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I sat at the restaurant that the beast and I had agreed to meet. I was waiting for him and it’s being over a five minutes already.


I feel like standing up to leave since he does not even know how to keep to time.


Few seconds later , he walked in and sighted me. He walked directly to my place and sat before me.


“How are you, Loveth?”


“Fine ” I replied.


He nodded and wanted to order for food but I halted him.


“I ate before I came ”


“Oh! Alright. Loveth ,could you please forgive me from your heart? I know I had being so wrong but , just find a place in your heart to forgive me?”




“Okay. Does that imply you had forgiven me?”




“I can’t say. Is that all you brought me here to say!”


“Oh ,don’t be rude dear, you know I love you , right?”


“Love? Haha ha ” I laughed.


“I truly love you and I’m not shy to confess it. Please come back home ”


“Hey! Stop making it look as if I ran away from home. I have all rights and privileges over myself. We departed after the agreed two months is over. Spare me please ”


“Maybe I should give you time then. It’s clear that you are still hurt. But always know that I’m sorry and that I love you always ” He said , stood and walked away.


I felt guilty at the way he just left. I expected him to plead more ; not like I have a plan of taking him back though. Not after all he had done for me.



I lowered my head trying to put my emotions under control when I noticed someone before me.


I raised my head and it was the beast again.


“Are you alright?”


“I thought you have gone?”


“Yes , but I just felt like coming to see your face once again. You are beautiful ” He said and my mouth just dropped staring at him in delusion.


“Can we leave together ”


I sighed and stood , then followed him outside.


We walked towards his car and he leaned by the car and said ; ” I feel so jealous when I found out that John is actually in Love with you. I wish It’s not too late for the two of us to get back together ”


I still didn’t know what to reply cause I kinda feel so soft at heart towards him. His presence is very accommodating and his handsomeness is making me confused.


James and John are handsome but not as much as him.


“Where do you now stay?” He further asked but I wasn’t intending on disclosing my abode to anyone yet.


“I’m sorry , I can’t tell you” I said and he nodded.


“It’s alright. See you come other time ” He entered his car and drove away.




I need to know what actually made him change from the terrible beast that he was to soft hearted person that he is now.


Changes doesn’t just happen , there must be cause behind it. I’ll find out.

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