Sun. Feb 11th, 2024

^Judge’s POV^




I sat at my desk and anticipating for the meeting I will be attending in another forty minutes. It’s a meeting of the barristers and it’s my pleasure that I would be speaking there.


My clerk planted a soft knock to the door of my office and entered after few seconds.


I looked up to him for what he had come for.


“You have a visitor ,sir?” He said.


” A visitor?” I asked.


“Yes ,he refers to himself as Mr. John.”


“Mr. John!” I exclaimed again. I can’t remember having any appointment with any Mr. John.


“I can tell him to leave if you never know someone like that.” He said.


“Not necessary , inform two cops outside to come in with him…they should of course search him first before following him here.” I said.


“Alright ,sir.” He walked away.




Mr. John…who is Mr. John?


While deliberating on whom the visitor could be and what he could have come for.


He came into view with two cops.


“Good afternoon sir.” He greeted.


I tried to recollect his face and I remembered at once that he was the client of lawyer William.


“Welcome ,Mr. John. ” I said and felt pessimistic on even telling him to sit.

I don’t like accommodating the presence of clients cause I do not like to be bias.


“I mean no harm sir.” He smiled and threw his hands up.



“Sit.” I said briefly and rested well on the chair.


The cops remained standing, watching him.


“Can you please tell the cops to excuse us?” He said.


“Excuse me! Excuse us for what? ” I asked sternly.


He exhaled with his eyes closed and said; ” Alright ,fine. I mean no harm.”


“How can I help you ,Mr. John?” I asked getting so irritated at his presence and his acts.


“Well , I do not really feel comfortable discussing this sensitive issue with you in the presence of the cops but since you are feeling so unsecured ,I need to just let it out .” He said and I watched.


I stylishly switched on the recording box on my table so all his words from that moment can be recorded.


“Five hundred thousand dollar.” He said.


“What! Five hundred ….for what?”


He bite his lips and looked to the left ,then to me.


He placed his two hands on his desk and brought his face closer to me and whispered. ; “Favor me in the case.”


I chuckled.


“You want to bribe me with five hundred thousand dollar so I can judge the case in your favor ,right?” I asked specifically cause of the record.


He nodded and I smirked.


I rested my two hands on the table and stared right into his face.


“Dear,Mr. John. I’ve being a judge for twenty five years ,my loyalty took me here. My colleague that collect bribes during their days as lawyers are no where to be found. Even if you are offering me one billon dollar ,I will judge fairly.” I said and he kept looking into my face feeling so disappointed. at what I said.




“Now , respectfully leave my office.” I said and he stood embarrassingly.


He adjusted his suit and walked out.

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