Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

The beast’s POV




I was just strolling outside to have some fun when I saw John angrily pushed James. I ran towards them before James could stand up.


But James didn’t even make any move to fight back.


“What’s wrong?” I asked


John kept breathing hard and looking down like someone that regretted what he had done.


“Can someone speak up?” I asked again.


“I have no idea why John would behave like that to me. It’s so weird of him actually” James said and went to sit.


I looked to the face of John and tapped him


“Why did you behave like that to James? ”


“I’m…I’m…” he stammered. “I’m sorry, just angry ” He said to me and went to James.


“Jams , I’m really sorry. ” He said and went to sit.




I sat also not knowing exactly what was going on between the two of them.


“Can you guys stop keeping me in the dark. We are friends for crying out loud. Can someone speak up and explain what really transpired ?” I asked.


“Well, I guessed it’s because John saw me at Loveth’s place ” James said and my heart began to race fast.


James! At Loveth’s place. What could be be doing there? He’s not even in love with her. If anyone would be found in her place , it should be either John or I.


Even me do not know where Loveth lives.


“Erm…” I stammered trying all my best to put my jealousy under control.


“What did you went there for? “I added another question before he could respond” And did she perhaps tells you where she lives?”



James sighed.


“John should have asked this Question when he saw me there but instead , he took everything personal and believed whatever he chose to believe about Loveth and I” James replied.


“Alright , can you answer my question?”


“Well,I’m in love with Loveth , just as you guys are ”


“What!” I exclaimed and looked to the face of John who was looking away angrily.


Now , I understand the reason for his anger.


“But that’s an act of betrayal ” I scolded James.


“Betrayal. I do not know why you people kept seeing it as betrayal. I found myself falling in love with her and went to her to confess my feelings, not like any if you are in a relationship with this girl yet ” He defended.


“You know Loveth is my wife and even John knows this “I said.


” Was your wife…not is ” John interrupted.


“Calm down. The girl may once be my wife but I still have all the rights to claim her back”


“What right? Okay guys , everyone of us are in love at the same time with this girl. How do we help ourselves?” James asked.


“Help ourselves. How? You know what? We have being friends since childhood and there are many ladies in the world. James was late to confess his feelings to the girl, he was even trying to seduce her because he’s handsome, for all I know. I saw them almost kissing” John said and I felt like standing and slapping James.


“James!” I shouted like I would devour him any moment from now.


“And you , the beast. This lady was with you for two months , two good months. But you do not treasure her. Now , she had slipped from your hand , can you forget about her just like she has forgotten about you and move on with your life?” John said and I chuckled.


“Very hilarious of you. I love her and she will come back to my house ” I said.


I realized that no one was ready to give up the love for Loveth for ourselves, so I said. “Guys , this is not your country. you only cane to spend just two months with me ,can you return please?”


“Like seriously , you are indirectly telling us to get out of your house?”John asked.




” Incredible. I could live elsewhere if I’m not living here ”


John and James stood angrily and walked away.

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