Fri. May 10th, 2024

(Yes, my Lord)

Loveth’s POV

I watched as his dogs played around the compound of the house in the cold night. My clothes were light and cold was devouring me.

My teeth were gnashing, I buried my head on my palm and sobbed ,after few minutes , I slept off.


“Girl!” I heard his voice and I raised my head all of a sudden. I looked around and it was still dark.


Has he perhaps changed his mind to let me in, I have no idea what the time even is.


“On your feet” He commanded and I obliged.


“Go inside ” He ordered and we both walked inside.


I finally was able to sleep in the same room he had driven me off.


Next morning!


I was awoken by a loud bang of the door to my room.




I hurriedly went to open the door wondering what the loud sound was for.


“Hey! Have you forgotten that you are my wife ; and as a wife , should you be sleeping at this hour? You did not know that I will be hungry by now, right?” He yelled and shot me a devilish look like he would strangle me anytime soon.


I hurriedly went to the kitchen and start to cook , I do not even bother to ask what he likes to eat , at least , just to prepare something for him first.


I prepared a coffee and served him , he drank it and said “poor thing like you should be married to nonentity not billionaire like us…if not because of father…too far from it. How can I approach you or worst of it all , have you in my own house. ” He said while I lowered my head.


“Now , get the h#ll outta here ” He yelled


“Please…what would you like to eat?” I asked.


“That reminds me , my friends are coming ; so cook erm… Fried rice ”



“Okay Sir ” I said and took few steps to leave but he called me back.


“Don’t use Sir for me ,people that can use Sir for me are my employees , as a wife , call me what Sarah calls Abraham ” He said and stretched himself on the sit.


“What?” I asked.


“Go and read your bible and stop asking me foolish questions ” He barked at me and I shivered in fear as I jerked back.


“I….do not….have a bi…bible sir ” I stammered.


“Who cares ” He shouted and charged towards me like he would slap me


I bent my head in fear but he just paused and looked at me irritatingly.


“You useless goat , gosh! Dad….dad why! If not for dad , if not for….Dad! ” He lamented painfully and angrily picked up his phone


I guess he was calling is dad.


“Hi Dad”…. ” I loathe this girl so much. Why will you give me this stupid dumb girl”…. “Yes, I know dad, but two months is too much for me “…. ” okay” He said feeling so frustrated as he threw his phone to the floor.


“Refer to me as ‘my lord’. Now go and get the food ready before my friends come ”


“Alright Sir…sorry sir….I mean my Lord ” I adjusted and ran inside the kitchen


Few minutes after I had being cooking and sobbing at the same time. I just can’t wait for the two months to be over.


I heard sounds of visitors in the living room and I needed no one to tell me that they were his friends.


“After many minutes , I was done cooking and I served them the food. They all sat in the kitchen.


They all know me to be his new wife so no further and unnecessary information.


” your wife looks beautiful , Man” One of his friends teased him and he just giggled.


“She’s a poor thing , never mind her ” He said and they started eating.


I felt bad and walked away from amidst them.


“Loveth!” I heard a loud sound of my name and I answered by saying “Yes, my lord ”


I could hear his fried chuckling at him because of the way I referred to his as ‘my Lord’


“We are done eating , pack” He said and I began to pack




“Why are just so slow in everything ” He yelled and angrily poured the remnant of the food from one of his friend’s plate at my face.


He didn’t stop at that , he took the glass of wine from the table and poured the wine on my face.


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