Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

The court day’




John’s POV


I dressed my best ,though nervous and scared. Ever since the two men I sent to kiddap the judge’s son have being arrested and kept in cell , I had being hoping that they would not spill it out to the cops that I actually sent them to kidnap the judge’s family.


On arriving to court, I noticed that everyone seems to be outside ,I saw Loveth leaning her head on the shoulder of the beast.


I wondered why they could be outside at a time when they are supposed to be inside the court.


The judge himself came from the court building and approached me.


“What’s going on here? Thought we are suppose to be in court? ” I asked.


“Of course ,Mr. John.” The judge looked around and the scanty crowds kept standing and watching.


“Ladies and gentlemen , glad to tell you that we cancelled the case cause we had authenticated the D.N.A result that Loveth presented.


“Mr. John here threatened to kidnap my families just because he wants to me judge the case in his favor. As we speak, those he had sent to kidnap me are now in the police custody.” The judge said and looked at my face with a mockery smile.


Fear gripped my heart and I looked to the face of the beast. He smiled faintly and I lowered my head regretfully.




I loosed.


“But sadly, Mr. John would be prosecuted by the government for attempted kidnapping…Mr. Joshua ,you can leave with your wife. Cops, do your job.” He said and Loveth and the beast walked away.


The cops approached me and had me arrested.


Loveth’s POV


I alighted from the car of my husband and hugged him tightly.


“We won.” The beast said and planted a soft kiss on my lips.


I nodded with tears streaming gently from my face.



“Guess why we won?” The beast asked


“Erm… don’t really know but…maybe because we are being optimistic ” I said.


“No ,we won because we trusted each other. Couples must learn to trust each other in a relationship cause their may be folks out there trying to separate their relationship ” he said and I nodded.


We walked hand in hand inside and I paused all of a sudden.


“What?” He asked.


“I love you.” I said and we began to kiss passionately.



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