Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

(Three letters)






A month later.


The beast had really made life hell of a living for me and I loathed everything about him and the house.


When it dawn on me that I had used a month , I was so glad.


I was always indoor in my room , I do not always have the courage or appetite to just stroll round the house.


The last time I tried it , he yelled on me and almost beat me. Well , he has never beaten me, though but he had hurt me counties time.


I’m glad it’s just a month remaining, James and John themselves are still around ; we hardly see ,though even though we are in the same house.


They gist most of the times with the beast and goes out with the beast.


Three weeks later!


Just a week for me to leave, I suddenly start to notice changes in the beast. It started from the first day he came home and bought me chocolate.




I was stunned and did not know how to collect it but that was the first day he actually smiled at me.


He also requested that we go out the following day but I told him John him I’m not feeling fine because I was even scared of his sudden change


Just two days for me to leave, he came to my room with a pleading face.


“Wanna make love with you now ” He said but since he’s becoming gentle these days , I summoned the effrontery to tell him ‘NO’


He asked why but I told him that I may get pregnant and I do not want to have a son whose father is not with me.


“Loveth!” he called my name softly and gave me a letter.


He walked away and I anxiously wanted to open the letter but I just didn’t feel like.



I will open it after I leave this house. The last day of my two months clocks and I arranged my luggage, I dragged it from my room to the living room while the three friends watched me pathetically.


“Bye” I said softly and walked away.


I lodged at a nearby hotel. I would be staying there for a while till I’m able to get a house to rent.


While I was arranging all my clothes , I saw two different letters but I dropped them on the bed.


I thought that the beast had written it and dropped it in my luggage.


I took the first letter the beast gave me and the other two letters on the bed and opened it.


The first one reads;


“I do not know if it is too late , I had being so wicked to you. I find myself falling in love with you. I’m sorry. I love you

The beast.


Second letter;


” Who would see a woman like you and not know you are a beauty. You have suffered a lot and I wanna make you my wive , I will lavish on you all my wealth and show you all the Love that the beast will not show you. Reply me with a YES , please ”





The third letter reads ;


“now that the two months is over. Since you do not have whom to hook up with yet ,don’t you think the two of us will be a perfect match? I’m a man that will show you all the love you deserve ”


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