid called him names. He’s got a terrible temper. One I’ve never seen before. Gray wasn’t like this or maybe Gray was worse when growing up. I remembered he said he got kicked out of several highschool because of his fighting and I can’t withstand seeing Haven being kicked out.


I squat to his height and run my hand down his black hair. He looks like Gray.


Same grey colored orbs. Hair and even his father’s facials.


Haven , you don’t fight at school it’s wrong. And if your teacher reports you again, I’m gonna get angry at you and I’ll make sure you’re grounded. Now go to your room.” I tell him and climb the stairs. He follows behind too.


Alexa got married to Reid and they are yet to have kids. Alexa said she isn’t ready including Reid. Leslie is still single after giving birth to Harmony. Got no baby daddy and even her professor baby daddy is yet to come around. The last time we spoke, Leslie said , the professor some times support her and the baby and he’s paying Harmony’s child support. Heard she’s trying to mould her life back after four attempted failed relationship in less than six years. We don’t really keep contact.


Freddie’s not in the country I think. The last time i saw him was four years ago. He talked about relocating to Cuba. Cage isn’t really committed. He’s still single and he took over the italian mafia. Ace. Damn Ace, he’s still hot and obviously single.


I got a job at my father’s company and presently I’m the CEO of Sinclair’s Co. Gray and I got married three months after Haven’s birth. It was awesome. I saw people who I never thought I was gonna see. It had to be the talk of the media for a month. Different Mafia bosses showed up that day, it was fab.


I open the drapes of our bedroom and Gray is still in bed. Shirtless with the comforter hanging below his waist. He looks so adorable and I imagine trailing my fingers on his inked form all night.


” You’re acting creepy , Tinkerbell.” He says as he opens his eyes.


” Come here.” He opens the comforter for me to crawl in.


I lay next to him and he covers our body with the comforter. His arms curls around my waist as he kisses me.


You look hot.”


And you’re in bed.” I tell him.


Lazy day.” He says and kisses me one last time.


Where’s my boy?” He asks as he looks at me.


He got into a fight. Again Gray.” I say. Gray smirks and shrugs. He’s a crazy dad.


And yeah, he’s still in the mafia and hopefully all the shit ended. We moved out of New York and settle in Seattle. It was a new start for Haven three years after he was born. Jhene kinda get back with Damon because of Kennedy. Jhene and I don’t really have a good relationship but it wasn’t bad either. We talk but not friends. No one knew Gray killed Meghan aside the mob till date.


Daddy..” Haven screams as he jumps on the bed and sits on Gray’s back.


Hey boy. Heard you got into a fight? Why?” Gray asks.


He f**king started it.” Yeah. He swears. I’ve been trying to work on that part and it’s not working real good.


Okay, No cursing or mom’s gonna ground both of us. You’re gonna take it back and rephrase your word. I’ve told you to stop swearing.”


He sighs and looks at his daddy.” He started it. He was annoying and I had to beat up his dumbass.” He says. Double cursing. He’s never gonna change.


What did he call you?” Gray asks.


A boob.”



What?” I laugh. While Gray chuckles.


You see. It was annoying. I called him a pu**y and punched him.”


Why would you say pu**y, Haven? Where did you hear that from?” I ask.


Daddy and Kennedy too. Including the guys in the house.”


Alright shut up. You’re not gonna curse anymore in this house and I mean it. Gray you should stop.” I say.






I did nothing.”


Oh yeah. He got into a fight , you should scold him for that.”


Gray raises his brows and looks at Haven.” Did he really feel the punch?” Gray asks Haven.




Where did you aim at?” He asks. His he serious? Oh god.


His cheek.”


Next time, go for the eye , alright. How dare he call you a boob?” Gray says as i punch him on the chest.


He laughs and tickles me.


” Gray stop.” I laugh.



Come on. Go and play Haven. Daddy needs to play with Mom. Manny…” Gray shouts.


Manny appears outside the door as he peeks his head in.” Alright , Haven. Go on. Daddy will come spend the evening with you okay.”


Sure thing, dad.” He gets off the bed and hurries to Manny standing outside the room.


Manny smirks at me and leaves with Haven as they close the door.


Come here babe.” Gray says and leans above me.




You’re sure about that? I’ve missed you all day.” He whispers and kisses my neck.


I breathe out as he kisses down my neck to my collarbone.


We’re making a daughter tonight.” He whispers and winks at me. Before I can argue , he captures my lips as we kiss.

















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