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I smirked and watched John left my table.


Amazing ,how come he doesn’t know that I’ve received more threat than this in the past.


I laughed and drank more.


I had all the fun I had always wanted in the club and drove home with my escort around 4 AM in the morning.


On getting home ,I invited my chief guard.


“Here boss?” He said and I gestured for him to sit.


“We have another fool threatening me and my family with death. ” I said and he laughed.


“Common! Doesn’t he know who you are?” He laughed again.


“He’s a kid. He thought it’s some young lawyers that he can easily threaten.” I said smiling.


“Let me have his details s o I can deal with him once and for all.” He said.




“Good. His name is John. I will tell my secretary to send you his other details that he had submitted to the court. ”


“Fine ,sir. I’ll commence work immediately. ” He said and stood.




I had invited two skilled fighters to my house and now talking to them on what I need them to do.


“Okay ,today is Thursday and tomorrow is the court case ,which implies we need to get his wife and children kidnapped before today runs out.” Shadow; one of the boys said.


“Yes.” I replied.


“Good , You pay 50 percent and we get the remaining 50 percent after we put them in our custody.” Green; the second guy said.



“Fine.” I said and they dispersed away from me.




At Night


-Shadow’s POV


Green and I were dressed in black suit with our gun well tucked.


We had surveyed the environment of the judge and found out that he’s got five cops that looks after him and a chief judge ,approximating six.


We already strategize a way of bringing them all down without causing an uproar and ensuring that they do not call for back ups.


“Hey shadow, A car seem to be tracing us ” Green said while driving.


“Continue driving ,I’ll handle it.” I said and watched the front mirror.


“Drive faster!” I told Green and he drove faster and turned into a street all of a sudden and I noticed that the car behind us drove faster too.


Good,that is just the confirmation that I needed that they are tracing us.


“Plans changing ,we are lodging at the hotel in that estate .” I said and Green nodded.


We highlighted from the car and we saw the same car tracing us drove inside the hotel too.


“Green ,cover me.” I said and walked to where the car tracing us parked at.


I noticed there were two men in casual dress there.


I peeped through the window and one of them asked; “How can we help you ,Mr?”


“You seem to be tracing my car.” I said.




They both chuckled. “There must have being a mistake somewhere.” The one driving said.


I chuckled and shot the two men with the hidden gun on my left hand.

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