Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

Martin’s POV

I knew it won’t be easy but I never thought he would hate me. I had buried my head in my hands when I heard Karen clear her throat. I looked up and she had Roy in her arms but his eyes were red and he looked pale. I think he has been crying. I tried to take him but he refused.

‘I’m sorry for leaving you. I won’t repeat that mistake again,’ I tried saying to him but he just stared at me.

‘Why did you leave us?’ he asked after a while.

‘I don’t have a tangible answer to that. I wasn’t in my right senses. I promise it won’t repeat itself,’ I just had to be honest with him. He is young but intelligent.

‘What make you think that from now you will always be in your right senses?’

I think someone just cut my tongue. What kind of answer am I supposed to give him?

I need someone to come and save me.




Karen’s/Lenata’s POV

I was shocked at Roy’s question. I squeezed his hand and he looked at me.

‘What mum? It’s just a question and I need and answer. I need an explanation to give my classmates to stop embarrassing me of having a single best mum,’ he said with a stern face.

He goes to the best school in town and am going to deal with those students who embarrass him. ‘You didn’t tell me I would have dealt with them,’ I said and he just smiled but it was a sad one.

‘I’m back it won’t happen again,’ Martin said.

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