Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

^Cheif Guard ^




“Guys ,I heard a gun shot through the coms’ ,it seems our men are shot?” I told the cops standing beside me .


We were both at the compound of Judge’s house communicating with two of our men that we had sent to be tracing any car that come from the house we had tracked.


“What do we do?” One of the cops asked.


“This people seems to be dangerous than we ,thought. How can you shoot someone in an hotel.” I said and sighed.


“Fine , as soon as they arrive here and are trying to enter the house. Just lay ambush for them and don’t shoot until I tell you too.

I will order for back up immediately they arrive here. ,Cleared?”


“Cleared ,sir.” They replied.




“Around 12AM at night. All the cops we had in the house had gone to lay ambush including me. I was at the backyard with a laptop to check all the activities going on outside the house.


I saw one of them flew the fence over and stared around. Another one jumped over and I waited to see if they are more than two but I didn’t see anyone jump over again.


I do hope that they are not more than two ,I ordered for back ups immediately and spoke through the coms of the five cops that are presently laying ambush in the house.




“Don’t shoot until I tell you too.” I said.


“Copied,sir.” They all said .


I began to watch the two assassins from my laptop as they try to break into the front door.


The front door has a very tight security that an expert in opening and breaking into doors might be finding it difficult to breach the entrance.


They were still at the entrance of the door trying to do whatever in a bit to open the door when our back ups arrived.


They heard the siren and were caught unguarded. I watched as they looked into each other faces; confused about what to do.


Before they know what was happening ,the cops has climbed over the fence and we’re then point a gun at them but they stretched their gun too.



“Drop your guns.” One of the cop said but they refused.




I ordered the five cops in the room to come into light and they did.


The two men soon realized that they had being heavily surrounded. They gave up and were arrested.

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