Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

(Can she ever forgive me?)




The beast’s POV


James, John and I sat round a table at the compound of my house.


“John , would you now explain what you are doing with my wife at the restaurant?”


“She stopped being your wife after two months , please ” John replied.


I lowered my head angrily


I raised my head and said “You know I still love her , right?”


“After how bad you maltreated her when she was with you?” John asked sarcastically.


“I realized my fault already and apologized. Please ,don’t interrupt into our relationship”


John giggled and looked away. “I have equal right as you do , I love her and that’s why I’m trying all I could to get to her…see bro,it’s her choice to decide whom she wishes to give a chance ,you can’t force her ”


“Really? John , you are very frustrating and you know what I can do?”




“I’m not scared , bro. ” he replied.


“Guys , take it easy. Seems the two of you are in love with her. We can settle this easily. Let’s invite her over and let her choose whom she loves between you two ” James suggested.


“She won’t pick any, she has just left my abode and you don’t expect her to just hook up with another man just like that. This girl is my wife , John shouldn’t drag her with me ” I said more loudly.


I was really trying to control my anger cause I know what I would have done to John. More so , John , James and I had being friend since childhood.


I do not want any quarrel between us just because of a lady.


“John, be careful” I stood and walked inside.


I picked my phone and called Loveth and she picked almost immediately.



“Are you in Love with another man already?”


“Excuse me?”She asked.


” I’m sorry. I mean… Erm… Do you still love me?”


“Excuse me? I never loved you. You forced me into that marriage and it’s over between us ”


That word hurts so much. I really wish I had treasure her so much when she was with me.


“Loveth ,I’m so sorry for all my actions in the past. We are all human and we all make mistakes , please , just forgive me ”


“I’m not holding any grudges against you, if I do, I won’t bother picking you call ”


I exhaled with a heavy heart.


“While you are thinking about it , can you please not let another man too close to you” I said that to her cause of John.


“I have my life to live beast , bye ” She hung up and I angrily and painfully threw my phone to the floor.


I bite my lips in pain. She was once with me , for good two months and I do not value her. And now she leaves and I want her back so badly.




I shook my head as tears streamed down my face.


Can Loveth ever forgive me and love me?

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