Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

^.John ^




I watched as the beast’s face turns sour , I knew he will be surprised that I’m the father of the child.


“The guy has gone crazy?” Loveth told the beast.


“I’m not crazy Loveth ,stop pretending. We both know this ” I said.


“Are you crazy? When did the both of us ever met?” She yelled at me.


“Be calm ,Loveth. ” The beast told Loveth and then faced me.


“John! I know you love Loveth and sincerely ,I thought you had given up but it’s obvious you haven’t!” He said.


“I do not know what you meant by that. I only came to claim what is mine; the child.” I said and he chuckled.


“That baby inside is mine. I know all the movements of my wife …and I do not even think she has your digit ” he said and faced Loveth.


Loveth handed over her phone to the beast and he checked the contacts and then showed it to me as prove that she never had my contact.


“Did Loveth ever tell you that we met at an hotel when she left your house about a year ago?” I asked the beast and he looked to the face of Loveth for answer.




“Hotel! ….” She thought.

“Yes ,we met but not like….” She tried to explain but I cut in .


“But not like what!” I tried to shut her from explaining how we met in the hotel.


“Keep your d@mn stinking mouth shut, John. I went to the hotel to cool off my thoughts after what I thought the beast did. I do not know how James and you traced me to the hotel I Lodge and that was how we met. ” She explained.


“You see? Not like she had an appointment with you there.” The beast said.


“Common, she can’t deny the fact that she entered my room and spent the night together with me.” I lied and the next thing I heard on my check was an hot slap.


Turns out the slap was from Loveth.


“What exactly did you want to gain from destroying our home? Why wouldn’t you give up the silly lust you have for me. Even after death , I will never ,ever have anything in common with you. Fool!” She cursed while I rubbed my hands with my cheek.



“Your wife slapped me.” I said to the beast.


“The last thing I would ever believe is that Loveth ever spend a night with you. Let me tell you this ,John. I love my wife. ” The beast said and held his wife.




They were about walking away from me when I said; “How about we do another D.N.A text to confirm ?”


“I do not need a D.N.A ….plus I have the original result already.” The beast answered bluntly and waked away.

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