Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

kate pov




It has been one week and two days now since i and Bryan got married but still we are still behaving like strangers..

we hardly talk to one other except nagging about each other..

sometimes he is sweet and sometimes he is damn annoying that for some reason I feel like killing him but on the other thought he is just too cute.


Earlier today my mom called me for a dinner party at our house and she wants me to bring Bryan along..

I accepted the offer though, but I don’t know how to tell Bryan…


I anxiously waited for Bryan to come back home and finally he came back..


when he walked in to the sitting room…I stood up from the couch and greeted

“hi”… I said

” hi..he replied without looking at me as he head straight to the room..

‘ oh god how am I gonna do this now…

then I started practicing what to say right there where I was standing..

“ummm OK..Kate be confident you can do this …I said as I breath in and out…

” umm….Bryan please will u follow me to mom’s dinner Party…I said to myself..

“no , not that way..I corrected myself, let me try again..

“umm…Bryan, mom called and she said she wants us both to come for a dinner party at her place where she will be inviting some friends , so please will you go??…I said and almost immediately I heard his voice from my back

” I will …he said and I turned back , our eyes met . I just couldn’t place what that look is but right now I think am a Cinderella lost in the eyes of her Prince Charming. what brought me back to life what the repeated words ..

“I will go with you , not because you ask but your mom already called me earlier, so I have no choice…he said and made way to the kitchen..

” seriously he had no choice, what if mom had not call him then he would have decline , what rubbish… I said inside of me as I made way upstairs.




Bryan POV


Am all ready for the party but am stuck here waiting for my so called wife..

one thing I hate most is lateness , not only to work but to any place am invited or called..

I sat down a

on the couch in the living room anxiously waiting for Kate to come down..

I turned my head upward again to check if she is coming down because have been doing that for several seconds now.

As i turned back..there she was, walking majestically like a Queen. she was so beautiful and looking very attractive that I could forget my eyes on her..

she walk down to me and before I knew it, my mouth open and some words came out..

“you look so astonishing… I said and almost immediately I regain myself. god ! why did I say that?

she smiled and then replied..” thank you.

“you are welcome… another sentence burst out..common what’s wrong with me..

” shall we?.. she said

“of course …I replied, still wondering what came over me.


we got to the party and everywhere was looking lit..

wow!! Mrs mally really tried with the decoration..

I already know within me that all this , is my mom and Mrs mally plan and almost immediately the two duo came out of no where and hugged us but concentrated more on Kate..


” oh my Kate..you are really looking beautiful ..Bryan is really taking good care of you …Mrs Andrew said one of my mom and Mrs mally friend said.

“thank you ma…Kate replied

” And you my little boy then..I can’t believe you’ve grown so fast and already gotten married… the woman said again as she rubbed my hair..

“hope you two have started planning for your kids…she said and this time I and Kate eyes met

” like for real …this woman is just out of it..

planning which kids , marriage that’s not even real… I said within me..




luckily for us mom was able to cut her shot else she would have continue with her drama…


The party was going on so smoothly until the time for couple’s to dance and the first couple that was called on was I and Kate ????????????????

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