Fri. May 10th, 2024


John’s POV

Three days to COURT.

I walked to and fro my room ,really disturbed.

This Judge really made things worse for me. What’s the big deal in him accepting the offer and just cashing out half a million dollar.

He won’t get that money in a year so why is he this stubborn?

Ouch! I’ve actually submitted the D.N.A text but I know it’s fake. He’s definitely going to authenticate the result and probably find out that it’s fake for real.

That might actually lead to another case for me and implicate the innocent doctor working for me.

I sat with a heavy heart and thought deeply of what I could do.


I’m a stranger in America here , I barely know any judge here. Unlike Australia.




What can I do….I’ve got just two days and few hours to the day the judgement is going to hold .




I walked to my laptop and browse the name of the judge , I was able to stumble on a site that gave detailed profile of top hundred judges in America and his name happened to be there.


I clicked on the site page that specifically talk about the man and began to read about him.


I found out he’s got a wife and three kids in Miami ,he loves clubbing as old as he is and he’s favorite clu is Rundown Club at Allen Avenue.


I read more about him and further browsed about Rundown blog. I found out that Wednesdays and Fridays are special days to them. They have extreme crowds come to the club those very days cause they invite musicians to perform life on days like that.


Good for me. Tomorrow is just Wednesday ,I do hope that the man comes.




Following day!



I dressed my best late in the evening and drove straight to rundown Club.


Everyone had began to groove while I began to eye searching for the judge.


I was surprised to see him drinking by a secluded part of the club.




I walked up to him and sat at the chair opposite his.


Before I could say a word ,he spoke up; “Mr. John?”


“Yes,Mr John.” I replied.


“What did you want this time?” He asked.


“Accept the five hundred thousand dollar and judge the case in my favor.”


“I answered you on the matter already ,Mr. John.”




“Alright , You may loose your wife and three children; Sam , Noel and Mary.” I said and smiled.


“Last chance….send me your account details when you change your mind.” I threatened him and walked away.

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