Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

^.The Beast ^




Loveth and I were at the compound of the house playing footballs when we suddenly heard a horn of a car at the door.


“Are you… Expecting a visitor?” I asked Loveth slowly while taking a side look at the entrance.


“No…you?” She bounced the ball to the floor and caught it.


“Let me check!” I said and went to the entrance of the house.


“Who in the world has this kind of car?” I murmured to myself after peeping through the small hole at the gate.


I opened the gate wide nevertheless and the car drove in even before I gestured for it to enter.


Loveth and I watched the car in anticipation of who could be inside the car.


Loveth and I hardly make friends. We are best of friends.


The person inside the car stepped down and backed us. His back side looks familiar.


“Isn’t this….John?” Loveth said and I reasoned with what she said.




“John!” I called and the person turned and truly ,it turns out to be John.


His face was not smiling ,it was frowned like he’s beefing either of us.


He is dressed in blue and white suit and a blue black canvas. He walked towards where I stood.


“Long time brother ” He said and I hesitated for a while before answering.


“Long time.”


He walked to Loveth and shot her a dry smile.


He starred around as if he’s searching for something.



“The child? Where is she?” He said while Loveth and I just kept watching him. We didn’t even know what reply to give him.


“Common ,Loveth. I know you have put to birth ,where is the baby?” He asked Loveth.


“Is she supposed to be out here playing ball with us?” Loveth asked him.


“Common Loveth ,don’t be rude to him.” I said and walked towards John.


“What did you want?” I asked.


“can’t I ask for the child again?” He asked.


“Our baby is fine. What did you want John?” I asked.


“Loveth knows what I’m here for.” He said and I went to look at Loveth.


Before I could even ask Loveth to confirm what he just said ,she spoke up; ” I can’t remember the last time I spoke with him so I practically didn’t know what he’s talking about. ”


“What are you talking about John?” I asked.


“That baby inside your house is mine. Loveth knew it and I guess you do to. You should know the father of the child will someday come around to claim his child. ” He said and my head heightened in shock.




My mind darted straight to the first text we did at my trusted hospital.


Maybe Camilla had lias with the doctor’s of the new hospital we went to.

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