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“You’re three weeks pregnant…”



Holy hell.


No , not true.


Can’t be true.


Not now , not anytime soon.


I shake my head and chuckle. This is crazy. I cannot be pregnant. I know I didn’t take any pills at Mia’s yacht party but that doesn’t mean I’m pregnant. Oh God I’m dead. Gray’s gonna kill me. He told me he doesn’t want a kid and now I’m pregnant?


Doctor, I’m not pregnant. I can’t be pregnant.”


Why can’t you be pregnant? You’re Gray Carter’s girlfriend right?” She asks. I sigh and nod.


You’re fertile and he’s got nothing wrong with him. So what makes you think you can’t be pregnant.”


Because I don’t want a baby.” I whisper tell her.


You’re serious? Why not? Children are good news. I’m sure it’s a boy.” I sob at her news and shake my head.


No, not pregnant. Gray’s gonna freak out. He’s gonna yell. I don’t even wanna think about his reaction. He might even get angry and act weird. Why do I even have to get pregnant now? Of all the time?


What about school?


What about my life!


I’m only twenty for God’s sake.


” Are you crying?” The doctor asks as she wipes my eyes.



You don’t have to cry darling. You’ve got a good boyfriend. A nice one for that matter. And your father? You know he’s gonna be supportive of you , no matter what. Think positive darling.” She advises.


She’s not gonna understand.


That same sweet boyfriend of mine , don’t want a baby. He doesn’t like kids. They are like distraction to him and right now kids aren’t the best option.


“Did you tell anyone?”


” No. Thought the mother should be the first to hear this good news.”


This isn’t good news.


This more like sad news.


Thank you. Please don’t tell anyone and I’ll be forever grateful.” I plea with her. She nods in understanding.


Thanks.” She smiles and stands up as she leaves.


Alexa enters the room with Sinclair by her side. They look at me and Alexa looks back at the door.


What did she do to you? You were crying?” Dad asks. I fake a smile and wipe my eyes.


No. She said I’ll be fine.” I lie.


Dad sits on the chair close to my bed, and Alexa sits on the other side of the edge of the bed.


What did she say to you Ariel?” Alexa asks.


You care a lot Alexa. I’ll be fine. What’s up with Brandon and Piper?”


Stopped by yesterday. And the day you got shot. They panicked.” Alexa says.



I sigh and nod.


Now it’s my turn to panic. I’ve got little Gray Jr in my stomach. How hilarious. A nurse walks in with a tray. She drops it on a table beside my bed. She picks up a syringe and and looks down at me.


It’s gonna sting a little.” She says.


I’ll be fine.” I say. My mind’s not here anymore. I feel like my world’s ending with this baby news.


She injects me and gives the plate to Alexa. Alexa opens the covers and it’s soup.


It’s gonna help you. The injection will make you sleep and let you heal faster.” She gives Alexa a spoon and walks out.


Just then Aisha enters.


Look who’s awake.” She praises with her big smile. She stands next to dad with her hand around his shoulder.


How are you? How are you doing?” She asks.


I’m good. A little headache though” I say as she sighs.


She unwraps her arms from around Sinclair as she sits on the edge of my bed.


“I’m really sorry about what happened. I just hope you get better.” Aisha says.


Alexa twists her lips and dramatically shoots herself. Sinclair sees her and shakes his head sideways.


Thank you Aisha.”


Oh my God. She’s awake..” Brandon and Piper shouts as they closed my room door.


And she looks more beautiful.” Brandon adds as they surrounds my bed.


Hey guys.” I smile , still not forgetting the fact that I have Gray Jr right inside my tummy. This is too big to take in.


I need to tell someone. Certainly not Gray.


We were so worried. I thought we’ve lost you again.” Piper sighs as she pouts.


Thanks guys. I’m fine and strong.” I manage to laugh.


How are you feeling? Better?” Brandon asks.


Yes, Brandon. I’m doing great. Thanks guys for checking up on me.”


Yeah. These guys…” Piper whispers , motioning to Sinclair and Aisha like they are not in the room.


Aisha giggles as she smiles. She stands up and wraps her arm around Sinclair’s shoulder.


That’s my Dad and that’s his wife.” I introduce.


Uh.. I don’t get it. How is he your dad?” Brandon and Piper asks.


Yup. He’s her dad. That’s his wife. Please don’t ask , if her supposed mom cheated on her supposed dad with him.” Alexa says. ” Those parents of hers are Ariel’s foster parents and the supposed mom is her Aunt. Got it..” Alexa continues.


Fuck , you’re crazy.”




A week later , i finally got discharged. Gray’s still admitted. Heard the doctor said it’s not safe for Gray to leave. Considering that he suffered internal bleeding. After I was discharged, Dad drove me home. I change my clothes and return to the hospital. Sinclair didn’t allow it. He scolded me several times but I was too



adamant to listen to him. I twist the doorknob to Gray’s room and peek my head in. Manny is seated next to him and he’s reading a magazine. They visited me actually before I was discharged. Manny, Nick and Reid. Reid didn’t talk much. Nick , jeez, i barely could feel my ears that day.


Gray is up. He averts his gaze to the door and our eyes meet. He smiles at me and I walk in. The doctor said he’ll be discharged a day after tomorrow. I close the door as Manny look up from his magazine.


Hi, Manny.” I greet him and sit next to Gray.


Hi.” He replies with a smile.


Hey, babe.” Gray says as he holds my wrist.


You look a little pale.” I tell him and touch his neck.


I’m fine. This f**kin doctors won’t let me out. They are annoying as f**k.” He says and i chuckle.


Never knew you nag when sick.”


“I’m not sick.” He defends.


You got shot , Gray.” I remind him. He rolls his eyes and looks me down.


I’m just glad you’re fine. That’s what matters.” He says and kisses me at once.


Damn. I’m just gonna get the hell out of here.” Manny says. I chuckle in between the kiss.


Bye Manny.” Gray says as Manny shuts the door.


You’re okay?” Gray asks once i pull away from the kiss.


*Gray I’m pregnant.*


That will be terrible. I can’t do this.


Tinkerbell..” Gray calls my name.


Um. Yeah ,.I’m fine. I was worried about you.” I tell him and bite my bottom lip.


I need to get rid of this pregnancy. I can’t tell him. He’s never gonna be happy about it.


” You’re sure?” He asks and trails his forefinger down my jawline.


I smile and cup his cheek as I lean in to kiss him. My hand run down his hair as he wraps his arms around my waist to feel my body.


” Oh God. Making out in the hospital. Seriously.” Reid mutters.


I pull away at once but Gray won’t take his arm from around my waist .


You don’t f**kin knock Reid.”


This is a hospital, not your bedroom. Was even wondering why Manny sat outside.” He says and walk to the other side of Gray’s bed.


Hi.” Reid tells me. That’s one of his normal greetings since we barely talk. He always act awkward around me. Don’t know why. I think part of the reasons is because, he threatened me before and smacked my butt.


Hi.” I reply.


He nods and turns to look at Gray who hasn’t let go of me yet.


Moskov is still missing.” Reid states.


You really don’t have to fight it Gray. You’re still recovering and you should stop thinking about the Mafia.” I tell him.



I need to kill him or he’s coming back. And this time I can’t tell what’s gonna happen. I might not even survive it.”


Gray he’s not coming back except you make an attack. I want you to be safe , please.”


He rubs his thumb on the back of my hand and pulls me to himself. I lay next to him on his bed and rest my head on his shoulder.


Love , love , love.” Reid mutters with a sing song voice.


Go get a girlfriend Reid.” Gray says as he chuckles.


He’s already got one. He and Alexa.” I say as Reid creases his forehead. I scrunch my face at him and giggle.


You’re serious man?” Gray asks and turns to look at Reid. “I thought it was just f**king.”


I swat his chest.” No cursing in a hospital. You’ve been shot remember.” I scold him.


Yeah. Maybe it’s just f**king.” Reid says, trying to annoy me.


That didn’t sound just s£x to me. You guys are into each other. She likes you.” Reid rolls his eyes and looks at me for a second before looking at Gray.


I don’t know what she’s talking about.” Reid says.


I’m not mad. I can’t stop your happiness even if it turns out to be Alexa. If you wanna go on with the relationship thing then I’m fine. Just don’t cause trouble.” Gray says as he rubs my arm.


Asshole.” Reid huffs and throw his head back to stare at the ceiling.



Then I’m just gonna text her , you are inviting her for dinner , but you’re scared and ashamed.” I say pulling out my phone from my back pocket.


Ariel, don’t. Gray talk to your girl.” Reid whines.


I’m not among your games. Count me out.” Reid says as I text Alexa.


To Alexa; Get a dress Alex, Reid is taking you out on a date. Buddy is ashamed and too scared.


Once it reads sent, I keep back my device and smirk at Reid.


You’ve succeeded right?” Reid asks.


Yeah. Get ready to rock.” I chuckle. Reid isn’t really bad at all. He’s got a sweet side he only allows Gray to see. Now I’ve seen it. And maybe Alexa too.


I’m still pregnant and most times I think it’s one of my bad dreams. The one you wake up and realize it’s just a dream and nothing more. But this is real. I’ve got a little Gray in me.




I throw my bag on the couch in my room and slump on it. I barely could concentrate at class or when I was with the squad. I can’t tell my friends that I’m pregnant. And I need to tell someone.


Oh my God. I can’t believe that d**kwad asked me to go out on a date with him. A proper date.” Alexa says walking into my room.


I stand up and sit on the chair opposite my dresser.


You’re okay , sweetcheeks ?” Alexa asks as she stare at my reflection on the mirror.


I don’t know how to say this.” I sigh and wipe a tear that slip out of my ears.


What happened to you?” She asks and walks to me.


You’re okay? Is it Gray? You know he is fine. He’s leaving the hospital tomorrow.”


It’s not Gray.” I sigh and sniffle.


Then what is it?” She asks.


I open my mouth to speak but more tears slip out.


Ariel , please talk to me. You’re scaring the shit out of me.”


I’m…” I blink my eyes and look down at my lap.


I’m pregnant Alexa.”


She blinks her eyes several times. A little smile creep into her lips and it broadens. Hell no.


Oh my God. You’re carrying Gray Jr? This is the best news I have heard.”


What are you saying? It’s not , Alexa. It’s a bad news. What about college? What about my dreams? What about my life? I’m too young for this.”


If you’re too young , then you shouldn’t have had s£x in the first place. Babies are good news. Have you told Gray?”


I can’t.” I clean my eyes and look at the mirror.


Why not? He’s gonna be super happy. A baby? Oh my God. I feel like I’m the one pregnant. I’ve got lots of names already.”


Alexa , stop. Gray doesn’t want a baby.”


She bats her lashes and blinks her eyes.


I don’t get it. Did you tell him?”


I cannot tell him. On Mia’s yacht party in Canada , i threw up and Mia thought i was pregnant. She made me do two pregnancy test and it was all negative. Gray told me I can’t be pregnant, that he doesn’t want a baby.”


Oh shit. This is terrible. What are you gonna do?”


Get rid of it.”


No. You’re not getting an abortion. I won’t let you do that.”


Then what? Tell Gray that I’m pregnant. I can’t do that. He’s gonna freak out and probably yell.” I cry.


It’s okay. You should give yourself time and rethink your decisions. Don’t rush it.”


I already bought pills , Alexa. I’m taking it tonight…..”


Ariel, please don’t. Don’t do what you’re gonna regret later.”


I’ve already made the decision. I’m getting rid of it.”











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