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The gate opened at that moment and the both of us halted immediately and he turned to see who it was that entered while I also peeked.


It was John.


“James!” He called surprisingly. The look James carried on tells that he’s ashamed that John saw him here with me.


But why though? Thought he has all his personal rights and challenges.


“James , what you doing in her house?”


“I came to greet her , is anything wrong with that?”


“Do you just say greet. You know the beast and I had being having so much contentions in the house over her yet you came here to ‘greet’ her ” John scolded


“Calm down. Not like any of you are into something with her so what’s the big deal if I come to pay her a visit ”


“I’m even surprise that she could tell you where she lives. I guess you guys have really gone deep?”


“What’s that suppose to mean Mr. John. Why are you taking everything personal? I was about to question why you came into my house unannounced but you could rebuke someone for coming into my house to ‘greet’ me as he said.”I said.




“Oh! You are even defending him right?” He laughed sarcastically and shot James an angry look.


He tossed around like someone searching for something and walked out angrily. He was so jealous of seeing James with me but who cares?


James turned to me after we watched him left with a smile on his face ” Don’t mind him”


“James, please leave already”




“I do not like all this happening. I do not want to be the reason for the misunderstanding between your friendship. I wasn’t even aware that a rift had being ongoing between John and the beats all because of me. I think it’s time you stay away from me. ” I said and waited for him to leave.


“He’s just being jealous, we will settle it when we get home ”



“Please respect yourself James. Leave ”


He raised his two hands in surrender and walked out of the house.


I exhaled and stood for a while then went inside.




At the Beast’s house.


John’s POV


I was burning so much in anger. The beast noticed that I was angry but he wasn’t saying a word cause of the unsettled issue of Loveth we had between us.


If it was the beast that I had seen in Loveth’s house , I won’t be moved that much. But James…why would he even go to her house when she knows that both the beast and I are in love with her.


Oh! I guess he’s also in love with Loveth. This won’t be funny. How in the world can the three of us be in love with the same girl at the same time?


The door opened and James entered.


I stood and went to him. “What exactly has come upon you?” I yelled, seriously burning up in anger.


I couldn’t control my anger mixed with jealousy and I have a fear that they might have even done something intimate after I left.




Gosh! I love Loveth.


I angrily pushed James ready to fight or beat the hell out of him.

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