Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Three Months later.




^The Beasts POV^


“Little baby

Stay strong.

Don’t cry ….It spoils your beauty

Smile for me …smile”. I sang for our little baby.


As at that time ,Loveth walk inside with a smile.


“Baby ,your food is ready at the dinner!”


I stood with the baby still in my hand and walked to her. She collected the baby from me as I planted a soft kiss on her.


“You always look beautiful!” I said and she blushed.


“Thanks.” She said softly as I went to the dinning.


I noticed it was my food alone that was on the table , I called on to her. ” Baby!”


She walked to me with the baby still in her hand.


“Let’s eat together!” I said.




“Common!” I ate before you came back from work. “Eat!”


“Just a bite !” I said and she shook her head playfully and came to me.


I gave her a spoon full of the food before me and I continued eating.


“I’m always glad for having you ” Loveth sais and I paused the food that I was eating.


“Same here!” I said after chewing the food in my mouth.


“Let me gist you! ” She said and I continued eating while giving her all the attention she needed with my body language.


John’s POV.



“Yes,time to claim Loveth now.


I wonder how The beast and Loveth are still together ,it’s so surprising. They must have love each other to live with a child that I had made them believe is not for the best.


I booked an appointment with the doctor


Three days later ,the doctor and I met at a motel. We sat before each other and drank first before we commence our conversation.


“The first deal was successful! I must thank you” I said.


“As long as I’m paid well ,I should deliver well.” The doctor said and I smiled.


“Time to claim Loveth back.” I said.


“Okay ,how do we go about that?”


“I’m going to their house to tell the beast that I own the child. He will surely argue and stuffs ….then we will resort to coming to your place to confirm the D.N.A text ,I believed you know what result you are to present already?”






“Good! Once you affirm that the baby is mine ,I’ll sue the beast to court immediately and claim Loveth legally. ” I said victoriously and drank more.


Loveth ,you will soon be mine.

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