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Chapter 100







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I lace my fingers with Gray’s as we walk out of the lobby.


My car?” I ask eagerly as I look up at him.


Brought it yesterday. Wanna drive? Or you want me to drive?” He asks and gives me my key.


I will drive.” I take my key from him and open the driver’s side door. I slide into the car and Gray enters the passenger side.


Fasten your seatbelt, lover.” I wink at Gray and ignite the engine.


I reverse back and accidentally hit a car behind me. Causing an alarm from the car.


Shit.” I mutter.


Damn.” Gray mutters and chuckles.






That was silly.” He says and I roll my eyes and chuckle.


Where do you wanna go?” I ask Gray.


I should ask you that, where do you wanna go? I’m the one taking you out.”


And I’m driving.” I tell him and he laughs softly.


I wanna see a movie. We’ve never seen a movie together.” I say.






And please don’t choose romance.” He utters and tap his fingers on the window sill.


But why not? Romance is cute. It displays the symbol of Love.” I tell him.


So f**kin boring. Horror Is better, Tinkerbell.” He says.



I roll my eyes and stop for a red light. I tap my fingers on the wheel and turn to look at Gray. I think we’re both not used to fighting.


I’m really sorry on how I acted. It was stupid I think.” I tell him as he looks at him.


You weren’t stupid. It’s fine. And I’m also sorry , for stopping you. I was actually angry. I wasn’t expecting that though.” He says.


Wanna drive?” I smirk at him.


He smirks and bites his bottom lip. I push back the car seat and crawl out of the seat over the center console as I sit on the back. Gray sits on the driver’s seat and i climb out of the backseat and sit on his lap.


Shit…” he cusses when my booty relaxes on his lower region.


I cup his cheek and give him a quick, but passionate kiss.


Holy Christ.” A lady mutters as she stares at us from her car through my car’s open window.


Her son smiles at us and try to peek his head out of the window.


Get a room , you two horny children.” She yells and drives away. I chuckle including Gray as he begins driving.


That was crazy.” I say and push a button to roll up the windows.


My windows are tinted just like every cars Gray drives.


So , as i was saying…” I trail off. Gray briefly looks at me before looking back at the road.


I situate both my knees on either side of him as I straddle him.



Fuckin hell…” he cusses and rest one hand on my butt while the other steers the wheel.


You’re making me hard, hope you know that.” He says and takes a deep breath.


Make sure we don’t get killed.” I tell him and grind on him. Thank God for dress. He cusses and grabs my butt.


I wrap my hands around his neck. I look back at the road and Gray’s driving terribly slow. I smirk at him and lean closer to him to kiss him. He returns the kiss as I grind on his erection.


Sex in the car?” I ask him between the kiss and bite his bottom lip.


Then I won’t be driving.” He winks at me and look at the road. Thank God we’re not in a highway.


Then stop the car.” I whisper and kiss his neck. Gray breathes out a moan.


I plant a soft kiss at the spot under his ear. A car drives by honking his loud horn.


We pull away from each as we laugh.


We’re already close to the theatre. We should do this after your movie.” He says and spank my booty.


I lean closer to him and capture his lips on mine. He removes his free hand from the wheel and grabs both my booty cheeks as we kiss. His right hand slide inside my dress as it runs down my thighs.


” We’re here.” He whispers and kisses my cheek.


I roll my eyes and get off his lap. How can he just turn me off like that. Just like that.


You’re mad?” He asks and turns off the engine. I shake my head and roll my eyes.



Come here.” He pulls me out of the sit unto his lap and kisses me again.


After your movies?” He asks and smirks at me.


Okay.” I shrug and peck his lips before getting of his lap.


I push the buttons to the door as it opens upwards. I step out of the car and run my hands down my hair to tame it. Gray appears beside me and wraps his hand around my waist. He looks around the theatre and every single building as if he’s detecting a hidden enemy.


Looking for something?” I ask him as we walk in.


Snipers?” He kisses my hair and I nod.


How can you easily detect that from here?”


A little difficult, same time easy. Moskov is on the loose, any shit can happen.” He says as we pay for tickets.


He was serious about the horror movie. He buys two tickets for two movies. The romance and the horror. We find our seats and we sit down. I hold tight to the big popcorn as Gray wraps his arm around my shoulder. Few minutes into the movie and Gray is already complaining.


This shit’s boring as f**k.” He mutters and looks at me. I stare at him and stuff popcorns into my mouth.


You want?” I ask and flash him a smile.


He chuckles and motions for me to give him.


Never thought you eat popcorn.” I tell him and stuff it into his mouth.


You make everything taste good.” He winks and chews on the popcorn.



Is that a compliment?” I ask him.


You’re missing the movie Ariel.” He smirks at me and looks back at the movie.


Can’t wait to take you out of here though.” He whispers and kisses my ear.


I gulp and keep my focus on the movie.


Don’t try to make things worse for me.” I whisper without looking at him. He chuckles softly and I can feel him smiling at me.


Wanna try something naughty?” He whispers and bites my ear.


A breathy moan escape my mouth. I shut my mouth and swat him on the chest. We’re at the theatre and he’s trying to turn me on. Who does that? He trails his right hand on my thigh as he kisses my neck. I grip onto his lap to keep me from moaning. He plant soft kisses on my neck up my ear and he bites it. I moan and cover my mouth.


” Keep it calm Tinkerbell, will you?” He whispers.


Thank God the theatre is dark and everyone looks busy and focus on the movie.


He slowly pushes my dress up and touch me through my panties.


Gray..” I moan out his name silently. His lips seduces my neck as he slowly parts my leg. I still grip on his lap for dear life.


Shh, princess.” He whispers against my skin and slip in a finger. I gasp and cover my mouth.


Yeah , they are so cute and it’s emotional.” My next seat mate mutters. I turn to look at her but her focus is on the movie.


He slips his finger out and slide it back. He kisses my cheek down my neck. By dawn, it’s gonna leave a mark, that’s for sure. He doubles his fingers and increases



the pace. I cover my mouth to muffle the moans. He smirks against my neck and slow down his finger.


Fuck baby, you’re so wet.” He whispers and kisses down my neck.


Wanna leave now? My penthouse.” He asks.


Without thinking, I nod.






I slowly slide down on him and lean down to kiss him. His palms squeezes my ass as we kiss. Our tongues glides together as he runs his hand down my back. I moan into his mouth and slide up and down on him. Our lips move in rhythm as I grind back and forth on him. He swiftly changes the position and he’s on top.


He kisses my lips and then move down to my chest. His tongue swirl around my nipple as he tastes me. His thrusts is slow , gentle and then fast. He cups my boobie and groans as he thrusts in and out of me. I feel my stomach clench as I near my orgasm. He leans closer to me and kisses me. I feel him twitch inside me as he breathes in and out against my neck.




I go through his closet after taking my bath. I put on his t-shirt and boxers and climb back on the bed. Gray is still naked in bed with the comforter wrapped around himself as I cuddle next to me. He wraps his arm around my waist and kisses my hair and run his hand down my back.


Why get dressed?” He asks and furrows his brows. I bite my lip and trail my finger on his tatted arm.


You know why.” I say and turn around so my back is against him. His right arm wraps around my waist, as he pulls me closer to him.



” What’s up with Sinclair? Your new dad?” He asks.


Why’s he asking me now? We just got out from our fight and I’m not willing to fight again.


What about him?” I ask him.


I don’t know. You wanted to hangout.”


Yeah. He wanted me to think about it. Till when I’m ready probably.” I shrug.


So you’re still thinking?”


I don’t really know. I really want to hang out with him. Eighteen years Gray.” I say and turn to look at him.


You know I can’t stop you. That’s gonna be so unfair of me. I just want you to be careful. Moskov’s is insane and he wants to hurt you.”


I sigh and look away from him. I trail my finger on the ink on his wrist.


What about your feud?”


We ain’t beefing. Just don’t like each other.” He says.


So what you gonna do about it? You don’t like each other and you can’t bear to hangout with each other.”


I don’t know.” He sighs.


My phone rings at once. I stretch to pick it up from the nightstand. I look at the dialer and it’s Sinclair. I lay on my back and rest my leg on Gray’s legs as i slide the answer icon.


” Hi Ariel.”


Hey.” I say and look at Gray.


You’re busy?”


Well. Not really. I’m with Gray.”


I was wondering if we can go get dinner together. Aisha likes to meet you also.” Damn. That won’t be bad right?


Okay. I’m gonna call you back.”


Sure.” He hangs up and I take a deep breath. I keep my phone next to me on the bed abd turn to look at Gray.


He wants to hang out?” Gray asks.


Kinda. Gray look , I have to. It’s just for few hours and I’m gonna be back.”




Alright?” I ask. Did he just say alright? Just like that?


It’s fine, I understand. Can’t stop you , I told you that.” He says and kisses my forehead.


His hand run down my back to my butt as he kisses me.


” Thanks.” I smile at him and get out of his bed.


I quickly take off his t-shirt and briefs. I keep them back on his closet and put on my black dress. I stand opposite the full length mirror and run my hands down my hair. I turn to look at Gray and he’s staring back at me. I walk to the bed and give him a quick kiss.


” I’ll call you when I get there.”



Becareful.” I nod and put on my shoes and carry my phone as I walk out of his room.








Aisha smiles at me as she serves us dinner. She’s not really bad. She’s cute , ebony skin and nice smile. When I got here, I didn’t expect it to be a Mafia house. I didn’t see Cage or Ace but I saw De Luca when I got here. His features and everything isn’t friendly at all. He doesn’t smile or probably he doesn’t smile at me. Sinclair was kinda happy to see me. We hugged for a long time as Aisha welcomed me.


Oh my God, I’m sorry I’m late.” A girl rushes in as she sits close to Aisha across from me and Sinclair.


She looks like Aisha and the same girl i met at the ball who called me a slut because I was talking to Cage. Sasha I think. Aisha’s daughter. Her braids are wrapped in a bun and she looks like who just got a tan.


” Hey Mom. Hi Sin.” She greets. Sin? Not dad?


She looks at as she scowls. Great, she won’t be fun.


I think I know you. The little lady who was flirting with Cage at the ball. Are you Sinclair’s daughter?” She asks me.


Sasha , behave please.” Aisha warns.


I look at her face and she’s got a white substance on her nose. Is that coke?


You’ve got a little… some…” I point to my nose as I tell her.


Sasha wipes her nose and look at her hand. Her mom glares at and she chuckles.


” Sorry, was having a little fun.” She says to Sinclair and Aisha.



Are you like spending the night?” Sasha asks.


No. I’m just here to have dinner and all that.” I say.


Aisha made garlic bread, omelette, fruits , pies and also lasagna. I sip my fruit juice and meet eyes with Sasha. I don’t like her.


So , why a Mafia house?” I ask Sinclair.


It’s temporary. We’re allies and we had a deal. Need to hang out here and all that.” Sinclair explains and I nod.


What’s up with school? Heard you’re in college.” Sinclair says.


Yeah. I’m in sophomore year and I’m majoring in business.” I answer.


You’re in college? And I heard you’re dating Gray Carter.” Sasha butts in. I ignore her.


We talk and mostly about me as we eat. Aisha asks me few things about me and i told her. I help Aisha with the dishes as we take it to the kitchen. Sasha already disappears down the hall.


Thanks for coming. Really appreciate.” Aisha says. I smile at her and nod. She washes the dishes while I rinse and wipe it dry.


“And you cook really good though.” I tell her and she flashes me a genuine smile.


Thanks Ariel. Glad you like it.” She smiles and we work in silence.


So are you moving in? You know…”


No..” i chuckle.” I can’t . Stay alone and all that.”


Or Gray doesn’t like the idea.” She says.



Not really. I can’t come between you two and all that. Also I kinda have my own apartment.” I tell her and she nods.


I wipe all the dishes and clean my hand with the napkin.


Ariel , you’re through?” Sinclair asks as he stands beside the door.


Sure.” I answer and walk to meet him. Still finding it hard to call him dad. Just don’t know why.


We walk in silence and enter an office. There’s a staircase that leads to the bottom. The basement. We climb down the stairs and it’s another office. This one is quite prettier. It has two brown couches. A desk and a chair. A bar filled with drinks. A chart for shooting and a also a human kinda target stuff.


Wow. This is pretty. Why the ally stuff with the italians?” I ask when i already know the answer to that. Gray of course.


Lost half of clients and stupid shit.” He says.” The italians was the last option and also De Luca was a friend. He suggested we partner together.” He says.


I nod and walk to his desk. I pick up the M16 on his desk and pull out the cartridge. I place it back and pull the hammer.


You know what you’re doing?” He asks. I chuckle and aim at the human kinda target. I squeeze the trigger and shoot.


Who taught you how to shoot?”


Same man you don’t like.” I say and continue to shoot.


He sighs and pour himself a glass of tequila.


” Did you want to? Or he suggested it?”


“I had to learn dad. He is a mob boss and I needed the training.” I drop the assault rifle and sit on the couch.



So… thought about reconciling?” I ask him.


Gray?” He chuckles and drinks his wine.


I don’t like the kid and i can’t stop you both either.”


What if we wanna get married?” I ask him.


His he proposing?”


I huff.” Hell no.” I chuckle.”I’m just asking. I think this happened a long time ago. Eight years ago I think. Why the beef and the feud.”


Did he tell you that? That we’re feuding and all that bullshit?”


He didn’t tell me that. He said you don’t like each other and all that.” I sigh. ” My point is, why not move ahead of it. It hurts i know. Our family owns the American Mafia. Gray took it away from us. Damn that’s painful.”


My point exactly. It resulted me to being an ally to the italians. I’m trying to build back the mob and thankfully it’s working.” He says. I nod.


God I feel sick again.


Can I?” I motion to the glass of tequila.


You drink?”


I shake my head sideways.


Kinda sick.” I say. He nods and gives me his glass. I chug down the liquid and drop the glass.


I gotta go , it’s late. I’ll come spend the weekend.” I say and stand up.





Where’s Cage?”


Are you guys like friends?” He asks as he walks me out.


Yeah. He’s a good person.”


He went out. Business.” Sinclair replies.


We walk out of his office and i decide to bade Aisha good bye. She hugs me and I leave afterwards.




Gray speeds into the dark night as the pop music plays at an average volume.


” I see no reason why you love romance movies seriously.” He mutters.


Since I didn’t get to finish my movie earlier today i made sure we watch the movie again in a different theatre. Can’t watch in peace if we didn’t change the theatre. Memories and all that. After my dinner with Sinclair, i didn’t tell Gray I talked to my dad about him. I can’t bear to see his reactions.


You made me watch horror.” And yes I freaked out every single minute. He was unaffected. Watched it like it was one of Kennedy’s cartoon.


And you liked it.”


Gray, I freaked out.” I tell him and stuff cotton candy inside my mouth.


The Romance was boring. Same normal ending. The boy apologized, they kiss and f**k , movie is over. There is always this heroin everyone likes. Horror, there’s barely a hero. Every single hero might end up dying.”


Jesus.” I huff and stuff the last cotton in my mouth.



New York looks a bit busy tonight. I know it’s always busy cause it’s New York. The street lights illuminate the city as i watch people drive by and walk by. I look at the side mirror and something catches my attention. We’ve got company. Not again.


Gray, a….”


I know.” He says and looks briefly at his side mirror. A biker is on our tail and he or she has a helmet.


Moskov?” I ask Gray and open his compartment to bring out a gun.


Obviously. He might have sent that dude.” He says like it’s nothing.


We approaches the bridge and the biker increases it’s pace. I see him pull out a gun as he shoots my side mirror out.


Jesus Christ.” I mutter.


Breathe princess. Wanna drive?”


I’ll be fine.” I wind down the window and peek myself out of the window as I aim at the biker. He ducks and drives beside another car.


Do you have another gun aside a hand gun?” I ask. The biker shoot at the car as Gray swerves the car to the left.


We lost both side mirror, can’t see him anymore.


” Check the backseat.” He say as he increases the pace of the car.


The biker drives to the side of the car with his gun ready to aim. I pull the trigger and shoot him on the shoulder. He groans and falls off his bike.


Good. Never seen you shoot outside of practice.” He says as someone shoots at the car



I thought it’s just a biker.”


There are like two cars behind us.” Gray says as he over takes a vehicle in front of us.


I open the duffel bag in his car and pull out an assualt rifle.


” Open the sunroof , will you.” I tell him as i load the gun.


The sunroof slowly opens, I stand on the center console of the car and he’s right. We got three cars on our tail aside the biker. I aim at the car upfront and shoot at the tyres.


” Careful , Tinkerbell.” Gray says as he handles the wheel.


The car jerk backwards and slam itself on another car. The two cars increases it’s pace and the driver pulls out their guns.


Oh shit.” I sit back on the car at once.


Bend down.” Gray tells me


I cover one ear and made sure I’m not open for any shot.


I see the bridge close by and i don’t know why I feel relieved. They continue to shoot at the car as Gray overtakes every other cars. When the shooting stops , I stand back up and shoot at both cars making sure both driver and passenger don’t survive. A biker speed to the driver’s side of the car as i shoot at him. I sit back on the car and push the button to retract the sunroof.


” You’re okay?” He asks as he looks at me.


I take a deep breath and relax my nerves. Two attacks in two days. This is getting too much.


” I’m good.” I nod and wind both windows up.



Before I can register what’s happening, A car from the side slam itself against ours as it hurl violently to the side. Before I can pull out my gun to shoot at the other vehicle. A headlight shines brightly at the windshield. The car at the side slam harder against our car as a bullet pierces through the windshield right into Gray.


I scream as my head hit against the dashboard and Gray’s already bleeding from a gun shot. He’s already passing out.


” Oh my God. Gray…” I sob.


The car hurls off the bridge, hit the barricades, as the car falls off the bridge down to the cold water beneath us.







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