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Ariel, I’d rethink my decisions if I were you…” Alexa says as I bring out the pills from the drawers.


When did you buy these?” She asks.


Two days after I discovered i was pregnant.” She sighs and sits on the bed.


You know when Leslie was pregnant, you hated the fact that she had to terminate the baby. You can’t play that same role you talked against.”


I sigh and turn around on my seat to look at her.


But Gray doesn’t want a baby.”


Both of you produced junior. You both had s£x like every other partners and boom there comes a baby. You gonna tell him that you’re pregnant. If he freaks out and tell you to get rid of it , then it’s fine.”


Oh God.”


Don’t you want the baby?” She asks.


I don’t know. Right now, I don’t even know what I want.”


Okay, forget the fact that Gray doesn’t want a baby, do you want to keep the baby?”


Who wouldn’t want a baby?”


You said Gray doesn’t want a baby , so not everyone wants a baby. You don’t have to tell him now if it’s kinda difficult. You can have your time , think it over and over again, then you can tell him then.” She smiles as she talks.



But what about school?” I ask her. She looks at me like i just ask the dumbest question ever.


What about school?” She returns my question and shrugs.


What about college Alexa? What about graduation? What about getting a job?”


First, you own a penthouse worth millions of dollars. You have a father who’s rich as f**k. You own a Ferrari which an average person doesn’t even have and you have Gray Carter, something most women want but can never get. You wanna go to college, then sign up for online class. You can talk to your dad to get an internship since you want to work badly.”


This is so hard.”


You’re seeing it the hard way , Tinkerbell.”


I smile at the use of Tinkerbell as i remember Gray. I can’t even imagine his reaction when he finds out. Freak out , pull out a cigarette and avoid me for a long time and probably starts to act weird.


You know if you abort it without telling him , then I’m gonna tell Gray you’re pregnant.”


Alexa, you can’t do that.”


Exactly. Reasons you won’t terminate that cute little junior in you. You know I have come up with a lot of names for the boy.”


What makes you think it’s a boy?”


Of course it’s a boy. I think the Carter’s have this male offspring curse. You’re likely to give birth to a boy. I can bet a thousand dollars for that.” She says and we giggle.


Thanks Alex.”


” You’re welcome. Now can I have the pills?” She asks and opens her palm.


I pout and smile at her as I pick up the pills and drop them on her open palm.


Thank you.” She breathes and throw them inside her bag.” I almost had a heart attack when you said you wanted to kill him. Thank you for changing your mind by the way. I assure you, Gray won’t tell you to abort it. He might not want a baby now but he wants a baby. He’s just afraid he won’t be f**king you anymore.”


I almost choke on my breath at Alexa’s words.


Shut up.” I laugh.


It’s the truth. That’s why most average couples don’t want kids. They are like distraction. They take the mommy away from the daddy. The mommy won’t care about the daddy because she had to look after the baby. Every thing she’s gonna think about is just the baby. That’s the sad truth.”


Well yeah. But she can share actually.”


Share. You share attention?” Alexa chuckles.


Yeah. Fifty percent for Daddy , fifty for baby. When he wants mommy she’s gonna be there. And when baby wants mommy she’s also gonna be there.”


And when he wants to f**k?”


I bite my bottom lip and blush. She’s never gonna quit swearing.


You know if i ever give birth, you’re never coming near my kid.” I tell her and she giggles.


Why not? I’m not a bad aunt.”


I roll my eyes and stand up.



You swear a lot, Alexa. Even more than Gray himself.” I blow out my breath and walk to my closet.


You’re just being dramatic sweetheart. I’m gonna treat him like a bad boy he is. Imagine taking over the mob when Gray retires.” She says as I halt my hands on the dresses in my closet.


No way. I can’t let that happen. Even if it’s a girl or boy , he or she’s is never taking over the Mafia. I can’t watch them go through this mafia bullshit of feud and several shootout.” I say and pull out different dresses and throw them on my couch behind me.


What if he wants it? What if he liked the mob life?”


He’s never gonna like it.


I can’t even think about giving birth to a son and he wants to run a Mafia.


I believe when Gray was born , nobody forced him into the bad. He wanted it. I wanted it to. I liked it. Aside the shooting, the Mafia is fun.”


I don’t see any fun in it except unexpected shootout. Mafia family hating on the other because the other is progressing on the game and he’s got a lot of minions from the street. Greedy drug Lord’s, moles and beefing. I don’t want that for my kid.”


Alrighty , I get it. You don’t want that for your kid. What if this bad ass kid of yours wants it? What you gonna do, sister?”


I don’t wanna talk about it. The Russians are still on the run. I’m pretty sure they are watching after Gray’s movement and waiting for the right moment to strike.”


And we’re ready for them. I have two special guns for special people like Vladimir’s d**kwad brother , Moskov.”


I chuckle and walk out of my closet after successfully throwing out four dresses.



So, are you going to the dinner or not? I’m pretty sure this dresses are gonna look hot on you. I put my efforts on this just to make sure you have Reid back.”


She smiles and look through every dresses.


You’re really cute princess. He’s never done this dinner stuff before. I’m just wondering what he’s gonna look like sitting across me from a booth. He’s gonna be adorable.”




I’m hungry. You can try out those dresses if you want. I really haven’t wear them. Reid’s waiting and you shouldn’t keep him waiting for too long.”


Always keep the men waiting sweetheart. Sisters code.” She winks and I laugh.


You’re seriously going crazy.”


I go to the kitchen and look through the cabinet for ingredients. My phone rings and it’s Sinclair.


Hey Dad.”




I chuckle and sit on the counter stool.


That sounds old and you know it.”


It’s still your birth name.” He retorts and I nod.


I know right? How are you? And Aisha?”


She’s good. How are you? How are you feeling?”


Getting better i think. I’m trying to hold up.”


How’s Gray?”


He’s getting better dad. You want me to come over?”


I’d be glad. I’m just gonna tell Aisha to prepare you something nice. I think Cage is around too.”


I smile and nod before answering.


Sure thing dad. By the weekend and I’m bringing someone.”


Which someone?” He asks immediately.


It’s a surprise. Don’t talk me into telling you.”


He chuckles on the phone and I can nearly feel him nod.


Okay. I hope it’s a good surprise.”


I hope so too.”




By the weekend, Gray was already discharged and he’s obviously strong. He acts like someone who wasn’t shot at all. I park my car outside Gray’s penthouse building. I shut the doors and stride inside the building. The lady at the lobby smiled at me as I walk past her to the elevator. Gray has been hanging around in his penthouse after he got discharged. The idea of telling Gray I was pregnant was still stuck in my head. He just got out of a death trap and it’s gonna be bad if I give him a pregnancy news.


I tap in the passcode to his door as the door opens. I step in and shut the door behind me. I drop my bag on the couch and go to the kitchen. Gray sits on the counter stool. He holds a cup of coffee while the other hand work non-stop on his phone. A cigarette sticks between his lips. He looks up from his phone and hid gaze falls on me. He smiles at me as I walk to the other side of the counter.


Gray you got shot and you’re still healing, you shouldn’t be smoking.”


Is that a welcome kiss or what?”


I roll my eyes and walk to his side. He pulls to himself and I sit on his lap. He pulls out the cigarette and blow out the smoke above my head. He drops the half smoked cigarette on the ashtray and looks at me.


” You shouldn’t be smoking now.”


He sighs and nods.” I’m sorry. Wanted to calm down my nerves.” He explains.


It’s called cancer stick for a reason Gray. It’s not good for the health.” He bites his bottom lip and chuckle.


I’m fine and I’ll be fine.”


I rest my head on his shoulder and mutter.” I’m just worried about you.” I tell him and kiss his neck where my name is inked permanently on it. He wraps one arm around my waist as the other trail on my lap.


Thanks.” He says.


Have you eaten?”




I remove my head from his shoulder to look at him.


” But why?”


He pouts. ” You know I can’t cook.” He says.


I chuckle and shake my head sideways. ” You should order something? McDonald’s or even taco Bell.”



He rolls his eyes.” I missed your food.” He says as his right hand trail slowly up my thigh.


You don’t even have ingredients in this house. I can’t cook Gray except i go grocery shopping.” I sigh at his stubborn behavior and pick up my phone to order for food.


Are you mad at me?” He whispers and rest his head on my chest. b00bs actually. I chuckle at his childish behavior and curl my arms around his neck.


Why would I?” I ask him and run my fingers down his hair.


For risking your life and getting you in between my messed up life.”


It’s okay. I understand. It’s not your fault.” I tell him.


He takes a deep breath and sit up straight to look into my eyes.


You look pretty.”


Thank you.” I reply. His eyes travel down my body on his lap and he smiles.


Can I ask you something?”


He nods and gives me a go ahead.


” If we ever get a baby , will he or she get involved with the Mafia?”


His eyebrows furrows as he stares at me with wide eyes. He looks down at my stomach and look back at my face. His he serious?


” Are you like ..”


I sigh.” Breathe Gray. It’s a question.”


He breathes out and nods. I badly wanted to tell him that I’m positive. That we’re expecting a baby but I can’t withstand his reaction.



Okay. If he wants to, yeah.”


Yeah? And he?”


It’s always a boy. Girls are kinda rare in the Carter bloodline.” He shrugs and smiles.


What if he don’t want to? The baby?”


Then he’s gonna be a doctor, a lawyer. What ever this kids like to be. He’s gonna have the best future and I’ll make sure he leaves the country too. Don’t worry, the Mafia isn’t as bloody as you think. If you know how to handle your rivals , they are gonna stay the f**k away from you.”


The Russian family aren’t staying away.”


That’s because they bloody late father succeeded in taking out your mom. This is Gray’s reign now , things have changed.”


At the mention of my mom, i just feel weak. I don’t even know what she looks like. She just died , just like that. I’m just gonna ask Sinclair for her picture once I’m visiting today.


Heard from your mom?”


She doesn’t want to talk to me.”


Why?” I ask him.


I told them the truth.”


What truth?”


About my father’s death. She disowned me right at the hospital. She’s not picking my calls and she slapped me also. A lot of times.”


Oh my God.


She found I out? He told her?


I bet it’s gonna take Mia a lot of emotions and love for her son to forgive him. Who wouldn’t get angry by the way.


I’m really sorry. I’ve tried calling her again?”


Yeah. She managed to pick and she told me to go to hell and quit calling her.”


I nod and pick up his phone from the countertop and go through his contact. I stop at his mother’s number and dial it on my phone.


I gotta take this.” I wave my phone at him, kiss his cheek and make my way out of the kitchen to the hallway.




Mia, it’s Ariel.” I say and enter the spare bedroom as I shut the door.


Hi Ariel. Damn , it’s been long I heard this voice. I’m sorry I didn’t call to check on you when you finally got discharged. Gray made me leave the country in anger.”


It’s fine. He told me what happened.”


She sighs on the phone and stay quiet.


I’m really sorry, Mia. I also got angry at him when he told me what he did. I know there’s no good reason for whatever thing he did but you should please forgive. He’s not himself lately.”


But why should I forgive him?” She asks. Her voice faint and threatening with pain.


Because he’s your son and you love him.”


Gray is a difficult one, Ariel.”



I know, right?” I chuckle quietly.” He’s gonna be a father soon. I’d be glad if you forgive him.” I tell her as she gasp on the phone.


What did you just say? Tell me this isn’t a joke?” She asks on the phone.


I look at the door and walk to the extreme of the room to avoid Gray hearing my conversation.


Yes, Mia. I’m pregnant for him. And scared too.”


Oh my God..” she squeals on the phone like a teenager. I pull the phone away from my ear because of the noise.


What did he say? Did you tell him?”


I can’t. Gray doesn’t want a baby.” I whisper.


Is that why you didn’t tell him?”


Kinda. But I’ll , once he’s fully healing from the shot.”


Oh Ariel. You just made me happy now. Another grandchild? I hope it’s a boy. Can’t deal with a lot of girls.”


I hope so too.” I smile.


Aww. I wish I can see you right now? I don’t mind taking you out everyday to make sure you eat a lot. And please do me a favor and eat a lot okay. Babies needs food and strength from the mom.” She says, her voice lace with excitement.


Thanks Mia.”


Don’t think too much about Gray. If you choose to tell him and he freaks out , don’t worry he’s gonna come around quicker than you think. He loves you a lot. He can’t afford to loose the one thing that belongs to you two.”


Yeah.” I sigh.


I’m gonna call him if that will make the baby happy. Thanks Ariel. You’ve made a lot of difference in his life though.”


I smile at her words.” Thanks too. For treating me like your own daughter.”


” You’re welcome.”


I smile and hang up. I take a deep breath and run my hand down my hair. I head to the door and open it as I walk out. I go to the living room and to the kitchen and Gray’s on the phone. I think it’s Mia because he looks surprise.


I’m really sorry mom.”


Thanks.” He looks at the screen of his phone as he looks at me.


What did you tell her”


Nothing important.” I smile and shrug.


He turns his body to face me as he motions for me to come. I walk to his form as he pulls me to sit on his lap so that I’m straddling him.


Thanks.” He says. His eyes travel from my eyes to my lips as he talks.


It’s fine.”


Can I kiss you now?”


You don’t ask Gray. I don’t see you as someone who takes permission before doing things.” I say and wrap my arms around his neck as he pulls me into himself.


My dress ride up my lap exposing the other half of my lap as his hands stay on my butt. Gray kisses me at once and I kiss back. My right finger trail slowly on his hair as we kiss.


Shit..” he breathes out as I try to catch my breath at our intense make out.


I need to ask you for a favor.”




I wanna hang out with Sinclair today. We’re having dinner out in a restaurant and that includes his wife , Aisha.”


Okay. It’s fine if you wanna go. He’s your father and I can’t stop you.” He says.


That’s not the point. I want you to come with me.”


His eyebrows furrows on their hand as he looks at me in disbelief. I think this is the time to settle their feud. Gray need to start getting used to the fact that Sinclair is my father now and they need to stop acting like children and move on from their dissing.


I can’t.”


Why? Gray if you don’t want to , can’t you do this for me.”


You know I’m willing to do anything for you and you know that.”


Then I want you to do this one thing for me. Go out with me this evening and have dinner with Sinclair and his wife. Please….” I pout and bite my bottom lip.


He barely can overlook my pouting and biting my lip.


” Please Gray. Dinner?”


He sighs and rolls his eyes before answering.” Fine.”








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