Thu. Feb 8th, 2024

(I love you)




I was stunned on reading those three letters. Does that mean the three friends want to have me as wive.


I do not even think I’m ready to be somebody’s wive now. I wanna live a simple life devoid of problems .


I sunk to the bed thinking of where to start my life when my phone suddenly rang. Oh! It’s the beast.




“Hello , Loveth. Have you read my letter?”


“Sure ”


“What did you say? Will you come back to my house?”


“To live like a slave for how many months again or for how many years?”


“Loveth,I’m so sorry for behaving so cruel to you. I know I’ve behaved like a beast…but I’m a changed somebody now , please come home ”


“Home? It’s a two months contract , please forget about it ”




“Please ‘ He said but I hung up.


What’s wrong with him? You do not value me for the two months I spent with you. You treated me like I wasn’t a human and now you want me to go to that same house.


Over my dead body.




Following morning. Around 12PM.


I dressed my best and walked out of the hotel. John had booked an appointment with me and I have conceded.


I took a cab to where we are to meet. It’s a beautiful restaurant.



He was glad to see me and stood for me to sit.


I was honored and said ” thanks”


“Welcome dear , I was scared or maybe nervous when I called to request from you if you will be available to see me today. You can’t imagine how glad I was when you concurred”


“How have you being?”


“Fine , you?”


“Fine ” He replied and ordered for food.


“Erm…I must say that you suddenly look prettier, ao beautiful and adoring ” He said.


“Thanks ”


“I believed you have read my letter , what do you say about it?”


“Well, I’m not interested in being in any relationship for now ”


“Oh!” He exhaled. ” I won’t rush you actually but I wanna ask, can you come and live with me , in the newly house I will be buying soon?”


“Oh no! Never. I can’t live under any man as I am”


“Dear , not everyone is like the beast , just try me ”


“No,I’m sorry”


He nodded and we began to eat.


“I guess I should just let it out that I love you” He said not looking at my face.




I didn’t reply instead I continued eating.


We heard laughter at of two men behind us and on turning to have a glimpse of who they were; it turns out to be Tucker and James.

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